: Your words confused me slightly, are you saying that riot mainly looks for designers without a CS/Game design background? Would it actually be damaging to your chances to go into those fields?
Oh, yeah, poor phrasing on my part. Basically Riot's open to both CS/Gaming and other backgrounds. CS/game industry experience is still a strong plus, we're just also happy looking at a range of other backgrounds as well, which was fortunate for me personally.
N4m3Lss (EUNE)
: Why do you think Corki is sleeper op? Can you expand on that? Also what do the numbers say about Viktor's state right now?
We've seen a lot of champs who didn't make MPEN all the time or at all benefit from lower magic resist values now (Shyvana and Leona are particularly clear examples of that). Belief is that Corki's potentially the same.
: Hey Meddler I hope my question fits in this thread, so could u maybe tell me when the Irelia rework is coming? After or before the new season? Thank u very much!
It'll be a while (well after season start).
: Thoughts on {{champion:82}}? Would u consider him in a "balanced" spot or too weak?
Seems to be in a reasonable spot off what we've seen so far.
Gques (EUW)
: That is true.But every triforce champion got buffed by this,because every triforce user got +8 AD.
Agreed, Yorick gets extra benefit as one of the smaller number who also builds Sterak's though. A number of TriForce users, Yorick not included, also lost some power with Fervor not getting directly replaced. Yorick by contrast did not.
: Hey Meddler, you've mentioned the possibility of small mechanical changes to Karma early next year - if you go through the update, will you take the opportunity to add her missing animations/particles? (Haste, shield, twin dragons etc...)
Karma work sometime next year's likely to be very gameplay focused. We'll be able to make changes to animations/spell effects/audio as needed for kit changes, but won't have that much scope for other work.
: Hey Meddler can I ask how you got into game design from a field like transportation as someone who wants to get in as well
Riot looks for people for design from non game industry or computer science backgrounds, with a preference for people with analytical experience (e.g. hard science, engineering, law etc). I was working as a Civil Engineer (transport modeling specifically) and spotted a job opening being talked about on the old LoL General Discussion forums which I followed since I was playing LoL. In terms of more general advice the biggest thing I'd recommend is finding opportunities to get hands on design experience. Stuff like making mods for existing games, board/card game physical prototyping, written analysis etc. It's possible to learn quite a lot that way and, importantly, it also gives you things you can talk to prospective employers about. Someone with a playable Starcraft 2 mod or home made board game they've been playtesting for a while for example will look like a much more promising candidate than the same person without.
ThornyZyra (EUNE)
: Are Zyra buffs canceled?
We've got some Zyra stuff underway aimed at helping her solo lane out. Goal would be around power neutral for support Zyra. Possible those changes make it in for 7.24, we thought the same thing about 7.23 though and then other stuff emerged that was more urgent so we'll see.
Gques (EUW)
: I ve suggested it before and I ll say it again ... Dont nerf his trading if possible,his pushing potential should be looked at imo.
Feedback noted. Given his interactions with Triforce/Sterak's Yorick did gain more than most off the increased base AD in 7.22 though, so it's not just his pushing power that recently got increased.
: Any additional work on Taliyah if her current changes prove to be too small?
It's possible of course, want to see where the upcoming 7.23 buffs put her first though.
: As long as we are not looking at Sona anymore ;-)
Apologies, but, we're considering a second pass on Sona as well (not listed here since we just started talking about). She's still potentially out of line.
Gques (EUW)
: Hey Meddler. Can we get some insight on possible {{champion:83}} nerf?
Not sure yet sorry, as above: "These are also generally notes about things we'll be looking at, not as you'll note a list of what we'll actually be changing. That's because we haven't yet done the work to figure that out in most cases."
  Rioter Comments
: Hextech Flash doesn't get the cdr from Unsealed spellbook and other cdr items
Ah, yeah, that's a bug. We've got a fix ready, it just missed the cut off for the next patch though. Should be in 7.24 instead.
: How do you guys determine the point at which "the match is already over"?
