: Hey Meddler, I was wondering if you could give insight on some of the Yuumi changes on PBE? Particularly curious about the discussion around removing Yuumi follow only on teleport, vs making that logic more consistent. I feel like it could lead to a lot of confusion? As to when Yuumi will follow and when they won't
Overall we're looking to shift Yuumi's power more towards enchanter style play as originally intended. At the same time we're also making changes aimed at making her easier to balance for both pro and regular play. Removal of TP following is part of that. In terms of why Summoner TP only, rather than all long range teleports, I need to follow up with the team about that, my inclination is consistency's appropriate here.
: Hey there Meddler! I was wonderin' what your read is on Mordekaiser's current balance state? We over on the Morde mains discord have been thinking that he may be a bit too strong but don't know whether that's because of conqueror or simply because his own numbers are too high.
He is looking strong with Conqueror, no immediate plans for any nerfs though. We'll see where Conqueror nerfs leave him and others then reassess, current estimate is we won't need to do anything to him directly.
Regalia (EUW)
: Hello Meddler, Is there any chance that the team is gonna take a look at a smaller scale kalista gameplay update especially to make her finally playable any time soon?
Nothing immediately planned. Right now we want to give the post Worlds buffs she got more time to soak. Could be open to a small scale update to address some gameplay issues at some point, but nothing scheduled at present.
: Hope you enjoy your time back in New Zeland Meddler, you deserve it, if you're still going to answer questions for this post. Could I ask if we expect any video from you or Jess or Brightmoon for the gameplay goals and directions for next year
I'm flying out Tuesday night so still around for a bit including today :) In terms of goals/direction for next year, yeah, we'll have a video covering a range of things around season start as we did this year.
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Natron (EUW)
: Hey Meddler, have you seen any reports on performance issues? Ever since the updates my game freezes for about 2 seconds everytime I enter a teamfight. It is really hard to play like this, whenever my screen just freezes
Yeah, we're looking into some FPS issues. Looks like at least for some players they predate 9.23 so not necessarily preseason related (not that that changes anything from the player perspective of course, just about how we track a fix down).
Jaibamon (NA)
: Hey Meddler, can we talk about Teemo? This patch changed some behaviors the runes had around Teemo's E, the poison passive. Before this patch, the poison would trigger runes like Aery and Dark Harvest, but after this patch this is not longer the case; probably because some adjustements around Conqueror, in order to avoid the poison to apply stacks. There are other issues too. While using Glacial Argument and Cheap Shoot, the poison won't trigger Cheap Shot even if the opponent is slowed. This was working before the patch. So please Rito fix these bugs. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Yep, we've got a range of things not working with DoTs, not just on Teemo. Fixes are being looked into at the moment for those, they're not intended changes.
: Is there a particular reason why TFT is a game embedded within the league of legends client, and not a stand alone game?
Because it shares LoL's code, art and generally playerbase. Splitting it out could certainly be done but would be a substantial amount of work which would mean de-prioritizing a lot of other things for LoL we're currently doing instead. Possible we do so at some point but at least right now we think other things would improve things more for both standard LoL and TFT players for the amount of time involved.
: Hey Meddler is there enough time to balance Aphelios since he's being released on the last patch of the year, not including the B patch, since he sounds hard to play
Oh, which parts of his kit seem particularly hard to play? ;) If he needs additional adjustment we're open to an Aphelios specific hotfix, pre or post 9.24b.
Queš (EUW)
: What about {{champion:24}} and {{champion:58}} after Shojin removal ?
Neither seems to have been meaningfully affected so far statistically. Possible other changes have counteracted Shojin's removal for them.
: The support item changes completly ruined my favorite strategy to do with my friends, a bruiser or tank bot with either another bruiser or a regular support, the healing from targon's brace allowed us to successfully stay in lane along with supplementing the cs we would lose due to being a melee in the bot lane, however since the healing from the targon's support items have been removed this strategy has ZERO chance of working anymore, is there a chance we could see the healing be returned to the spoils of war passive?
