2V Nox (NA)
: Imperative, yet definitely non-sequitur: - Do you do these during your lunch hour? - Did you enjoy your lunch hour? If so, what did you have. If not, can I have it?
I generally write these the night before posting, and then give them a quick double check before posting first thing in the morning or just write them in the morning before my meetings for the day start. Lunch was good thanks, with a chicken salad with a side dish of spicy beef on noodles. Was a combination of lunch and work talk with Riot Axes, talking about mid-season changes to crit ADC itemization (testing fairly well so far, so I'm hopeful we'll be able to talk about some details with a few weeks).
Saïx (OCE)
: Sorry for nagging, but is there any update on Azir mini-work? Last heard it was scheduled for "after rek'sai, but sometime this year"
Hopefully second half of this year sometime.
Selman II (EUW)
: Do you have any details of what the Amumu changes are going to be like, and if he's going to get his very outdated ability icons updated too?
Amumu changes should be hitting PBE tomorrow. They're mainly useability and appreciability tweaks around his passive, plus a brief slow on E cast. We don't currently have new icons for him, that's a good call out though. We'll see if it's possible to get a new set done at the same time as we make new ones for some of the tanks in the tank update.
6Sfool (NA)
: About the j4 changes- Please don't entirely remove the bonus enemy scaling. It promotes risk-taking, and on a diver that lets him go in without instantly dying in a 1v5. I like the idea of making it scale with max health, but is there a healthy middleground? Something like max health base + flat per enemy, or make large monsters count towards the shield. I don't want j4 to be entirely taken out of the support role just to improve his jungling a little (I personally think j4 support is healthier than jungle)
Sorry, I phrased that badly - % max HP scaling on the shield per nearby enemy champion.
Lëo (EUW)
: Hey Meddler! I want to ask if you have any thoughts on Vi {{champion:254}} , meaning any plans for a mini-rework, abilities rework, will she be included in the Diver class update, and also - have you considered working on her, so that she can have a solid laning gameplay (i.e Making her viable outside of the Jungler Role, such as Top lane? Finally, does Vi fill the standards of an up-to-date example Diver/Bruiser, much like you stated that Camille fullfills those requirements for example. Thank you in advance for your response and have a nice day! Sincerely, Leo
No current plans for Vi. She's got some counterplay issues in some circumstances, but is generally in a reasonable spot. I don't personally feel Camille meets the standards of what a good diver looks like at present (weaknesses aren't clear enough in particular). I do believe with some small to moderate work we can get her to a good place though.
: >They are being bought a lot, that looks like a natural reaction to a lot of games with multiple AD threats/champs buying Lethality however, rather than Ninja Tabi themselves being way out of line. Right now at least we'll be leaving them unchanged as a result (they're a counter that's being used as intended). If this is the case, why were Malphite and Rammus nerfed after the Marksman Update when you would literally see 3 ADCs on a team sometimes? Why do you apply certain logic to one case, but not another? If there were 5 APs being picked on one side as part of a meta (just hypothetical, even if unlikely), would you nerf (old) Galio if he became popular as well?
It's possible we nerfed Rammus and Malphite for being too strong when they were just good meta reactions, I admit it's been long enough I can't recall the details from 5.24 and 6.4 respectively. We want to separate out genuinely overpowered from temporarily effective due to game state, we'll certainly get it wrong sometimes though.
: Meddler care to make a comment on the 10 sec video that went live on lol twitter?
Looks like a very short video designed to suggest something's happening without giving much detail to me.
WarWork (NA)
: Glad ur not nerfing Tabi, but how does the R buff on Voli help his jungling?
It doesn't affect his jungling directly. We're looking not just at jungle clear though, not also at champs who frequently jungle who may be underperforming in other parts of the game too.
: Any thoughts about leblanc situation? Did you change your mind and now you want to keep her in this state?
Still watching gradual adaption to different rank up orders generally being optimal, then we'll reassess.
