nelogis (EUW)
: Hi Meddler Do you have any info when the Zoe mini-update is coming that was suppose to better the experience when playing against her? Has been quite a while since you guys mentioned it, did it get cancelled? Edit: Was August 10th so quite a while ago The only change you did to Zoe since then was the buff to Q damage and reduction on E CD on patch 8.21
Directions being tried didn't work out as hoped unfortunately. At least for now that works on hold.
Galiö (NA)
: I'm still not a big fan of the snowballs and I have the same feelings for the sled. Im not a big fan of thematic elements like those in a map that doesnt really help build that idea/fantasy. Maybe if they make nexus blitz in the freijord?
Snowball event is gone, if that's what you mean. If you're talking about the visuals, those are temporary. They're not intended to be a permanent part of Nexus Blitz, but are there for this version of it since the holiday period's coming up.
shakedblu3 (EUNE)
: Really like the new event and rewards. Are there any changes / changes planned to the sudden death event? I like it's concept, but in a lot of games where I had a lead but couldn't close out in time (with enemies' inhibitor down) this event went against my team because both nexus where pushed to their base, which made this event almost a guarenteed loss while leading.
We've got some refinements in, where Walking Nexuses generally shouldn't go past the halfway point of the map. Should mean teams who were under siege when nexuses spawned don't get a significant advantage anymore.
WazzupX (NA)
: Hey Meddler, do you have context on the overgrowth changes? Also, with bone plating being removed it doesn't seem like there's another good option for fighters in the top portion of the tree. Is this in attempts to try and push fighters to more aggressive runes? Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Overgrowth - Needs better control over its scaling for non health builders versus health stackers. % increase was only good on health stackers. A flat version we'd tested internally was terrible on health builders when balanced for non health builders however. Going for a mixture of the two effects as a result. Bone Plating - Want to create better choices in first and second row, and control number of defensive effects that can be stacked, especially given addition of flat mitigation stats in rune stats. Aiming to have the first row be more about effects that benefit from your defensive abilities/stats, rather than straight up survivability as a result. Second row by contrast's very much a 'what style of defense do you need', with Bone Plating an anti burst, especially in lane, option.
Nirvinian (EUW)
: Regarding nexus blitz's first test on live servers. May you please provide me what did you learn or what sort of feed back did you receive that have helped in concluding the game mode needs a second test run? A lot of people seemed to enjoy the game mode. How did the message come through is what I'm curious about, that led you guys to issue a second test. Thank you in advance for your time.
Bunch of learnings from Nexus Blitz's first run here: TLDR - lot of stuff to polish, it did find an audience but not a large enough one to make it permanent. We concluded there was enough we could improve to justify a second test though, see if we could get it to the right level to make it a permanent mode. If that's not the case, we'd consider it as an RGM instead.
: I know you said not a lot of answers about X and Y but do you think you guys are pushing lissandra too much towards utility over damage? Don't get me wrong I love that change personally I'd like more utility based champs that can be pretty team reliant but I think I'm a minority.
Will see where she lands. The new passive has substantial damage on it. So far she's still been a really meaningful damage threat in our playtests internally. Thoughts sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Vaermina (NA)
: Meddler you lookin like a chug jug
> [{quoted}](name=Vaermina,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=uJ6Jzb61,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-11-16T15:18:59.860+0000) > > Meddler you lookin like a chug jug I'm glad you think of me as a legendary item that heals people.
Taikobou (NA)
: That sudden death image marks 13 minutes on the clock. Correct me if i am worng, but this mode was 20 minutes tops, right? Its 15 minutes now? About the surrender votes, 3 votes still end the match? I remember players just not voting to kill the surrender, when it had 3 positive votes. Once it has 3 positive votes, you shouldnt wait for the other 2 votes, just end the match, so people cant bypass the system by just not voting.
Sudden death timing's still 20, or around there. I was just forcing sudden death to start early to get those screenshots. No plans to make it so surrenders complete with 3 of 5 votes.
Larriet (NA)
: So it'll be back for Christmas, I gather from this? At least for testing again, anyway.
