Profirix (NA)
: The Tahm Kench nerfs are completely unnecessary. Riot really just likes to beat a dead horse don't they? In general the other changes look ok. Karma changes seem a bit heavy-handed. Maybe return some of her support utility that was taken away.
Tahm Kench will continue to get dumpstered because his W is effectively a QSS on demand in a team fight. As long as he has the ability to eat allies, it is very hard in pro play to make him unplayable.
: Teamfight Tactics
So since you're just blatantly ripping off other hot games at this point: LoL BR when?
: Again, it's possible we should nerf Riven. It's also possible we incorrectly nerfed Singed and should still not nerf Riven.
Who on your team has a bias either for Riven or against Singed? If Singed's fixes were in at normal timing during a normal patch update, your reasoning might be fine. But to take the drastic step of an immediate hotfix nerf means that you feel that the champion is so out of line that you cannot wait for the week and a half to elapse to take care of the issue during the normal course of a patch update. This means that you either made an egregious error hotfixing Singed, or are making an egregious error not immediately hotfixing Riven.
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
Riot values all past purchases of hundreds of dollars of RP at about 50 BE. Message heard loud and clear Riot.
: The difference between ArenaNet and Riot Games is staggering.
> [{quoted}](name=AbyssionKnight,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y4dywTLW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-07T05:01:07.127+0000) > > It's as if Riot wants people to think they hate the community or something. Think? The only thing you need to know about Riot's feelings about all of this are all of the Riot employees tweeting and retweeting the "Katniss salute" she gave in the first Hunger Games when Rue died, which became the symbol of their resistance. Yes, Riot stands in resistance to its player base.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Honestly, im personally tired with everyones response being "fire the person i dont agree with". Doesnt matter what it is, doesnt matter which side. Its just stupid. If you want to request reprimand based on actions relating to his work itself, thats one thing. But firing someone for their beliefs just pisses them off, enforces their beliefs, and makes them a martyr.
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=o93L8sej,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-05T15:01:26.196+0000) > > Honestly, im personally tired with everyones response being "fire the person i dont agree with". Doesnt matter what it is, doesnt matter which side. Its just stupid. If you want to request reprimand based on actions relating to his work itself, thats one thing. But firing someone for their beliefs just pisses them off, enforces their beliefs, and makes them a martyr. Telling a customer to "fuck off and sea lion somewhere else", regardless of the topic, isn't a fireable offense to you?
grarrrg (NA)
: Bilgewater ARAM if nothing else. They've stated Pyke will be available for the entire run, and no bans in ARAM (granted this is also the patch where they'll start including the last 3 Free Rotations in ARAM as well, so....).
Yeah, even for ARAM accounts, it's still only about 20% that someone will roll Pyke due to the expansion of the f2p pool.
grarrrg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meanie40,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=snNLXEZR,comment-id=00290000,timestamp=2018-05-30T00:15:58.261+0000) > > The best play for those is to use AI games for first wins. Either one if you can snap pick Pyke before anyone else does, or 4 if you don't care, because one of the other 4 players will pick him. "OR Win 4 PvP games either with or against Pyke" AI games aren't PvP.
Could have sworn the PvP part wasn't there. Anyway. It's just a snap pick in AI situation then.
: Can you stop using the whole "win one game as <new champion> or win 4 pvp games that include <new champion>" quest, or at least give is another alternative win condition. I hardly ever get this because the champion is almost always permabanned, unless its considered too weak to play in which case you never see it anyhow. All it feels like is a lame reason to get people to NOT ban the new champions...instead of releasing new champions at a more balanced power level.
The best play for those is to use AI games for first wins. Either one if you can snap pick Pyke before anyone else does, or 4 if you don't care, because one of the other 4 players will pick him.
Ru55ell (NA)
: So does this mean the 8.11 patch is happening on the 31? Like all together?
Monday was a United States holiday; in weeks where this happens, patches released on those weeks are always released on Thursday instead of Wednesday.
: Learn more: Curse of the Drowned Event
So is there a stealth return of end of game gifting with 8.11? (Please?)
Meanie40 (NA)
: >Now that we've taken away Zoe's oppressive strengths, we're looking to put power back in her kid where it's appropriate. Encouraging children to have offspring? I thought you would set a better example than that Riot... /s
(Note: the typo has been corrected.)
: 1. Swain W icon is used for his W and E in the post 2. "Yasuo's E - Windwall" 3. Zoe's "kid" I don't mean to nitpick but it doesn't really look professional. It would be nice to have proofread patch notes considering they are rather core to communication. As a side note, will orange essence used to craft mythic skins previous to the change be refunded?
: no mention of the audio engine update?
Literally the first paragraph. >This patch is actually a large download, because we're updating some of our in-game assets. More on that here!
