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ai wo (NA)
: The single greatest champion select ever
Yi? who's Yi? I'm defs not. *{{champion:11}} is 3rd most played champ*
: Cosmic Reaver Sion
Duath (NA)
: Support Zed Montage (Yes, Really)
As a fellow Zed main, who has played him support before, nice job! I didn't make it work nearly so well, and it's good to see fewer people clumped up in the hivemind of the meta :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=singurytas,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gJr4m2Be,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2015-11-28T15:35:37.372+0000) > > Wut? So criticism on anything that doesn't relate to your own job isn't legitimate? > Riot has shown that they are able to create extremely good looking ingame models, this is not one of them. Just compare the hammer of the splashart to the ingame hammer - no VFX, flat, boring iron. They could've done way better. It's all a matter of perspective: glass half empty vs half full, tbh. You can argue that they didn't do enough, but I come to you showing you the other side of the coin. They code, they use programs, etc.. They do alot. I'm not trying to say that they should settler there, but what I am saying is that they merit some credit. Actually, a lot of credit. They do a lot of hard shit that most of us would spend our time pulling our hairs and go bald over. Just food for thought, bro. Just give them credit where credit is due.
I'm not discrediting their work at all, I'm saying it would be cool if they upgraded a 520 skin to 750 tier, but Riot hasn't done this in my memory, and I dont believe they will, but it's good to get opinions out there,
: Wtf are you doing buying "canned" chicken anyhow, op? Also, You're comparing an apple to an orange, even though I get the idea of your post. Sure, the Poppy skin doesn't appear **exactly** like the splash art, but they still did a great job on it. Hey, I'd like to see you become a Game Artist and do better, op. Sound like a plan? Learn some code and programming, go do better than this, and then you'll have room to speak!
I actually am going into graphic design, so that's kinda the plan, and my OP is simply sayin I'd like the recolor they gave the new base skin to be changed a bit more to reflect the splash. One can dream.
: I agree, if we just make it so it gets red hot when she's charging up her ult, and then maybe add a fiery effect on the slam to knock back, then that skin would be incredible. Not sure if this belongs in the Art board or not though.
Welp, if they changed the hammer in game, then we would be filled with Determination, and make the sickest ult plays in the history of League of legends, therefore affecting gameplay.
: I'm not hungry anymore
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: Your main accidentally leaves their computer open, and you see their internet history
: Just to fall again? Yep.
Leave Negative Nancy, no one likes you. C9 had a really rough early season, and then they worked hard, played right, and it got them to worlds, a lot farther than most anyone expected, and then did great early on, and now they're out, but it matters not, the climb they made is one not many teams could ever say they are capable of. We just didn't give C9 enough of our energy.
Flaherty (NA)
: It's an image that you see for like 30 seconds maximum per game IF you play that champ with that skin, I don't understand why people care so much about splash art
Because it's purtey, and I leik purty things. If ya go around life and ignore all the beautiful things around you, just because "oh, I'll only see it for a little bit" then my friend, you are missing out, and life will become dry and boring, look for the beauty in life, it's all around, and enjoy it, just appreciate that it's there, npt about whether or not it'll be there for long. A sunset only lasts a few hours, and no two are the same, so to each one it has a unique beauty to marvel at. And people enjoy them as they are, not just dismissing them as "meh, it'll just be there for a few hours, and it's just something I could look at." If it hasn't happened already, go watch your sunset, it'll only be there once, so enjoy it.
: Which champion do you have the highest mastery on? I don't have as much time to play as I used to, and I play too many champions to get too high with anyone, but I play these guys a lot.
: What was the First skin you bought?
Demonblade Tryndamere, because priorities. and now I havent played him in 4eva. Probs should.
: Your favorite champion is now your roommate
{{champion:238}} Shadows do all the chores and "silence" annoying neighbors, we play a lotta {{champion:54}} Paper Scissors, he wins a lot.
HentRex (NA)
: Would have had to read the post to find out it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Where is your logic?
where is your reading? :^)
: He's saying he thought you were gonna talk about Kindred's passive being RNG I guess. I mean, wolf's part. Most people thought Lamb's part was RNG too though.. he didn't read the post at all.... gr8.
HentRex (NA)
: Here I was thinking it was gonna be something along the lines of why Quinn, Bard, and any other champ with an rng passive faced. The unreliability of said ability. Quinn's "vulnerable" passive procs what ever it wants. Oh you've vaulted k I'mma come down and mark them at the same time. Or Vayne is at 1/8 hp k I'll mark support. At least Garens mark doesn't hinder him. It's more like a notice "Hey kill this guy he probably has a bounty." Then you have Bards chimes that riot did fix for the most part and no longer are you trekking into enemy jungle at 2 mins in.