We use a predictive model that looks at things like gold and XP differences. It equates large enough gaps (based off correlation between a team getting that much a lead and winning in other games) with when in the game it was almost certainly decided. That lets you measure things like what proportion of games are probably over early, probably over mid game, could go either way right until the end etc. It's still pretty approximate of course, but is helpful in understanding how the game has/hasn't changed after a patch.
: _Edit 2: If it's as bad as you think, then isn't it a noob trap? I would think that this interaction is OP if good, or a trap if bad, either way it's not good to preserve in the game._ In my humble opinion, the amount of damage + tankiness that certain characters are getting from stacking Black Cleavers with Transcendence is kind of anti-fun. I heard some people suggest making the CDR on BC unique, is there any way that could accidentally impact balance elsewhere? _Edit: for anyone interested in advocating for this to be fixed, I created a post over here:_ https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EHIXEzFv-riot-stacking-the-same-item-over-and-over-again-is-not-compelling-gameplay
I don't think it's any more of a noob trap than stacking PDs or similar approaches. The Rune does imply that getting excess CDR might be a good idea, it's on the player to then jump to not valuing unique effects sufficiently though. We could make the CDR on BC unique. So far it doesn't seem to be creating problems however. If there are appropriately balanced situations where getting an additional BC is a good, but not OP choice, wouldn't want to block that sort of good decision making without need to.
: Realquestion, on scale of 1 to 10 what was your injoyment of Breath of the Wild?
It'd be a 9 of 10 for me. Loved an awful lot of what it did, particularly the general roaming the world finding stuff experience. Felt it ran out of new things to offer in the final 1/3 of the game or so though generally, which is the only substantial point I'd have against it.
: Are there concerns some runes might become necessary for certain champions due to their synergy being particularly strong? Is that something you're ok with, or does it spoil the idea of runes being a chose your own playstyle thing? Does that tie the champs balance to the runes balance inappropriately? I haven't given it any great thought so there might be better examples, but at the glance dominations ravenous hunter rune seems super synergistic to vlad (and probably other champs that use health as a resource) for example.
Some Champ/Rune pairings will inevitability end up strongly tied to together unless we avoid any particularly distinct effects on runes or champs. Our goal's not to have complete choice for all slots on every champ as a result, but instead to have it so every champ has meaningful choices each game within runes and most champs have options for all (or almost all) of their slots.
: Good evening, from the timing of things, 7.23 is shaping up to be on the lighter side, balance-wise. Does that mean we can expect more numerous changes in 7.24? Also, does the data show anything regarding the effectiveness of Anti-Armor options? Specifically since Runes Reforged removed the 7% total ArPen from Ferocity. Did that have an impact on tanks?
7.24 is likely to have a wide range of tweaks to champs and some Runes yeah. For 7.23 we were focused more on hitting the significant outliers and building up an understanding of how the game had changed, rather than adjusting a lot of smaller things.
: I probably should've worded it better. In your opinion, do you think this bug was the cause for him being so strong, or is Klepto still the true culprit (or even something else)?
I suspect the bug was a meaningful amount of power on him. He performs much better with Klepto than most of the other keystones though, so I'd expect him to still be pretty strong using it afterwards. Will need to figure out whether, if he's still too strong, that means we should be tweaking Ez and/or Klepto (reduction in difference in effectiveness between most and least effective users?).
: If Frozen Heart stacking (or Cleaver stacking / anything stacking) is a problem, though, wouldn't it be possible to make the CdR unique?
If it's just a single item or two out of line, yeah, we could do so. So far, that doesn't look necessary, we'll see how things develop. Also possible the conversion ends up looking too strong in general, though not seeing much evidence of that yet.
: Does Ezreal seem to be in a fair spot after the bugfix, or do you think nerfs will still be appropriate?
Not sure yet, need a bit more time to assess (it only went out late afternoon yesterday)
Ginjor (NA)
: Are there still plans for an attack speed Doran's item that I remember reading about or was that scrapped?
That got iceboxed. We'll likely take another look at starting items sometime next year though.
