Ałice (EUNE)
: Still waiting for an update on Zac's revert. Are you ok with current changes? or have more plans?
No changes in thinking since the post earlier this week here on the Dev Corner.
Lore2 (NA)
: How do you determine if a champion is unbalance able? Didn't the first iteration of ryze of decent winrates for periods of time without being OP?
By seeing whether we can put them in a position where they're a reasonable choice some of the time, rather than always or never picked. Doing so for any given level of skill's pretty doable, some kits aren't well suited to being balanced for multiple contexts though, Ryze being a prime example. Our goal is for champs to be at least ok picks across all skill ranges. Not certain which version you're referring to by first iteration. Earliest Ryze I've got familiarity with for example was the beta one where he'd kill you by just waiting in brush and casting R alone at level 6. Guessing that's not the one though...
: Hey Meddler, the Teemo experimental changes have been on PBE for a while now, are you able to share any thoughts or status updates on how you're feeling about the changes? Are they likely to go through?
Good point, we should share some thoughts there. I'll track down the designer working on them, get something into a post for next week.
Galiö (NA)
: Just up extra early today or did you watch MSI?
These days I get up whenever my daughter decides to wake up (newborn). Figured I'd just put the post up early as a result. Her waking up early was real convenient for MSI though must admit, even if I missed the first game. For anyone who hasn't watched the BO5 yet it's well worth a look.
: Any thoughts on buffing Yuumi's auto attack range so she can proc her passive without getting almost killed?
We're pretty cautious with things that give Yuumi more safety given just how evasive her attach can make her when played well. We've seen extremely powerful versions of Yuumi, even with lower AA range, in internal testing, so would be hesitant to add that to her. Not saying it's impossible, wouldn't be the first time we've thought something was much stronger than it was off limited sample size. It's something we've thought about though certainly and wouldn't want to act on too quickly.
Chubbles (NA)
: Morning Meddler! Do you guys have any other plans to open up supports in the pro scene bot lane outside of tanky supports like Braum and Kench? I know you guys make some nerfs a while ago but seems like pros are still just picking tanks. (Assuming I don't have my patches out of order and the nerfs are on a patch after MSI)
Unless things have changed since I last talked with the team the angle we've been working on a bit and will potentially push further on is making it so pro teams are more able to pick tanks in other roles. Our feeling is that a lot of what drives pro teams to focus support tanks so hard is a clear desire for a tank on the team and difficulties picking them in other positions.
: i had heard a rumor that ryze might get reverted because his pre rework was easier to balance than the current rework do you have any knowledge on this information.
There's some Ryze experimentation going on at present, cautiously optimistic it'll be worth shipping at least some of it. Wouldn't call it a revert though and don't think we've got any reason to believe past versions of Ryze were more balanceable even if his current state has issues too.
: Quick question, it seems that a Pyke-style indicator has been added to Cho execution threshold, in addition to the Garen-style indicator he already had. Last time indicators have been evoked (with Pyke release), Rioters said that Urgot could get one (and he did a couple months later), but that the tension of when to ult exactly was an important skill test for Darius and Cho, and so they wouldn't get a Pyke-style indicator. So... 1. What has changed about that, and why did Cho get one now? 2. Could other champs get one too? Garen and Darius of course jump to mind, but also things like Riven or Veigar? Bonus question: why wasn't this change documented in Patch notes and apparently wasn't detected on PBE?
Cho's always had an exact execute indicator, so we weren't as concerned about adding it here, the difference being degree of clarity. Darius for example we're still much more hesitant to give this level of information to, with estimating your damage output being a skill test there as you describe. Not sure why this got missed from patch notes. PBE wise would expect it was there but wasn't picked up on by 3rd party sites like S@20 because it's not the sort of change their automated tools are built to detect. Stuff like that sometimes sits there undiscussed as a result.
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FelBeef (NA)
: Wukong 1 trick since season 2. 1million mastery over accounts. Mid diamond. My concern is with this kit still not making sense as far as scaling and a damage amplification passive being a bandaid. His q now does magic damage. Why? He has an attack speed steroid and an ult that scales with total AD. Does q scale with Ad but for some reason do magic damage to diversify his damage output? Does the clones auto attack speed scale with our current attack speed or when it is cast. For example if I dash into a jungle camp and then immediately w to avoid being destroyed by krugs will my clone recieve my boosted attack speed and stack my passive faster? If I w then dash with the clone attack with my current AS or when it was cast? Q not scaling with damage seems like you're gutting his q damage in the hope that his conditional damage source of someone being stupid enough to stand next to and auto attack his clone in an extended trade somehow compensates for his q not scaling. (But i guess it's better than the 10 damage it currently does) I would love to test these changes and see scaling numbers as well. What do I need to do to make a pbe account
As mentioned elsewhere open to figuring out how to spend power so Q has an AD ratio too. Wanted to get some testing on a less AD specifically focused kit for this version though and go from there. Damage and build path diversification are the rationale for Q being magic damage. Intent is W clone would benefit from the E attack speed if you had it up when you used W. Can't recall if that's actually in already or not though, will be in a future changelist if not there right now. https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/pbe for PBE account stuff
: Can you make the clones also Q when you Q for half effect? Do they do on hit effects?
