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: "WTF a Tank Malph"
Upvoted just for the wizard lizard bit.
: There are two problems. 1st, runes. All runes pretty much add damage. Even defensive runes are something like "prevent some damage and deal some damage" like Grasp. We should have pure defensive runes too. 2nd, defensive items suck. Items like Dead man's plate and Sunfire have been nerfed to oblivion. Everyone buys stuff like stopwatch instead, because stasis helps much more than overpriced tank stats. I don't see anyone building e.g. Randuins anymore, because the cost-effectiveness is just crap. Pretty much all defensive items should have their stats increased by 10-20%.
I agree. I also feel that part of the problem is how much easier it is too buy Offensive-Defensive items like GA, Maw, Zhonyas, etc. Season 5 Riven at least built Randuin's like most Bruisers did back in the day. Now you're basically trolling if you grab a tank iteam since the items I mentioned exists.
DeusVult (NA)
: There is 0% chance that Senna abilities remain the same 2-3 months after release
I haven't even finished therapy from Pyke and Kaisa and now I'm gonna have to deal with this as well. I'm not looking forward to season 10 honestly lol
: Another nerf Kai'Sa thread
I would raise the amount of AD AP AS she needs to unlock the bonuses from her abilities. Make it so: 1.- She doesn't become such a monster so early, cause she isn't even bad early game to begin with. 2.- You can't have all 3 at once. You should have to make a choice between AD or AP heavy Kaisa.
: This is how events should be like
I've gotten Super Galaxy Rumble and Lunar Eclipse Leona from this event. Since all of the past ones dating back to 2018 have basically been pay 30$ to maybe earn some cool stuff I haven't bought any of the dumb passes. BUT honestly, since Riot had some good will to give this year I might purchase this one. So yeah, this was a really good event.
Yets4240 (NA)
: *shudders in remembrance of the eldritch horror that was """tank""" Talon/Ekko/Zed/etc*
Diävolo (EUW)
: 1 year of having fun. 3 years of grinding to get everything in a trash game. Congrats man, you could've got in shape in that time
> [{quoted}](name=Diävolo,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6L23MYNR,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-12T21:11:15.134+0000) > > 1 year of having fun. 3 years of grinding to get everything in a trash game. > Congrats man, you could've got in shape in that time Man you definitely sound like a bitter outta shape player that grinds the trash game he hates so much he still goes on the boards to comment lol.
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: was a Sword of the Divine involved? Cause that can give 100% crit chance for a fight, resulting in 100% misses vs PD
No, I woulda said it otherwise. I had to double check I didn't had one equipped lol. I DID had one equipped on my Nid which of couse missed every auto as well so it might be that the game accounts for the one on Nid and asumes the other characther has one as well for the sake of simplicity, but idk
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Infernape (EUW)
: Small indie company.
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pA3hiXBf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-22T10:36:05.788+0000) > > Small indie company. We should just start saying SIC.
: The moment when you get the third sticker out of your Hex-Chests...
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Durzaka (NA)
: Apparently balanced means having a 45% win rate. Good to know.
It MIGHT mean that for a champ like yas, being balance does mean having a 45% win rate, and the reason they can sometimes achieve a 50'ish % win rate is because of unhealthy mechanics or abusing some mastery or rune. But who knows.
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: Oh shit I just realized I misread the post. I thought OP was talking about leveling chests. My bad! Just deleting my stupid comment above lol Will pass on OP's feedback to others in the company.
In spite all the shit this new system is getting, rightfully, I really appreciate you showing up on these threads, boy.
: I own around 40 champions. I've been playing for around a year. I can tell you now that it is taking me much longer to unlock champions than it would under the IP system. I wasn't sitting on a ton of BE or IP before Preseason- now I'm left with next to nothing. Most of the shards I'm getting are cheap champions I'm not interested in or ones I already own. And that still doesn't address the issues with OE.
I'm pretty sure people like you won't ever have a full champion roster withour spending real money just because of how the system is now. I'm missing 44 champs and I don't even thnk I'll ever own them all now, even when I have the "advantage" of buying mystery champs thingys on the store which are 3900 and all he champs I'm missing are 4800+ BE. Of course I could be wrong andthose things drop champs you already have which I see being the case, at which, fuck RIOT.
Ez dePaz (EUW)
: You will get a gemstone every 50 levels now so at least those skins will be easier to get.
: I strongly dislike the changes to Nautilus' lore.
I think you can choose to still believe in the old lore. Lore is so irrelevant in LoL anyways, I think you can choose the one that you like the most as canon, there's never a situation in which lore matters anyway.
: its ok because cactopus threw some shit into our faces and that constitutes as communication and once a company has communicationed with you they can do no wrong, at least according to most of reddit.
Poor Cactopus tho, he's just probably trying to apeace all of us monkeys but the issue is so much bigger than he can handle.
