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: Because you should be reporting people you feel are breaking the rules. If you asking people to report who would we know if what the other person is doing is reportable? Especially with how some people are in this game. Some people believe losing first blood means game over so report that person, or people who think 1-3 death throughout the whole game is feeding. There is no reason to ask for reports especially since it doesnt matter if a person gets one or nine reports in a match its all going to get looked up. More reports wont make the get punishment after. As for the Topic at hand, while i wouldn't file under Verbal Abuse, you seem very unsportsmanlike, and just overall negative. You claim "gg" i assume early on in the game, which would just put people in a bad mood especially since it seems you like to spam.
Honestly man, we are all hypocrites... but I am not negative trust me, you should see my team, I was being sarcastic but like I said in replies above, It's hard to tell sarcasm over text, so I just want know how to remove text. Let's just say I have an addiction for typing a lot. Keep in mind you aren't allowed to see what the others have said in ALL chat, theoretically speaking.
: If I bothered reporting it would be for negative attitude, not verbal abuse. Spamming "gg" isn't exactly constructive or positive. The sheer amount of talking would've made me mute you, but as tame as it was I probably wouldn't even remember to consider reporting. TL;DR - Verbal abuse? Not really, but you talk too much. Except for the "report yi" part; don't do that.
Yeah well If you read what Yi said you would understand, but then I get reported by the enemy team and they have no idea what is going on, it makes me so upset that I get reported for talking a lot but I am the one being "bullied."
: Can someone explain how this is verbal abuse?
For all you to know... most of my comments were sarcasm but obviously that is hard to tell over text... I just want to know how to disable text because I can't stand this game anymore, there is too many people who take this too seriously.
: It is pretty negative. >plz report yi ez game ow i got cancer from renenkton If your saying these things consistently in games you prolly earned whatever punishment you got.
No I said ez game as a joke because we were losing and I also said I got cancer because Renekton literally one shotted me. See this is why I hate how Riot bans, they don't seem to look at the other people's responses... I am just trying to play and then people say bad stuff so i respond, but Riot doesn't show that when I got banned.
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: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
So if his W slows him by an amount but not a percent amount, then imagine Tahm Kench with Teleport and Homeguard. Then he Teleports to some lane and uses his W to snatch the enemy and runs over to an ally turret and gets them executed and gives them the kill. What would do you guys think? Another Homeguard champion abound?


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