The healing removal's been the subject of a lot of internal discussion too. So far we haven't seen melee supports be meaningfully weaker than other supports, suggesting that while support item power's down the extra early gold might be filling in the gap enough (ability to just directly buy regen or tank stats if needed). Double melee lanes I'd agree could well have been hit pretty hard which wasn't a goal. We'll see where things settle then potentially look at ways to support that style of play that don't reintroduce funnel comp issues or other problems.
Evilbird (NA)
: Thoughts on conqueror? Feels like it's over-tuned at the moment especially on certain champs that abuse it
Looking at early data it looks like it could be on the strong side for some champs at least. Statistically its most powerful users seem to be juggernauts primarily so far with Garen, Yorick, Skarner, Voli, Morde five of the top six users if you look at raw win rate (Aurelion Sol's the other, though that could be small sample size being misleading). Yorick and Voli do have comparable win rates with other keystones for what it's worth though.
Krozoid (NA)
: What are your thoughts on toplane / toplane impact after the patch?
As per post above that's one of the next things we'll be looking at. I think it's premature to try and reach any conclusions right now.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
One update here - I'd forgotten that 9.23 was a three week patch. That means new content will be on PBE the week after next, so around the 25th.
: Good to see you Meddler! Hope you're doing well! What are your thoughts on Senna outside of bot lane? I've personally taken her top, and have heard of others taking her mid and jungle. While I'm not so sure about jungle Senna, she seems like a Quinn or Vayne style bully in top lane since she has a root and can play to her range.
So far we've seen her struggle outside of bot lane. Possible there are ways to make her work we haven't seen demonstrated yet, I'd expect her vulnerability to being jumped on to make jungle and top at least pretty challenging though.
: Hey Meddler! Quick question about **Omnistone**. An initial look at it (and some PBE experimenting) makes this rune appear largely mediocre, as you have to constantly pay attention to which rune you're given (sometimes in tense situations), and you can't be sure you'll actually get runes that meaningfully benefit you -- and, perhaps more importantly, you're trading a known quantity you can plan your laning phase around for one that's in the hands of psuedo-RNG. In short, it feels like a rune that requires a lot of attention and may only be viable if it's fairly heavily overtuned in terms of overall keystone usage. In your testing, have you found situations where this rune is the optimal one? If so, on what characters? If not, are you content with this being more of a "fun RNG" rune?
It's a somewhat experimental rune, intended to bind as much to player preferences as particular types of champion. Normally we'd aim for a stronger champion audience for a piece of content like this. In this case however we concluded we should take Klepto and felt it was a good opportunity to try something we wouldn't normally as a result. I suspect it'll need at least some tweaking post release, we'll see how it goes though.
Antenora (EUW)
: Biggest concern I have with Senna is her W. Why does it need to be an AOE Root?
Thinking was that as a delayed CC effect giving it some zoning impact on other enemies was also appropriate. We'll see how it plays out of course but think the counterplay present there means it's not directly comparable to immediate AoE immobolizing effects.
: Hi Meddler! I know that you're not in the skins team, but recently you said Zilean skin is delayed, is it delayed until next year? Also, do you have some kind of a list for champions that are considered for smaller gameplay updates, like Azir or Xin Zhao had? If you could share it, it would be great :)
Zilean - currently aiming for patch 9.24, so mid December. Smaller updates - we don't have a list available to share. Generally we'll talk about each update as soon as its solid enough for discussion.
: I don't get why when you talk about over changed kits you mention Karma, Graves, and LB, but not Aatrox? It really seems like you guys either straight up forgot about him or don't care any longer. You rework him for being stat checky when he had a little more counterplay than Tryn, and Yi who you guys never nerf or even look at although they are even bigger problems when you talk about being pure stat checks. It just really feels bad that all the old Aatrox mains have been completely ignored and now we got a weak champ who is only viable in competitive and no alternative to turn to. {{item:3070}} {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}}
Aatrox is definitely an example of this too. At the very least I think it's important that our work on Aatrox doesn't introduce a third playstyle, splitting the audience further and making it harder to deliver for Aatrox players.