Vaflux (EUW)
: @meddler. what are ur plans for morgana? you said that she would get a small buff, but i noticed that the buff on the pbe got reverted
We'll probably look at her again very soon, nothing currently in testing though.
Lίssandra (EUNE)
: any news on Lissandra ? and how exactly is her passive going to be"satisfying" ?
We haven't found passive changes we're happy with. Might end up going with simpler power buffs as a result and then revisit the passive again at some point.
: Meddler can I ask for your thoughts on if you have any plans for Rift Herald for either removal or rework
I expect we'll rework or remove RH this year sometime still, unsure if mid-season or pre-season though. Removal would only happen if we didn't find a rework approach that worked.
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: phroxz0n recently posted some prospective Quinn changes on the [Quinnmains subreddit.](https://www.reddit.com/r/QuinnMains/comments/5yxm2z/quinn_experimental_changelist_thoughts_appreciated/?st=j0coyws0&sh=14399192) Are these for 7.7 or are they further off? Also. regarding these changes specifically: Does the MS/AS scaling really have to be on the passive and scale with champion level? I feel like putting it there would make Quinn even more XP-dependent than she already is, while removing the option to rank W in certain match-ups (or ranking it second).
Those are experimental. From memory there's no immediate plan to ship them, that could change depending on how they test.
Elphege (EUW)
: How do you feel about Ivern at the moment? His shield can feel pretty frustrating to play against, and he's got a suitably high winrate. Currently happy with him, or are you monitoring? (Also still hype for Lissandra, what changes did you look at that didn't satisfy?)
We're watching Ivern, he's a possible future nerf candidate but not one we're confident we need to hit at present. Win rate can be particularly deceptive on champs like Ivern that have very different playstyles to other champs in the same position. A player who gets good at Ivern can climb to a point if they play him a lot where their MMR is appropriate for their Ivern play, but too high for their play on other junglers that test different skillsets. That leads to a cycle of 'win games on Ivern, climb MMR, play other stuff you can't play at that level, lose MMR thereby putting you at a rating that'll give you easier Ivern games again so you climb back up'. It's a pattern we see on some other champs with odder playstyles too (Singed being a classic example). Having said all that Ivern also looks like he's potentially just too strong in general. Need to be careful using winrate as too much of an argument for that though given it doesn't reflect objective power but instead muddles success with a lot of player preference, playstyle and meta stuff. Win rate does tend to be better for measuring changes to a champion's power by contrast for a patch by patch comparison, though even then you need to filter out things like the need to relearn how to play as/against a champ if it's more than just a simple numbers change.
Dolasaur (NA)
: >We're testing giving a small amount of MR per level (0.5 at present) to champs who don't currently have any as a result. Tanks pretty much all already have MR per level, so I'd say not. Edit: Meddler said "champs who don't currently have any". So it's not going to be just tanks, and it's not going to be everyone. It's going to largely affect ranged squishies.
Correct, this would mainly effect ranged champions who have no MR/level at present and a few melee exceptions who were never granted it. In terms of MR needs for melee folks there's arguably a gap there in terms of what they should buy against sustained magic damage. Might make some item changes to help them out there, testing some stuff at the moment.
: How has the stonebound mastery been received? I personally don't ever see it so I'm wondering what Riot's thoughts are.
Seems to have landed pretty well so far from our perspective. It's got a design that's likely to always be somewhat niche when it's balanced, we're ok with that though provided it's serving the champs who should really want to take it appropriately. Having said that systemic changes like masteries can also deceptively large in their impact and take a little while to evaluate, so it's very possible we'll be looking at Stoneborn Pact or the revised Warlord's pretty differently a few patches from now depending on how their use evolves.
Zielmann (NA)
: Is the state of exhaust for supports going to be monitored? The removal of the AS reduction on it seems a little heavy-handed to me, given that the justification for nerfing it at all was that the resistance reduction made it too good for both offensive and defensive use. It's a little early, and of course the data on those 3rd party sites is a bit limited, but while exhaust remains the most common second spell on most supports, for many of them, their highest winrate builds have them switching to heal or ignite instead this patch. Before the nerfs, it was pretty consistent for most supports to have exhaust as both the most popular and the highest winrate second spell.
