NovaDisk (NA)
: Sivir Splash Screens look too 'anime'.
This batch of splash updates contain a lot of ones that are inferior in my opinion. Some are better. I wish we could select the splashes that we like. :\
: Fabio Would Be Proud
I can't believe it's not better.
: Why URF is a problem and how it should return.
No way man. It was fun even with a solved meta... so fun that everyone wants it back in the same form, which is very rare for anything in League... except you mate.
Frius (EUNE)
: i thought ekko is ap mage/assasin
He does a lot less damage with those items, he just has more time to deal damage so it works out in a niche
: Is it OK to diagnose people through League?
You don't strike me as a legitimate medical professional.
Slythion (NA)
: It's really not Riot's fault. Low elo players will never make Supports popular simply because their job is to *support* and not *carry* (although supports are probably the most reliable carries)
Supporting in low ELO is much harder than higher ELO because virtually no one is playing the game properly, which makes your task difficulty range from harder than it should be to nearly impossible. That is why higher ELO players suggest actual carry supports like Zyra, Brand, Annie, etc.
Slythion (NA)
: Supports are actually appreciated and popular in higher elos...
So, 90% of the time they aren't. :) -- OP has a point, but eh... Support just doesn't appeal to most league players, clearly.
Kamakazu (NA)
: I really hope so. It's definitely a kick in the nuts when I spend actual money and I get things I can't even use.
It's unwise to buy crafting materials with RP as someone who owns all of the champs. At least for now. Most people realized this before spending money... sorry!
Meanie40 (NA)
: I'm fine never buying another skin once my current RP runs out. It's up to Riot to decide whether they want my money or not.
Ok... But why not trust those who are MOST invested in the game's success to do what is best for the game overall?
prohf (NA)
: Then laners would buy early support items and be leveling far too quickly, so then you'd have to nerf the stats offered by the items heavily in which case the extra levels don't really mean much unless the champs have high base stats, but if champs have high base stats then they'll just be OP laners. It's a slippery slope to give items XP boosts
They can limit items to support by turning off stats based on CS. The item would only grant you XP or whatever else (more mana regen on FQC) if your CS is the lowest on the team, which is should always be. That was not thought through entirely, but there's a way to work it out to make items practically limited to supports. The XP gains would not be worth losing a ton of CS.
: well i'm a support main. so this hextech crafting is kinda fked for support mains like myself.
Not really. I got an S with my first support game... I think it has a lot to do with how you compare to the rest of the team. For instance, 0/5/24 is a lot worse if your team has 50 kills than it is if they have 30.
: There's some people here saying a lot of the Zyra support players only _tolerate_ her being support and play her there because she's strong, rather than actually wanting her there--that's an interesting perspective. One of the things we're definitely going to do is look into how many people feel that way--if that ends up being the case for most Zyra support players, I think we'd want to reconsider what role we balance for. Our plan was to make her viable mid and balance around support, so we wouldn't be happy if she was a weak midlaner. What's more, given her strengths -- zone control, CC, damage etc -- most anything we give her will be good in both lanes. She's a mage who goes bottom lane, as opposed to someone like Nami or Sona -- we haven't considered "me + a friend" type abilities for her, we feel they'd be wrong for her playstyle and character.
I'm a support main who fell in love with Zyra... But my priority in League is my main role over my main champion, if that makes sense. I am very much a Zyra main (425K+ mastery, ~65% win rate in s5 ranked over 250 games) --- I would lose my main if Zyra fails to remain a viable support because I'll always be assigned Support with the role-specific champion select system. So... I'm extremely biased here, but I'd say those who have a DEEP appreciation for Zyra want her to remain a Support. In a perfect world, she would be as she is today... viable in both roles (the rare times I play her mid I feel like she is broken because I'm not used to such early power spikes as a Support). Only, her kit would just be overhauled and optimized. I feel like mid lane has a ton of champions who offer a similar playstyle to a Zyra mid and that the Support role has a clear lack of this. I'm sure Riot feels the tension of how Support is the least desired role... taking a cool support champion and reworking her to not be viable there seems very bad to me as well. Looking forward to what comes of all this.
: 2 changes that would make Sion 'good' again.
He has one of the best win rates in his main role and is at a very strong point right now.... I would like these changes because I like Sion, but they aren't really needed I think. They would make him too strong IMO. EDIT: His base and HP scaling numbers are low because he has one of the highest HP/5 regen rates and his passive permanent HP gains more than make up for it. :)
: When are you going to nerf Leblanc?
