: Meddler... SPEAK NOW. Share us this "pretty" short list {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Urgot and Eve are the announced two. Imagine we'll announce another within a month or two.
: http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/06/champion-roadmap-june-2017/ In the comments Reav3 confirmed it.
Please note there's a distinction here between 'Skarner could do with a VGU someday and we expect we'll do one at some point' versus 'Skarner's got a VGU scheduled' (which is not the case). The former list's pretty large (dozens of champs) the later list pretty short (half a dozen ish).
: I'm a little confused, in Aatrox's case is the darkin the weapon or the demon wielding the weapon?
LankPants (OCE)
: I pretty much haven't seen a D-Shield on a melee since the nerfs. It's just always better to go Corrupting or even something like Cloth/4 or Boots/4. I still see it on Vayne and Kog'maw though, so it's clearly doing exactly what you intended.
Vayne and Kog are intended to be potential users, especially when facing a tough lane. Since we're still seeing it used by a fair number of melee yeah, it does look like it's doing what we intended.
: any skins in this patch @meddler ?? like poolparty,stargardian,omega squad,etc.
Skins are handled by a different set of teams to the ones I work with so I avoid talking about skins stuff most of the time - I don't have the context to know what it is, or isn't, appropriate to talk about in most cases.
WizZarD (EUNE)
: Hey Meddler, Is the new champion related to Aatrox in any way?
Probably obvious by now but yeah, they're both Darkin, so there's some strong connection there, both in terms of their nature and shared history. More details on Darkin in general to come at some point (not certain if we're talking about that stuff with Kayn's reveal/launch or later).
: Couldn't Riot's analytics team figure that out more easily? Since they can check which champions take those runes most frequently/ be sucessful with them. From personal experience I would asume the item would serve best for fighters and/or assassins. I have a hard time picturing and item that gives CD to mages and is good enough that it is in par with doran ring's mana sustain
We can check data really easily, yeah. That's different to getting feedback from people about which champs they'd personally miss early CDR access on though. One reflects choices taken, the other also reflects strength of feeling and attachment, not just effectiveness.
: Hey Meddler can I ask for your thoughts on the Fiora nerfs, you mentioned possibly scrapping them
Looking at her still. Current avenue of testing is reduction in movement speed from Passive/Ult, to see whether that's giving her excessive control in match ups where she shouldn't be as effective in particular (e.g. against other mobile champs).
Sir Nope (NA)
: Speaking of starting items, how do you currently feel about the current jungling items? Should they still be built out of Hunter's Talisman and Hunter's Machete, as opposed to them being purchasable straight up (with tweaks, of course)?
Current assumption is they'll still coming from Machete/Talisman. Part of the reason that's done, rather than just starting people with modified T2 versions, is because we don't think it's appropriate to give junglers that increased power straight off the bat (their early game influence is really high already).
: On starting items, the reason ADCs like Doran's Shield is that it's an early game item rather than a mid game item like Blade. Blade is a mid game item because it gives percent lifesteal, rather than HP onhit like Cull. An attack speed based starting item sounds good, but now the question: who buys it? ADCs want Shield or Blade because they give last hitting power. Mages and tanks want ring or corrupting. Unless it gives +5 onhit damage vs minions like Shield, it's not gonna be good. Kayle can't buy it unless the passive from Doran's Ring because a rune.
With you on the last hitting, we've been trying +damage to minions on the Doran's AS item as a result.
: Since you've talked about starting items here: what do you think of the impact of the new Doran's Shield currently? Do you like the items' current position in the game?
We think it's been quite positive so far, in terms of opening up lanes to champions who were previously struggling more. Was a little bit overtuned, pretty confident it being a viable starting choice will do good things for the game now though.
: Hey meedler, don't you think instead of create a new doran's attack speed item, is better to adjust the base attack speed of champions that usually takes AS runes? Like every adc these days have aroung 16% bonus as (4% from masteries + 12% from runes), and this bonus is very important early game, because help a lots on farm, so created a doran's as item, maybe could mean less ad, which can also affect the farm and early game. There's a lot of champions that can use AS on runes and masteries, and that feels a lot better to play with it (adcs, junglers, some tops like irelia,jax, I even use on poppy,camille and yorick, and the difference of playing without any AS is HUGE). Something similar could happen with mana regen runes, where no mages/sups champions can use 2 or 3 mana regen glyph to help their mana on lane (some adcs like sivir and jinx for example).
We'll do some base stat adjustments too. The issue with base stat adjustments is that it's a one size fits all thing. If you're a player who wants significantly more of something like AS there are cases where we want to make sure we're still offering that sort of choice. Sometimes that'll be possible through the new runes, sometimes starting items look like they'll be a good alternative.
