Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 18
One update since time of writing - looks like we'll have to move the first round of loading screen changes to 9.3, we've run into a couple of issues in final testing. Also, apologies for the limited responses today, very packed day so haven't had as much time as usual.
: Neeko's W stopped hitting the third attack on the towers, could you confirm if it was an intentional nerf or a Bug please? Have a nice weekend Meddler!
It wasn't an intentional change and will be back to affecting towers in 9.2 next week. Having said that it has raised the issue of whether it should be working on towers in the first place. Not planning to remove it right now, hence the bug fix, but possible that does change someday.
ozzirp (NA)
: Is it true conqueror will be changed to be more like fervor of battle?
Conqueror's one of the things we're looking at. Whether it gets changed or not and in what direction if so isn't something locked down though, just one of the options we're exploring.
: Hi Meddler is still too early to ask if you guys made any further development on the Irelia and Akali follow changes in 9.3
We've just started some internal testing on a new round of changes. Need a bit of time to get confidence in them before sharing though. Hoping to have something in 9.3, can't make any guarantees yet though.
Jabalor (NA)
: Meddler got any comments in the Renekton buffs? Are they still coming on 9.2, 9.3? Have you considered anything regarding his passive and/or ultimate?
Still planning on looking at him in 9.3, nothing more concrete yet.
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: Question: if you recast R to release Maiden, does the cooldown start ticking or does it start after Maiden dies?
CD starts on death still.
Meddler (NA)
: Hmm, not sure where that's up to off the top of the head. Lemme check in with the team and see where their thinking's up to.
Ok, turns out Renekton was just a casualty of too much to do in one patch. Won't have changes in 9.2, will be back on the list for 9.3 though, assuming nothing major changes in the meantime.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=JeoGRXbm,comment-id=00260000,timestamp=2019-01-16T17:14:38.970+0000) > > > We'd like to see how the above impacts him before considering any further changes. Some of these adjustments are fairly unusual relative to normal balance changes which makes it quite a bit harder for us to estimate their power ahead of time. Playtesting still helps of course, but we'll only get a limited number of games internally and PBE's not a very useful resource for balance testing. I'm really excited about these changes btw. I'm supper worried perminent Maiden may be OP. If this turns out to be the case, what would you consider changing to reduce his power? Revert back to old maiden or something else?
Assessing whether permament Maiden is working as hoped or not's going to be our first priority, regardless of where his power level ends up (unless he's just crazy OP and needs a hotfix, but would be pretty surprised).
: I very much doubt the fact the 150gold reduction on Sunfire cape will break Shen. Can you please let us know what you're planning for Shen? or at least what you originally planned? Also I really want to know what do you feel like are Shen's weaknesses and in what he should be improved
I don't believe we got as far as specifics for Shen/Mundo. Agree it's unlikely Sunfire has a dramatic effect on either. We were thinking pretty small buffs originally though and had to delay some work regardless (lot going on this patch). That plus whatever the Sunfire buff offers was enough to move them from 9.2.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: Meddler Im asking u for the Yorrick Subreddit. Since u pulled off most of the Yorick buffs, are we only getting the QUality Changes on Maiden? I get it no Cooldown on Maiden would be too strong , but why u dont let it scale from 2 Seconds to 1 Second (2,1.5,1) Thanks in Regards Yorick Subreddit
We've still got a fair bit of Yorick stuff in 9.2, though they're the sorts of things that can be harder to spot on the PBE. Quick rundown: Passive: * Yorick's minions no longer deal reduced damage when they are far from Yorick * Deaths required for a grave: 12/8/4 > 12/6/2 (ARAM: 4->2) * Gold given by Mist Walkers: 5 > 2 E: * Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist will no longer sometimes fail to respond to Mourning Mist hits R: * Health: 700/1500/4000 (+30% Yorick's Health) > 300/1000/3000 (+70% Yorick's Health) * The Maiden will now follow Yorick and assist him until Yorick or Maiden dies.. Yorick can recast R to set her free, but cannot regain her after he has done so. * While following Yorick, the Maiden will leash back to Yorick if he moves too far from her We'd like to see how the above impacts him before considering any further changes. Some of these adjustments are fairly unusual relative to normal balance changes which makes it quite a bit harder for us to estimate their power ahead of time. Playtesting still helps of course, but we'll only get a limited number of games internally and PBE's not a very useful resource for balance testing.