Current plan is it'll be available early December until early January. Exact dates TBD.
: The Nexus Blitz changes sound awesome. Would you mind explaining how the 1v1 or 2v2 combatants are chosen?
What we're currently testing is: Second and third highest gold on each team 2v2 Others 2v2 Highest gold on each team 1v1 Playing around with various things for who wins the event as a whole. At present it's if same team wins both of the 2v2s, then it's a final 2v1 instead of a 1v1 for ultimate event winner, if each team wins one 2v2 then the 1v1 decides it.
: Hey, :) would you say that the new champion has a Unique Playstyle? What would it be on a scale?
On a scale of no to yes, new champ's a yes.
: Any news on the effort to update champion ability text? I remember the example was of ezreal but when he was updated, his tooltips weren't. Are we going to see this with the preseason, next season, gradually, or has it been iceboxed?
Still some work going on there. I'll get an update into a post next week.
Pørkys (NA)
: Hey meddler since the addition of being able to ping bounty gold on pbe and kaisa being able to ping her distance of her R Wouldn’t it be a nice to add a feature where Draven can ping his adoration (passive) and it tells the entire team in chat how much gold his stacks are worth and how much he has instead of waiting every 150 stacks to broadcast a message Draven has gained 150 stacks 300 450 ect
Oh, meant to respond to this the other day. Let me bounce this on to the designer who added the Kai'Sa ult ping.
: Give us a new look for the map. It seems like you guys are going for the same style as summoner's rift. Maybe Ionia or something
As others have mentioned this is still a test version of Nexus Blitz, just one that looks less rough than the first take on it. If it finds a decent enough sized audience we'd certainly want to look at other possible themes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 16
Hey folks. Same situation here as on Wednesday. Won't be commenting much at all on balance questions like 'what do you think about X?' or 'how about some love for Y?' today. As above, in pretty much all cases we'll see where preseason lands, then assess again. Additionally I've got to dash off to something right now. Will be back later (couple of hours hopefully?) to respond to some comments though!
: You gotta admit this was in good taste
Super late to the party on this reply, but yes, yes I do.
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ozzirp (NA)
: Any update on that new spear of shrojan item?
Won't be in 8.23 at least. Still looking for another survivability item aimed at lighter fighters. Avoiding excessive overlap with existing ones, Sterak's especially, is proving tough though, so we don't have something we're happy enough with yet.
: Can I also ask about balancing for the new champ since they're coming out on the last patch of the year, do you think that may be a bit risky
As with last year we'll likely do a mini patch that just contains balance changes sometime in December. 8.24b basically. Between that and hotfix balance adjustments if necessary pretty confident we'll be able to get the new mage into a reasonable spot balance wise. Preseason's also a time when balance tends to be a bit more chaotic anyway. Does make it a bit harder to get a read on a champion's power level, but also means there are a range of other things generally weaker or stronger than usual, so they don't stand out as much as they otherwise would.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
Won't be commenting much at all on balance questions like 'what do you think about X?' or 'how about some love for Y?' today. As above, in pretty much all cases we'll see where preseason lands, then assess again.
: meddler, I jst found out i got into nursing! are you proud of me?
Congrats! Nursing school I assume you mean?
Kurorade (NA)
: Hey Meddler, in school right now, but I love the new Fiora animation!
Good to know. That one seems to be particularly divisive so far, with people either loving it or hating it. Think some of that's how different it is and some of it reflects that, while it's more accurate to certain fencing/sword fighting actions, that's not what everyone's looking for from Fiora.
: Can't believe I made it here this early being from the UK but I have a question about pre-season. How are the statblocks in runes different from before you reworked runes last season. Weren't you trying to get rid of stat blocks so things outside of the game would be more accessible to new players?