: Patch 8.5 notes
>Now that we've taken away Zoe's oppressive strengths, we're looking to put power back in her kid where it's appropriate. Encouraging children to have offspring? I thought you would set a better example than that Riot... /s
: There was an Ask Riot about this..
> [{quoted}](name=KatacIysm,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=EWVyQe1G,comment-id=00210000,timestamp=2018-01-31T06:49:33.954+0000) > > There was an Ask Riot about this.. > Saw it. Several times. Doesn't change the facts.
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
The one and only change we need is the return of original URF.
: Account transfers half off for a limited time
They should have been free as compensation (limit 1 per account).
Rexxiee (NA)
: "we nerfed orange esssence because you'd be getting more skin shards"
I was more excited to open my Project champion orb and get Taliyah (a 6300 champ that I don't own) than I was to open my Project skin orb and get Piltover Customer Blitzcrank (1350 skin that I also do not own) + 220 orange essence. That's how bad these changes are.
: Account Transfers Going on Cooldown
5-6 weeks ... yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. So are you going to make transfers free for a limited time whenever you finally get around to turning them back on as compensation?
Jamaree (NA)
: Yeah, paying for lootboxes have always been bad, don't pay for them.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2YQqhGEB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-23T02:56:24.319+0000) > > Yeah, paying for lootboxes have always been bad, don&#x27;t pay for them. Under the old system, one capsule would let you craft one of the skins, effectively a random 975 RP skin for 700 RP. Bad, but not an overwhemingly stupid purchase - you're getting a very slight discount on the random skin. Now, you literally don't even get the value you paid back in items.
Rioter Comments
: Hey, I'll pop in here to share our perspective. We're actually keeping a pretty close eye on the value of purchasable hextech chests. I don't mean to shock you, but we like selling chests. So we want it to feel good when you buy them. FWIW, here’s our basic take on it: yes, orange essence disenchant rates are nerfed. But we also made some other positive changes to the system. For example, it's now guaranteed that you'll never go three rolls in a row without getting a skin. (That's what we mean when we talk about bad luck protection). You also can now get chests inside of your chests—and you can even get bonus chests when you reroll skin shards. We're pretty sure these changes will make buying chests feel good even at their current price point. BUT, we could be wrong! If it turns out that these changes aren't as good as we thought, we'll continue to iterate. First we want to see how different players around the world are engaging with the chests and feeling about them before making changes. Edit: In case you missed it, [here was the previous thread where I talked about more of our thinking behind the OE nerfs](
I GUARANTEE you the changes you've made haven't come close to cutting into the FORTY PERCENT LOSS OF VALUE of purchased loot boxes.
: Problem is that the 3 champion shard rerolls into 1 random champion it isn't anymore ,WHY RIOT ?
So they can throw 5 shards worth 810 BE disenchant value (3x450 IP and 2x1350 IP) at you when you level up and call it "progress."
: ##Edit: Even if you disagree with the reasoning below, don't downvote me too much! I want more people to see our honest response to this question. This orange essence thing is a spicy one but I'll take my best shot at addressing it. The most honest answer it comes down to is that we wanna be able to spread out orange essence type loot and rewards across multiple systems without having to take an additional huge revenue hit at the same time that we're making runes free. I'll explain what I mean. Basically, when we first started giving out skins and stuff through the loot system, the only way you could get it was by 1) paying for it or 2) earning it through the mastery chests. Going into 2018 you're also gonna get skin content through things like events and honor (lets call them "orange shards" since we're really talking about anything that can be disenchanted into orange essence). We lowered the disenchant rate on shards, and we're giving out more shards. So that's what I mean by spreading it across multiple systems. I think we'll actually have to wait and see whether players feel that the additional shards from the other systems make up for the disenchant rate changes. Preseason shipped with some other upgrades to loot like bad luck protection and chances for double drops in chests, and I think we'll have to wait and see how that feels for players before we'll know. Now, there's another question implied here, which I think also bears addressing: **"Why can't Riot just give us more orange essence and more shards?"** The answer is that we make money on League through RP sales, and we want to be really responsible about how much we cut into RP sales when giving away stuff. Giving away skins and cosmetics through our in-games systems is something we have to manage really carefully—if it becomes to easy to earn orange essence and shards, RP sales would go down a lot (why pay for it when you can just get skins for free?). Even though League is free to play, we do need to make money and manage it responsibly so we can reinvest it back into the game. That's why making cosmetics too easy to get for free would be irresponsible for us, as a business. I know it's hard to get excited about an explanation like this, but I hope it makes sense! ##ONE MORE LONGISH EDIT TO CLARIFY A POINT: **I don't want to make the promise that the orange essence amounts you get will “even out” or be the same as before.** There’s way too much variance in the rates that people get OE from mastery and all the other systems for us to say that with a straight face. And the truth is the nerf to OE disenchant rates was significant. It’s more than we reigned it in to give ourselves wiggle room with these other systems. And honestly, the revenue hit from making runes free was a factor we considered as part of that. The goal is to make rewards systems that feel meaningful, rather than just constantly increasing the amount of stuff we give out every year because player expectations keep rising. It feels icky when we start talking about protecting revenue and budgets and shit, but we’re open to feedback on this stuff. I see basically no one talking about the double drops or bad luck protection that we already added to the system, so I wanna wait for a while for people to get used to the changes.