GateOfPain (EUNE)
: yo Meddler where is the Renekton buff ?
Hmm, not sure where that's up to off the top of the head. Lemme check in with the team and see where their thinking's up to.
Diablo v2 (EUW)
: is there a chance of reverting this chance and buffiing something else
What are your concerns with this approach?
UryuuNeko (EUW)
: HI Meddler, any others plan for Rakan or the team is good with what they have done ?
We've got some changes in 9.2, in particular targeting the amount of time you have to react to longer range W casts which we believe is one of the things that's disproportionately powerful in high skill play and therefore making him a bit harder to balance.
: Hi Meddler, how are the changes for Volibear going? Are they gonna happen in 9.2 ?
Will probably be in 9.2.
Ulkusus (EUW)
: Any plans to nerf conqueror?
Under discussion as something we should consider, nothing concrete or certain at present though.
: Hi Meddler, What would be the Jax nerf in 9.2, I main jax and I feel like the champion is not too strong when people knows how to play against it, and there's a lot of bad matchups. @(jayce, kennen, malphite, pantheon, daius)
We're looking at reduced base AD (69.9 to 68) and reduced Q base damage (80-240 to 65-225). While some match ups are less favorable to Jax we believe overall he's a bit strong. Curiously how he's too strong changes by MMR. In Bronze/Silver he's out of line as a jungler, in Diamond plus especially he's a problem in top lane by contrast.
: Hi Meddler, thanks for doing these gameplay thoughts. Is there any information on the direction you're taking with Akali changes?
Not yet. Should have some stuff to talk about during the 9.3 PBE cycle.
: >Viktor - Holding off on any nerfs at present, not currently convinced there's enough evidence they're needed. not enough evidence ??? just look at pro if high elo games don't convince you (if we are talking about Viktop). >Zoe - As with Mundo and Shen, we want to see where systemic changes (nerfs to Ignite and Oblivion Orb/Morello's) leave Zoe, then reassess both whether she still needs a nerf and where best to take power if so. Belief is both of those nerfs will hit her a bit more than the average user. Im more surprised you have no plan to nerf {{item:3135}} &{{item:3285}}
> [{quoted}](name=Fire Blaustoise,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=JeoGRXbm,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-01-16T16:42:26.070+0000) > > not enough evidence ??? just look at pro if high elo games don't convince you (if we are talking about Viktop). > > Im more surprised you have no plan to nerf {{item:3135}} &{{item:3285}} So, I debated whether to bring this up the other day. Decided today it was worth talking about though. If someone's going to attack other Rioters, call for them to be fired etc (as per your account name in this case) I'm not going to engage with their posts. They may or may not have some valid points to make. I believe we should be trying to build a better quality of conversation than that sort of attack though. Would still expect and be onboard with a lot of debate, disagreement, criticism of our decisions etc of course. Directly attacking people's something I don't want to ignore or encourage however. If your goal by doing so is to draw attention to particular issues all it's doing is making it harder to have conversations about them.
Diablo v2 (EUW)
: what happen to asol buffs?
They're still in 9.2. Q recast time's dropped to 0.25s (from 0.65s). Q stun duration is then scaling by distance traveled so the point blank cast doesn't remove too much of an intended weakness. On live it's 1.1 to 1.5 by rank. After the changes it'll be 0.55-1.65 by distance at rank 1 to 0.75-2.25 by distance at rank 5 (or at least, that's what we're currently testing). The stun gets to the 9.1 values by 0.75s, so is as good as it was previously by the time you'd previously have been able to activate it, with both earlier casts possible and later casts more rewarding.