: if riot actually goes back to change an entire animation, especially dance animation, ill be impressed.
I'm sure everyone would be. Even if they can't, it would be nice to see a dance like this on a future skin of theirs.
: let me just spam ta upvote anddddd my mouse is broken...{{summoner:3}}
: I will buy the Champ with _**RP**_ if this is the dance. o_O
I myself already will be, but a new dance of this sort would make it all much more #worth to me.
: Don't forget Twisted Fate's.
there are oh so many more, those are just a few off the top of my head, {{champion:4}}'s is by no means forgotten.
: Stop whining about everything. This community is never pleased with anything.
If it seems at any point in this i was whining, please point it out and I will try my best to fix it. I found Kindred's dance to be somewhat lacking and unexciting, so here I'm making a suggestion I thought would fit rather well. It's true that there will always be someone unhappy with everything that happens ever, but with Kindred, I absolutely love them, tried them out on the PBE, loved them even more. I just feel a better dance would make their quality of life better. So please, be constructive if you feel the need to criticize me, and what do you think I could do to improve on this topic?
: Well played!
: Out of curiosity. Has Riot EVER changed an animation of a champion once they hit PBE? I mean like, totally change it and not just tweak it.
Probably not, but I want to try :/
: Plenty...exactly.
...and it will keep continuing to be that way, for instance, the new PROJECT {{champion:11}} Dance references a pretty popular J-Pop song, Salty's- ahm, I mean {{champion:92}}'s dance references Game of Thrones, {{champion:67}}'s is from Equilibrium. I say don't stop, the references and Easter eggs are awesome, keep them coming. I also feel this would be a great reference to one of the greatest shows on the planet.
Fowus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=IllumiNotYi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2EpRG2oi,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-16T02:37:16.346+0000) > > Thx for the pastry. {{champion:79}} can you share that? :(
Does {{champion:79}} look like he shares? ;)
: I saw the dance...and I laughed so hard. I got no problem with it.
Well, good on ya :/ I just don't find it that interesting or befitting of a spirit champ.
: Riot needs to stop copying other stuff, so no ty.
Plenty of their dances are references to something or another, not copying anything impactful, just something fun to add to the game and reference something they like.
: This would be perfect
: Will repost this to the PBE boards. This must be seen and implemented.
: Very good. You deserve biscuit. GJ {{item:2054}}
Thx for the pastry. {{champion:79}}
: Yes. Just yes. JUST DO IT RITO.
Don't let your memes just be dreams Riot, DO IT!
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: Rae's Tweaked Kit plus ultimate poll
R4 would just be super fun to use, along with the rest of her kit, Love em all but R4 just feels like it would be so entertaining to use.
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: League of Legends Champion Concept - Rae
AMAZING artwork and unique mechanics, I would play the fk outta this.
9001 (NA)
: Who Do You Main And Why?
I main {{champion:238}} Because he's flashy, has fun mehoniks, and has great emote spam. I also main {{champion:421}}, because she's a babe.
DoFr (NA)
: can we please, PLEASE have doom bots and Ascension again?
: Things I Learned About Riven from Boards
You forgot the part where her skin is composed of 900% Sodium, her breath is toxic, and she has a hidden rage bar.
ZergReap (NA)
: Stop assuming you are bad if you are low rank
I'm Silver 5, have been since Season 3, I only really play ranked for 10-15 games, and then go back to normals, because it's a toxic and unfun environment. I've played in several tourneys and have beaten a wide variety of people from gold to diamond even, so yes, do not let your rank decide whether you are good or not, just have fun ^_^
: {{item:3070}}
That'll ignite his wrappings, leaving him in eternal agony and charred flesh. Annie you monster.
: I honestly thought I saw Teemo when the letters jumbled up.
You might wanna see a doctor about that.
: _Knock Knock_ Who's there? {{champion:254}}: POWERSLAM!
{{champion:56}} {{champion:56}} Who dat? tehe, darkness.
: I see no reason to ever play Nocturne when Vi and Rengar exist
You can't make knock knock jokes with Vi and Rengar.
Leu07 (NA)
: Project fiora?
Upvoted for the Ass.
: I think it was still speculation, unless i'm missing something? Link/proof?
bro, it's a joke, it's definitely not Sion, look at the pic closely please :/
J Eevo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IllumiNotYi,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=u3KFr4RW,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-08-18T16:24:21.194+0000) > > Look closely at the pic and why it's posted where I posted it will come to light. You're beating to death a joke that wasn't fun the first time it was told, I just thought I'd get more fun at speculating who'd actually get the skins
we already know, Fiora, Zed, Lucian, and Kayle, it was found in the inspect element code. And if I beat it to death, it will never be told again, I'm helping. and for those who find it in the least bit entertaining, well, let them be entertained :D
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