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: Oh I see the cooldown is 3 seconds but it takes a really long time to store a bullet
it goes down to 3 seconds to store a bullet at level 18 (atleast with 40% cdr, i don't know if that effects it), its based on player level not q level too.
: So unmounted Kled's got 285 MS
I just played Morde on pbe, sadly its still hard keep up to him cause he has a dash on a 3 second CD...
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: I'm honestly surprised Twitch's poison would proc it in the first place. Considering it doesn't apply on-spell effects and it isn't a basic attack, I don't see how it would count as "damaging a monster with an attack or spell" in the first place.
It did for many months, it was an awesome gimmick that really helped - toss vial over wraiths for 300 hp etc.
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: thats because no one knows how to play him at a very high level. this happened with taliyah and now she is a powerhouse.
Taliyah got SERIOUSLY buffed, lol. Ryze will be too.
: Mordekaiser Bug List (Known bugs he has so far)
On 2), it happens only when you are overlapping your zone when it detonates, but I believe every time, atleast with your circle on minions and against minions 3) His Q only fails to apply on-hits when the magic damage kills the target (It's spell damage, and happens first)
: Protobelt is honestly a trap item on Morde. It's active and stats look really good, but if you compare it to Gunblade, Trinity/Sterak's, and even Abyssal, it's really not that great. The active from Protobelt is NOT a reliable gapcloser. There are other, more reliable options for Morde than Protobelt, but in the end you can build basically anything on Morde.
Protobelt is quite good on Morde, but only because it applies Rylai's (40% for 1 second). Its also MUCH cheaper than the other items you mentioned, aside from abyssal, which its only slightly cheaper than.
: For everyone except mages. Mages have no real way to regen and have to back late game. The only ones to do so.
Mr D00d (NA)
: But will they FIX it?
Judging that it's been a year and they haven't, and he's due for another rework in a year, I'm thinking it's quite likely they won't.
: > But %HP is useless against mages and ADC's who usually don't build HP items. it's basically just flat damage to them, and it doesn't deal much. A Mage with 2000 HP is gonna take 240 damage in True Damage at max W rank on top of being outright shredded by the normal Physical damage. And HP Items don't matter. If Vayne did 0 Physical Damage and only did 12% Max HP True Damage every third auto, she'd kill anybody in the same amount of Autos regardless of their HP.
Lol what? The majority of Vayne's damage is physical, even against tanks, and ESPECIALLY against squishies.
: His bite second :^)
Prioritizing subjugate when available of course.
: > [{quoted}](name=FeBeast,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=51I337Aa,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-05-26T17:11:14.879+0000) > > thats fair enough but is it as rage inducing as getting one shot? who am i kidding your morde... lol Yes it's fucking 10 times more rage inducing to see yourself locked down. And it's also fucking annoying to try to kill an ADC when Soraka has built around making sure you deal no damage to him/her. Fuck supports. I'd rather play against a Zed or Akali or assassins like them any day rather than have to deal with the utter cancer that is Braum, Thresh, Leona, Soraka, and more.
: Janna keeping me from mauling her ADC is infuriating! But I didn't vote Support. Frankly, i didn't vote at all.
Janna is the most rage inducing champ by far for me as well. Then again I'm also a Morde main, but it goes for the other champions I play too.
: Mordekaiser W cannot pick ally
If you're using selfcast (or smart + self cast) as your keybinding you get this. If you're not, its pretty clunky still and doesn't always work the way it should, but it usually does.
: We've reported that one. Good chance it's being worked on by now.
Its been reported constantly since they let him target minions with his w months ago. Still no response.
: I get some people like coupling characters together, but some of these ships just don't make sense from a character's standpoint. I mean, the lux/ez/taric triangle is basically cannon, and funny. You could see any one of them going with either of the others well. But things like leo/diana or sona/ahri just don't make sense to me. Yes, Leo and Diana have some history and their story is unfinished, but as personalities I don't think they would be good in a relationship together (totally leaving out the gay/straight question). Same with sona/ahri - there's nothing that brings them together, no personality meshing that makes it make sense (again, not going into the orientation issues). Stop making ships because you like them and start making ships that make sense for the character, based on personality and lore. grumble grumble /rant
Diana and Leona was actually implied around Diana's release, although i don't remember where. (and from before Diana changed to the moon).
: He is ADC now dude pls
He's played bot less than 5% of his games. I still do it, but hardly anyone else does
: What's a Yorick? Is that a new mage item?
