: To any Logan Paul fan...
The best thing about this after its all said and done this is just a minor pot hole on his road to mega stardom... I mean him and his brother can do horrible things but recover in a week tops and make 10million bucks or more a year... Gotta love the parents who let their kids support the douchiest duo in history
XDaAdriX (NA)
: Every time someone had said something about the way we earn BE and leveling they had always busted out charts, like we care about that. They don't understand that the way you earn BE doesn't feel rewarding at all regardless of whatever the "charts" might say.
The charts of theirs aren't even right... I mean in later lvls like 50 your gonna max out at 60 be per game if your lucky and by their math we should be getting champs a lot quicker which is a bunch of crap... its taken me over 2 weeks to get 6300 and i used to be able to do that in 7-8days max
darkdill (NA)
: Would a Champion with a Native American vibe be doable, or would it be too insensitive/offensive?
Of course it will be offensive to all of these professional victims that scream Cultural appropriation but you just gotta stand up and say fuck them because either way your gonna piss someone off now days... Its impossible to stay neutral in anything anymore as politics have invaded literally everything...
Salron (NA)
: Well that's it.
Oh is this what they call a dab??? I always thought it was weird when people pointed at something with both of their hands... I always thought a dab was something a bit more fun and recreational though
HibHib (NA)
: Please don't spread mis-information, they said that they are looking on the boards, in fact they explicitly said they read the boards all the time, just not replying as much due to the boards being overall more volatile.
the boards are more volatile because when they reply its not a we hear you and will take this into consideration... Its usually we know best so fk off
: I don't get it. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
macaq = my cock
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: Considering you get more shards now, I'd say reroll 5 into 1
even then that's still a but broken right now... It used to take quite a while to get champ shards as the only way to get them was through hextech chests... Being that we only got 4 chests a month we were unlikely to get those 3 shards to rr in a month so it would be hard to balance this out to make it work for riot and us because 5 champs would take 2 days maybe 3... I personally wish they would revert the be system as the old system not only felt better but was better
: Run, Zoe
If were taking that to heart then we should be taking zoes name macaq into play.... So since were doing this I think draven should be running from zoe...
: A public address to Rioters (Mainly sparkle and cactopus) but the rest as well
honestly being a billion dollar company you think they could sink some money into hiring a few people that specifically reply to some of the boards comments everyday...... They could take some of the best threads in their opinion go ask a higher up about said issues and then reply ezpz...
: How to improve Blitzcrank Q hitbox/visuals
Just so ya know I'm from 2042 and rito has still not fixed this and they also switched to a ppm "pay per minute" mode which most games fall under now....
Rexxiee (NA)
: "we nerfed orange esssence because you'd be getting more skin shards"
Honestly I can see the change to this more than I can see the fucked up change to the BE system... Skins are where riot makes a lot of their money and how they keep this game up and running so if I only get 1-2 or even 3 skins per year I'm happy with that because its money that I didn't have to spend... Now the people who bought skin shards with money have more of a reason to be pissed over this change as the only worth while way to currently get a skin is RR 3 shards imo... Now the be system is what I have a problem with especially when you get higher in lvls like 50... If my math is correct where gonna average lik 55-65 be per game if that which is less then our previous system... This is where the real issue lies imo because grinding for more champs is one of the reasons I love this game and now that it takes twice as long to get a 6300be champ I'm just not that into it anymore...
: Riot, we need to talk about... this.
I know I'm gonna get down votes for this and I welcome them because I'm am so tired of people getting offended over everything now days... If the word noob offends you then your definitely not gonna be able to handle /all chat because noob is the nicest thing youll hear... Its meant to be funny and poke at the person a little but which people have clearly lost sight of over the last few years... Humor is dying because people like you get upset over a word... I get that you think this may be a poor business choice but its clear Riot couldn't give 2 shits what we think... PlZ just everyone try to grow some thicker Skin and the world would be a much better place... Its sad to see how fucked up the baby boomers raised us millennials to the point where our best job to put on a resume is professional victim...