We didn't want to remove stats entirely from the pre-game, hence Rune trees bringing stats with them. Our original thinking was that binding stats to trees would create more interesting choices as you made trade offs between things like the keystone you most wanted with your second choice of stats versus less optimal keystone that came with optimal stats. Overall that hasn't worked as we'd hoped. It does offer some theoretically interesting trade offs, but also results in a lot of feel bad, perception of lack of options and to some degree just straight up lack of options. From a new player perspective the biggest thing we wanted to address was a substantial difference in power between new players and accounts with full runes/masteries. We design and balance with the expectation players have full pre-game power, so that was just leading to a worse experience for people trying to get into the game.
: Movement animations: The only one that looks iffy to me, on first glance, was Veigar. After a bit, I think it is because he now moves his staff as part of the animation, instead of keeping that thing more or less vertical all the time.
Noted, and thanks for the feedback. We'll be considering all the points brought up in this thread, so please, do keep them coming!
: Wait you mean that Pantheon and Mundo pizza feet is less important issue to fix than these running annimations? I mean Pantheon and Mundo could use a mini VU till they get reworked and look at the very least 2018 champions not like they came from Pacman era ( in contrast with the newer champions).
We're looking at run animation updates in part because animations can be upgraded one at a time. With things like model changes you need to change the whole model (can't just shrink the feet and get a good result). Changing the model substnatially without adjusting the rig (skeleton animations use) and animations often doesn't create a good result either. It's not a trade off of give some champs better runs versus fix pizza feet as a result, scale of work's just really different. Panth and Mundo are also both substantially higher up the VGU tier list than the champs being worked on here.
Grandel (EUW)
: Any news about when the Karma changes will come?
Early next year most likely. They're waiting in a queue of stuff that needs art, hence the delay.
: Hey meddler, any thoughts on the dorans shield buff? The item is already usually the best/least interactive start especially in top/mid after the timewarp change, feels like its just going to make lanes too safe imo.
Overall we believe the DShield changes are a nerf. If you're low on health, you be getting more sustain than at present, but it'll be noticeably weaker at keeping you topped off all the time. Should make it a strong choice against harass, but less good at keeping you in a state where you can't get all in'd. We think that change is important given increased ability to get mitigation from rune stats gives more power to stop all ins already.
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SwineTV (EUW)
: Thanks a lot for your anwer. It's nice to have some context. Is the E change on the PBE? Didn't notice.
Those values for E will be on PBE today. Last few days I've been testing a softer change (start at 1000, fall to 720). That doesn't seem to be a big enough difference to do anything. Going back to the 1200 - 640 values that did show more value in internal testing previously as a result.
: Hey Meddler, you mentioned a few QGT's back that Zoe was being looked at and had some possible changes in the making but then went silent on it. Are those still happening? or are we currently happy with where she falls in terms of gameplay/power?
Nothing at present. Changes being tested didn't work out so well. She's now in the reassess after preseason bucket.
ozzirp (NA)
: Any update on the scaling cdr shard? Also is it true there will be a 4th slot of the shards?
No plans for a fourth slot (oh, unless you mean a fourth option in one of the existing rows, that's still possible). CDR wise 10% by 18 is what we believe is correct power budget wise. It can feel a bit janky having odd amounts of CDR pre 18, which is a downside. Per level CDR runes under the old system had a moderate pool of positive users though and our belief is we'll see the same thing here.
: Keep killing Sejuani... Lowest winrate champ in league atm, nerf her cc more and she will be a dead champ.
Expectation is whatever changes we make will be noticeable buffs overall, at least in solo queue.
haenex (EUNE)
: Next champ release in ps9 or s9?
SwineTV (EUW)
: Can we expect some VFX for Blade Queen/Program Lissandras passive? Can't imagine 1350 RP skins without adjusted passive VFX tbh... Also is there really no other way to nerf her? I've tried the changes on the PBE and the W nerfs feel really harsh. Like... REALLY harsh. How about longer cooldowns? Mana nerfs? I'm sure you can find a way to make her nerfs feel less noticable. But please don't nerf her (already low) 1v1 potential and her laning phase.