Watching it, some degree of champs played in the support position feeling able to use non Exhaust summoners has the potential to be a good thing though. Would be concerned if Exhaust stopped getting used at all, but not necessarily if there's some extra flexibility to grab another Heal or Ignite in some games.
: @ Meddler I still hope you read this at some point :D What do you think about giving {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks a range indicator for his W - Drain like {{champion:25}} Morgana ult? I think it would help a lot because the cast range is different from the max range. It would be an easy QoL change while you work on him!
We've missed the window to get that into patch 7.6, I think we can probably get it onto the docket for 7.7 though!
Trojan21 (NA)
: Hi Meddler, in one of your previous posts, you mentioned possible buffs to LeBlanc to compensate for the recent nerfs. Is that still on the table for 7.7?
We're still watching LB's performance - big thing we want to get a clear picture of is how well she'll do once players are skill ranking appropriately. Lot of people are still maxing W in games where that's no longer optimal, leading to a lot of avoidable failures. Need that mislead to settle down a bit to give us better confidence on whether she does or doesn't need follow up changes.
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: Hey meddler always good to hear from you like this! How's live balance team feeling about aatrox atm? His hot fix buff is noticeable and has saved him from a >40% winrate but I've talked to a number of aatrox players and would be aatrox players and without going into detail there's some real pain points like: -passive doesn't do anything building up to becoming hellbent -hellbent is very difficult to maintain when the enemy disengage from you -his base AD amplifier is difficult to really capitalize on when his main offensive abilities scale with bonus AD -His ult maintaining an AP ratio when his E lost it just seems strange Where's our demon swordsman rough rider at in you guys mind?
We're still evaluating the impact of the hotfix. Looks like it's had around the desired power impact overall at least. That probably means more Aatrox buffs in 7.7. Not sure on details beyond that or specific problems we'd target yet sorry.
iahim98 (EUNE)
: Hi Meddler any plans for Gnar, he seems rather weak, even with the tanks that show up on toplane that he is suposed to be good against
We've got a couple of small Gnar buffs in 7.6. Looks like those might not have been datamined given his passive and base stats are set up in an unusual way. Short version is more HP regen for Mini Gnar, somewhat less for Mega Gnar, which should overall be a laning phase buff, especially when Gnar's behind. Spell queueing mid Crunch should also work properly too now, rather than requiring a cast after landing.
: Hi Meddler! Wasn't Udyr among one of the struggling Junglers that were meant to be buffed? Is he still on track for those changes?
We're still looking at Udyr changes, when they'll be ready's going to be unclear until we've found something appropriate though.
: You guys haven't forgotten about Lissandra right? She's sitting at a 46% winrate in a meta with plenty of assassins. I just want to verify that the changes are still happening, us Lissandra mains feel really neglected currently and would love just some sorta confirmation we're being heard! {{champion:127}}
Changes still planned, nothing solid enough to PBE yet. Won't be 7.6 as a result.
: What's going on with Cassiopeia's tail animation? It's a small thing, but it's been on the PBE for a long while and it's making that playerbase feel very forgotten.
It still needs a bit more polish before we ship it live. That's likely to happen in the next couple of weeks I gather. We incorrectly included mention of it in earlier patch notes when it wasn't ready to be shipped.
: Good morning, Meddler. A few Quick Gameplay posts back, there was a brief discussion about supports. Was it only the underdog xp changes or is there more consideration being done (and if so, what?)? Thank you very much, and have a nice day!
We'll definitely have more changes targeted at supports this year. I'm hoping some of the stuff we're trying for mid-season will work out, can't say for certain yet though.
: What time is it at Riot Headquarters atm?
About 10am in Los Angeles right now.