Let me provide a counter reply that expresses the frustration many of us are feeling. I'm going to make a couple of baseline assumptions here; they can scale with whatever the facts actually are for the drops, but the general point will hold. Let's say the following framework was in place prior to the orange essence (hereafter OE) changes: 1) A player, on average, should earn shards every quarter (3 months) sufficient to unlock a skin with a store value of 975 RP. This would require shards with a store value of 2925 RP (the 975 RP shard you are unlocking (33% reduction to unlock, so 650 OE to unlock), plus 1950 RP worth of other shards that you disenchant (at 33% to obtain the 650 OE necessary)). 2) In a group of 11 purchased Hextech chests, the player on average should receive drops that can disenchant for OE with a store value of 2925 RP. (Meaning exactly enough, again, to unlock a 975 RP skin.) Now, you want to increase the number of chests that give items that disenchant for OE, so you reduce the disenchant rate to 20%. 1b) Now you give out more chests, with a total store value of 975+3900 (now disenchanting at 20%, for 780 OE to redeem the 975 RP shard)=4875 RP to retain the same goal of allowing a player to earn a 975 RP skin once per quarter. 2b) However, the purchased Hextech chests do not change. This means that the shards from the 11 Hextech chests are now 1950 RP value short of being able to redeem the 975 RP skin, a loss of value of 40%. This means to "purchase a skin" via Hextech chests, you now have to pay 40% more to do so. Hopefully this illustrates the frustration of the loss in value of purchased Hextech chests sufficiently from a player's point of view. (Edit 11/14 2pm Pacific: Reviewed the math now that I'm actually awake, and 650x3=1950, not 2150. I've corrected the calculations in line above, but it just results in the purchased chests having even less relative value after the changes (losing 40% compared to just under 36%.))
: Worlds 2017: Finals International Tickets
You can easily prevent Chinese consumers from using international tickets. Just cancel any order of international tickets with a Chinese billing address. (Edit: and require a non-Chinese passport to pick up the tickets.)
: they telling me a heartseeker vayne price is 1855 and then they give me -50% now became 927 ??? and wtf ????the skin isn't 975 ????{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Looks like you don't own Vayne. If you purchase Vayne with IP, the price will drop to 488 (for just the skin).
: Your Shop is open!
Cheers to the email team; an unusually fast (from my previous experience) 7 hour turn around time for an initial response to my request to buy four of my first shop's skins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meanie40,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=tNWHf5ro,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-08-10T00:51:33.113+0000) > > The teams have $3 million reasons to &quot;win the spot&quot;. But if they aren't going to pony the 10 million in the first place, why would they care about winning?
The spot is $13 million. Teams currently in the LCS (after the promotion tournament) that get a franchise get a $3 million value applied toward the purchase of the spot. Teams in the LCS that are not accepted as a franchise will get a $3 million payment as a buyout of their spot.
: Soooooo..... What exactly are they playing for? 2018 is going to be franchised, so even the teams currently in the LCS aren't promised a spot... Does winning and/or losing here do anything aside from provide bragging rights and pride? Not trying to cynical, I am genuinely curious.
The teams have $3 million reasons to "win the spot".
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
>Yasuo - Exploring weaker shield and more frequent windwalls early game. You're joking right? The bullshit windwall is exactly why I would ban him.
japhib (NA)
: > sites like will not be able to provide any information or your normal games by this time next week or risk losing access to the API. Why is this phrased like a threat? When Riot stops providing this information through their API, it's not like would be able to somehow go behind their back and still get info on normal games. The info on normal games will simply cease to be available.
The sites using the API can still piece together the information via a couple of different endpoint calls. They're just explicitly disallowed from publishing that.
: The last 520 skin was released 5 years ago. I don't know why they stopped releasing them though. It's nice to have a poor man's choice for skins.
Chromas have largely taken the place of 520s.
: Shipping for Newbies
I personally think there's something there between {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}} . Leona's just blinded enough by the whole "religious betrayal" thing to allow it.
: Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.
TIL people on these boards think it's ok to int.
: Good riddance!