Verxint (NA)
: Someday, in the future, human civilization will finally end
The death recap is so tilting... Ill have 3k health and it will tell me I took 800 dmg from {{champion:81}} q 300 from ult 120 from minions and the 300 from infernal dragons {{item:3087}} ... Firstly that's not 3k dmg and second when did infernal get to have a {{item:3087}}
Sukishoo (NA)
: Actually, the average gained for a win, was 76 IP for a 25 minute game and 145 for a 55 minute game.
Yea I took the 73 average that I found and based it off of that but no matter what even if it was 60 the system is still terrible for those of us that don't have all the champs and play 8 or so matches per day...
Rioter Comments
Cycera (NA)
: Of course most people don't really think to leave anything positive because negative things glare at one more. Also, I agree that Riot has messed up before. They have pissed me off in the past too, but the simple fact is that when someone goes on the boards, all they are bound to see is the same complaint over and over again. The way people write on here can be a little...uh...explicit as well, which makes the complaints all the more unpleasant to see over and over. It's refreshing to see positive posts every once in awhile...before they get downvoted into oblivion. Surprisingly, however, this one is doing pretty well! I guess one example of a way someone can make a positive post is by expressing that they like a new release. I think the boards should be a place where there is more of a balance instead of almost exclusively a customer complaint department (sometimes the people complaining aren't even customers). I think if we saw more positive posts, it would promote even more discussion. A final point I'm going to add is that if negative posts had actual constructive criticism, Riot might have a better idea of what players want, which can prevent future "mistakes" if they are trying to cater to the player base with something. I know that personally, I respond much better and have a better understanding of how to improve if there is less "f you" in the criticism given to me. In the end, this is all my own opinion and won't come to pass anyway. My ideal version of a discussion board might not be the same as someone else's.
See the problem with that is that there are many posts with constructive criticism and ideas on how to make them better but 90% of the time riot ignores them and they go unanswered... For example ive seem several good ideas to help the BE system and make it feel better and one of those ideas was taking FWOTD and adding BE to this... While Riot did that they made the system feel even worse by adding their own touch to it and took away 175 per day which is a half of a lvl per week...
: I do agree. I also miss the way tristana could go either way. Or like ezreal the last few remaining hybrid champions should definantly become adaptive to help thier kit
I was a huge fan of kog'maw bebfore the changes... Could go ap mid and do tons of dmg or go ad bot and do tons of dmg...
Barkley (NA)
: Please upvote this thread to raise awareness of Top Laner Syndrome.
This isn't just top lane syndrome this is League syndrome... Every lane does this garbage and then the jgl gets blamed for not ganking because they're 0-5 before 5 min...
: > Varus's story is BASED on the fact that he lost his family, his wife and his child. The problem is, this story has been done before. It’s not unique, we’ve seen it before to some extent with Shen, Vayne, Yorick, and Kassadin who’ve all lost their family which set them out on a path or goal. Personally I’m glad they’re making Varus distinct, and I applaud Riot for taking the risk to create a publicly gay champion. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Theres no risk in publicly gay anything anymore... The shits been completely normalized now and while some people may not like it most don't give 2 fucks either way as long as it doesn't effect our lives...
ZER0 2 (NA)
: To me, it doesn't feel like Riot did it for the sake of diversity. If they had, they would've done it in a much different way. This feels subtle and natural (MUCH better than the way Blizzard did it with Tracer, which felt extremely forced). **While I agree** that it's strange that they picked a character who was so explicitly straight in the old canon, I also can't complain because of how well this new story was done and the sense that it makes for the new canon. I highly doubt that going into this, their first thought was "lets make a gay character" they probably fleshed out the story first, and then ended up choosing a homosexual relationship instead of a straight relationship or a sibling relationship.
You don't start a story and then just be like hey lets make him gay for no reason.... You go into knowing that this character is gonna be gay and then you right his story around that because being gay is a big part of someone's story...
: Thank you for having a brain. I can barely bring myself to even type anything around here anymore, I'm glad there are people out here who are glad they get a chance to get skins for free and realize riot doesn't owe them anything.
