: Do you have anything planned for Rumble?
We think he's weak and needs a buff. Can't promise an exact patch for that. 8.12 is possible, but midseason followup takes priority over almost everything else so hard to predict right now .
Shaian (EUW)
: Hello, I was wondering why you decided to go for a rootdurationbuff on Zyra, when its usually the spell she maxes first and her earlygame clearly doesnt need any more help? Zyra is in a bad spot, because she doesnt deal enough damage when her laning phase is over so level 9+. Isnt there anything you could do about her scaling?
We wanted to increase her ability to lock targets down, whether that's for her own damage (plants especially) or to catch enemies for her team to followup. Duration's buffed at max level, not just earlier levels, so that some power's added over the course of the game, not just early.
: Hey Meddler. I asked if you've considered _decaying _ shields as a solution in a previous thread. A bit too late to get a response. Bringing up the idea again. My previous comment was in the May 9th quick thoughts thread. Here it is in it's entirety: > Have you considered having shields decay over their duration? Shields have to land preemptively but, lowering duration may not be as healthy in laggy solo que vs stable latency pro-play. Having the shield decay in strength over time encourages the same behavior of landing shields closer to when damage is inflicted. > Example: Let's assume Janna is shielding at the moment for 300. Her shield duration is currently 5 seconds. > Approach 1: Shield can decay to 0% over 5 seconds. Shield loses 60 every second. Janna shield will decay to 120 @ 3 seconds after cast. > Approach 2: Shield can decay to 50% over 5 seconds. Shield loses 30 every second. Janna shield will decay to 210 @ 3 seconds after cast. > Approach 3: Shield only starts to decay at 2 seconds but goes to 0%. Shield loses 100 every second after 2 seconds elapse. Janna shield will decay to 200 @ 3 seconds after cast. > Approach 4: Shield decay is delayed by damage taken/Damage taken applies to prospective decay first. Decay to 0% over 5 seconds is 60 shield every second. Taking 100 damage immediately means no decay will occur in first second and second second will see only 20 shield lost to decay. Janna shield power will be at 120 @ 3 seconds so long as damage taken to shield before that point is equal or less then 180. > Approach 5: Shield can decay to 0% over 3 seconds, however decay will only trigger when no damage is taken for 1 second. Shield losses 100 every decay tick. Janna shield will decay to 0 @ 3 seconds after cast if no damage has been taken. > Basically there's several ways that a decay can be set up. Depending on the counterplay you want from opposing champions and if you want total duration to be variable based on damage taken. > Janna's shield specifically also grants AD while it's up and 5 seconds of +40 (+10% ap) AD on a 10 second base cooldown is a lot of power when pushing towers or taking objectives. Approach 5 on her shield specifically would allow you to lower the free AD against towers and objectives without hitting it's in fight case too hard.
Decaying shields are one of the tools we've been considering. Likely we'll test one or two on a decaying model (internally/PBE, not necessarily in a live patch). Somewhat doubtful it's the correct approach for most shields, but could be a good match for some circumstances.
fabfan (EUW)
: Hi @Meddler, With the Bounty changes, do you think Ignite will be a good choice vs Teleport on Top ? It's my dream to see ignite back on toplane like in S3 (and also see teleport disappear). Also any plans for Garen ?
I think Ignite's already optimal in some circumstances (average MMR if you're not a really good TP user, especially if not playing with a premade). Solo gold changes might push that a bit further. I don't however think they'll make it so TP isn't optimal at really high skill levels, premades like pro play especially. Given how much average play follows high MMR/pro that likely means TP continues to be the Summoner of choice for most top laners at all MMRs regardless of whether that's the most effective pick for the player in question or not.
: Hey Meddler, hope you're doing well! Any thoughts on Singed? Seems very strong right now, and pretty obnoxious to play against. Part of that might be Shureliyas being overtuned, but I think he's still too strong despite that
I think Shurelia's being too strong on him's what's pushed him over the edge here. Want to assess once we've changed that (8.11) and see if he's still out of line or back to a stable state.
: Hey Meddler can I ask for your thoughts on Yasuo since Blaustoise mentioned that CertainlyT would potentially do some stuff to him depending on how crit stuff lands
Nothing yet beyond we'll see where he lands post crit changes. That's true for all potential crit users though, not just a Yasuo thing. Blaustoise plays an awful lot of Yasuo though, so I'm not surprised it's on his mind/in his conversations.
: Do you think ad assassins will have to take a nerf because of the updated Last Whisper?