Starraka (NA)
: please do fix the minimizing bug, that one is really terrible {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
We've got people actively working on both the unresolved bugs as their main priority right now. Completely agree they're both really disruptive and frustrating to deal with.
: Do you think {{champion:133}} falls under the 'incompatible audiences' issue? Many players seem to want the melee assassin playstyle back as Valor, but there are also those who picked her up after the rework and thus prefer the current map mobility-focused ult. Personally, I wonder if there's a way to satisfy both parties, maybe by combining the two ults for example--though I'm not sure how sustainable that'd be balance-wise.
Yeah, Quinn's a good example. I'm not personally convinced either kit delivers particularly well on the ranger + hawk fantasy, would be pretty cautious about trying a 3rd direction though if doing major work on Quinn. Would prefer we instead tried a revised version of one of the two we've already had.
: I see, that makes sense. Thank you for answering my question. Btw, how is your family doing? Also are you planning to get Pokemon Sword or Shield?
We're doing well, thank you for asking. Still short on sleep, but the good moments make that a fair trade :). Not sure Pokemon wise. We're heading back to New Zealand for the holidays, might take the Switch along so could be a good option if so.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=vaG0gRbU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-15T17:45:47.679+0000)...though some of the things we were trying didn't solve her issues as intended so we've somewhat rebooted that work. Any chance you could share with the main issues the team has identified are? Always curious to see that sort of thing.
Issues we're particularly focused on right now are inability to interact sufficiently with her in lane and too much of her power being expressed as damage. Post changes we'd still expect her to be lower interaction than many champs in lane given her design, just not as dramatically low as she currently is. Similarly she should still have some damage, just not as much, with her current damage scaling particularly a culprit.
: Hey Meddler, in regards to Karma: what's stopping her from seeing changes similar to LB, Kog and Rengar? When NC was announced to be working on Karma, that was what was expected to happen - which made the end result confusing and disappointing for much of the community. Her 3.5 - 5.9 and 5.10+ versions are similar enough not to cause much disruption, and undoing certain changes from the 5.10 version could solve some of her current game health issues.
Neurocat's investigations into Karma changes were based on our belief that the 3.5-5.9 and 5.10+ audiences were similar enough to serve together. Conclusion was however that that wasn't the case and that what looked like clear wins would actually end up being detrimental to currently engaged Karma players. Things like putting the Shield Bomb back on instead of the Haste being a good example of that.
: Is it me or have most of the SR champion changes been moved to the second week instead of the first week?
We're generally doing simple changes in the second week of a patch now so that we've got a bit more time to see how the previous patch stabilized before adjusting anything. That means the first week of each patch gets used for more complex work like changing spell functionality meaningfully, preseason projects etc.
: Heya Meddler, Kinda curious how the team is feeling about MF since it seems she is climbing up in win rates and such. Tho this is a lot with Klepto which is getting canned so maybe hold off and see where preseason drops her Tho I do have wishes one day that her Q Wind Up can get the Jinx treatment and go faster with attack speed. also potentially her W movespeed not getting killed by minions at least while the active buff is going
MF is looking strong, given preseason's days away we'll see how that lands before considering any changes. Klepto removal alone likely takes her power down meaningfully, possible other things make her stronger or weaker as well.
: Hey meddler! It's nice to see you posting again! Just a few questions! How long will the winter break be this year and when abouts do you think it'll start? Do you think Taliyahs rework was a case of dividing her player base like others? I find the removal of her AOE Q really stunted her playrate. Curious about your thoughts so far about including TFT in your gameplay thoughts, what's the reaction been so far? Have a nice night!