Any champion can stomp any other champion, even Yorick and Urgot stomp people. The last change to Leblanc was a buff, so RIOT is unlikely to nerf her any time soon. She is a champion I dislike playing against too, but she doesn't need a nerf.
: can you pass me the link to open a ticket?
Sure, sorry for the delay:
: trying to change my name
You -can- open a ticket with RIOT and they will work it out for you. Make sure the name you want is available and include that, and explain the issue. Perhaps ask for a complimentary change due to the hassle of having to open a ticket. That said, I bet if you wait for a while, the server will eventually update and let you proceed. If it's a widespread issue I'm sure they are aware and will fix it soon. Your call here!
: trying to change my name
You probably just achieved enough IP and the server doesn't know it yet. Try logging out and back in,
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
As a Zyra main (425k+ mastery and ~60%+ win rate in ranked), I am really happy with the direction you are taking! This post is intentionally vague of course, but it sounds like you've really identified the path to bringing out the best in our beloved plant mage. :) Can't wait to see the changes.
: Can you please explain why the hell you're primarily 'balancing her for support'? A Rioter recently stated her focus would be for mid. Her original design was for mid. Most people who truly like Zyra WANT HER TO BE A MID. "We are leaving room for mid lane to be a subpar non meta pick" isnt a good enough response. Zyra should be balanced around mid lane with a strong but niche option to go support PERIOD. If this isnt your direction then change it now, because anything else is ruining the champion and going against what the core Zyra fanbase want.
I would like to see a kit that is viable in both roles, but balanced with an emphasis on Support... I'm a Zyra Support main so I'm biased, but let's be honest... Support needs some love as a role, and a reworked Zyra is a great way to bring some interest to the role. I'm for it.
: Hey there! I'm sure this question is going to get asked a lot / upvoted a ton, so I thought I'd tackle it first. TL;DR: Aurelion's passive is visible in brush so that it's clear and understandable to his opponents, but also because I'm interested in finding out just what happens when a character bends the rules around vision. **First off, to be totally clear** (for other readers) - **if Aurelion is in brush, his character model is invisible like anybody else.** Can't be targeted or basic-attacked. Only his stars will loop out of the brush, giving the enemy a very good idea of where exactly he is. That said: Aurelion's stars do a lot of damage - enough that getting hit by an invisible one out of a brush would be a pretty big deal. This presents us with a choice - we can make the spell both strong and invisible, which is _unfair_ (we don't like unfair very much), we can make the spell weaker and invisible, which is _lame_ (we wanted Aurelion's stars to be a big deal), or we can make the spell strong but visible, which is _inconvenient_ (Aurelion can't hide in bushes). That's an oversimplification, but it's the sort of spectrum of choices that we have. Given that, I decided to lean hard into the "strong but visible" camp. Present the counterplay clearly to the opponent at all times, and if they fail, or Aurelion succeeds, then Aurelion gets to _win_. The second part to the decision has to do with a desire to test the limits of the rules of the game. Given that Aurelion was shaping up to be a big, boisterous, magnificent spectacle of a character, it made me think that maybe this was the first character in League to _not be sneaky_. A star dragon does not crouch in a bush waiting to pounce, he soars above his enemies and rains down the heavens upon them. I'll admit that this is (perhaps) my curiosity as a game designer getting the better of me. But I believe that providing new and different gameplay experiences is one of the jobs of a champion designer, and that we should always challenge assumptions. So what happens to the game when a character can't hide? What kinds of things can their kit do instead to compensate? What happens to their playstyle when I tell the player that standing still, ever, is a bad idea? What gameplay comes out of being out of vision (so, not targetable) but having your position given away? I'm excited to find out :) All that said - I stand by my decision as it is, but I'm also aware that **I might just be _wrong_**. If Aurelion comes out and he just isn't finding success because his stars give away too much information, then I'm absolutely open to re-evaluating. League is great in part because we get the chance to take risks and adjust if they don't work out. But players are clever - I'm pretty sure once Aurelion is out there, you guys will figure out how to work around his vision game pretty darn quickly. Finally, just so you guys know, if I were to change it later on I would probably go with "Passive stars are visible only when Aurelion is visible. Toggling on W makes them visible on their own, like missiles". This is in part because "in brush" and "out of vision in fog" are so similar to the opponent's view. Thanks for reading this far - I went with a long post because I know this is a big topic with a lot of players across the world :)
Let's just remove the Fog of War already. :)
Anraton (EUW)
: well ... gold efficiency is a kind of power indicator ... and a 200% efficiency is very high wen most items only get aroun 110% or so .. same for {{item:3930}} 172% gold efficient without passive ... (only sated enchantment) that shows, why those 2 items generate a such huge power spike .... Yes those items have a reason to be in game, but they aren't balanced right now - my personal oppinion.