I personally don't think most people have issues with the OE thing unless they actually spent money on chests in which they deserve to be pissed that their purchase is worth about half what it was... But the majority of people are pissed because of the shitty BE system and how much longer it will take to get anything... I don't expect for riot to give me skins for free and personally don't want them to because it keeps the game running but champs are a different story because champs are what keep people attached and have them continue grinding for the next one...
Cycera (NA)
: And even in the comments the player base struggles to type appropriate commentary. I think we need more posts like this. It sucks that the majority of people utilizing the boards are toxic.
When things are going good whats there to talk about??? How well balanced a champ is or the amazing play that the enemy had on our team??? People talk about negative stuff because it effects us more than the positive things... I personally agree with everything this dude said and thought it was a good post but that still doesn't change the fact that riot destroyed the BE/IP system and made it much worse...
: We thought about this. We decided we didn't want to do any more changes that make regular games feel worse when compared to the FWotD, so we actually came up with a better solution. At the same time we announced this change [we also drastically reduced the amount of XP needed to climb at higher levels](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments) (it now stops getting progressively harder at level 50). Taken together, it's a win-win change.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Cactopus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=etAGTcnq,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-29T23:22:56.744+0000) > > We thought about this. We decided we didn't want to do any more changes that make regular games feel worse when compared to the FWotD, so we actually came up with a better solution. At the same time we announced this change [we also drastically reduced the amount of XP needed to climb at higher levels](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments) (it now stops getting progressively harder at level 50). > > Taken together, it's a win-win change. Not really because right now at lvl 41 its taking 3100exp to lvl up... Now with the first win of the day being around 500 it takes 15+ games to level up in a single day.... Now when we do the math taking into account that more often than not your going to get 810 be per level which averages to 53 be per game which is much less than the previous system and even if we take into account getting the highest shards every time which is like 1250 that averages to 78 be which is the same as we previously got but don't forget that this is at lvl 41 and the be per game will go down more the closer you get to 50... Now lets take shards into account... Say we get a 6300be champ that we need and it only costs 3780 to get which seems like a great deal but in reality it isn't as great as you think... First off the entire level you just played to get that shard is virtually worthless because you don't get any be for it so you have to take what the shard can retail for which is like 1250 or something along those line... So if you do happen to get a shard you need you save around 900be but after averaging much less be per game the more you lvl up the shittier the system feels... Needless to say this is a change that didn't fix or change anything and it put a band aid on something that needs surgery... I really hope people don quit buying rp and spending their money on this game until they either fix or revert the be system... As for the oe system I realize it feels terrible for thos that bought chests with real money and they should be compensated some how but I'm not upset that they made it take 5 trade ins to get 1 skin of equal value because skins are where riot gets their money so I don't expect them to make them easy to get... Champs are a completely different story though and is what make the game revolve and keep people interested... If you make the grind take twice as long with how short peoples attention spans are now that makes for a bad move... Love the game but you need to fix the be system at the least and until then no money will be spent on skins...
Naalith (NA)
: The 50 BE bonus should've been tacked onto FWotD, not traded for XP or not made at all
I said the same thing but got massively down voted... Guess people are finally coming around and seeing what I said to be true... Like you said we are getting fucked out of 7 games worth of exp per week which is around 2-3 hours if not more of game time for a measly 350be per week.... I was like you and thought riot would add this onto the FWOTD as it would make the system feel a bit better than it previously did but now they did the unthinkable and made it worse... Id rather them revert this change and give us our exp back...
: Honestly, dating someone just because they look good is really fukin lame
Honestly, Its because I can wake up next to a gorgeous woman and say damn I did good... But waking up next to some fat rich ugly chick will just make me vomit in my mouth and wonder where I went wrong in life... Ive never been about money though as its made to have fun with and spend...