Winter break - 9.24 is the last big patch of the year and is currently scheduled for December 10th. We're planning on then doing a 9.24b, probably sometime around December 17th at a rough guess. We'll then have the first patch of 2020, patch 10.1, about a week into January. Taliyah's changes have certainly left a number of current or former mid Taliyah players unhappy. I don't think that's so much about whether she's played jungle or not though but what her mid lane experience is like. The removal of Q AoE has made her much more balanceable though. Her play rate mid is low, she's certainly not weak though.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Anything planned for champions following the aftershock adjustments who relied on that and were nerfed due to it? {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} are the main ones I can think of. Love Senna's playstyle though, glad to see she won't be getting the 10 patches in a row of changes like every other new champ.
We'll see where the preseason changes as a whole leave champion balance and then adjust as needed.
: How do u think that zoe is ? Good, bad spot ?
Seems fine? I know some people don't like playing against her, but she's got clear strengths/weaknesses at this point and doesn't seem over or under powered.
Neamean (NA)
: **Kit Updates and the dangers of creating multiple incompatible audiences** Would {{champion:102}} be under this. With her current ap playstyle vs her bruiser play style.
Bruiser versus AP Shyvana aren't a case of this problem to me. Making bruiser more effective if needed wouldn't have to come at the expense of AP builds necessarily. The differences here are about effectiveness and scaling, much more than unique mechanics that have changed entirely.
: Hey Meddler can I ask if you guys are still working on the Yuumi changes and what did you think of worlds
Yuumi's still being worked on, though some of the things we were trying didn't solve her issues as intended so we've somewhat rebooted that work. I thought Worlds was excellent overall, quarters and semis especially. I'd hoped for a closer series in the final, game 1 there was the only one that really delivered for me. Pacing throughout the tournament generally seemed quite good. Champion diversity was pretty good too, I'll share some stuff showing how we think about/analyze that sometime soon.
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Asifion (NA)
: League Auto-pathing [Any Rioter Game Devs Here?]
It's a distance calculation. If there are other effects that would make another route quicker you'll need to optimize those yourself.
: Do both the games played and time passed minimums apply to honor levels above 2 as well?
Higher honor levels do still take some degree of both games played and time into account, though my understanding is not to the same extent as low honor levels do (less time gated from memory).
: Hey Meddler, first time ever posting to one of these. I was curious though. Are there any possible plans for {{champion:78}} in the future? She hasn't been in the greatest of spots for quite sometime, between identity issues and simply being countered by common sense the higher up the ladder you go. Seeing the work being done with Garen, Annie, Wu, ect has given me hope that while a full VGU isn't needed, some general GU is always an option.
I don't think we've got anything currently planned for Poppy. I don't personally feel she's got any fundamental problems, her kit's performed very well (sometimes too well) at all levels of play in the past. We'll see where she lands post relevant systemic changes that affect top lane especially (Conqueror, Klepto, XP changes, Doran's Shield etc). Agree it would be good to see a bit more of her certainly, she's distinct and pretty fun to see in moderate amounts.
IStarXI (NA)
: On the topic of Ezreal If he did need some tuning after the klepto changes came out, how long would that take? Like would it be in the next patch or would it be a hotfix. Also does him having a 47% game win rate and a losing win rate against ALL other adc's in the game at the moment affect the possible tuning?
Would depend on how weak he potentially was. Would look at a hotfix if he was in a horrific state, most likely response would be next patch though.
: What happened to Umbral Hydra? Is it still coming to the PBE or did the item get scrapped? EDIT: also how have you been doing? Yesterday was my birthday and also I was wondering if there will be any previews for Senna before she hits the PBE next week.
We concluded it wasn't sufficiently distinct from the other Hydra items and that the AOE shape was often pretty clunky to use. Removed it as a result.
: Hey there, Meddler! Given that the Elemental Rift effect brings with it some fairly major changes, I imagine you have explored making the Elemental Rift known in champion select. May I ask what you found the pros/cons of this were, and why you've opted to keep it hidden? There are some solid arguments on either side (I can especially see it dictating picks too much, but also opening up some situation-specific picks as new priority picks, the former being potentially detrimental but the latter being the potentially beneficial flip side), so I'm curious to see what your team's thinking here was. --------------------------------- Secondarily, are you exploring putting the melee-beneficial options that Doran's Shield is testing with on other common starts like Doran's Blade, Doran's Ring, and Corrupting Potion to keep early itemization flexible for melee-into-ranged match-ups? Something as simple as "**Melee Only:** Take X less damage from ranged champion auto-attacks" might be worth exploring, although I supposed I'd worry a bit about mid-lane assassins.