Pretty sure its Yo rick, I've seen it a few times in my thousands of games...
kile147 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TSwift Is Sexy,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=XTE7wx7L,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-24T19:31:22.687+0000) > > Then why is there a huge uproar from the League community when a girl shows cleavage? > > "omg rito setting such unrealistic standards"...or is that not how creativity works? Because the gaming community has a long history of needlessly objectifying women. A lot of female characters' entire identity is either an excuse to show cleavage or completely forsaken for sexualization. I don't think that is something Riot is necessarily guilty of, but the fact that the history is there means people tend to be very watchful for sexualization of female characters without always thinking of the purpose behind it. Someone awhile back made a post listing female characters in the game and categorizing them by how sexualized they are and how in character it is. As a quick example Ahri being sexualized is not only acceptable but kind of needed to fit her character, whereas Cait wearing a short dress that she busts out of the top of is not at all fitting to her character and is actually completely impractical for police work. It's also important to note that if every character has some gimmick that's used as an excuse to sexualize them then the whole game suffers from lack of originality and from being very one dimensionally fanservice-y.
On the other hand, we require no justification for {{champion:126}} 's chiseled jaw line and subscription to every single most eligible bachelor stereotype there is. For god's sake, {{champion:41}} wears a codpiece. Every (human) male character in lol is sexualized and/or a parody of sexualization, but no one cares, while the mainstream view of internet feminists is to call seductress the only appropriate place for sexualization in female characters. Because clearly all attractive women are whores, and feminine charm exists only to prey on men. Women need no more justification for their breast size and clothing choices than men do, and they don't need any more protection from unrealistic representations than men do. That being said, good character design is congruent between appearances, personality, and practicality, which I'll agree isn't as strong as it should be on female characters more often than male.
: Apparently this has been an issue for a couple of weeks. It makes playing Morde quite a challenge....almost pointlessly difficult. Just turn him off if you aren't going to do anything, Rito.
not a couple weeks, many months. Since they let him cast it on minions.
Bombardox (EUW)
I once got kicked for being AFK after a morgana snare hit me...
: The thing about Jungle Morde is to avoid any unfavorable matchup in lane while opening top for a heavy cc tank. Morde Jungle farms really well and has an easy time sustaining. You don't even upgrade your jungle item and instantly rush a zhonyas/stalker^s blade for slows. You can actually gank really well once you got your slows and snatch a dragon. It's a more macro-level style of strategy, centered around getting big by farming and contesting objectives.
Twas my best moment I've managed to record. I'm running stormraiders now though, as much as I miss the ult damage.
: If the kid is a result of Zac and Riven, I'm ok with that.
All I can think of, really.
: uum speaking of winrates ima just slip this in here {{champion:82}} :P
His win rates aren't terrible, he's just only played by a handful of people, myself included.
: all of this is super accurate i hate using your Q and expecting all the shots but only getting one
They really need to make the Q's cooldown halved if cast on worked ground. Then its only a 33% loss in DPS, not a 66%.
: nah, mountain drake is pretty strong, it's the best early game dragon imo
Ocean blows it out of the water. But yea, the tower/baron/dragon melting is no joke, but hard to appreciate at times.
Kalmah (NA)
: AD champs get Maw, deaths dance, pd, steraks etc. Ap champs get zhonyas
AP champs get Rylai's, Cataylst, GLP, RoA, etc. If you're going to include items that aren't specifically anti-magic damage (Just maw and mercurial), you can't disclude mage items that give HP. Maw and Mercurial vs Zhonya's is a fair comparison however.
1Maza (NA)
: Um, did you not get the memo? The literal only counter to Zed's braindead 100-0 no-counterplay-whatsoever combo got removed in the last patch. You let him through and the other team picks him, enjoy your 4v5 because your ADC doesn't get to play the game. That's why his banrate is so high.
Its okay though, you still got 1 or 2 ADC's left. Gotta love the marksmen rework.
: Biggest nerf in the history of League. {{champion:29}} ult changed from Spray and Pray to Rat ta tat tat.
RIP twitch. I'm glad I can jungle him again though.
: Other than when they made {{champion:27}} laugh every time he throws somebody, of course.
That was a bugfix, not a nerf!
Hatsuma (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vMim0MGb,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-15T21:00:19.288+0000) > > ([Source](, for platinum and up ranked games **this patch**) It says (2014-2015 Ranked Experience)...
Its just them having a shitty gui. Aurelion sol's page show that, and he's wasn't even out in 2015
Igotlazy (NA)
: The recent nerf to their Q in 6.9 hit them pretty hard (4% winrate drop). MSI was played on 6.8 (pre-nerf) so it was expected that we would see a ton of Kindred. Stats considering experience on a champ take a while to update since they usually only become accurate after a long period of time.'s Champion Experience Graph is based on the last 2 patches (6.8 and 6.7) which are again pre-nerf and not the current 6.9 patch. Quote from the website " bases all data off the current patch apart from the player experience section - which uses the past 2 patches." No offense man, but twisting statistics to prove your point like this is pretty dirty. You would make a great politician though :)
The player experience section is not related to the win rate by games played graph. If you note, the win rate by games played graph already shows the statistics for it averaged in the gray line; same as their win rate.