: But you can't life steal off of them. Because that would just be silly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You may not be able to life steal off from a computer but they can definitely life steal from you and there's no question about that
: My only problem with that image is that the "S" in League of Legends should be a dollar sign $. L{EA}gue of Legend$
> [{quoted}](name=Scary Door,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9p0765EA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-29T01:26:11.536+0000) > > My only problem with that image is that the "S" in League of Legends should be a dollar sign $. > > L{EA}gue of Legend$ Better than a dollar sign would be a snake because that's what this company is becoming.... I really love this game and have been playing on and off since like season 4... But with how hard it is to get anything anymore particularly champs " I could care less about free skins because that's how they make money" it makes the grind unbearable now that it takes 2 weeks+ to get a new champ.... Previously I could get that in a week... I really hope they fix this system because I don't see me sticking around S9 if they don't,,,
Raije (NA)
: The game is ruined if the jungler doesn't take smite.
I personally think that if you get filled into the jgl position it should automatically put smite as one of your summoners... Now this doesn't mean that it locks it in or that you cant change positions with someone else and pick other spells but at least you will have smite if say you walk away from the computer for a bit before you remembered to change your spells,,,
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Use the special event currency to buy key fragments.
Yea about that... Its hard enough to get decent champ shards right now as it is so I would much rather spend 32 event currency on champion shards than 36 on key frags just to open a chest that I will be able to disenchant for 1/5 of what its worth.... Now I just wait until I get 3 skin shards and reroll them no matter what because its always a better deal... I rerolled 3 104 oe shards and got a championship zed where if I would have disenchanted them it would have took 3-4 more shards to get that..
Rioter Comments
StealthG (EUNE)
: Orange Essence Changes you probably didnt notice.
I literally took all the skin shards I had and rerolled them into a permanent and hoped for the best because I'm not spending 5-8 fucking shards for one decent skin... Ill just gable the shit away and hope for the best because id rather have 3 mediocre skins than a fucking pool party lulu
: The title made me panic so hard! Don't do that XD
> [{quoted}](name=neptune4424,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TrHnTEEN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-26T14:15:40.150+0000) > > The title made me panic so hard! Don't do that XD Its EU I'm pretty sure 16 is the legal age their anyway is It not???
: Can we have honoring enemies back?
That would be pretty dope honestly.... Not everytime does your teammates deserve an honor but I do it anyway for the bonus.... Some games there are some amazing plays or just a friendly character that the enemy deserves the honor instead....
: 5 times in a row value of capsule is less then 1000 BE
Pshhh you are lucky.... 7-9 have contained 810 so ive lost a shit tone of be since this system came out....
Dr Poro (EUW)
: This game isn't about levelling or grinding IP/BE. You should enjoy your game ingame, not just play for the post-game reward. Grinding levels is slow as hell, but so was grinding IP. I think people are just too focussed on it now because of the new system. I'd say "Relax, play games, check your BE once in a while and notice how it increased" but Riot made this really hard by reminding you about it every time you level up, with an extra indicator that there is loot ready and 100+ clicks required to disenchant all your excessive shards. Even though the new system doesn't give less BE/game, it still feels like it because there's so much emphasis put onto it. I prefer the silent IP creep that went unnoticed until I'd check that numbar "whoah 18k already". It's funny how putting more emphasis on the post-game reward creates a feeling of less reward.
It is about leveling and be because it gets you new champs and many other things in game... Also riots math doesn't take into account those that plat so many games a day and it doesn't take into account the higher level you get the more games you have to play and the less be you get on average.... This system is only worth it to those that play 2-3 games a day or if you get a shard of a champ you want and being that the majority of shards they give are shit like singed garen and ashe it doesn't favor us.... If you have about 70% of champs in the game your fucked with this new system... ALso it took me over 2 weeks to get zoe when in the previous system I would have had her the day she came out and it would have taken me 8-9 days compared to 14 so don't tell me that we get the same amount if be we used to get...
: I've gotten to lvl 35 now, and I can honestly say that I've been able to unluck more champions than I would have with the previous system.
how??? Unless you get the max every time you'll have around 4-5000 be... But the first few levels are decent on earning be its when you advance farther in the system that it gets even worse... From what ive noticed the exp raises about 125 per lvl which is an extra game per level... So when we get to say 45 its gonna take us around 18-20+ games for that only in the end for the rng to give us 810 be in the end.... In the previous system for 18 games I would get around 1750 ip or more.... That's a huge fucking difference considering were not talking about 10 min matches.... The deeper into the system you get the more it fucks you...