Intention is W clone does apply on hit effects yes. Possible some won't be working in the version on PBE, current plan is they all should though. Clones will get the intended range from the Q passive if you already had it up before you cast W. They're not currently benefiting from the Q damage if you had that primed before hitting W, that's unintentional however, will make it so Q's used before W is spawned are copied.
Harambe (NA)
: When will these changes be going live on PBE? I am awaiting to give a thorough response regarding what I think of the kit once I officially try it out. It's much more difficult to get into detail without properly implementing the new kit/playstyle.
: First off, Wukong was my first champ that I mained since season 4 . I know you said numbers are still not like theyre gonna be in the end, but to me it seems you gutted his E and Q dmg for a little heal and gimmicky E. I played assassin wukong for 5 years and the dmg numbers going down so low makes me sad. Even with those changes, you still cant do shit against renekton/jax/riven etc. in the top lane, but you gutted his assassin wukong mid gameplay, IMO. Honestly, I have no idea what type of builds would I use on the new kit, because it doesnt seem he can go against irelia and jax anyway. That little heal wont do anything, when ^^ those champs can do everything better. Also, I dont want Wukong to become just another braindead user of trinity steraks with conq, Id much rather like him to get the assassin type vibe with trickstery involved.
I'm assuming quite a few numbers would change before anything goes live, whether up or down. Understand the concern around damage dropping, and could well be too low now. Do need to take some power out from some places if putting power elsewhere however - massive buffs and no changes to compensate isn't something we can do here. In terms of performance against other fighters 1v1 appreciate the initial thoughts, would be great to also get people's feedback once they had some time to try them out in game. I'm expecting some changes to read as much less impactful on paper than they actually are and vice versa. Hands on testing's especially valuable as a result.
: I really wanna thank you Meddler for hearing people out and as a wu main hope these changes (which already sound awesome) bring our fantasy of wu back to life! Cant wait to try them out on pbe and give u guys feedback as soon as possible! <3 My only question is why q now deals magic damage and doesnt scale ? i mean 20-100 flat is kinda ok but i think the q part needs some other work on it plus depends on the cd its gonna be , would love love to hear ur thought on it :) @Meddler {{champion:62}}
Might shift some power around to get some scaling on the Q damage, or if he proves weak just add power there. Wanted to try a version without as a test for a much lower AD scaling kit though, especially given the Q passive adds a significant amount of power at some points in the game even if it's not direct damage. Magic damage is an exploration into the kit being less focused on getting Armor Pen (whether Lethality or Black Cleaver) while also giving a tiny bit more power against Armor stacking enemies than would otherwise be the case.
Meddler (NA)
: Ah gotcha. Hmm, issue there is how to let the player cancel R still when desired. Way our spells are currently scripted can't have the spell slot both available to be recast (cancel) and get benefit from PoM. Lemme think about that one.
Ok, turns out we've got a solve on this already that a lot of other abilities already use. We'll treat this as a bugfix separate from this Wukong changelist and just add it into an upcoming patch in the near future, given timing on the gameplay update's unclear and no need to delay this particular fix.
Moody P (NA)
: what if wukong spawned bananas on trees nearby and could pick them up for health over time, I think that would be more thematic
Thank you for the suggestion.
: During the active. Would shove 4 seconds out of 120 at best and make presence of mind work if you get kills while spinning.
Ah gotcha. Hmm, issue there is how to let the player cancel R still when desired. Way our spells are currently scripted can't have the spell slot both available to be recast (cancel) and get benefit from PoM. Lemme think about that one.
: Do the E clones stay, at all, or do they only exist during the dash?
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=8aAAV7wu,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-05-14T16:11:42.629+0000) > > I don't think all melee need to have sustain. I do think they usually need some form of laning survivability though, whether that be healing, untargetability, shielding, a parry or whatever. Melee without need either extremely high health regen (hidden sustain basically), safe ranged farming (so not true melee) or the ability to simply bully hard enough no one tries to trade with them. There are ways those approaches can work too but they bring other challenges so don't want to use them too often. About that; I understand that player agency matters and that should a player need sustain/defense to function, it should be available to him in some form. This said, it's been a problem in some cases when these laners' sustain numbers became pretty high on their own, and then supports add in some more, resulting in nigh unkillable machines. Is there an intended design guideline between what laners can give themselves to remain healthy and what supports can add on top of that before it becomes toxic? Especially considering in Lifesteal items, which pretty consistently allows carries to heal themselves as much or more throughout a game than what even enchanters can bring?
Sustain here is targeted particularly at early game, whether in lane or jungle, when my belief is supports or items pushing sustain too far won't be an issue. Could certainly tweak scaling versus base if seeing problems at some point in the game but think it's unlikely to be an issue.