: Your source is from last season. This means that those are taking into account when she was at her absolute strongest and being used in every lane due to her W passive. She was very strong back then. Show me a 2016 one I guarantee it wont be no 63% winrate on average. Especially when her average two/three months ago was a 43% win rate and only recently climbed back up due to the shift of very weak junglers + weak laners, and now it's being re-shifted back and her win rate is plummeting as is expected. The only ones that are doing well with her are the ones that know what they're doing, and that's to be expected. On top of that, due to her now fairly shit clear speed a lot of junglers frankly out jungle her now. So, really, I'd argue the only reason her winrate is even maintained above a 50% winrate right now is because of dynamic queue and open mid policies and general lack of team cohesion.
Its not from last season, they need to update their interface. {{champion:136}} Shows up under that 2014-2015 season, and he wasn't out.
: To be fair yorick was at a 90%+ win rate for mains, should we really be looking at experienced when we dont have knowledge of how much players are in the experienced users? It's good to bring it to attention but without actually knowing the amount of experienced can't really judge
Kindred is played over 50 times that of yorick, so the players with 125+ games on her are statistically significant. There's more of them than ANYONE playing yorick, lol
nep2une (NA)
: I'm not saying she's not too strong. She's still on the stronger side. I'm saying some people QQ about the most nonsensical things. Like, wow, apparently an almost perfectly linear positive correlation between experience and winrate is bad. And with 125 games for someone of Plat+ level, you'd expect them to do sort of well, wouldn't you? People sensationalize things too much. And between 6.8 and 6.9, her winrate dropped an entire 4%. Placing her at 51%. Which is just barely average. She doesn't even get that good till 15-50 games, which places her at 54%, which is on the stronger side, but it's not like no champions have ever remained at a winrate like that for years (cough Malz cough). And at 50-125 and 125+ games, it does go relatively high, but it still follows the same line of progression. In addition, her winrate completely tanks after 25-30m mark, falling below 50% and never recovering until 35-40+, at which even then it only goes to sub-50%. And at her highest peak, which is 0-25, even then, it's only 54%. She's also not that easy of a champ to pick up. People don't even get past 50% until 5-15 games averaged. This doesn't mean 5, for some of you whiners. It means averaged out of 5-15. And even then, it's a minimal 51%.
She's statistically the strongest champion among those who know how to play her, and is FoTM enough to drag down her win rate with people new to her. Her win rate by game length drops to just under 48%, hardly tanking.
Keti (NA)
: MSI was on 6.8, the patch where kindred had a 56% winrate, they've since been heavily nerfed. Kindred is also getting nerfed again in 6.10, so relax.
She's not getting nerfed in patch 6.10, but her core item is getting seriously buffed and she's getting a new (and pretty amazing) skin.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dealth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vMim0MGb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-15T21:32:30.790+0000) > > Lee Sin starts at 47% and goes to 49% > > But people act like it starts at 95% and goes to 100% Nah man I fixed your typo. No probs.
: it's almost like it's good champion design to have abilities synergize.
Keti (NA)
: it really doesn't, wombo teams can try to drop burst on kindred to blow her up, or bait the ult then just crush after it's over. There's a lot of ways around it but a lot of people still play right into it, it's the main reason why experienced kindreds do so well.
Both of those scenario's rely on the kindred being worse at playing kindred than her opponents are playing against it. Wombo team's can't simply burst Kindred without her ulting.
: Where are you seeing these stats? and
: ***
And make sure the marksmen drives not only a good number of junglers out of the game, but a good number of laners with a broken ult! Yay diversity!
: I just don't like how much Lee's R and Q synergies with each other. QRQ, RQQ, QQ R flash, there's just so much power in two spells. And the one time I played him in a 1v1 against a friend who is mechanically better than me, with basically no experience with Lee out of bot games, I actually shit on his Diana because my Q and R work so well together. And it was disgustin.g
I mean, they synergy with his Q is what makes his ult what it is. It seems like complaining about the synergy between Kindred's Q and W.
Tzuyü (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] I somehow killed my teammate
I had this happen once a good while ago, pretty sure I was playing Morde. I don't remember more beyond that.
: {{champion:432}} {{item:1055}}
Wouldn't {{champion:432}} {{item:1083}} be more fitting?
: Vayne is easier to counterplay than Lucian is on all levels. She has a pretty weak lane phase, where as riot's favorite gunner bullies and slaps his way through everyone.
She's easier to counterplay in Lane, early on. Mid to late game her frequent tumbles and ult with huge MS and invisibility make her VERY hard to counter play.
: I'd be okay if jinx was a better pick tbh. That's because Jinx requires good play making and placement, without relying on countless dash after dash after dash.....
Good play making and placement for Jinx consists of hiding behind your teammates and never taking any risks because you out range everyone and can peel with your w and e, and get massive MS from your passive in any team fight. And can siege effortlessly without risk, unlike lucian. She's even less healthy if you ask me.
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