I respect your opinion, I just like to point out that items that require an investment to turn on are always better and worse at times.
DropFill (NA)
: Why did riot removed purple smite?
Ranger's Trailblazer was removed along with Poacher's Knife as of the 5.22 update. Details were not shared other that many items being removed at the time were 'restrictive, incomplete, or otherwise not very well supported.' There may be more info out there somewhere about the item, but I am unaware of it.
Anraton (EUW)
: Wow .. just looked up the gold efficiency of Rageblade (reference's_Rageblade) If they calculated right a full stacked rageblade is almost 200% gold efficient (in comparison to buying the stats with "basic" items) not taking into account the aoe damage effect ... thats crazy
Riot wants the item, which is why they are nerfing champions instead of this item. Learn to live with it. Rageblade does not carry a 100% win rate. As many games are lost with it as they are won with it.
: Would Aurelion Sol have some type of relationship or connection with Soraka given that she has to do with stars?
Dragonrider Soraka please
: Ask an Orianna Main - Completed
What is your general opinion of Orianna as a Support?
Aerothal (NA)
: nah, he cant. read the damn Tos...
My original response to you was a violation on the Summoner's Code so I decided to be better than you and not post something that was rude.
Rozair (NA)
: the taric rework
Riot hates toggles... FYI. I want Taric to remain a tanky, team-helping, healing stun bot... with more relevant auras. I'd be OK with an ultimate that was a powerful aura that was nothing else but an aura the whole game that scaled with ranks in R.
: Eh,. people just like to grab their pitchforks and crap and jump the bandwagon when they feel entitled. thats the problem nowadays, people are entitled as fuck and think they deserve the best, when they want, when they need it, and when they ask lol bitches that aint how the system works Literally league is a FREE game, the cosmetic part of it, you dont need to freaking buy any skins to play the game, people just wanna look cute as fuck and pay 0$ for nothing lol they can fuck off. Riot is a business, it needs money for their bills, the people that make the game, need money for their bills so I don't get the hate EDIT: Oh, okay I'm downvoted because I spoke the truth?
I just wish I could buy victorious Morgana and Janna skins. Rito, please take my money.
DrNova (NA)
: When you are morgana
Easy fix... don't miss. :P
Rioter Comments
: If riot does not perma ban me i will troll until they do :)
/mute all You can donate your account to me if you want!
: Runes don't make sense.
They should just remove them and make them a part of masteries... the fact that you can't craft a game-specific rune page in champ select is sad. I have every rune, 20 rune pages, and I still don't have enough. There are at least 15 champions I play that have a unique page due to their kits. My main has 5 rune pages, tweaked for whatever team comps I face... it should be as flexible as item sets.
Call A Dr (EUW)
: Whenever your ready Riot:
Probably your role choices honestly. Queue up with Support!
: <Rank One> Elite Club Recruiting gold + players
Is this a group of people who are dedicated to being positive as well? I'm interested, but don't want to play with people who aren't positive.
: Generally an adc should be autoing the closest enemy fron the edge of a team fight.
While constantly using attack move commands to reposition. :)
Gotodead (NA)
: Definitely a polarizing champ because she is barely played in solo queue, but if you queue up as a dynamic 4/5 man literally have to ban her every game as she gets picked basically everytime. She's gotten to the point where she is hard to use in casual/disorganized play and highly effective/borderline broken in organized play. Which I guess it slightly better then being broken everywhere but it points to bad design when a champion is this overloaded with utility and can break the game with cetain combos.
That's the thing. SoloQ players are effectively punished for the success she sees at the elite levels of play that 99% of players will never see.
: You don't need to be overpowered to deserve a nerf. Ahri's recent nerf is a really good example. Ahri isn't op, but she is ridiculously safe. The same is true for Lulu.
Ahri is a burst mage assassin, Lulu is a utility mage... apples to oranges. Lulu isn't safe unless she blows her ultimate to run away, which is a pretty high cost for safety.
