: Hey meddler even tho it's a bit early but would preseason work this year be larger scope then last year's since you guys cut midseason
Potentially yeah, we've got some early work exploring ideas for the preseason at the moment as patch to patch work slows down a bit.
: Going to shake things up in the winter for preseason or are you moving away from big patches entirely?
Preseasons will still be pretty significant patches, no plans to stop those.
YL 666 (EUW)
: Hey Meddler,sorry if i bother you again,but will wukong get VFX changes along with the "mini rework"?
If changes that require new VFX happen then yes. Unlikely we change any of his VFX where gameplay functionality is remaining the same though.
: Hey Meddler, I am curious if you can do another breakdown of percent queues for roles similar to last year, and how changes have impacted or failed to impact this over time. And I guess if possible data on percent champion types (marksmen, tank, etc) being played over time. I feel like player/community perception has a large impact regardless of win rates towards these two at times and would like to hear how you guys feel about this. Thanks as always for you time doing these, JakeParkbench
Sure, I'll get some data into an upcoming post, does seem like a good time to revisit.
: Item work, does this mean a possible second look at support item's and how to counter the general abuse cases? (Non supports taking them for the gold gen and getting the item nerfed) Relic in particular already felt bad before it was nerfed once again (Near impossible to get gold using it past 20 since your team starts one shotting minions before you get a chance to proc) and in general support gold income feels too low compared to other teammates. Especially since they're expected to get items at the same speed while also controlling vision.
Small to moderate sized support item work's a possibility during the year, large overhauls would like be a preseason thing if doing one. In terms of overall support income it's still around the highest it's ever been and the gold cost of vision for supports around as low as its ever been.
: Does this mean no work on {{champion:266}} ?
He'll get some work still, whether as a larger balance change or as one of the smaller number of larger functionality changes we'll still be doing. Will share details whenever I've got some to share.
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: Will there be a Roadmap this month by any chance?
Roadmap should be a bit after the next new champion comes out. Can't mention date of it as a result without giving away timing on that :).
Chubbles (NA)
: Meddler I really liked the post by Jatt and Repertoir on the new balancing philosophy going forward. Thanks for all the communication you guys do!
Ah, cool! Good to hear, expecting we'll see more of that sort of communication from both of them :)
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=London Bridge,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xe4HBZAv,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2019-03-13T15:41:26.083+0000) > > Any update about the new enchanter support? Like a reveal date. As always, the reveal date is left to the discretion of the teams working on that specific champion. You'll know more when a teaser comes out, or any future Roadmaps. Riot does not divulge that type of information publicly, in order to maintain an element of surprise for the reveal trailer.
> [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xe4HBZAv,comment-id=000f0001,timestamp=2019-03-13T17:57:33.829+0000) > > As always, the reveal date is left to the discretion of the teams working on that specific champion. You'll know more when a teaser comes out, or any future Roadmaps. Riot does not divulge that type of information publicly, in order to maintain an element of surprise for the reveal trailer. ^^
: I saw a twitter post about a potential new Zephyr item. How has that reviewed among players and/or internally?
Hasn't tested particularly well. Was popular but pretty degenerate, given it let a strong lane counter become an all purpose late game item without sufficient trade offs. Trying a different direction for Wit's End as a result.
: Are you scared of overnerfing Rek'Sai, since her main source of OPness came from the new Conqueror, which has since been nerfed heavily. I'm just scared of my main being Sejuani'd and put in the gutter... again.
Yeah, we're being careful with Rek'Sai, given a meaningful amount of the added strength she gained was Conqueror. Looking at small hits to ult CD and ult AD ratio as a result only (100-80 instead of 100-60, 1.75 instead of 2.0 respectively).