: Hi Meddle <3! Do you know the specifics of the Aatrox nerf/s and do you think he needs larger work to satisfay both proplay and regular play demand.
We're currently testing: Q damage :: 10-70(+64/68/72/76/80%tAD) >>> 10-70(+55/60/65/70/75%tAD) E recharge :: 24/20/16/12/8 >>> 26/22/18/14/10 Think it's very possible he needs additional work down the line. Having said that he's too strong in regular play too, not just pro, so possible we just need to cut power full stop as players in both contexts continue to get better at him.
ThornyZyra (EUNE)
: Any plans for Zyra changes? Other than straight nerfs? I'm curious
Just the straightforward nerf at present.
: Morning Meddler! Can you share overall how you think the tank changes for Ornn, Sejuani and Galio have landed overall. Did they hit your goals
Galio - Overbuffed so hard at present to tell whether the changes reduced his pro versus regular play gap, given he's just the right choice everywhere. Should get a clearer read after the 9.2 nerfs. Sejuani - Too early to say. Seeing her get pro play already, not sure if it'll be a healthy amount or not. Her performance in regular play seems around appropriate. Ornn - Missed the mark on power initially at least, though there's a moderate amount of relearning curve and his play rate tripled post changes which tends to depress average performance for a while until new players learn the champ or go back to playing other things. Going to add a little bit of early power (base hp and armor) in 9.2, then reassess where adaptation plus those stats leaves him in both contexts.
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Phinary (NA)
: Hey Meddler, Have you guys decided if the crit item changes will be in 9.2 or if they're getting pushed back to 9.3? Also, I wanted to say this is the best QGT in a while. It was extremely informative, explained your reasoning for changes, and addressed some common community ideas! Thanks for doing these, they're my favorite method of communication that Riot puts out.
We're aiming for 9.3, though can't guarantee that yet. Thanks, glad you liked this one. Was a bit of a challenge to write given was expecting a fair bit of disagreement with some of the stances it represents. Figured was still better to get a lot of our thoughts out there regardless though of course.
Cameran (NA)
: I like this change, but that brings up a question I had (that there is maybe a good answer for?) - why, prior to this, were the offensive stats in runes (as, adaptive force) roughly twice as gold efficient as the defensive ones? Offensive were running ~200g and defensive a little over 100. And why not 5 > 7 on armor - just a jungle thing or another reason entirely?
Initial difference was set that large since we had concerns around how dominant, and passifying, defensive stats can be really early on. In retrospect we skewed too far in the other direction though. We're only buffing Armor a little because, looking at stats for Rune Stat performance, it's already in a higher performing spot than MR, fairly comparable to other options already. Do want to use this as one of the places to chip damage down, but don't want to remove choice from those slots. Edit: Oh, forgot to add - we also don't treat the gold efficiency values as uniform throughout the game. Some stats change significantly in value by game phase. HP5 is probably the strongest example of that, with each point being the equivalent of more other stats worth of gold early in the game than it would be later.
: Hi! Are there any plans for {{champion:421}}? For example some love for her passive? I remember that you mentioned her a few months back and that she's a candidate for some buffs. But you withdrawn the plans and said she would get some work in the later future due to the winrate difference between low and high elo.
Nothing at present, low versus high elo remains an issue we'd like to work on at some point though certainly. Passive wise I do wonder if we should have just put Tremor sense on her innate passive in retrospect. We didn't given its impact's purely in one form, but it's certainly more defining and gameplay influencing generally than the Fury to Health effect.
Tylosus (NA)
: Any info on what the Akali changes will be?
Nothing concrete yet. First step's likely to be assessing the previous round of shroud changes and whether we ought to start with more work on that ability or not.
: Good Morning Meddler! Are lvl 2 ganks with Xin and Camille really a problem? Considering the potential overall nerf in exp and gold from the jungle wouldn't opting into a strong lvl 2 ganker be a playstyle that encourages diversity and jungler interaction with laners?