Skins VFX - yep, they're on the way. Blade Queen at least should hit PBE today, not certain on exact timing for Program. Coven and Bloodstone should already be there. Nerfs - Assessment off a bunch of playtesting is that the current changelist is likely slightly power positive. Going into this patch Liss is already in pretty well performing spot, so our room to tone down on nerfs and/or swap them for different ones with less impact isn't great. Will be adding the 10 base damage at rank 1 onwards back onto W though, no need to nerf early laning at least, later in the game's where we're more cautious about overall power. Also, if our assessment ends up being wrong and she ends up meaningfully weaker than before my starting point would be to consider putting power back in where it was removed. Since some of it's not easy to spot on PBE, here's the current full changelist: Nerfs * Removal of old mana passive * W - Damage 70-190 +0.3 (was 70-230+0.4) * R - Ratio to 0.6 (was 0.7) Buffs * New passive - Enemy champions who die near Lissandra become Frozen Thralls. Frozen Thralls hunt out living enemies and slow enemies around them by 25%. After 4s they explode, dealing 120-520 (+0.3 AP) magic damage * MP5/level to 0.8 (was 0.4) * Smoother AAs - animation and actual timing better synched, missile speed to 2200 (was 2000), Base attack speed increased to 0.656 from 0.625. AS ratio for AS scaling is still 0.625 * Q - Mana cost 60-72 (was 75) * W - Mana cost 40 (was 50) * E - Missile speed starts at 1200, decelerates to 640, takes 1.25s to get to end point (1050 range). Makes short casts a bit more useable without adding faster long range initiation or escapes. Previous version for reference is 850 speed throughout, takes 1.25s to get to end point (1050 range) Can understand concern around removal of some ratio and a bit of base damage later in the game, in particular from the angle of 'will Lissandra still be able to burst squishy targets?'. Belief off testing so far is yes. If that stops being the case will move power around so she's still got some burst threat though.
: Hey Meddler do you have any ideas on any more preseason base stat changes since Rovient mentioned you guys were looking into lowering base line durability through stats as opposed to buffing damage runes in order to offset the influx of runes durability
Current thinking is that we'll cut a bit of sustain, rather than cutting defensive base stats. Increasing ability to survive early burst if you want to spec into it's probably reasonable, inability to get damage to stick when stacking sustain and mitigation's where we're more concerned.
òwò (NA)
: Will Kalista get the same treatment? Just capping Rend damage on Baron and Dragons goes a long way to reduce her Pro vs regular play effectiveness.
We've chosen to put time into other champs like those above rather than Kalista, Azir and Ryze because of how much time we've sunk into them previously with mixed overall results. Fair argument though that Rend capping might be a quick to implement/test and effective lever. Will pick a couple of people's brains on that one, see where thinking currently is.
: What about Spear of Shojin? Will it be on PBE throughout the current cycle and possibly live within the 8.23 preseason patch? Or it will need another cycle to be tested?
Looking like it might end up in a later patch. We still think it's worth trying to find the right version of a teamfight survivability item for lighter fighters, haven't got something we're happy enough with yet though.
: Hi Meddler! :) Any reason why Nunu's Q buff was reversed in the PBE? Also anything to say about Shen or Gragas? Personally I would like them to receive the kind of treatment that Ornn and Sejuani are receiving.
There are a couple of things that went out in 8.22 that look like they've been reverted on the PBE. I'm 99% sure that's just the result of how we've moved a lot of data around internally getting preseason changes onto the PBE, which has lead to a few older changes getting unintentionally overwritten. Will double check with the team, I don't believe we're planning to revert anything from 8.22 at present though. Edit: Yep, just some data clashing temporarily, nothing should actually change in 8.23.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 9
Additional note since time of writing: Looks likely we'll put some more time into Sejuani and Galio changes. They'll be in 8.24 or later as a result. Will likely see them gone from the PBE shortly, work's still ongoing though, that just reflects preparing 8.23 for launch. For Sejuani something we'll be looking at in addition to, or instead of some of the above changes, is how much power her passive's giving her in pro given how much front loaded power is valued there. Might be a good angle to reduce that instead of some of the CC changes. For Galio, considering bigger changes potentially.
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: Hey Meddler, Any thoughts on Pantheon VGU. His character looks terrible and outdated. Was thinking he would get an update because a bunch of other champs are getting updated.