: For new starting items: CDR(replacement for CDR runes which are absolutely crucial on many champs) Lethality/Mpen(replacement for precision which is very useful on many champs, as well as mpen/lethality runes) Possibly glass cannon items i.e doran's scythe with +15 AD, doran's scepter with +25 AP. No HP on these item's like Dblade and Dring, which would be great for people looking to run a much more glass cannon early playstyle, as well as giving up the mana/hp sustain on these items. Again, for early game power. Maybe some other stats on top but idk what, maybe these could even be replaced with the pen items I was saying earlier. Hope to hear your thoughts!
Which champs are you thinking of for CDR specifically? Has a lot of impact on which other stats potentially go there too.
: Given that worlds patch will be 7.18 and usually you keep that patch and 7.19 not so different to not make difference between what we play and they play at worlds. Can we expect evelynn rework before worlds or closer to end of season?
Evelynn's rework will be post World's patch.
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: What are the plans for Divers who might have been worked on for the diver update?
Some will likely get smaller updates as part of the new process, mixed in with champs from other classes also in need.
: Hey Meddler can I ask for which Divers would you guys give one of those gameplay updates now that you guys canned class updates
Aatrox, Xin and Diana are plausible candidates. Other small updates (e.g. Azir or LB) are fairly likely before those though.
: A couple questions: - Since there will no longer be class updates, how will the smaller reworks be handled? Will they be done 1 at a time, or will the Live team be working on a few champs simultaneously? - Will there be a small rework tier/priority list, like we have for VGUs?
There'll probably be a couple underway at different levels of completion at any point in time. Right now that's LB and Azir for example. They'll be released whenever they're ready, probably not multiple at the exact same time though (same artists needed for each).
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Skorch (NA)
: A semi-QoL change for Yasuo for his tornado Q indicator post-nerfs
Ah, nice catch, thanks for the well written explanation. I'll pass that on to the designer who made that duration change, see what we can do.
: I just saw the post. I only asked because the new rune system is going to force a drastic need to update the jungle/junglers. Also I was assuming that the diver update was the next thing on the block and with a drastic majority of them being junglers it was a good timing to kill 2 birds with one stone.
No details yet, we'll definitely be making changes though to at the very least jungle items, and probably jungle camps/individual champs, so that jungling still works appropriately post Runes changes.
: Very well then. **Q1**: Will we still have some sort of _granular control_ over base stats? Either through runes or some other means. Current system obviously has limitations and lacks that in-game "visual 'oomph'", but we still get 9x runes and 3x quints of everything. **Q2**: Will there be _any_ major base stat modifier runes transitioned over, such as AD/AS/AP, MS/MR/HP; Scaling or Flat, etc? If so, will they be the same now just in "bigger chunks" (i.e. instead of 9x runes giving 8.5AD, having 2x runes give 8.5AD)? **Q3**: Will off-meta playstyles/builds be taken into consideration with the new system? E.g. On-hit/Tank Teemo (needs a lot of upfront early resistances and scaling hp); full crit dmg runes on Jhin/Panth; Spellvamp Karthus JG; stuff like that? **Q4**: Is there anyone or place where one can submit keystone rune concepts for the team to look at and maybe get inspiration from? If not, would you be open to providing such a avenue? **Q5**: Followup Is there a better way to be noticed / get in contact with you and other higher ups than the boards/reddit, and/or is Riot open to input from individuals in the community that may have valid suggestions or interesting concepts to work with? **Q6**: Finally, any thoughts on Rammus' W slow being reduced from 60% to something more manageable like 30%, or scaled per level or even removed altogether? He feels very..... asinine to play with when his whole identity revolves around _going fast and sticking to players_, yet completely dismantles that playstyle with the aggressive W slow _which literally makes him crawl on the rift_. *** Thank you for replying and for your time. Feel free to answer all or some of my Q's, as your time permits. Much appreciated.
We've got different definitions of short. Few responses though since you've trimmed down a fair amount: * There'll still be some ways of modifying starting stats, through runes that give stats in some form, probably additional starting items etc. Some champs will also have their base stats or rank 1 abilities adjusted to ensure they still feel right and are balanced. * There'll be a lot of runes that enable off meta playstyles. Those won't necessarily be the same identical off meta playstyles as today though, with different content supporting new ones and likely not covering at least the more obscure old ones. On hit builds should have stuff they can spec into for example that helps them out, both offensively and defensively. With more specific stuff, like Spellvamp Jungle Karthus, I'd expect there'll be things that help Karthus jungle, though they won't necessarily be the exact same tools (e.g. could be other forms of survivability/sustain rather than starting spell vamp for example) * Posts on the Boards or Reddit are your best bets if trying to get discussion going with Rioters. We generally prefer to keep discussion public, both because the community often helps filter good ideas from bad and because there's a lot more benefit in having a conversation others can read too. Topics in question are normally of interest to a range of other people too.