It's been a topic of discussion yeah. Some things that came up: Pros: * Player requested feature * Potentially creates game variety as teams craft their comps around the element Cons: * Potentially leads to players feeling forced to player champs they don't want to based off the element (don't think the power difference will be that large, but some perception risk at the least) * Increases in champ select dodge rates * Removes some in game uncertainty/need to adapt
: I went on PBE to test Galio and i have no idea what is Galio suposed to do now he was signifficantly nerfed for using the current version of aftershock too well then now on PBE aftershock is straight up halved on Galio so now ur stuck with half of the value u currently have until atleast ur second item if u decide to go ROA or protobelt or even ludens you will be forced into buying 2 defensive items in a row if u even wanna reach ur old value and also bonus HP instead of max hp means u lost so much damage from the proc too. maybe Riot doesnt want Galio to use aftershock anymore. But if so his other keystone puts him at arround 44-46% winrate. Only reason tanky galio worked without aftershock is cuz ur Q was strong enough to do damage with only a little bit of AP required but now you need to go FULL AP just to reach what ur Q did with barely any AP.
It's certainly possible some champs who are pretty dependent on particular keystones or items getting changed might need some help post preseason patch. As above we want to see where they land first though before trying to adjust around possible impacts.
: Meddler, now that we have an AD assassin support and an ADC support, are we going to be seeing AD tanks, bruisers, and fighters move into the role as well?
Possibly? Option to start with a support item with some AD on it, plus greater freedom to spend gold on other items might help some existing champs prove more viable as supports. We don't have immediate plans at least to go and try and make dedicated tanks/fighters for that position though.
: In your internal tests, how have you seen the terrain changes impact the support champion pool, and the overall availability of vision?
Not too heavily. Alcoves have meaningful impact some games, but haven't shown that they'll heavily disrupt laning (nor are they intended to). The elemental transformations do impact the vision game somewhat, given they happen around halfway through the game and only affect some parts of the map they so far don't look like they'll push champions in or out of support viability.
: Wait so once a set leaves TFT it's gone for pretty much good? So that means it will always be some new set or will there eventually be a rotation and it's just the initial 'beta' set that won't come back often?
Our current thinking is that there'll always be one main set that's constantly available with both normal and ranked queues. Set durations/Ranked seasons will probably be somewhere in the 3-5 month range, though as above we're still figuring details out there. Intention is that older sets will come back as temporary modes sometimes.
: Hey Meddler! I was wondering, what language are Riot's games coded in?
**For LoL:** C++ generally, with game scripting (what designers spend a lot of time doing as opposed to engineers) through LUA. **For other games:** Not my place to say sorry (and I'm no engineer so in most cases I'm not sure anyway)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=fowIVQGP,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2019-10-24T00:11:42.083+0000) > > Yep, there were a number of bugs with the Clones targeting/attacking that I didn't get a chance to fix. My apologies to Lutzburg for those/thanks for taking them on to him. Intent at least was that the clone would target the nearest enemy by default, but would favor the target you'd most recently attacked yourself (whether pre or post cast) if it was in range. The most obvious glitch to fix was when you decoy, sometimes you would spin until you died or maybe a recall would stop it. It looked hilarious, but I'm betting it wasn't intentional.
It very much wasn't. It's the sort of bug that doesn't really affect testing though, so doesn't get prioritized until the clean up before shipping phase.
: I played the potential rework on PBE and the new W was a little annoying I kept seeing it cancel its autos and glitch out when an enemy was near. I hope that gets fixed. I hope it prioritizes champions as well. Aside from that I'm excited to try it, but please don't kill his lethality build. If he goes full bruiser I still can't see him going toe to toe with Champs like Darius.