: Is it planned to keep supporting Morgana mid balance-wise? I've been playing it for quite a long time and am nervous that her increase in play after the buffs will lead to consecutive nerfs to force her out of the role. The currently planned nerfs seem harmless enough but given Riot's past history with mage/supports I could easily see more on the way. I honestly thought she was fine pre 9.5 and the buffs weren't needed in the first place then (that said, the R buff does feel _really_ good) so I'd be pretty bummed if she ends up getting whacked because of them. Prior to them, the only bans or complaints I saw were from Thresh mains. :P
We'd like to keep Morgana effective as both a mid and support pick. That's been the case for her historically for a long time, can't see any need or likelihood we change it.
: Hello Meddler! Is there any thread will be future plans for Coop vs All? Bug fixes and gameplay edits bots? Updating bots? adding new bots? Adding more sophisticated bots?
It's possible some day, it's not something we're currently working on though. That's not due to a lack of desire to make Coop versus AI better, or lack of agreement there are a lot of ways to do so, but a trade off of where we have people work. Getting better bots requires a lot of engineering work in particular and engineers tend to be one of the most frequent bottlenecks on other projects too.
: **We want 550 of range on Morgana! ** * Orianna has 525 * Anivia has 600 * Neeko 550 * Ahri 550 * Xerath 525 * Lux 550 * Aurelion Sol 550 * Ziggs 550 * Velkoz 525 * Karma 525 * Soraka 550 * Lulu 550 * Sona 550 **Why Morgana has 450 Riot???????** {{champion:25}}
She's got 450 because of her other tools which give her a lot of safety especially during the laning phase. Given she's a champ who's had insufficiently interactive early games historically at times would be hesitant to give her additional safety via longer attack range.
: Hey Meddler, I heard you have nerf plans for Jinx. Do you know which directions its gonna be?
I don't think we have any immediate plans for Jinx nerfs, though possible the team have concluded we do need to and I haven't heard yet. Got a source?
: Hey Meddler, can I ask for the team's thinking on Manamune, since Scruffy was asking last night about wanting to make it more broad and Repertoir said you guys were looking into making it unqiue with Archangel's in 9.6
We don't have a firm direction yet, hence the ongoing discussion. Very likely it'll become a unique choice with Archangel's/Seraph's though as a starting point (you can only ever have one of the two Tear lines in your inventory and we therefore won't balance around the possibility of you having both).
YL 666 (EUW)
: Hey Meddler,are you guys still doing works on Wukong? Which change you made were promising and which not? Can you share them?
Work is underway yes. We've got some changes that have shown some promise in internal testing. Next step is to run some sessions with randomly selected Wukong players visiting our office to get feedback from them, see what their take is. In terms of direction, best summed up as more bruiser, more trickster, less burst. Hope is that that delivers on what a lot of Wukong players are looking for and leads to a healthier for the game Wukong. Do expect some current Wukong players to be unhappy with loss of burst though and one of the things that testing's going to be focused on is what the ratio of satisfied to unsatisfied players looks like.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 13
I've got to post this and then head off to something very shortly. Will come back and get more responses to comments sometime later today.
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: Any comment on Aatrox?
Assessing at present whether previous work to even out power discrepancies between pro and regular play went far enough. Possible we might need to push a bit further in that regard before we can buff him, possible we might just be able to buff him. Will share more once we have a clear stance.
: Hello Meddler! Would you happen to know when would be the next champion roadmap on the next champs scheduled for VGUs? Now that Kayle and Morgana are out, and the next being Mordekaiser, it would be cool to know who's following after him so we can get hyped. Thanks!
Next roadmap should be out not too long after the next new champion comes out. Can't give an exact timeframe on that, but gives a rough idea at least?
Naalith (NA)
: What are your thoughts on support items? It seems like they're becoming the Azirs of items where they are constantly hit because of emerging strategies at high levels of play. Unlike Azir though, "real" bottom lane supports are still forced to take them. Do you guys have any reworks or small buffs for usability incoming? Also, any thoughts on Dark Seal? I personally think it grants too much power for what it costs even if you're not stacking it or upgrading to Mejais.
Agree it feels bad to see support items nerfed due to use in other positions. Disagree that they're in a terrible state and need buffs. We've pushed a lot of extra power into them over the years and support gold generation's around the highest it's ever been. With you useability needs work, we'll work on at at some point (certainly this year, not sure yet beyond that). Personal take is Dark Seal might be slightly strong but not problematically so.