Meddler (NA)
: Bit of talk about upcoming VGUs, few thoughts on new champs, an update on class updates. Should be pretty soon, not sure of exact day though.
http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/06/champion-roadmap-june-2017/ Today it turns out.
: Hell I think ezreal needs it more than karma if only for the visuals. Or almost anyone.
I'd agree with that, though then argue there are other champs (Nunu for example) who need both visual and gameplay work even more.
: Hi Meddler, Twitch{{champion:29}} is out of the line for a long time so far. Im just curious: Is he even on the radar? Any thoughts? I dont like it if he is too strong. Thanks in advance! :)
He's on watch, don't currently have nerfs in for him or nerfs planned for the coming patch at least though.
PaperNay (EUW)
: Rek'Sai - is it intended that her Q auto attacks do not stack Energized Attacks?
Nope, if that's happening it's a bug. We'll get it fixed.
: Hey Meddler, 2 questions: 1. If you update Ezreal's W, would you also give him a visual update to accompany it? 2. Someone on the [boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/L3ciz0AZ-riot-meddler-and-reav3-karma-low-everything) claimed a few days ago that in a 2016 twitch stream, that you and Ghostcrawler said you were saving Karma for a full rework next year, is this true?
We wouldn't be doing a full visual update on Ezreal no, this would be something more like the Rek'Sai update by the Live Gameplay team, not a full overhaul. We don't have a full Karma rework scheduled or planned at present no. Think there are reasonable odds we do some smaller work, but give we only get to do around 5 full reworks a year we think there are other champs in more need than Karma.
magewick (NA)
: Any followups for cho'gath? Still has a 46-47% winrate and low pick rate since 6.20
Likely stuff in 7.14 or 7.15.
: I understand that; I'm not asking for a debate from Meddler/Riot -- I'm asking for a quick, short answer (if possible); hence why I laid out my concerns in as detailed and an organized manner as I could, to provide clear context to my question and facilitate their responses. It's not my first post on the subject -- it's a copypasta from a month ago when they announced the new rune system -- yet _every single Rioter_ has systematically either outright ignored or did not bother to read my post. As I've said multiple times, I'd be happy with even a simple **"yes we've seen your post/comments"**. It feels like a slap in the face because with _this_ "quick gameplay" post, I managed to chance upon it the moment it was posted, quickly found my comments and pasted it in. There's **no way** Meddler didn't at least _glance_ at it -- it's not that easy to miss, you know -- yet other comments directly after mine were _immediately_ replied to. As a long time player/customer who cares greatly about the future of League, I've invested not only a lot of time and money, but energy into trying to be useful in my limited capacity as a singular voice -- through offering what I can in the way of my own insights, ideas and creativity for Riot to make free use of, if they find any merits within them.
If you can give me a short version of the post I'll be able to give you a quick answer. When there are dozens of different things being asked about it's a really large time demand to respond to such a post in a way that doesn't just skip most of it. TLDR: Short posts are much more likely to get answers.
: If it is possible would you be able to ask him to include something about what the thoughts are for what is being considered for the jungle?
It's a blog looking at new champs and champion updates, so systems like the jungle won't be covered there.
: Hey Meddler can I ask for what Reav3 is planning on putting in his blog post and when it will come out?
Bit of talk about upcoming VGUs, few thoughts on new champs, an update on class updates. Should be pretty soon, not sure of exact day though.
: When can we expect Singed buffs? He is so weak and with that Righteous glory change made him even worse then before
Probably still something in 7.13.
Sir Nope (NA)
: Hey Meddler, any word on the possible fifth dargon that was being discussed a few months back?
Still a possible next year thing, as per previous discussion definitely not this year (Runes work's taking most of our pre-season focus).
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: @Meddler Azir Buff before rework??
Unlikely we'll buff Azir before reworking at least one of his abilities.
: {{item:3074}}
: What happens to the changes to Lissandra? There was word of her new passive being out in 7.8 but no word since then? When will we be seeing her changes ?
No work's currently being done on Lissandra or likely to be done in the short to medium term. We'd like to improve her passive still someday, but concluded time was better spent on other champions since progress wasn't fast and the need isn't as high as in other cases.
: Why do you hate Kindred?
Because we fear death. That's why we never do any work on them and haven't talked about them in months.
: I have a few notes on spectator view: 1. target frame : this cover the chat and info (who buy what and stuff) log (on the left down corner). i usually have to turn this frame off because I couldnt see the msg and those infos. It would be great if we move either the frame somewhere or pump the chat area higher. 2. When you quit spectating mode , it should directly put you in the lobby instead of asking you to hit reconnect or quit. It is redundant since you have to wait 5 sec in game to escape spectating mode already. Also, there is a minor visual bug after you quit spectator mode is that on your friend list, the one who in game have yellow font indicator (in game) now have green indicator (online) even though the text itself says in game (and they are in fact in game). Also a small question: Do you have any update on singed ? Singed main community has been eagerly waiting for some info about his update.
