: How Can Riot Get After People For Verbal Harassment/Hate Speech When Evelynn Calls Ahri A Slut?
Because Riot is a greedy hypocritical company. I'm convinced every employee of Riot had the world's shittiest parents for raising them to become the trash they are today.
: About off meta picks and hypocrites. Im tired.
Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks or wants. It's your time your investing, it's a game, play who you want - where you want.
Gidrah (NA)
: Give White Chroma Vicorious Graves his white hair streak back.
There's really no saving this skin. It's so gay it makes Taric look straight.
Destaice (NA)
: Best Birthday gift of all. Getting a drunk asshole arrested.
Didn't read anything other that the title of this, OP is probably the kind of person that reports people for everything because it makes him feel like Riot's do-gooding-favorite-son.
Hadfield (EUW)
: The in-game model for Victorious Graves is utterly disapointing
If Riot recalled everything that sucked about this game there would be no Riot. Shots fired!
Wuks (NA)
: Moderation of "Golden Rule", specifically regarding Rioters
> [{quoted}](name=Wuks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WfEEZ3Br,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-27T04:24:04.911+0000) > > Effective immediately, we will be moderating the Boards to more closely reflect our original intentions of the "Golden Rule". As per the [Boards Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules): > > We understand that there are certain topics you're passionate about, and we've been able to see time and time again that game balancing is one of those topics. Historically, we've been relatively lenient on these types of comments, as we didn't want to stifle criticism. Today, we are putting our foot down and ensuring that everyone on the Boards, Rioters and players alike, are treated with respect. Folks who engage in harassment against another will be given a warning, and repeated attempts to harass players will result in suspensions. > > If you have something to say, you can do so respectfully. So is Riot going to stop calling it's players "Noobs" ? Just because you might not find it offensive doesn't mean others don't. The same could be said about a lot of words. Practice what you preach. Until then it's all fair game in my book.
Destaice (NA)
: "ADC meta is the worst" "Tank meta is the worst" "Assassin meta is the worst"
Anyone ever take a step back and look at the common denominator? Maybe this game just sucks.
Hadfield (EUW)
: The in-game model for Victorious Graves is utterly disapointing
Should be called Taric Graves. This skin is flaming gay. Ps: What's with the camel toe? Is he mid-procedure?
: RP and skins
Riot doesn't care about your tears. Give them your money or stfu.
: @riot sales team
There is only ever one answer when it's pertaining to Riot. GREED.
: Your games banning system is totally fuked.
Who really cares? This game is more fun when you get everyone raging and "reporting". It cost nothing to make new accounts, if you get banned just make another one. There is one golden rule: Never give Riot a penny of your money. Keep that in mind and you're invincible.
: Do you strive to be good at this game?
When Riot decides to stop focusing on their greed and start focusing on making the game actually good, then I'll worry about getting good at it. Until then I just play the game to see how many accounts I can get permanbanned, I'm at 6 right now. I have 4 active accounts and currently 2 are on a 14 day ban. Feathers in my cap. Suck it Riot.
: Wow, I made a new account, and Riot began the process by flaming me themselves!
Riot has always been a hypocritical company. They talk the talk about how bad it is to be toxic but they continue to give players tools and incentives to be more toxic. To some people being called "noob" is insulting, to some people being called -snip- is insulting. You could argue it doesn't matter what you say, that it's the intention. But you can't have it both ways. Either derogatory name calling is not acceptable or it is.
: Really Riot? Emotes Cost RP?
Did you really expect anything different from the greediest company in the history of gaming? The answer to their greed is to not buy their shit. They haven't released anything of value in years anyways. Fuck them.
: Why are the Boards still in beta?
With the constant changes in this game, I have a feeling all of League of legends is still in beta. I mean if they haven't figured out a formula to balance things after a decade of trying...
: K.Y.S. = Kill Yourself. Stop making other bs assumption. (To suspended players)
This game is literally based on killing each other, and being rewarded for the death of other players. But now you guys want to get touchy over internet slang from a stranger? Snowflakes, stay special.