: Hi Meddler, with regards to the urgot change, I look forward to testing it, but I have some initial concerns/comments, 1) I am not particularly excited with a shield on e for three possible reasons. First, if it is an instant cast shield, you don't get much out of it due to the cast time of the dash and the interruptiblity of the dash. Second, if it isn't an instant cast shield, then it isn't an instant cast shield and that will hurt his survivability (due to long cast time) like it did with ornn. Lastly, I think putting a shield on e is overloading the spell (it should not be his bread and butter spell) because it will have a dash, shield, damage, displacement, and stun. In general I just think it will feel bad to play because it limits playstyle. 2) if you want to encourage a more ad build, would it be possible to scale his dash range with bonus ad or something like that? 3) I think that the ult change is pointless and a waste of his power budget because the current range is fine. 4) I read the tweet from riot repotior and one change I did like was the w on hit changes.
Shield's granted at dash start. So far its 4s duration has given plenty of time to get use out of the shield post dash. If that becomes a problem and we stick with the shield on dash could certainly bump its duration up slightly though. Agree it does overload the E spell a bit, which will result in some satisfaction loss for the W. Think that's probably a reasonable trade off for clearer strengths and weaknesses, with you it's a price to be paid though. Scaling things like dash ranges with harder to recognize things like AD leads to a lack of clarity and useability for both the dashing player and their opponents. Means its really hard to predict exactly where a move will end up when one of the benefits of a dash you can't cast short is that its distance is clear to both user and others letting all parties play around it. Ult change is somewhat experimental, so could believe it might prove to be unnecessary. If it's not doing too much but has some benefit we'll probably stick with it. If that's the case though it's not going to be consuming much power budget.
: They thought that Bone Plating and Second Wind together would be too OP so they made sure they were on the same tier. I do agree though the 2nd sucks for a bunch of champions and I hope they switch some runes around.
Yeah, we deliberately wanted to make Bone Plating and Second Wind mutually exclusive. It's not ideal that that leaves a row with less appealing choices for many champs, though Demolish at least's got some value for anyone and Shield Bash is at least a choice for many more core Resolve users. Might address at some point, we're working on other systems instead of Runes at present though (hence things like the recent Crit item work).
: Good morning, Meddler! I hope you are doing well! I'd like to know your current thoughts on the crit item update from 9.3, if you think the changes are still holding up well, and how you think ADCs in general are performing. Also curious whether you think Ezreal is on the strong side (or not) since the update. Thank you for your time and hard work!
I think crit items are around the right mark as are most marksmen. We think Ezreal's too strong and will be looking to take some power out of him in 9.6, probably hitting his AP ratios which are carrying a lot more weight with the builds he runs nowadays.
: Any thoughts on Ornn?
We think he's pretty close to the right power level at this point after recent buffs. We've been testing some additional changes internally, concluded that they were too large a power add though. Will likely have some useability/QoL stuff (e.g. clarity on available passive upgrades and which item would be upgraded on an ally) in soonish. Might pair that with slight direct power (e.g. W CD going down a little by rank). Nothing major likely in the near future at least though.
: Hey Meddler! hope you are having a good day. So I wanted to give you some feedback on Rek Sai since I've mained her for a while and she is definitely too strong now: * **Her sonar now is confusing to use **(specially with her skins). I am no longer able to tell in which direction a champion is moving (previously I did) * **Rather than nerfing other parts of her kit, I think cutting down on the execution damage of her ult is the way to go** if nerfs are needed. This way she is still encouraged to build damage and she doesn't get a free pass with her ult now that it works. * **Conqueror is also helping her quite a bit**, typical case of double buff dipping. Also it isn't popular but spear works wonders for her in prolonged fights ------------------------------------------------------- **Regarding the new Game design positions.** do you as a company value consulting work in analytics as an entry path into the business? I love my current job but video game design has always been a passion of mine. Also would you consider foreign sponsorship to work in the US if you found a strong candidate?