I think it's a very real possibility. Not confident enough they will though, or if they will how large a nerf, to do so preemptively though. Need to see where 8.11 lands first as a result, given it will also impact game balance in other ways too.
: Hey Meddler, since you guys have been talking about healing and shielding a lot, I'm curious to know where you believe Sona stands in that regard? I'm just wondering what us Sona players can possibly expect from these changes.
At a guess (haven't built a change list yet) probably no impact, or very minimal at most, on Sona in 8.12. Later changes might be more impactful, given we'll potentially be doing some work on the +heal/shield items, which would affect a range of champs.
: I think shields should reward fast reaction and good anticipation of incoming damage; keep them strong but low duration. I don't think you need to differentiate between gifted and self-shielding for this.
We're looking at gifted shielding in particular because that's where shield stacking most occurs, which tends to be one of the bigger issues.
BléKz (EUW)
: Do you have anything in mind for Fizz yet? Was said that after the midseason patch he'll be looked at since he has some satisfaction problems in his play pattern since the Assassin rework, just like Rengar and LeBlanc
From Wednesday's post: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/VA1W87yI-quick-gameplay-thoughts-may-23?comment=001800000000 TLDR: Will be able to starting looking at him in June at some point.
: are tower kill solo gold changes still shipping next patch?
Yes, those will be in 8.11.
: Dunno if you can say, but since he’s probably mostly done, was Aatrox tested in an environment with the new fighter items? Or will they come live and once he ships there will potentially be this balance nightmare?
They've been on the same internal server as Aatrox from start to finish. Still possible we missed something of course, given it's harder to assess two new things together than individually, but definitely looking at that.
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Kei143 (NA)
: How have the supports faired with shutdown gold going to the killer instead of the whole team?
Supports are down noticeably more gold than the other positions as you'd expect. Breakdown looks roughly like this at 35 minutes: Top -325 Mid -260 Jungle -250 (though with the largest variance depending on the champion in question) Bot -250 Support -420
Meddler (NA)
: Let me check with some folks on that one and get back to you in an hour or two.
After talking with some a couple of people: * We think Zeke's is a pretty strong choice at present, but still roughly competitive with other options rather than a dominant choice. * It is getting more jungle usage at present. We believe that it's more a case of junglers who use it well are already strong, than that it's dictacting which junglers are played in the first place. * Going to be be monitoring it, especially over the next couple of patches, no current plans for changes though.
Meddler (NA)
: We're still planning to look at Fizz W. I'll see if we've got a tentative plan on exactly when yet and let you know if so.
Update: Hoping to look at it sometime in June. Not sure yet what that means in terms of what changes/when they'll ship, but can probably at least share an update mid-late June as a result.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Hey Meddler! I've heard Spear of Shojin might become melee only, will {{champion:6}} get some buffs? He could use some given he was not touched with massive Frozen Mallet nerf. He always is on the short end of stick because of marksman abusers...
Urgot's getting some buffs regardless, maybe in 8.11, maybe 8.12. Currently testing increases to base AS, letting W be cast during other spell casts and allowing him to move while he's grinding someone to death with R. Spear wise, we'd like to keep it melee and ranged if possible to support users like Quinn and Urgot. That's assuming the activation radius is enough to avoid it being too strong on marksmen though. If that's not the case we will have to swap it to melee only.
SeeKerŻ (EUW)
: Hello Meddler, You talked about possible Fizz changes on his W after mid season. Is this a thing/is this still planned ?
We're still planning to look at Fizz W. I'll see if we've got a tentative plan on exactly when yet and let you know if so.
Iremos14 (EUNE)
: Any progress (and info) on the Ryze rework? Is it even happening at this stage? I used to believe the deadline was 8.11
We're pulling both the Ryze and Azir changes. We're not confident enough they'll come together quickly enough/won't need a fair bit of followup. Putting time elsewhere instead as a result.
: about that new cursor, will it finally not be tiny on a 4k resolution screen? or is that a seperate issue?
Yes, the changes will include 4k support. You'll be able to scale cursor size through the options menu.
: After the Marksmen changes come through and some time is given to tweak any outliers, where do you guys plan to focus some attention next? Like Divers? Enchanters? Vanguards? Wardens? Skirmishers?
We'll be looking at shielding and healing, in particular from enchanters, in the 8.12-8.14 range.
armatsu (EUNE)
: sorry again... BUT WHERE IS ZYRA CHANGE? Should we wait for it in 8.12?