: What was the conclusion at Riot surrounding the Nunu/Singed Smite Support cases? I may have missed it, or has no definitive stance been reached?
Still working on it, update as soon as we can.
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WizZarD (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Yes means before or after? I'm gonna go with before xD
> [{quoted}](name=WizZarD,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=tGXPQhLj,comment-id=004b00000004,timestamp=2017-03-13T20:19:41.626+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} > Yes means before or after? Yes.
WizZarD (EUNE)
: So will the new champ be released before or after the mid season?
: What is happeneing with the Karma splash updates? You've mentioned Maokai and Sejuani a lot at this point. Are the Karma ones still happening?
Karma splash updates are still happening, not sure on timing though (that's more of a question for Reav3, though I'd imagine the answer will have to be 'when they're ready')
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Urgot. The WW team move to the Urgod while the Galio team will take on Eve.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=tGXPQhLj,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-10T20:58:24.401+0000) > > This year yes, early part of it no. Do you expect the PBE Warlord's Changes to go live? Are the changes supposed to just make it terrible on bruisers while keeping it good for Crit ADCs and Jhin?
A modified version's likely to go live. Main goal is to smooth out some of the extremes that using Lifesteal directly favors (e.g. how much a Caitlyn Headshot on a minion heals).
: Why the sudden interest in ninja tabi use? The rise of ninja tabi is due to the fact that the 10% dmg reduction, specifically against lethality adc's and lethality-building champs in general is currently more valuable than CDR or tenacity. Notice the word **currently**. The boots weren't the be all end all before you implemented lethality. People bought tenacity and CDR boots. Junglers loved swiftness and mobility. But this meta isn't full of CC tanks and CDR is plntiful outside of boots. It's full of low CC assassins and adc's bulding lethality. And in order to **survive** long enough to do anything WE LITERALLY NEED THOSE BOOTS! The boots themselves have been fine for an extremely long time, and have only now rose in popularity because they are a need against the currrent lethality meta. Not a want. Hell I'd take any other boots any day of the week if lethalty wasn't a problem. Kinda like boots enchants. We didn't buy the best one, we simply bought the least shit one. In this case ninja tabi are the least shit pair of boots against lethality users.
We're more interested in Ninja Tabi because Ninja Tabi are much more common. That's generally a sign something's worth paying attention to. So far it looks like Ninja Tabi are an appropriate response to multiple physical damage based enemies using flat pen (Lethality) which is strongly countered by additional armor.
: What about Azir, wasn't he meant to be getting some changes in the earlier part of this year?
This year yes, early part of it no.
beany (NA)
: Hey, what are your thoughts on graves and rumble in pro play? By the way its stil kinda vague when the next champ will be out, since we don't know when the next vgu comes out either.
Personal opinion (haven't talked with the Live Gameplay team about those two specifically recently) is that Graves is too universally good a pick and probably too strong. Less sure on Rumble, though seems very worth watching. Agree timing on next new champ's still vague. I don't want to undercut the release process the team working on that character have planned though, so that's about all I can offer as a result.
Skyroar (EUW)
: Hey meddler, Ever since you teased about Aurelion Sol's need for changes, I've been a bit anxious about them. Does the team have any concrete plans for him already? Also, what about exhaust's current state? Do you think the nerfs were fair?
Nothing concrete on Aurelion Sol, very unlikely we'll make any major changes at least though, direction we were exploring didn't work out as hoped. Too early to say much on Exhaust, no major concerns yet at least though.
  Rioter Comments
: Sion is going to be in an unplayable state for the next couple weeks
We'll be hotfixing that bug, likely sometime this evening or tomorrow morning.