Thanks for the Rek'Sai feedback, I'll pass that on to the designer who worked on her changes. Sonar confusion especially is something we should be looking at if that's an issue. Are other people feeling that as much? Power wise, agree she was overbuffed. Do want to see where Conqueror nerfs leave her though before deciding whether to do something else, given its extremely high pick rate on her. For the game design positions, yes, extremely open to analytics/data backgrounds. Foreign sponsorship's possible, it does have some challenges however so is usually something we investigate only for more senior candidates. Some exceptions possible to that rule though.
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Caenen (EUW)
: That's not what he said. But the item is definitely not going to pop up again anytime soon. Which, when thinking about the previous iteration, sounds good indeed.
First thing we'd need to bring it back is a strong argument on why it wouldn't lead back to the same issues. Interested in it because it allows a very different type of output, and therefore choice, from an item. Highly suspicious of it because of how strategic/macro level items like this have tended to dictate play significantly or be useless. That's ok or even desirable sometimes (e.g. vision play), but can remove a lot of depth and be really limiting in other cases (Banner or Zz'Rot when either let alone both have been strong).
Alkaîd (NA)
: ***
For anyone wondering, no, spamming posts on a bunch of unrelated replies doesn't increase your odds of getting a useful conversation going about the topic you care about, quite the opposite.
: HI Meddler, could you share the plans for Aatrox and Rakan this patch
Aatrox - still watching. Despite the 9.3 nerfs still seems pretty effective enough of the time that we're not doing follow up like we are with Akali yet. Rakan - likely candidate for a bit of power, under discussion at present so don't have a change list yet.
: Any thoughts on Shen? {{champion:98}}
Is in an ok though not strong state in solo queue in top lane. Win rate isn't everything but he's been hovering around 50% at all MMRs so the argument he's a 46% champ doesn't carry weight. Some issues with his pro presence being so support skewed versus both preference for top lane and better performance there in solo queue. Ironing out that clash somewhat could be useful in making him easier to balance for both contexts. Possible he gets some light work in the moderate future, can't make any guarantees yet though.
: Hey Medder, any thoughs, buffs or future plans about Amumu?
Nothing planned right now. He does fall off in effectiveness and therefore presence noticeably in high MMR games. He's in a reasonable spot power wise though in low/average MMR which means straight buffing him's not a great approach. Satisfaction's mixed as well, wouldn't want to try and solve that with straight power though for a champion who's not just weak across the board. Possible we do some work on him at some point certainly, don't want to offer false hope and suggest it'll definitely happen soon or soonish though.
Romeowth (EUW)
: hi!! any updates on Akali and what her position is after the nerfs?
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dz-bVuAVYAImSui.png Is what we're currently testing. Not guaranteed those are the changes we'll make yet, aiming to have something in 9.5 though.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Last year you said that Banner of command could return in the future. Is that statement still true? If yes, can we expect it again anytime soon?
It's not impossible it comes back someday. We don't have any plans to do so at present though.
: Bugfix GP AA please.
We're working on an attack move bug at the moment. From what we're seeing it's not GP specific, though he does seem to be affected more than most. Will hotfix once we've got a confirmed fix for it.
mkwstar (EUW)
: Several sites show Riven on a staggering 54-55%. Is it not time to bring her a notch down?
Yeah, she's certainly out of line. We're waiting on getting a clearer read on Conqueror today before assessing Riven specific changes given early indications suggest she's getting much more out of it than most are. Once we know if we're making Conqueror changes we can then target Riven specifically if needed too.
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: After the bounties, ranked, and marksmen changes settle, what is the main goal of midseason update?
We're not doing a major midseason this year. We'll be leaving the game in a more stable state and polishing instead of making significant gameplay changes before preseason.
: Intended lane for Kayle?
We suspect she'll perform better in solo lanes than anywhere else. Internal tests have shown stronger performance in top than mid from memory, though number of games/players we've got access to is tiny compared to what she'll go through once the patch goes out, so that's not not a certainty.