: She has a knockup, slow, polymorph. She doesn't HAVE to do damage to be overpowered. I HATE playing against her more then I love playing her. Compared to Janna, Sona, or any other supports out there, her biggest flaw really is requiring coordination with teammates. (Which is more user issue then champ issue)
She scales with the skill of her team, which is why she's only an issue in the professional leagues. Otherwise, she's not a threat to champion diversity in any sense. I'd rather Riot ban her from LCS play and leave her the way she is than isolate the 99.99% of players not in the pro scene.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom Bot Lux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hJUE5dsO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-03-14T20:10:59.042+0000) > > Please explain how she is overpowered? > I find that statement hard to believe considering we have Zed, Fiora and Corki in the game right now, and those are just off the top of my head. Lulu can play almost every position in the game and fit basically every single teamcomp whilst having a ton of cc, damage and everything else in her kit. That is what overpowered means. Zed also isn't overpowered, there is a reason why he is never picked in high tier play and it's because he is actually way too hard to play against competent people. I think you might not understand what overpowered is.
She is versatile to be sure, but she is far from OP. Outside of the LCS, Lulu doesn't come close to being considered OP.
: I am convinced that Lulu is banned because most pros find Lulu annoying, and dont like the protect the carry team comps(not really because she is OP). IMO if you get Lulu in all for one you must group up and spam laugh My question is, which is more annoying, Lulu, Janna, or Tahm Kench
She is banned in the LCS, but virtually no where else. She isn't banned in 98% of games I bet.
: Being balanced is one thing, but having too much safety and very little risk is another. For instance, there are no real punishments for playing badly as Lulu solo, PLUS the safety she has as a solo laner in lane. Feed in lane? Oh, just build AP and be the second support later! Lulu support doesn't have that same luxury of safety. So it is reasonable that part is toned down. The current nerf isn't necessarily the best way, but cutting down HP from her ult *does* town down her 1v1 capabilities, therefore Riot is actually getting the general direction of the nerfs right.
She has no escape other than a speed boost which scales very fairly and is also her defensive tool. She can't zip away quickly with a rank 1 W and no AP and if she uses it at all she won't be able to Polymorph anyone. The punishment is death if you play poorly, or at least being underfarmed. I disagree that a nerf is needed due to pick/ban rates and win percentages outside of the infinitely exclusive pro scene.
: Lulu is 110% fine right now. Please don't nerf her just because she see's alot of pro play.
The notion that Lulu is getting nerfed because she is too pervasive in professional play is a pretty big pill for the 99.999% of players not in that scene who probably account for 99.999% of all the Lulu games played right now.
: Looking for Duo Parter
ELO Hell is a mentality, it cannot be escaped by gaining ELO. Good luck though.
: Mentality: treat your solo queue teammates as if they are towers
Good point since they usually stand there and mindlessly attack the closest targets also.
: A tip for newcomers
It's not hard to beat an assassin... you just have to not feed them since they need kills to snowball.
: The Donger's passive should scale off... something...
Riot shouldn't contribute to his degeneracy any further.
: Since leveling requirement is reduced to half
You could always climb to an ELO that would never encounter unranked players if it bothers you. :)
: The Last Targon Champion
This was known as soon as Aurelion Sol landed on the PBE, but good on you for noticing.
Reav3 (NA)
: Should be this week, so you shouldn't have to wait too much longer. Most likely earlier in the week then later. Zyra was the last mage we began work on, which is why her dev blog is coming later.
Last... but hopefully not least. :) Zyra is fragile, please handle with care!
: > [{quoted}](name=McAnnex,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A7RBzEZn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-11T18:53:29.663+0000) > > Yeah, that rate of AFKs makes me wonder if you are the common denominator and causing people to leave, not that they should ever, but still. Yeah its my fault Jhin goes 0/3 and then decides to not want to play I don't say anything to them they just feed and leave. God forbid anything is wrong with the system and its my fault for being there instead of there being afk problems. I should be punished for being in game with people and its all my fault that they afk. I don't need to say anything for people to afk, telling me that its my fault because it is a high afk rate is pretty toxic.
It's rare that 5/11 games have an AFK. If you have played enough games you already know that. You don't strike me as an overwhelmingly positive force since you are just complaing without making a meaningful suggestion... So my presumption that you might be causing it isn't completely baseless. At any rate, it's a game. There's nothing at risk here u less you fail to respond rationally to what is happening in your video games. Take care.
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