: You sound pretty salty man, try to be less toxic on your next account
> [{quoted}](name=Goddess Sentinel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=p0E3E29k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-10T01:30:34.819+0000) > > You sound pretty salty man, try to be less toxic on your next account Re-read my post. I literally haven't enjoyed a game as much as I'm enjoying Darkest Dungeon in many many years. Also don't try to Dr.Phil me and act like you can fathom my level of toxicity until you're in a game with me.
: Perm Banned Appeal
It's a free game man. Kick this account to the curb and make a new one. I've had 4 perma-banned accounts and haven't lost a step. I in fact collect banned accounts like feathers in my cap. RIot is too greedy to ban IP, so yea, let it go, make a new account and give everyone hell.
Rioter Comments
: So all of those hours I spent grinding IP for runes gets me a ward skin...
Riot doesn't care about your sob story or hours invested, just buy more skins.
: If you aren't buying skins Riot doesn't care how you feel
Business or not, the parents of the powers-that-be at Riot, raised their children to be absolute scum. If there was a hell they would all be going there for being chock full of greed.
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: PSA: Your account and any money spent on it is not your property.
I do believe changes are coming to virtual ownership. I say this because I received a notice from the IRS for selling things on steam/dota 2. They wanted me to file taxes on it, even though everything sold was from items I never bought with real money. These were rewards from holiday events that I unlocked, and would sell on the community market. This all came as a surprise to me, since there is no way to show physical ownership over any of the "items" in the transactions, and there is NO way to take any "money" made out of my steam wallet. So the IRS wanted me to pay taxes on virtual bananas. I received 2 notifications, then my steam account was locked, and remains locked to this day. So all this buying (and sometimes selling) of things that don't really exist, is a pretty grey area I don't think they have worked out yet.
Zoovex (NA)
: Black Alistar sale anytime soon?
Never underestimate riot's greed. They've gone back on their word before with skins. In due time they will sell their own mothers if it means making a buck.
: Supports and Sightstone
Their reasons were there are better items to buy with the gold, and "you don't need vision to kill a champ you're fighting" Keep in mind this was a bronze game, so it was 10 people who clearly suck at the game on every level. (me included)
: You get the feeling of wanting to play WoW again
Or play on Nostalrius Vanilla server for free. It's 1000x better than retail WOW.
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: Have leftover RP that you get tired of seeing? I have a great idea to get rid of it.
Don't let any red fool you. Riot is happy with the amount of money people are giving them, the spare RP in on your account is incentive to make you spend more money on this game. The spare change RP adds up with each purchase, they set it up with that in mind. So yeah, nice thought but Riots greed will never let it happen. They have you and their wallet exactly where they want you and have zero intention of changing anythign.
kay9ine (NA)
: Wow Rito
Riot doesn't care, go buy a skin.
: NA Server Lag
You guys think riot gives a shit? They know you'll keep playing and they know you'll keep buying skins no matter how bad the lag is and no matter how long it lasts. Take a look at the history of the NA East servers if you want a perfect example. Riots only plan is to stay quiet long enough for you guys to tire yourselves out from complaining about it, then they'll release a new skin for you to buy. I swear this game is like an abusive relationship where the players think it's acceptable and expected to be treated like shit. Wake up and drop this game because they will never change.
Rioter Comments
: Riot should reword its "I Agree" leaver prompts.
Riot is a company of dicks that's why we are even having this conversation. I got this popup once, due to circumstances out of my control. I typed in "Go fuck yourself", screen shotted it, took a shit on it and mailed it to their branch on the west coast. Fuck riot.
: Guy told me to kill myself in Runescape; I get muted for it
: Why is riot refusing to do anything to actually improve their game?
Because people keep giving them their money, why should they change? why should they care?