Illâoi (EUW)
: I just saw the changes to Warlord's Bloodlust on the PBE. I assume your reasoning is the same for heals on heal-dependent champions like Vladimir and Swain? However, Warlord's is supposed to be picked by champions who primarily deal damage. And while champions with a lot of Attack Damage naturally do that (fulfilling that requirement), this change would just nerf champions who seek to reduce the amount of damage dealt, like Tanks through Resistances and some Supports through damage reduction (Exhaust, Sona, Kayle, Taric, etc.). Depending on how well live Warlord's Bloodlust fairs, would you reconsider the current changes on the PBE for their sake? ######If not, would you at least consider reducing the values? Because this is a buff in 100% of the time.
The changes currently on the PBE are pretty experimental (highly likely too much of a buff in general). We're interested in whether straight lifesteal is the appropriate method (leads to issues against tanky champs you're trying to kite, massive spikes if used on a minion with no armor). It's not clear how much of a problem that is or isn't yet though, so we're exploring to give ourselves understood options if needed.
: Do you know why an unfinished or weird looking urgot model accidentally got released on the PBE a few days ago?
That's called an 'oops' on our part. I'm not sure about the exact circumstances, generally when that happens it's because someone accidentally included another champions files when moving stuff around (e.g. wanted to move Galio stuff into the folder that the PBE builds from, unintentionally mixed some Urgot stuff in too).
: @Meddler Aatrox definitely needs hot fixes big time. Do hot fixes usually happen within the same patch or do we have to wait for patch 7.6?
Hot fixes happen between regular patches. Usually they're done to address bugs that just can't wait until a patch, occasionally we'll also use them for champion balance if they're extremely far off and we don't think that's just a result of player learning that's still going on. If we were to hotfix Aatrox this coming Monday's probably the most likely date, with some possibility for Tuesday or tomorrow depending on what trends we see. Again though, a hotfix is not a definite thing at this point, though certainly something we're considering.
: When are you going to address the smite support Nunu? Wookiecookie said you guys had discussed it early this week.
We're working on drafting revised policies and approaches at the moment. Not sure exactly when that stuff will be ready to share widely, it's underway at present though. Also for anyone unaware we took that Smite Nunu player's ban off last week rather than letting it run its course since we didn't feel our different values matched up well enough with each other or had been expressed well enough.
Illâoi (EUW)
: Will 7.6 still have the buffs for weak Junglers in it? I assume they're less likely to affect LCS.
Still planning to do some in 7.6, that's accounted for in 7.6's goals.
: For Varus, from looking at the available data (LoLalytics), it seems to me that his low performance comes a lot from people stuck in their old, Lethality-based build paths. Specifically, auto-attacking based items have better perfomances than Lethality ones on him since the patch hit, often with differences of over 5%. Does your internal data confirm that?
I'd expect that to be the case, I wouldn't want to commit to an answer though until we've seen both larger sample sizes and players modifying their play patterns as well. Definitely agree it's very possible his performance spikes back up once players who haven't already adjust to what's now optimal.
: What are the plans on Lissandra and her passive? Didn't you guys discuss that she is in need for a buff this patch?
She's still on the list, possible changes don't happen in 7.6 though.
: How are you doing with the general aspects of the vanguard update? Still exploring what way you want to go systematically?
Still looking at potential item changes.
: Please do more VO updates. It's painful waiting for older champions to get a VGU in the hopes of getting some new lines. Getting a VO doesn't mean Riot has to redo them if/when they get a VGU right?
> [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Qa21ePAW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-09T18:21:05.526+0000) > > Please do more VO updates. It's painful waiting for older champions to get a VGU in the hopes of getting some new lines. Getting a VO doesn't mean Riot has to redo them if/when they get a VGU right? I'd expect we wouldn't want to do VO updates on characters who were VGU candidates in the moderate future if their personality/background had a meaningful chance of changing significantly. Lux is a really safe option here for example, she's nowhere near a VGU candidate and her theme and character are solid, so we could record extra VO with confidence it wouldn't be obsolete too soon. Someone like Pantheon by contrast, who needs both some thematic work and, while not an immediate VGU candidate seems like a good option well before someone like Lux, would run the risk of recording VO that then has to be replaced. Much better to put that recording time into someone we can be more confident is in a good spot.
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