: Can you share what the average game time actually is? How about standard deviation about that? If most games are 20 minutes with a few drawn out 60 minute slug fests dragging the average up to 30, thats a different story than most games being 30 minutes. I know (particularly right now) people have a lot of hyperbolic statements about how we need 10 minute surrender and things are decided super early, but between late game champs and now late game runes (e.g. gathering storm) it'd be interesting to think about whether people might be able to hang in and prevent the enemy from closing out in order for their own strengths to come online.
Ranked SR: 7.21 - 30.05 7.22 with matchmaking bug - 28.57 7.22 with bug fixed - 29.26 That also includes the -10s from earlier game start too. I don't have standard deviation to hand, though as above that's something we'll be looking at shortly. Looking at a snowball measure we use games are somewhat more snowbally, but the data being looked at for that includes pre bug fix games, so not putting any weight on the numbers there until we've got those filtered out.
: Are there any potential buffs to other struggling Phase Rush users like Cassiopeia or Aurelion Sol? I mean besides Taliyah of course.
We're working on a balance assessment for 7.24 changes at the moment, whole bunch of details about that coming Friday. Considering former Stormraider's users and looking at their performance now is part of that.
: Is it really Malphite a problem with trascendence? and if it is why? The real problem is all those assasins buying 4-5 BlackCleavers and having way more AD than those who build a standard build.
We don't have any current plans to change him, Frozen Heart stacking, in particular how bursty it makes him in combination with his passive, is a risk though. Might be fine, not confident either way yet. Not seeing anything out of line with BC stacking so far. Possible it will prove to be a problem, but you give up a lot to do so.
: I've seen some discussion around stacking Black Cleavers through the overcapping of CDR on Transcendence. I wanted to know what you thought of that from a game design / game health point of view. Do you have anything in mind for changes in the way of Press the Attack vs Lethal Tempo? Eg. Nerfing PTA or buffing LT to bring them in line with one another and make the choice a bit more meaningful
Black Cleaver stacking hasn't looked at all out of line so far. If anything, it's often looking like quite a poor choice, given you're spending quite a lot for that HP/AD and not getting any of the unique benefits other items could be offering you (compare to say a Titanic Hydra instead of an additional BC). Bunch of thoughts on 7.24 balance coming on Friday, Precision keystone balance is one of the things we're focused on for that patch.
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: Sheer curiosity, but what determines when something is able to be micropatched vs. needing to wait until the new patch is out?
It's based primarily off how easy it is to assess the possible impact of a change. * Game code changes tend to higher risk changes, so we're more hesitant to micro patch them. Game code here refers to the core functionality of the game, stuff like how units move around, how fog of war works, that health exists as a concept etc. For many changes, even if they look pretty simple, they can impact so many different things it's not appropriate to micropatch them (micro patches have really limited testing compared to normal changes). * Game script changes range in risk from high to low. Game script (Lua in our case) controls things like how specific champion abilities function, or how items work. Some changes are easy to assess and therefore safe to change (e.g. changing 'If X>0.1' to 'If X>0.01), especially given worst case scenario is normally that you just mess up one champion ability or whatever. Other changes by contrast tend to cross the risk threshold if they involve changing a lot of logic throughout the script (what I'd assumed would be the case for Muramana but turned out not to be). Things like rewriting how Pix follows Lulu/people she's E'd for example are much more complex. * Raw numbers changes. These are normally safest of all, changing something like a spell's damage, a champion's base HP etc. A few of them still have some risk, in particular if a champion's scripts are really dependent on them (e.g. spell cast ranges). Generally we can change these pretty safely provided there's a strong enough need (still better to get a full cycle of testing in, both from a bug and balance perspective).
Meddler (NA)
: Thanks for the upvotes, Riot did see. We'll fix that in the next patch. Slim chance we get to it in a micropatch before that, it's probably not the sort of change that safely micropatches well though.
Update: Looks like this one is actually fairly straightforward to fix. Should be micropatching it later today all going smoothly.
: The reason why Ezreal is suddenly OP is a BUG (?) that doubles the muramana damage on Q
Thanks for the upvotes, Riot did see. We'll fix that in the next patch. Slim chance we get to it in a micropatch before that, it's probably not the sort of change that safely micropatches well though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Yf6VEus7,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-11-13T18:52:36.277+0000) > > That was a deliberate change, yeah. With everything going on it must have got missed when patch notes were put together. May I ask why? Why remove what makes "applies on-hit effects instead" abilities unique? Now they're just better than normal abilities, rather than different.