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Skoon (NA)
: Did you already own it? Why would you want to DE?!
Ive gotten both DJ Sona, and Pulsefire Ez and ended up disenchanting Pulsefire. This was before the visual changes, but I still am not a fan of the skin.
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SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Bring back the old value of orange disenchant riot !
Wouldn't it help if loot boxes got lowered in price? Specially in bundles, I think they're still too expensive, especially now that they've lost so much value. You could lower the price, I'd buy them WAAAY more often that way.
: So, with this new system, you will need to be level 322 to get all the champions BE. However, how does that compare to the old system? How many games would you have to play to get all the champions, with IP? Well, the total cost of champions, in IP, is the same as the current BE, 538,350, so that's the number you need to reach. For simplicity sake, I'm going to say that you play 10 games a day, you win 5 and lose 5, and each game lasts approximately 25 minutes. Each victory would grant you 75.8 IP, with each loss granting you 51.125 IP. Becuase numbers, these will be rounded to 76 and 51 IP. So, every ten games you would be earning _380 (Victory IP) + 255 (Loss IP) + 150 (first win o' the day)_, or _785 IP_. Now, _538,350 / 785_ is _717.8_. It would take you 717.8 days, or 1.96 years, of playing ten games a day, to buy all the champions. The total number of games needed, 7,718. So, while the new system seems crazy in how much you need to grind for all the champions, don't forget the old system was pretty much the same.
I think that if it's not better for the players, then why change to it? The issue is not really how awful it was, but how awful it is still.
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: Do you think Tryndamere needs a full gameplay update?
Please not one like Xin's. He just got bandaged to all hell and is the same champion, just a little easier to play on teamfights, just as braindead and kinda toxic. Trynd needs to get his unhealthy play pattern removed.
: Im at gold elo in both solo n flex queue and I feel the same way. I get my rewards anyway. I hear plat is very toxic. And personally i prefer the warm vibrant gold border over the cold green plat border. I do not want to get demoted to plat from gold.
Is Plat green? I'm a lil bit colourblind, so I really don't know, is it? What'ts diamond, master and challenger?
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Yenn (NA)
: The outcome of games should not be entirely reliant on bottom lane
I got aufilled Supp last night, played Sona, team was losing 0-6, my trist was 6-0, we were tremendously behind and I'm not sure Trist was an ADC player. We won cause I know how to press w on cooldown. :) Lovely meta lol.
: I don't think I ever had a match where their sound FX didn't bug out and just have laser sounds shooting forever. I'm okay with that shit being gone.
Your comment is fucking useless on this context, but I actually have had that bug for the whole season 6 and the beginnign of 7 in which towrs would always sound after the inhib died.
Necrozard (EUW)
: I don't the issue here is : " Riot disrespecting artists" But more about what you said before " : "Monetary compensation" **Fan-art of the Lol community are currently made ... for free** >Artists do it out of sheer passion It's all about focusing the free and passionated **"creative energy"** of the community into actual and exploitable content
Except your suggesting it's done for splash arts for skins that are SOLD. Summoner showcase is already a space for fanart of which RIOT really doesn't monetize. Skins? Skins are huge money, and making good quality artwork, a huge amount of work. So of Riot making huge amounts of money for what is basically a drawing, the artists gain... recognition?
Necrozard (EUW)
: Tons of RP :v ?
Hell no, lol, there are plenty artist that don't play the game but would enter and what would you say to them? Have this fictional currency? I'm not saying your idea is bad, but consistently there are situations of big companies, institutions, schools, that make these contests for their new logos, and the winner get shout outs, yay, which is just a tremendous lack of respect to artists and graphic designers alike.
Necrozard (EUW)
: @Riot : Organize a "community art contest" to update old/legacy/cheap splash-arts ?
Unless there is monetary compensation this is mostly freebooting which is pretty poorly looked upon.
: C9 adapts.....this is why they are always the last hope of NA.
Im really not a TSM or C9 fan, or hater of either, but when C9 goes twice to quarters on the back of better teams than themselves that to me just means they're on the same boat that TSM but luckier.
: Morde only got +5 armor, still really salty, because that doesn't compensate the armor runes being taken away... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Morde also feels like the squishiest Juggernaut overall, I thought they would check that out.
: I think the new Kat and Zed skins look worse than sewn chaos blitz & amumu
Pleeeease, I was super excited for both of these and the Kat Zed Vik ones are really meh. Not even sort of gravelordy like Azir, PLEEEEASE.
A Nunu (NA)
: Made 45 emotes in celebration of the launch of patch 7.20
These are really good, wish we had yours as some sort of default option instead of whatever RIOT its trying to give us.
: All skins are 1350 RP and up, now?
The last 750 i can rmemeber are the world breaker line.
: Emotes should cost IP...
Emotes cost RP? AAAAHAHAHA.
: ***
Sivir was the most played ADC competitively in 2015.
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