Probably something on PBE today. We were looking at making plants briefly untargetable on spawn so that they didn't get immediately one shot by melee Zyra had rooted. Got some feedback from Zyra players that that removed their ability to spawn plants to stop skillshots however. Still looking at other approaches there. In the meantime we're testing increasing her root duration slightly at all levels (1.0-2.0, from 0.75-1.75).
: Alright I missed last weeks so I came here ASAP Thoughts on Zeke's for it does seem to be getting picked A LOT. Even junglers are taking it to buff the adc up.
Let me check with some folks on that one and get back to you in an hour or two.
: You talked a while ago about buffing Sejuani. You still want to buff her? What would you buff then?
Should have buffs for Sej in 8.12. We were originally looking to get them into 8.11, need for 8.10 followup pushed them down the list though so they got moved back a patch.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
One update since this was written - we're pulling the Elise buff from 8.11 and instead buffing Runic Echoes more (+20 AP, instead of +10). Thinking there is that there are far more AP junglers in need of help than not, so better to bring up the baseline, and therefore Elise too, through item strength than to just buff her widening the gap more between performing and non performing AP junglers.
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: Please look into AP jungles like {{champion:60}} She's hit really hard in this "4 camp / level 2 contest scuttle" meta and the loss on machete attack speed with no compensation really holds her down in combination with her base AD nerf from 7.18 worlds. Mana isn't an issue for her so the new changes are meaningless to experienced players. She much rather prefers MS over CDR especially since she got her MS nerfed in 6.2 I think because of echoes, and now she doesn't have that either. AP junglers minus eve in general were struggling before these changes, now the new runic ruins all of them. https://youtu.be/nc8tK1VJ1jY?t=301
Thoughts on jungle changes, AP junglers included, either in Friday's post and/or first one of next week. Since those changes went out just hours ago we haven't had a chance yet to assess where they're landed, how that compares to what we were targeting, unintended consequences etc.
: Hey Meddler! A long time ago, you guys tried implementing a change about toggle abilities being usable while stunned. I remember Jinx was supposed to be able to use Switcheroo! while hard cced, but it was removed due to a bug. Are you planning on re-implementing such a thing sooner or later? Thank you for your good work! :)
That functionality should still be in there for various toggles that don't have any gameplay impact themselves (e.g. readying Heimer R, Karma R, Varus W etc). No plans to put it on toggles that do things in their own right though (e.g. turning Singed Q on/off while hard CC'd). Not certain about the Jinx case off the top of the head, I'd imagine what happened was someone saw an opportunity for a nice quick improvement and added it in. They then likely discovered doing so in a bug free way was a much larger task than they'd originally expected and concluded that that much time would be better spend elsewhere (fixing other more impactful bugs for example).
: Can you do something about Pyke's bandanna? Teaser's bandanna would be nice if it gets added. Also can you stop adding more items on PBE like Lifeline, Spectral Cutlass, Bloodletter's Veil and Ghostwalkers, they need to be added on 8.12 PBE cycle not the current one, so that you could focus more on balancing the already changed items. With bot lane changes, solo kill gold changes, shutdown down gold changes. I personally think you are adding way more uncertainty with more newer items.
Those new items are ARAM only so we're not worried about their balance impact in combination with the other changes. They're also being handled by the Maps and Modes team, so development on them's not taking time away from those other projects either. Art discussion's not my area of expertise so I can't tell you what exact current thinking on the team is around Pyke's bandanna. Generally though when we go for differences like that one between teaser/splash and in game model it's because what looks good in a picture focused on the champ and what looks good on a tiny in game model are very different. We optimize for the standard play view for the in game models as a result, not a zoomed in look at their face in a way you won't experience at all during regular play.
: Why not use percent health damage rather than true damage? I'm sure there is an obvious answer, but it escapes me.
Because a lot of the time the difference in mitigation (Armor/MR) between the targets we're trying to equalize is much larger than the difference in health pools. % health damage is a really useful tool too though certainly.
: Hey meddler question about Pyke, how do you feel about the designs of AD supports since SolCrushed mentioned it's unlikely you guys do one because they usually have an imbalanced power budget due to aD buffings autos
I don't think there's anything that blocks us from designing/supporting AD supports. Auto attack scaling's something to account for, but as a sustained source of damage that's potentially easier if anything to design around. Certainly changes how you'll be able to spend power on their kit, since there'll be a solid AA baseline, but that's just a constraint to work with, not a blocker.
: Do you feel Pyke will need itemization support that may open up more AD based support items? Besides Cleaver there’s very few items that have team utility and give AD. Do you thinking items to fill those niches would open up more champs for the support position like Ashe, Poppy, or Trundle who have AD ratios and deal physical damage?