A lot of the thinking there was that, while this did technically buff those abilities, it was more because it opened up alternate approaches, than because it added power to existing playstyles. Builds generally go for AA effects or spell effects, more than mixing the two, given the way the items in question tend to be at least somewhat multiplicative with each other. It also addressed an issue where a couple of champs were just blocked from taking Runes that should otherwise have been good and healthy fits for them (GP and Ez at least with Arcane Comet for example, I might be forgetting one or two more). Finally, and this one's pretty secondary, but still a benefit worth mentioning, it also removed some long running player confusion around how those abilities functioned with some effects ('This item says all my abilities will now do X, but it doesn't work with this ability, what's up?). Edit: For examples of that sort of confusion, even from people engaged enough to be posting on Boards, see further down this thread.
: Ezreal's Q now applies spell hits, and it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes.
That was a deliberate change, yeah. With everything going on it must have got missed when patch notes were put together.
Son Foku (NA)
: > Non Keystone Runes > Nothing to note here yet beyond that nothing seems crazy or useless so far. Do you have any data on how many people actually use the item for increased minion damage?
I believe it's the least popular rune so far. We figured it would be pretty niche, but that it was correct to have some pretty weird, niche stuff in the system. Hopefully it'll start see some good specialized use over time, if not we'll replace it.
: Better nerf Yorick who barely has a 52% win rate in low elo and a 48% win rate in high elo, game breaking champion tbh, Malzahar isn't a problem with his 56% win rate in every elo.
> [{quoted}](name=sebsauve34,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=PAtL0xel,comment-id=006a,timestamp=2017-11-10T20:47:59.649+0000) > > Better nerf Yorick who barely has a 52% win rate in low elo and a 48% win rate in high elo, game breaking champion tbh, Malzahar isn't a problem with his 56% win rate in every elo. Disclaimer first: Win rates aren't everything and it's entirely possible a champ at 52% or even 48% could still be too strong and need a nerf because, when played by good players they were excessively dominant. Azir and Ryze have been clear examples of that over the years. Yorick specifically: Is above 56% so far for this patch, at highest win rate in the game. Those figures you're quoting are from before 7.22. If win rate was all that matters we'd have hotfixed him immediately, rather than taking some time to see what he's doing, how people are responding etc.
: Are there any changes in mind or at least acknowledgement of the unrewarding BE crisis? :u
I'm not a good person to try and answer that, given most of my focus is in gameplay changes rather than out of game systems like BE/XP/IP. The folks who do work on that stuff though are working on a bunch of thoughts and possible plans to share, should be a bunch of communication sometime next week is the impression I get.
: I heard you guys just tested a new iteration of LeBlanc. Since it qualifies as "contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship", I'd like to ask: How did that go and what can we expect?
It didn't go great. Resulted in an interesting playstyle we might want to use on a new champ at some point, didn't feel like LB though. We need to figure out what to do instead as a result as soon as pre-season stuff's been dealt with a bit more. Given LB work's been going on a while that probably means prioritizing something faster over trying for a larger overhaul.
: Do you feel like Nullifying Orb is too strong paired with Hexdrinker?
Haven't seen anything to suggest that yet. Having said that we don't have a clear read on non keystone runes in many cases yet either.
: Hey Meddler, what do you guys think of Phase Rush at present? I used to be a Stormraider's Surge user, so I was really looking forward to using Phase Rush, but it seems very lacking, not because of the 3 unique hits, but because it doesn't give as much movement speed or a slow resist. Any plans for it?
Early days, so it's hard to say with too much certainly yet. We're seeing some champs use it really effectively though and we believe some of that's because it's a much more reliable trigger in many cases (can get it against any target, even really tanky ones, with a consistent combo). The ranged/melee distinction's also looking like it'll be a really useful balancing tool there so far too.
: How many smaller reworks are you able to work on at a time?