He's fairly high on our list of VGU candidates. Not absolute top of the list, but in the top tier.
Syllvanas (EUNE)
: Has the balance team considered nerfing damage on Lissandra's E instead of W to compensate for the new passive? The AP ratio on W was already low enough, this will hit her 1v1 potential and early gaming even harder... And her E is particularly used as an initiate/escape tool so nerfing the damage on it seems more reasonable. Also, I didn't see the speed change on her E in the changelist, is that still on the radar or has it been written off?
I've avoided cutting damage from the E because, as you point out, it's often not very relevant when used for entering or exiting a fight. Taking damage from it doesn't buy much ability to put power elsewhere as a result, but does meaningfully reduce the subset of times where you can optimize the E around hitting enemies with it. E speed change is still in, though it's not something likely to get datamined so easily while on the PBE. AA changes are also in, not sure if those have been picked up on much yet (better animation alignment, slight faster missile speed, bit of extra starting attack speed).
Vekkna (NA)
: I know it's not your area, but you guys should be really proud of that Coven Liss skin and the theme overall. Knocked it out of the fucking park.
Agreed, the folks working on that skin nailed it IMO.
: I'm a bit too late to ask this but... a while back you talked about Miss Fortune Voice Over update and why she hasn't had it updated. I think I remember waaaaay longer ago you mentioning Varus aswell, probably not long after having their lore updated with the darkin. Do you still consider updating their VO? Or is it at least still in on a "future to do list"? Thank you!
Definitely future possibility list, nothing currently underway though.
Jedre555 (EUNE)
: Hey Meddler, So, the delay to Lissandra passive hitting PBE was caused that she had a skin in the works, and skin team had to change it to new passive aswell when you finished testing that spell? Or it was just coincidental thing?
The two are related, though not in the ways you might think. Some of the team working on the new skin actually helped out with some of the art for the new passive for the other skins as well. We weren't on track to ship the passive change for 8.23 otherwise, so really grateful they jumped in even though it's not their area of responsibility and they've got a lot of other work to do too.
Vaermina (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AvantelWings,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=hpAdqhBw,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2018-11-07T15:10:38.766+0000) > > If everything with Nexus Blitz turns out well, it’s eventually going to be a new permanent mode like ARAM. It’s not a rotating game mode. They actually said it could be a RGM. Probably if it isn't popular enough to be permanent.
Yeah, we'd consider an RGM if permanent doesn't make sense. Our focus with it right now though is on improving it as much as we can before the next test, see if we can get it to a state where it justifies being permanent. Will assess other options afterwards if that doesn't work out, don't want to take away time from getting ready for that test right now though.
: So you are trying to remove situations like 4 guys having 2 augments and one has 5 to ruin everyones experience? Could there maybe be mission based que? so you could choose where to que and not fully random?
Yeah, that's a good example of the sort of problem we want to avoid. Mission based queues are a possibility, though they do limit the number of possible missions that can be available at any point in time (there's a limit to how thinly you can slice a mode's population and still get good matchmaking times, even when you only need one team's worth of people in PVE).
: how do you think the preseason changes would affect competitive play , i really liked worlds this year it was fun to watch so do you think these changes will lead to more highlights moments or back to korean smart safe style of play ?
We've been really happy with the pro meta recently, so aiming to stay fairly similar. If the preseason changes end up shifting things dramatically we'll do some follow up work on them most likely. In terms of safe versus aggressive play we're not trying to remove safe/scaling play from pro, but don't want it to be as dominant as it has been for a long time.
: Is the pre-season (8.23) patch coming the day that season ends or 2 weeks from today?
: Do you think we can expect some work on Sejuani soon? Shes in an awful spot in normal play and feels really bad, worlds is over now, doesn't that mean she can get changes?
Yeah, we've just started taking a look at Sejuani. That's part of a look at tanks who've been challenges to balance for organized and regular play. Will get some more thoughts on that into Friday's post. Galio and Ornn are the other two we're also testing stuff for.
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