Some champions being able to level 2 gank with a decent amount of threat is something we think's appropriate, including since as you say it allows a greater range of jungling styles. The issue at present is more that we think the strength of those ganks from some champs is too high, than that they're happening at all. Some risk of course of unintentionally removing them entirely while trying to make them a bit weaker but still present, we think we can probably find a middle ground though.
shofaz (NA)
: Also when is the next champion roadmap?
Should be in the next couple of weeks from memory.
: Hey Meddler can you share what you guys plan on doing for rune stats as part of lowering systemic damage
What we'll likely do in 9.2: Adaptive (Slot 1 and 2) :: 10 >>> 9 [AP: 10 >>> 9, AD: 6 >>> 5.4] Armor (Slot 2 and 3) :: 5 >>> 6 Magic Resist (Slot 2 and 3) :: 6 >>> 8 Changes look pretty small individually, given it's narrowing the gap between offensive and defensive runes from both sides we're expecting it to be larger than it looks though, especially since in a number of cases it should also result in people swapping from offense to defense. E.g. not just 2 x 6 AD and 1 x 5 Armor vrs the same, but more cases of 1 x 5.4 AD vrs 2 x 6 Armor.
: Any word on the Ornn nerf currently on PBE? I believe this is a bug due to the fact you had no data on him when that arrived to PBE. (W CD to 14s from 12s) On all statistic websites I see his winrate has dropped even more so, instead, are there any plans to buff him? Mainly his CDs as he gains levels so that he can function.
We don't have any current plans for Ornn nerfs. I'm not certain why that's there, old data or a bug seem highly likely though. In terms of further work the 9.1 changes were intended to be a buff. Assuming his performance doesn't improve substantially in the near future I expect we'll be putting some power back in somewhere soon.
: ***
Yep! That's this bit: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=eJ3T6JR4,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-11T16:58:09.215+0000) > > We're also looking at a couple of other possible jungle focused changes, though don't have a specific timeframe on them. The first is getting some form of utility alternative to Chilling/Challenging Smite back in. We removed Tracker's Knife last year because the impact it had on strategy/macro play was creating a lot of problems, including very conservative organized play and pressure on the effective pool of junglers. Its lack does leave a gap though we'd like to fill in terms of the Smite upgrade choices offered. What we've been trying so far is a Smite upgrade that gives you a brief shield and movement speed increase. That's showing some promise, but isn't there yet. Not sure at present if we'll go that route or a different one. >
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: @Meddler when are the Crit Item Changes coming to live servers or at least the PBE ?
Won't be in 9.2, seeing if we can get them done for 9.3 but can't guarantee that yet (still a lot of work on them underway).
: Any plans to buff champions that are in an ok state but will be hit with the oblivion orb nerfs?
Open to it, would want to see what we settle on for Oblivion Orb nerfs and how it affects champs in question first though, rather than buffing pre-emptively.
Ză Wărudo (EUNE)
: Any plans for Bard {{champion:432}} , balance wise? thank you in advance
: Just a heads up, some new markup options have been added to the Boards so that if you like, you can add colored, highlighted, or spoiler text which may be useful to your posts;
Oh, excellent, hadn't seen those! Many thanks.
Antenora (EUW)
: How well have the {{champion:67}} buffs landed? How is she looking so far with regards to internal data? I'm curious as to how impactful the change has been so far. I know it's Patch day but I'm still curious XD
Bit early to take a look at that just yet! We wait until a bit later in the day to look at preliminary data post patch, want to give time for a large enough sample size to build up.
: Hi meddler, any updates on when the morg / kayle reworks are coming? This winter or is it looking more like spring time? Thanks
They'll be the next VGU released. In terms of exact timing I'll leave teasing/revealing that up to the champion team.
Nitr8 (NA)
: Can we get context on the relic nerfs it seems odd to me that its getting nerfed again
Biggest issue is the amount of pushing power/wave control it offers, early game in particular. Possible solutions here might include things that reduce power for pro and other organized play without much impact elsewhere.