Croix (EUNE)
: what are you talking about. those numbers are WHAT YOU USE TO GET THE CHAMPS. this is such a fucking absurd statement, given your complaint. you say you dont have much time, but you are OBJECTIVELY getting champs faster under the new system if you plays less than 8 games per day, and even if you play more you get them about as fast as before. if you don't have much time to play, this system is UNDENIABLY better for you.
No just no.... On the old system I could get a 6300 ip champ once a week with how much I played.... Now its taken me 2 weeks just to get zoe with the same amount of time I previously played... The rng factor of this is a real turn off as 8-10 levels ive gotten 810 ip which is a lot lower than what I would have gotten in the previous system... The only time this system is worth while is if you happen to get a champ shard that you want because it almost cuts the price in half... But since the majority of the time your only gonna get shit like {{champion:11}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:22}} and all of these other low value be champs the system is worthless... It only benefits those that play under 8 games a day, starting a new account, or have already gotten all of the champs... For people like me that have about 70% ive noticed a drastic decrease in the amount of be I was previously earning til now...
: Don't forget on how we don't need to *buy* mission passes, or even have to main a certain role just to participate. I'll even throw in on how you don't have to be gods at the game just to enjoy, and that you can take half of missions to bots.
ive completed almost 3/4 of them in just aram and this includes ward missions
: Rek'Sai
Naono (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lEQ4a2ku,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-24T09:03:03.335+0000) > > I believe they are adding BE after first wins of the day, but fair enough. With a decrease in EXP. They are exchanging EXP for BE. so instead of 575 EXP, you get 400 EXP + 50BE. I remember the reason but can't explain well. Basically not wanting to give too much BE since a lot of things can be purchase with it.
> [{quoted}](name=Naono,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lEQ4a2ku,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-11-24T19:35:53.603+0000) > > With a decrease in EXP. They are exchanging EXP for BE. so instead of 575 EXP, you get 400 EXP + 50BE. > > I remember the reason but can't explain well. Basically not wanting to give too much BE since a lot of things can be purchase with it. WEll theyre not giving us enough be to be able to buy anything in a reasonable amount of time.... Befor I could get a 6300 champ in 7-8days everytime and now its a fucking toss up withb this bullshit rng set up... Since this system started over 2 weeks agao I just hit 6300be last night which is fucking ridiculous... And that's not even the worst part which no one seems to be thinking of... The farther we level up the more exp we have to get... The more exp we have to get the more games we have to play which further brings down the amount of be were getting per match....
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=a little shadow,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lEQ4a2ku,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-24T09:14:15.898+0000) > > agree new system feels worse but Riot will never change back. They came to this conclusion after a ton of market analysis I'm sure. This way makes people spend more money, and so, they are gonna stick with this way and never go back because a couple of us complained. > > People always complain on the boards, I think maybe 99% of what anyone says on here actually means nothing in perspective to the huge company. Millions of players will be spending more money. Who cares if 100-200 people on the boards don't like the changes, are you gonna pay the difference to switch back to the old system? If not, I'm sure our opinions couldn't mean less. Depending on how often you play, you actually get more with the current system, on average anyway.If you play everyday, nonstop 10+ games a day, you are getting like 50 to 150 less BE then you would have gotten before if it was IP, whereas players who play a game or two a day utilizing just first win of the day get around 50 to 150 BE more then if it was IP.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lEQ4a2ku,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-24T09:20:36.845+0000) > > Depending on how often you play, you actually get more with the current system, on average anyway.If you play everyday, nonstop 10+ games a day, you are getting like 50 to 150 less BE then you would have gotten before if it was IP, whereas players who play a game or two a day utilizing just first win of the day get around 50 to 150 BE more then if it was IP. Your getting way less than 50-150... Especially the higher in levels you get which riot didn't take into account with their math which claims we will get more in the long run... I mean when you level up it takes around an extra 100 exp to level which is about a 15 min aram match... Now when you get to say lvl 50 your probably looking at around 4000 exp to level up just to get 810 be the majority of the time... So as you level up you get way less be in the long run than with the previous system.... Right now just to get to lvl 39 its taking about 2 days just to end up with 810 be and that's around 15 matches... Now with the old system I would get around 340 for 2 fwotd and it would take me another 7 games to finish out getting that 810 be... This system is shit especially the farther in you get and them changing 50be for 150exp just fucks us even more as that's not worth at all... WE should get to keep the exp and on top of that get a measly 50be that's fucking useless.. This is by far the worst change riot has ever done to this game because it doesn't fuck over those who are new or old and have all the champs... It fucks those of us that have about half the champs and has just made it virtually impossible to get them all anytime soon...