Thanks for the spectator feedback. I'll pass that on, though at present we're just looking at indicator displays to different players (UI stuff's handled by a separate bunch of folks). Singed's still getting some work, think it's likely something's on PBE early ish next week.
Recuro (NA)
: Have you considered giving Mallet % base attack like steraks? I feel that would make it naturally better on beefier champs (I typically prefer to avoid melee ranged splits when possible.
Huh, seems like a plausible direction at first glance at least. I'll bounce that off the team, see if it's something they've looked at previously or not.
: Hey Meddler do you ever miss living in New Zeland?
Sometimes yeah. I miss friends and family more than anything else. On the other hand I've got a bunch of friends in LA now too and there's fantastic opportunities here :). Great to go back and visit regularly though of course.
beany (NA)
: Does mega gnar E range affect the bounce from mini into mega? I still think exclusively buffing mega gnar is better since it's gated power and mini gnar buffs tend to make him a nuisance that eventually gets nerfed like last time. Also, with timing of champ release the new champ will be playable at worlds while any further vgus won't? Finally, Thoughts on gargoyle stoneplate? I feel like it's simply too good at what it does now.
Just the Mega E by itself.
Adalvar (EUW)
: What about the assassin items you said were being looked at? Can we expect anything this patch? If so, what?
Looks like next patch (7.14) is much more likely at this point. Still being worked on.
Vyrzez (NA)
: Meddler in regards to {{champion:131}} are you guys planning to massively change her playstyle? I ask because her playstyle is so similar to {{champion:84}} that when Diana is good theres really no reason to ever pick Akali because she has more burst and more innate tankiness which is why alot of people call Diana, Akali 2.0. Akali is on the list for a full vgu (hopefully soon) but was wondering if the plan with Dianas update is to while fixing her issues also maybe flesh her kit out a bit more so theres more difference in playstyle between the 2?
We'll want to separate Diana and Akali more, yeah. What that means for each of them isn't something we've got details on yet though (we'll get there at some point, but are working on other champs first).
Kaìju (NA)
: I think Azir and Yasuo are top priority for them right now, Yasuo for his ban rate and Azir for his problematic kit
That's true ish. We've got explorations into Azir and LeBlanc going on, when they'll come out though depends on what gets found (how much change is/isn't needed?). Yasuo we'll want to look at, could be quicker though, depending on whether it's actually an update or more a large set of balance changes that shift power/mechanics around.
: Hi Meddler! I'm a Gnar main, and I believe his play pattern isn't inherently problematic. His main issue is that buying Frozen Mallet makes his already top tier kiting extra oppressive. I firmly believe that if Gnar didn't have access to Frozen Mallet (maybe making it melee only?) he'd be perfectly balanced and wouldn't be oppressive when strong like he was in earlier seasons. What are your thought on the {{champion:150}} {{item:3022}} combo?
That's been on our mind too. Changes to Frozen Mallet, possibly as simple as a weaker slow again for ranged, maybe something larger, are being discussed a bit. Nothing settled on yet.
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: Will u make a "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" today ?
: Meddler: "we don't know yet if ancient coin is weak, or if frost queen is overpowered"
Janna X RubicK: "I make things up and then present them as quotes" Let's start with a look at the post you're referring to: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/haWf2QnU-quick-gameplay-thoughts-june-13 Relevant section: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=haWf2QnU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-13T15:56:37.452+0000) > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > **Support Starting Items** > > We've been looking at the starting support items now that they've been out for a while. Conclusion is that the Coin line is underperforming, so we'll be doing some more work on it. That will likely involve improvements both to the tier1 and tier 2 versions as well as the tier 3 upgrades (probably both Talisman and Eye of the Oasis). > > Possible the Frost Queen's is also too strong, what we'll likely do is buff coin first though then reassess whether that's actually the case or not. > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key things in there just to spell it out even more explicitly: * We've identified Coin is weak and will be buffing it, probably at all three upgrade tiers. * Frost Queen's might also be too strong. We'll look at that again after buffing Coin. Coin being weak doesn't mean Frost Queen's can't also be overpowered. Calling this thread out in particular because I think it's sad to see this sort of attitude on Boards, especially in a somewhat upvoted thread. The feeling any words you write will be deliberately misinterpreted, or warped, is something I've heard a number of Rioters call out over the years as one of the reasons they don't want to post anymore.
: Hey Meddler can I ask if its DanielZKlein who is designing the champ
There's a large team on the next new champ from a range of different backgrounds (art, game design, engineering, QA, production etc). DanielZKlein(also known as ZenontheStoic) is the game designer on that team though yeah.
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