Nautilus's drop show Rito's classic balancing: 1) Nerf the champion. 2) Nerf the item the champion was abusing (Doran's Ring). 3) Leave the previous champion nerf in place. GG Rito, GG.
: I have a huge problem with DJ Sona skin
I thought she had two huge "problems". ######sorry had to go there
: Whenever you report someone for negative in-game behaviors, such as Feeding, Harassment, ect. the data collected and forward to Riot includes everything relevant to that game. Including champion selections, pre-game chat, post-game chat, death location data, ect. So if someone has picked an out of standard location champion in order to intentionally feed (especially if conveyed in the traditional pre-game chat of "Give me X or I will troll/feed" ), the data submitted with your end-of-game report will show this. That said, to clarify, picking something 'Out of Meta' has never been nor ever will be a punishable offense. If someone wants to try something unique and honestly puts their heart into playing their best then that has never been a violation of any rules. Yes, it does raise hairs when someone does this in Ranked, but try to keep cool and do your best regardless. ^_^
I realize you are taking "Riot voice/stance" on this. My (and OP's) comments are directed toward that, not you personally. But if Riot expects us to take 20+ minutes of our time and a game loss (including loss of LP for a league game) report a champ select troll, and they will not pay us real money to do so, then Riot is out of their minds. I work 2 jobs. 60 hours per week. The little time I have to play League, I want to play League, not deal with children who know they can throw a tantrum to get their way before a game even starts. So it's well past time we get reporting in champ select. I don't mind the dodge penalties I'll suffer afterwards, I just want there to be a concrete way of stopping these trolls without inconveniencing 9 other players for a cumulative 3+ hours of their time.
: PSA: Remember, Blue Team - Yasuo | Red Team - Lee Sin
PSA: If you want those champions banned, ban them using your ban.
: PSA: If you play support, you buy sightstone.
PSA: If you're demanding I buy something, I get to demand you buy something. Deal?
: Can Lee be dumpstered now that 7.09 didn't change anything
He's the ultimate LC$BIGPLAY$ champion. The day he receives a meaningful nerf is the day they create a flashier jungle champion to take his place.
: MSI 2017 Hits the Rift
The bundle is mispriced if the intention is as the page says to offer Karma at 50% off in the bundle. Karma is 790 RP. Half of 790 is 395, added to 1616 is 2011, not 2208. >You’ll be able to pick up the MSI 2017 Conqueror Karma Bundle for 1616 RP (2208 RP if you need the champion) from April 24, 2017 through May 24, 2017 23:59 PT. ... >Conqueror Karma Bundle ... > KARMA (50% OFF)
: Competitive Ruling: Tainted Minds
This is the biggest pile of horseshit I have read this week. Monte was stripped of ownership and banned FOR LESS THAN HALF of what Tainted Minds did.
: How do you last hit as Thresh? I tried him once and couldn't do it.
Thresh is a ranged champion, so he does not get the Relic Shield line's execute damage. So you literally have to let it get down to like 3 HP to to last hit.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
I'm sad that it took me 5 clicks to get it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meanie40,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EtXQhs5J,comment-id=004c,timestamp=2017-03-28T04:19:38.660+0000) > > &quot;Communication&quot; doesn&#x27;t mean what it used to. This isn't generational. In S1 through S5, communication was extremely important. It's just S6 and S7 players that have this hyper entitlement attitude.
This "communication" issue isn't limited to League.
: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
I finally realized my problem with all this, and it's generational. "Communication" doesn't mean what it used to. "Communication" to the current generation means "listen to me and agree with me." That's why we're in this mess in the first place.
: and then a little further down it says that you can contact customer support and they'll unlock the account after reviewing with you what you did wrong and how to prevent that from happening again while still playing your off-meta picks. You'll be locked out for maybe 1-2 days at a max from the moment you notice based on customer support reply times, maybe even less. This is a lot better than a 14 day ban, plus they'll show you logs on everything you did wrong so you can improve off of that.
> [{quoted}](name=Jammerys,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EtXQhs5J,comment-id=00390000,timestamp=2017-03-27T23:43:09.395+0000) > > You&#x27;ll be locked out for maybe 1-2 days at a max from the moment you notice based on customer support reply times, maybe even less. You've never contacted Support, have you. Even under two days is **extremely rare** in my experience.
: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
So, I hope Support has gotten faster since I last contacted them. In the past, I have had to wait over a week for a response to an email. "Simply locking the account" is fine, making the player wait a week while Support gets their thumbs out of their asses to unlock it isn't - it ends up being a de facto suspension in and of itself.
: True. the only problem is you could get support in ranked. (there. cause apparently getting nearly identical things mixed tags you with some hate.) when you only own something like {{champion:21}} as your only...sorta legitimate support.
You have autofill protection whenever you are in promos.
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