Falrein (EUW)
: Hi Meddler! Great post as always. Although it is a bit off-topic (well, it's actually _very_ off topic), would you happen to know the reasoning behind Syndra's name (origins and roots), as you were the lead designer on her? I've done some research but couldn't find anything conclusive... Also while I'm at it, how is she in the current meta? Love you {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Oh, man, it's been a while. From memory we were drawn to the shape and sound of the word more than anything, with the harder 'dra' being appealing given some of her backstory of rebellion and force of will. We actually started with 'Cyndra', but eventually concluded 'Syndra' felt like the slightly better fit. Also possible the writer on the team did have an origin point I'm forgetting though, apologies if so.
: 2 kill bounties still feel like overkill and a bit off. Killing sprees in general have always been a 3 kill ordeal. I personally would want bounties to be moved back to 3 kills because killing 2 people and then being worth 1.5 kills feels really bad. I guess at the very least I think the 2 kill bounty should be reduced from 150 gold to 100 gold.
I understand the concern around 2 kill bounties punishing early success. We do think they're an important part of allowing comebacks though. They've also been part of LoL from launch with the exception of a few patches last year (8.10-8.13 from memory). They were team gold instead of solo gold for a couple of years, but still existed.
: What do you think about the idea of spreading bounties out evenly when you shut down an enemy? It's annoying for both sides. If you do well and manage to shut down an enemy out of the game by playing exceptionally well early, only for them to suddenly come back into the game because they were lucky enough to land the last hit on you. On the flip side it's annoying to accidentally get the gold as a support or tank because you didn't want the enemy to escape on 2hp or something. It feels as though having the gold spread evenly between those who contributed to the kill would be better for the game overall than potentially giving a hyper carry like Jinx or Cassiopeia 1,000g for free because they managed to get the lucky last hit.
For a couple of years bounty gold was shared across the team. Overall power from bounties was about the same, it lead to less solo carry potential though and a flatter overall experience. Secondary downside was it removed some coordination opportunities (getting champs you most want gold on to claim bounties, targeting enemies who've just cashed in big bounties). We moved back to bounty gold being pretty concentrated on the killer mid last year as a result.
: Does Kayle's passive AOE damage/true damage apply on-hit? ({{item:3124}} / {{item:3085}} synergy) or only the damage applied by her E's passive?
The true damage won't get multiplied by Hurricane or Rageblade no.
: What does Riot see as far as the future of Supports is concerned? There was a lot of hub-bub over the changes to Spellthiefs Edge, though it seems to have quieted down to a degree. Basically what I’m asking is will the way Supports are played be changing or is what we have currently to remain status quo? Thank you for your time.
No major changes currently planned. At some point we will want to clean up some of the inappropriately punishing cases the band aid fix on the items are creating. For now at least we're prioritizing work on bounties instead, will then reassess whether support items or something else is most important to focus on after bounty work's done.
: Oh yeah are you able to share details on the Akali buff
Not yet, she is being worked on though.
: Hey Meddler now that they are revealed, mind me asking a Kayle and Morgana question. Are you guys afraid that you guys may miss the one opportunity to work on her by doing very small scoped changes on her. And do you have concerns that Kayle may look too strong late game
Morg - we did try some other changes including on the passive. Conclusion was overall Morg's kit was in a fine spot though, including with good balance and counterplay across a really wide range of skill levels. Decided not to change too much as a result. Kayle - Her late game is intended to be really strong (hypercarry). Intent is that she should pay for that with a pretty weak early game. If she does look out of line first thing we'd assess therefore is whether her laning's actually soft enough. Second thing would be whether, even if she struggles to get there, her late game's just too hard to deal with. Feeling pretty good at this point about her balance off internal testing, real test's always once a champ goes live though.
Caenen (EUW)
: Hey Meddler! Speaking of bugfixes, any news on the charging/channeling spells issue from 9.2? Did any of the teams manage to get a fix for 9.4? Regards, Caenen
There are some charge/channel fixes in 9.4.
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