: Change ARAM ff vote to 10 mins
I Know the feeling... Not to long ago my team was aced twice and we lost 2 turrets and an inhib before the 6 min mark... 15 min is just to long as the games are on the verge of ending anyway around that time... But with saying that changing the timer wont really benefit that much in the majority of games... The reason I say this is that most people are to proud to FF an Aram match and they think its their duty to see it through.... This is partly why Koreans are better than us because we always hope for the comeback because we love underdogs to much... When Korea starts to lose though they just say open mid so they can move on to the next one and not waste 5-10-or 20 min playing a match that is lost... Learn when to say its over people
: Noc being from the Void would be so far removed from anything he ever was or will be. I don't think Ive ever seen any person claim they want him to be from the Void, just to be a demon, which he is.
Speaking of void champs its about time we got a new one... I mean if I remember correctly the last one Was Vel'koz and that was ages ago... I feel like we need a big Jugernaut whos like the leader of his Void battalion that destroys entire armies with whatever his weapon is....
: And the grand prize for hitting level 40 is...
See I don't get this.... REwards are meant to be free and given to people for accomplishing something.... Your not supposed to pay for this sort of stuff especially since you get 2k be at level 40 which means you still have to take 500 out of pocket to get it,,,, I mean imagine making it to the Olympics and getting a gold medal and your prize of say 600K$.... Now to receive your gold medal you have to give them the 600k plus an extra 150k on top for something you earned... Shits not right rito... You don't charge for rewards and especially an emote one of your trainees made in a few hours...
: > [{quoted}](name=Sraeg2013,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1TYw1Erh,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-20T14:53:49.163+0000) > > Ah, yes. Gamer "entitlement". > The phrase only ever used by people who have no counter-argument. Hahah I didn't say gamer entitlement though. It's just Riot literally owes us nothing. Like...legitimately and it seems because they have been waaaay generous at one point leads people to expect them to forever be that way. I'm sure the whole read of the ToS says something about this. But i'll give a personal account outside of gaming as an example. Living in a condo with my fiancé for the past 10 months. Toilet drain issues (older condo and bathroom downstairs is shared with neighbors along same wall) and a clogged sink faucet. Call up the landlord to let him know. Dude chews us out and is upset we are bothering him. We're confused as to why this is an issue (prior apts/houses the landlords want to know every minute detal). We reread our lease (which was our fault for not fine tooth combing through it the first time) actually tells us not to contact the landlord for any issues. TL;dr we signed up to live in a place to pay some guy an undisclosed amount of money to literally just allow us to live there. Any issues come up we cover them ourselves even though he owns the condo unit and restricts us from really doing much of anything to his unit. Now that we understand tha we wont ever be calling him again. We aren't supposed to. How does this relate to the current BE issue. Well...for one...LoL has bearing on my well-being and the other is part of my livelihood so that's an issue all on its own, but just to compare apples to apples...expectations versus reality. That's the point I'm getting across. Any [human led] organization is going to have issues and come up short. Like that's just life. I don't know what to say beyond that. I personally see no real issue with this BE nonsense. My issue is more or less with the existence of Riot games but I digress.