More AD item support's a possibility yeah. We did do a little bit of testing of AD support items, but concluded pretty quickly we needed to focus on other midseason changes rather than splitting our focus so much. Would like to get back to it though, hopefully sometime this year, with champs like Ashe, MF, Trundle etc also potential users.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: @Meddler Will Hail of blades return ? Really looking up to this rune for Tryndamere in the jungle.
Yep, it's still coming. Plan is still to have it in 8.11.
: Pyke is the first champ to have a notch on enemy healthbars to show when you can execute them, could this be added to other execute champs like urgot?
Maybe. It's a bit of a test to see how it goes, in particular whether making it so players can more consistently use execute ults effectively results in more interesting gameplay (clear tension and trade offs) or a flatter experience (removal of skill test and chance for failure).
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: Guys consider lowering the CD on supports items if you want to change the meta
What's the problem you're trying to solve with that change? Agree it would change the meta, but that alone's not inherently positive (removing all AP items would change the meta too for example, but not in a way that made for a better game).
fabfan (EUW)
: Hi @Meddler, is it possible to got a small preview about fighter item changes ?
Sure, though forgive the copy paste answer from another recent post where this got asked too: "We're trying two different items, though no guarantee both, or even either, ship yet. One's focused on providing resistance to ongoing damage in teamfights (versus Sterak's anti-burst role). The other's a later in the game damage multiplier with some defensive stats (but less bound to AA patterns/AOE than Titanic is). More details, assuming testing goes well, just before they're ready to PBE."
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Not really related to the specific post, but what's your take on the current state of Zed and the way the last whisper and other ad item changes will affect him?
LW change is almost certainly a buff for him. Champs like Zed who haven't been LDR users but will favor the new version are some of the highest on our watch list once 8.11 goes out as a result.
HoneyOTU (OCE)
: What's the context for Tayliah's work? Also anything in mind for Zed?
Looking to reduce her difference in effectiveness between organised and regular play. Likely means moving power out of waveclear into other places at the least.
MLSword (NA)
: Is the current iteration of stormrazor on PBE the one that will stay? Or are there other iterations to test?
Still testing changes, likely there's a different version again on PBE next time (assuming the most recently seen one was the proc that scaled with AS followed by stacking AS on proc/crit).
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: > e.g. % missing effects or bonuses just after an ally has been damaged Shouldn't supports get bonuses for applying shields just before an ally is damaged?
For shields, definitely. Was thinking Heals when I wrote that (reward quick response to burst perhaps?).
: Thoughts on adding an AD supp item, or changing frostfang to adaptive stats? Feels like it's keeping some fun choices locked out of playing support because of FF line switching your adaptive stats on runes to AP, which feels really bad for BC supports who can't get the sorc+absfocus AD until full cleaver complete.
We are interested in AD support items and/or opening up Frostfang to AD users. Issue there's just one of bandwidth, with other stuff having to take priority for now at least.
: Are the {{item:3053}} changes still happening or were they scrapped?
Delayed until other possible fighter item work (couple of patches?). Would make more sense in that context.
Meddler (NA)
: We were just talking about ranged/melee split options on it a day or two ago. I'll check in and see where that's up to.
Yep, making some changes to ranged versus melee power for Fleet Footwork is still planned for 8.11.
: There was a thread about Zyra, which popped off at boards yesterday. Is there anything you can say about her?
Zyra's on our list of champions who might get looked at during the 8.11 cycle. Not guaranteed to ship anything in 8.11 and not sure what possible work would involve yet, but we did talk about her yesterday when doing 8.11 planning.
MLSword (NA)
: What about other melee champions who take fleet footwork? I remember from some comment before they said you guys were looking into maybe splitting footwork into ranged/melee differences, as its pretty nice on a couple melee champs (Rengar top is amazing with fleet/Dekar build) and the nerfs on PBE would probably kill it being taken on them.
We were just talking about ranged/melee split options on it a day or two ago. I'll check in and see where that's up to.
Iremos14 (EUNE)
: I dont understand why ppl keep asking these questions.. You have to know you will NEVER ever get that answer but I will tell you. Fairly soon!
: I take it the support changes are going to be aimed at traditional supports and not tanks or mages in bot, correct? BTW, have you guys ever considered something like a tear or RoA for supports: something that gains power over time or as you cast stuff?
Still figuring that out. Some of it might be more enchanter/warden focused (which I assume is what you mean by traditional supports). Some might be more the position as a whole though.
: Are there any bugfixes coming for runes?
There are some in each patch, yeah. Are there specific bugs on your mind?
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