Yep, there were a number of bugs with the Clones targeting/attacking that I didn't get a chance to fix. My apologies to Lutzburg for those/thanks for taking them on to him. Intent at least was that the clone would target the nearest enemy by default, but would favor the target you'd most recently attacked yourself (whether pre or post cast) if it was in range.
: >P- Wukong gains a large amount of resistances when near 3+ enemy Champions. In addition, he gains bonus attack range after using any ability Seems good to me, and helps lock him down as a big fight disruption threat. I'm hoping the detection range for 3+ enemies is significant? >Q- Physical damage reduced, but deals bonus magic damage that also heals Wukong. Passively, Wukong and his clone add stacking marks against their target, increasing the damage they deal by a percentage I like this quite a bit. Having a heal onto it really helps his laning, and the magic damage will help him survive +armor without making him so bursty. Great change. >W- Wukong now dashes to a nearby target location (leaving behind a clone), and can be used to jump small walls. The clone lasts a few seconds and can't move but will attack things close to it for 50% damage Does Wukong still stealth? If not, this feels like it takes away a key aspect of his gameplay with **stop** command baiting. Does the clone apply on-hit effects? I'm also honestly a bit concerned that the clone keeps attacking for reduced damage, as that makes it readily apparent that it's Wukong (attacks without moving, deals reduced damage, no longer remains perfectly still). Given that was one of the fun mind-games Wukong could pull and one of his few skill tests (as the rest of his kit is fairly point-and-click), it's a bit disappointing. That said, I love the dash -- it's something I was toying with in my own Wukong exploration, so it's fun to see it here and I'm excited to use it. >E- now creates clones during the dash, which are considered units and can intercept spells and be targeted Would you consider pausing the attack speed duration when R is in use? It always felt bad to get the attack speed buff on your engage but then lose it because you ended up in a good position to ult. That was one of the changes I was hoping to see. >R- can now be canceled early by using another ability I get the flexibility this offers, certainly, but I worry it is more of a trap than it appears to be and could happen by accident. It kind of makes me wonder what would happen if Wukong could E and W during the ultimate but *kept spinning*, although I admit that's somewhat odd and probably difficult to parse for both the player and the enemy. --------------------------------------------------- Good stuff first: these are good changes almost across the board, and well-reasoned. Wukong will be better with them, I feel. That said, I'm a little disappointed (I feel there's a lot of potential left on the table -- I don't feel these suggestions are bad), as it feels that this version of Wukong doesn't do much to expand on his skill expression (save adding a dash and clones, but the latter is somewhat questionable because it requires a target in range and is also your primary engage -- I may find it better in practice). I was hoping to see him moved a bit more away from his pattern of "target someone and click buttons at them." It's definitely an improvement on his current design, and I like the push towards a trickier bruiser. I just find myself wishing it went a bit *further* in that direction and perhaps got rid of a bit more of the point-and-click or passive "exist and right click" gameplay.
Clarifying a couple of things in passing, Lutzburg's the one driving this work now though (thanks again Lutzburg) - W does still stealth - R change is intended to be purely a useability improvement. If you don't want to make use of it nothing about the spell should be any different for you - Understand the desire for spells while ulting, that's a substantial amount of added power that would have to come from somewhere else on the kit though
: Missing out on the 10 year anniversary :(
Yep. For anyone else wondering it's mission chain, with one mission added per day for ten days. You've then got until mid November to finish the 10 games needed to get all the rewards.
Queš (EUW)
: Will {{champion:24}} or {{champion:58}} be compensated after Shojin removal/Conqueror changes? For example Jax right now with all taht at around 50% wr
We'll see how they're doing with alternate build paths and preseason changes then figure out whether to do anything. When we've buffed champs in the past because we've removed an item they use it's often lead to overbuffing as other build paths proved to be nearly as strong (e.g. Deathfire Grasp removal and preemptive Ahri buffs).
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