: Hey Meddler, Whats some context on the Shyvana buffs? Will she receive some of the QOL buff some asked for like... Scaling with Elder Dragon? Gaining Fury while dead? Removing the decay on her W? PS: The Aurelion Sol buffs are amazing!
Direction being kicked around yesterday was increased damage to dragons to buff her as a jungler in particular. Ongoing topic of discussion as to whether that was the best way to go or not for 9.2 though. I'll follow up on scaling off Elder Dragons taken, hadn't realized that wasn't already in, not immediately seeing any reason it shouldn't be regardless of what else we do.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: Meddler Im testing the Yorick buffs and they seem great. Weak early but he scales better and can duel other champions now. Can u preview us the Volibear buffs
Nothing in testing yet for Voli. For Yorick we're also trying a pretty experimental alternative to the ult changes where the CD instead isn't lowered but there's no limit on how long Yorick can keep the Maiden around him (permanent maiden unless killed effectively). There are plenty of issues that might create, so just an experimental thing for now, but looking into it.
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Syllvanas (EUNE)
: I always wondered why do the Thralls briefly stop and do the AA animation before exploding, I've had people running out of the explosion circle many times because of that and combined with the fact that they're pretty... slow. Have you ever considered removing that and just make it so the Thralls keep chasing enemies until they explode?
The animation's in there to draw the eye to them as they end and provide a brief 'final chance to use an ability' window. The speed of the Thrall's has been tuned around that brief pause at the end (they'd be a bit slower overall if the kept moving right until the moment of detonation).
: Hey Meddler, personal question, do you prefer utility/enchanter supports (Soraka, Sona, Janna, Nami), aggressive supports (Zyra, Brand, Vel'Koz) or engagers/all-in supports (Alistar, Leona, Nautilus, Blitz, Braum)? Have a great evening by the way <3
As in for my personal play? I've overall tended to favor less damage focused champs, with Nami and Alistar the two supports I've played the most of in recent years. Leona, Zyra and Brand are fallsbacks for me though who I'm happy to play whenever it makes sense team comp wise (cause you know, too many people picking tanks happens all the time in solo queue...).
Neekð (EUW)
: Alright, thanks for the update. Longer time to stealth and a shimmer after stealthing sounds like a lot tho, I just hope Akali can stay strong/viable after all the changes.
At some point, whether after this round of shroud changes or additional ones if necessary, I expect we'll need to put some power back in somewhere else on her kit.
: Is Agency the same as Power? Seen this debate pop up a few times recently, would love to hear your take.
I don't believe so. Something can be really powerful, in terms of how it affects the outcome of the game, how others play around it etc, without the player controlling it necessarily having a lot of personal agency. To take an extreme example, if we imagine a champion who does nothing but move slowly and melee auto attack towers killing them instantly they're likely a very powerful champion. Their team mates and enemies actions will matter a lot in terms of how impactful that power is (peel, rotations etc). There's not much the player of said tower killing champ can really do themselves though, so while the champion's effect on the game will be very powerful the player controlling them doesn't have that much agency over how things turn out relative to other players.
Xzeta (NA)
: Any thoughts on nexus blitz ranked
Seems like a poor fit for the mode overall, in terms of how it would change perception and expectations. NB is aimed at being less about win/loss record, precise balance etc and more about high moments, a shorter experience, easier to play with friends of a range of skill levels etc. While I would expect adding ranked to appeal to a subset of possible players would expect it to be the wrong thing to do for the majority of likely NB players.
Ataraxas (NA)
: About how many possible permanent modes do you guys have in development/have ideas for? Or is NB the only one currently?
NB is our core focus right now for a possible permanent mode. Depending on how this test run goes we'd consider looking at other options. Hoping to have some thoughts to share on what the plan going forward is late January or sometime in February once NB has finished its current run and we've had a chance to dig through all the data.
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