That's where your wrong LOL owes its players its livelihood as without us they wouldn't exist... Now I'm not saying to just give everything or anything away but increasing the time it takes to get champs after virtually 7 seasons of the same system is bullshit... I mean this company is in no way hurting for money and actually quite the opposite... I mean just look at the Ashe skin they sold for worlds which gained 2 million for charity... Id say that's pretty roughly the average they make per skin so forcing us to put more time into the game or pay for champs is retarded because id much rather spend that money on skins as would everyone else that isn't rich
: > [{quoted}](name=Phazanor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1TYw1Erh,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-11-20T11:29:49.561+0000) > > Tbh I don't see why you keep playing Riot's advocate on all of these posts. It clearly doesn't work. Yes people change facts a bit but their point still stands: it feels less good than before. The fact that it does so even if it mathematically is better proves that there is a problem and it needs tweaking. Heavy tweaking, not "50 BE for FWOTD" levels but rather "completely change it" levels. Feeling less good than before could be attributed to getting too much for nothing in seasons past. Idk, but I'm still not really seeing all the complaining. Like this game is completely free. Both literally and figuratively. No one really has to do anything, including play the game. Don't have to have skins, chromas, emotes, etc. It's there if you want to try and "work towards them" sure, but none of these things are necessities and I think because they are there and seen many people are convinced they have to have them. My fiancé has never played 1 minute of LoL or my mother or my father and there life is none the wiser for it. So yea perhaps it does "suck" this new BE and whatnot, but look and see why you feel you deserve any of this. League is essentially a shell with DLC making up like 50%+ of the game. All of which could theoretically cost nothing to obtain. Could be a generational thing or just what games you grew up playing, but I am sensing a lot of entitlement and unfair expectations from a large number of the fanbase.
Cost nothing to obtain.... If by nothing you mean hundreds of hours of your life just to unlock a champ.... Previously I could get a 6300 champ in 7-8 days at max and now its gonna take around 2 fucking weeks to get that same champ.... The only time this system is worth it now is if you happen to get a champion shard that you don't have but that's pretty unlikely considering that they only give 1350 and less champs the majority of the time.... There is times that I would completely agree with your argument where it is free but the system was perfect before... Now if I'm 10 be short of getting a champ I want instead of playing 1 game I have to spend a day or more leveling up just to get 810 be the majority of the time
: Lvl 40 Glorious Capsule is a Troll,They give u ~2k Blue essence, then charge 2500 BE to craft emote
Uhhhm its not a reward if you have to pay for it imo... REwards are usually given for free when you achieve something like first place... You don't see the Olympics saying heres the gold medal but first we have to dock 50% of your winnings so that you may keep and use this medal.... Shits retarded and another reason why riot is turning completely to shit... Fuck your emote "rewards" especially if I have to pay for them...
: I don't even understand the blue essence complaints to be honest. I have 55k blue essence and don't buy visuals. I will be able to buy every new champion released without grinding for as long as I play league regularly.
> [{quoted}](name=GoatPope,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QgadGXOo,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-11-18T19:55:25.446+0000) > > I don't even understand the blue essence complaints to be honest. I have 55k blue essence and don't buy visuals. I will be able to buy every new champion released without grinding for as long as I play league regularly. Congrats because most people don't have all champs and 55k be to spare....
: Can people not compare Riot to EA everytime they don't give shit for free?
I don't want shit for free as most of the other people on these boards don't either... What I do wasn't is to not be fucked over because in spend more time on the game than others and get fucked out of be in the long run.... This system is made for those that play til they get fwotd and then done... If you play more than 7 games on this system you lose out in the long run... For example previously I would get around 140 ip for fwotd and if I played 10 more games on top I would end up with around 940 ip... Now with this new system I'm averaging 810 per level and a level takes me an entire day if not more to get it which is more games then 10 now that I'm at lvl 36...People don't want free stuff they want to actually get what they deserve for the time they've put in...
Chortle (NA)
: For me the game feels the most fresh it has in a long time. Sure some fine-tuning is needed, but overall I feel preseason changes are really interesting and fun!
> [{quoted}](name=Chortle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IabipEw5,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-17T17:29:18.251+0000) > > For me the game feels the most fresh it has in a long time. > > Sure some fine-tuning is needed, but overall I feel preseason changes are really interesting and fun! except the be system its complete trash
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