Cupkek (NA)
: It irks me when people say "GG EZ"
> [{quoted}](name=Oopsie Daisies,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=PNMGpJAP,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-11T07:35:08.643+0000) > > Whenever I hear "GG EZ", I don't think I could possibly pray harder for the ability to punch people through my computer screen. > > > So I just report them for Negative Attitude. It's annoying and presumptuous. You're so fragile. I really pity your life. If something so insignificant has such a big effect on you, good luck getting through life. This world is screwed. Somewhere along the line we lost our backbone, everyone from the feminist to african americans are looking to be coddled and sympathized with. Everyone is so soft and easily offended. The human race is becoming weak, and it's clear that mother nature is prepping us for extinction. And at this rate I think she has the right idea.
: Gd, anyone know about wisdom teeth?
I may have missed some info - but op, have you wisdom teeth completely come in? Or are you young and they are still growing into where they will be? If they are fully in then they might not do much damage than they already have done. If they are still growing it sounds like it may need to be addressed. Alot of times things get crowded with wisdom teeth and it causes food to get stuck in the tight spots between your teeth/gums/cheeks. Make sure to do your bset to keep that clean. Flossing is HUGE. One of the best and easiest ways for mouth pain (especially gums) is warm/hot salt water swishes. This reduces inflammation and can actually help with minor infections. It also helps to not "pick" at the sore spot with your tongue or other tools, it just causes things to become more irriated. If the teeth are still moving, then I do believe they can do some damage to your molars, if the angle is right and stuff. If the molar is wobbly it's not a great sign, but perhaps it just got budged and now the teeth will stop moving and needs time to settle back in the gum. This is all opinion. I've had a ton of dental work done and it's created an obsession/phobia in me so I've spent hours researching everything under the sun regarding dentisty.
: Lyte chain me like a prisoner and teach me how to reform
Be who you are. Change for no one. If who you are doesn't fit someone else's view break the fucking mold. There is not a person on this planet, on any level of "power" that has a right to dictate how you live your life. Stand up, embrace who you are.
jars (NA)
: certanlyT gets booed at PAX
: I literally haven't seen Varus once in 2015.
Yet they keep throwing new champs on the pile. Never making most of the old ones worth playing. It's clear skin sales > champ quality.
: What do you think of my Janna cosplay?
At least your face is more feminine than hers in her splash art.
: "Kill Yourself": The Phrase and the Harm it Does [Please Read]
You realize you're playing a game based on KILLING don't you? So you want to act the part of death, but are afraid to read about it? I've never read anything in game that has even come remotely close to offending me, or hurting my feelings. I actually find humor in the insults and threats, especially when they are directed at me. If you're too thin skinned to take some poking here or there, I suggest you find a game not based on killing each other to play. One last piece of advice: TOUGHEN UP. If this stuff hurts you on that deep of a level, I really fear what the real world will do to you.
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Jungul (NA)
: you have to admit that you can lose
If you are on my team and go into a game with even a passing thought of possibly losing the match, I don't want you on my team.
: ... I'll be honest, it will be worse than living in hell during the night after Taco day... Who wants to shit lava? I DO! but seriously, what happened to the "East coast is supperior" thing? by doing this, you're only asserting you seek revenge, not balance..
> [{quoted}](name=Eeveefyre,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Rxw55Ffk,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-01-27T05:54:02.760+0000) > > ... > > I'll be honest, it will be worse than living in hell during the night after Taco day... > > Who wants to shit lava? I DO! > > but seriously, what happened to the "East coast is supperior" thing? by doing this, you're only asserting you seek revenge, not balance.. Ok maybe I'm vengeful from dealing with this for so long. But wouldn't this make you greedy for having the comfy seat this whole time and not open to giving someone else a turn to sit in it?
: Power Went Out
You must learn to yield the powers of electricity to honor your agreement to mighty riot. I hear the Avengers are hiring.
Manaburn (NA)
: Constant 500 ping and "Attempting to Reconnect" randomly after 5 minutes into the game...?
Same issue here as well. Riot straight up doesn't care though. You won't get a response and there is no fix you can do because it's on their end, not ours. I've even had my ISP come out and check this out. He didn't find any issues with my internet, he went the extra mile and put all new cables in just in case. I play many other online games (dota 2, wow, swtor, starcraft 2) and none of them have any issues like I have in this game.
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