Depends on what else is going on. Over the course of this year we've generally had a couple being worked on at any one time, not everything works out though of course so some don't ship.
: Thanks for the update and what a great theme he is to be working on! Is there any specific struggles he's currently facing?
A lot of it's the usual VGU challenge - trying to keep as many of the good aspects of the old kit as possible, while at the same time solving the gameplay problems that are one of the reasons for doing the VGU in the first place.
: For this preseason, should we expect buffs and nerfs as a result of the new rune system (ie yorick and sona being too strong)? Or will there be a mix of general balance issues and nerfs/buffs due to the new rune system?
We'll be buffing and nerfing both champions and runes. Likely we'll micropatch some champs today and/or Monday, that'll only be a few outliers though, with more stuff in 7.23 proper once we've had time to see how things play out more and tested some runes changes too.
Slythion (NA)
: Curious as to whether Electrocute + Thunderlords are supposed to be different in that a lot of "2 attack thunderlord proc" cheeses don't work anymore: ex: lux e + auto Also, when are we gonna see some Syndra bugfixes? Her Ult bug where she bugs around after casting + her W bug are *still* in effect. While the ulti bug really just causes headaches and doesn't matter too much, not being able to throw your W to a desired spot is quite serious and should be addressed :(
Yeah, Electrocute's deliberately different in that it requires 3 separate effects which means some things like that Lux combo don't allow you to trigger it as easily. That difference is the reason we renamed it rather than sticking with the old name like we did with Grasp of the Undying (which didn't change too dramatically). Not sure on the Syndra bugs sorry, I'll check in with the QA folks though.
: Also feelsbad Scarra didn't know who you were and when is Qt taking over your job ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Spideraxe,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=PAtL0xel,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-11-10T16:52:51.000+0000) > > Also feelsbad Scarra didn't know who you were and when is Qt taking over your job ;) Qt's being nice and not taking my job until I'm able to take his. At the rate my ADC play's currently improving that'll happen in about 54345 years.
: AP supports in general are really strong due to no more flat magic resist on adcs. Same deal with AD assassins in mid lane and mages not getting armor. Any plans to address these?
Early damage due to lack of mitigation's one of the things high on our watch list. Things we're looking at there include: * Are defensive options available (Resolve, plus things like Taste of Blood or Celestial Body elsewhere) effective enough? * If they are, or are at least close, are players taking them in the right circumstances or, given it's pre-season, just going double damage more often than is optimal because double damage sounds more fun? * Was the Spellthief's buff unneeded? * How are champion base stats looking? * Etc
: There was a gameplay thoughts posted 2 months ago ([here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/9KovwJ7c-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-4 )) where you mentioned that after LeBlanc rework Rengar will probably get one after her. On reddit leblanc mains Rioter showed up and asked for mains to come to Riot office for testing LeBlanc rework, so as there is already work on LeBlanc, will Rengar be your next one?
We'll want to get back to looking at LB again once pre-season stuff's been stabilized enough. Not certain yet who'll be next for a smaller update after her. Rengar's one option some people have suggested, I think there are also good cases for a range of other champs too though (Kalista, Karma, Ezreal with a focus on his W etc).
: Also I loved your stream yesterday on Beyond the Rift, you should chat more about that inky champ
Thanks! We might revisit that ink mage concept someday, a lot of things sounded much cooler and more practical on paper and then didn't work out anywhere near as well in game though alas.
: Any info or news on Swain? How is he coming along and feel? Btw what a great success with these rune changes!
He's getting there. We're still getting some of his abilities sorted out, visually he's looking really sweet IMO.
: Hey Meddler can i ask for your thoughts on concerns for potentially too high of variance on Kleptomancy, despite being a super super fun keystone
> [{quoted}](name=Spideraxe,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=PAtL0xel,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-10T16:44:11.893+0000) > > Hey Meddler can i ask for your thoughts on concerns for potentially too high of variance on Kleptomancy, despite being a super super fun keystone It's possible it's got too wide a range, there's quite a bit of control in there behind the scenes though on what drops when. We'll tighten that up if needs be, especially if that variation's impacting early game too much.
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