: Hey Meddler, thank you for the update and the hardwork. I'm a wuk main with over 2mil points on all accounts. My intake on the information presented in front of me [first we need to test it to see how it goes]: 1) the kit looks good, yet utility is still almost the same. 2) although heals have been added, the heal looks like will heal on Q AA only, which is part of why we needed the Q mechanic to change to begin with [ i still have no idea how the Q works if it's still AA reset or something else], but either way I was expecting a skillshot with added range + skill expression and slight CC. 3) Wukong still has no reliable form of CC compared to his class and other bruisers , he has no slows and still will not be able to provide for the team, rather, now he's a skirmishing bruisers from what I see. 4) instead of giving him additional resistances, we could give him % damage reduction on his passive or "R" when he engages the first second for example, that would give him more survivability, that's what Wukong mains want, to be able to last longer with the R and not be bursted down. 5) he looks like he has more potential to outplay the enemy with the "W,E" changes, but why not make the "W" stackable"? I dont see him being a better trickster with 1 clone only and it has the same invisibility as well. 6) Again, from my point of view, changing the Q to a skillshot with slight CC would give him a way better spot for laning phase and extra CC in his kit, the knockup on the R is not enough for a bruiser that doesnt have any form of "movement speed boost or slowing the enemies". 7) No form of shields [which again can be added to his stone skin theme rather than resistances]. I will test it as soon as it goes on PBE and will provide more info later on. _**Edit [ 3 Games played ]**_ I can only give feedback on how Wukong works in the jungle so far [im not a toplaner and I will let other top mains give their feedback]: 1) Jung wukong is really strong, specialy if combined with both Tiamat {{item:3077}} and sheen/tf {{item:3057}} /{{item:3078}} 2) Wukong now has 2 AA resets which makes him good in trading whether laning/ganks/counter jungling 3) There is no point in going Bruiser Wukong [for me I find the old assassin build playstyle is still viable though I recommend putting {{item:3078}} and {{item:3077}} as mandatory items for Wu since they will maximize his damage output with his Clone's damage and AOE at the same time] 4) Wukong lost 10% of armor shred but now the % armor shred can maximize his damage due to lasting longer for longer trades + his R can activate it on each tick] 5) I dont feel the heal or at least I find it a pointless extra addition 6) Wukong cant trade much with healers/shield bruisers [riven/darius etc] unless he bursts them down quickly 7) The armor/magic resistance part of the passive feels weak and irrelevant early/mid game and somewhat useful lategame [survivability problem still not solved] 8) I enjoy the Q passive that adds range, and if we want to make the Q healing better we should apply heal on each reset or can add both magic dmg and the heal as well for 9) Having no form of CC makes it hard to reach certain champs specially now that I try to save the W for trades rather than be sneaky [huge part of Wu's damage is in his W]. 10) Wu's damage mostly relies on the Q passive [AA resets/added range + W damage]. 11) sometimes the clone takes longer time to AA _**Edit 2:**_ This rework doesn't work: 1) Survivability problem is still there. and it's still dependent on 3+ enemies, which makes him less of a bruiser in lane, even in teamfight, stats doesn't make a bruiser anymore, rather, shields/heals/AOE sustain [look {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} etc] + the fact that Penetration exists makes the passive even weaker 2) Heal is terrible, my opinion [we dont need heal, we want something that can block % of damage for lane trading] 3) I don't consider Wu a trickster: 1. 1 Clone is not enough, and the "S" stop command doesnt give you much potential to outplay anyone specially if they can AOE mash their keyboards to deny the outplay [{{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} ..] 2. Tricksters are assasins, with huge outplay potential and mobility [check {{champion:7}} can dash 2 times, and go back to same spot 2 times {{champion:35}} stealth that works as gap closer/dodge skillshots, W can trap/trick enemies, R can outplay any incoming damage] 4) Wu lost a lot of damage, and doens't have any source of reliable [hybrid damage/true damage/ % damage] that would allow him to sacrifice building damage and go for defensive items, even with the 20% armor shred on his Passive, its still bad, since he lost 10% comparing to the previous Q. 5) Now you save W in hopes you deal damage in case someone tried to duel, cant work as an assassin or you will lose high damage output, cant be sneaky anymore [part of why he's not a trickster atm] 6) No CC at all, you cant contest with bruisers who can {{champion:92}} stun-knockyou up, {{champion:266}} many knockups and zoning spell, {{champion:24}} deny AA damage which W is heavily reliable on right now, and stun you, etc, All what wu got now is 1 second knockup on lvl 6.
Q is still an AA reset yes. Let me know how you're feeling about ability to access the heal once you've had a chance to try it in game? My thinking around not adding additional CC was that there was an opportunity here to keep Wukong more distinct from other melee damage dealers while still making him more effective in some circumstances. If this direction doesn't work out we'd be open to considering more standard CC approaches, worry that makes him more generic though and undercuts our ability to offer other tools. Revised Stoneskin on the passive is intended to give him better burst resistance in teamfights. Going with Armor and MR for now rather than DR because that gives better hooks into the item system for both Wukong and other players. He can itemize to strengthen the passive, with Stoneplate especially looking really strong in some circumstances, players really struggling against him can prioritize % shred. DR by contrast's a flatter mechanic that removes some depth from the game. It's got its place certainly, but think there's value in avoiding it where possible unless extreme consistency is really important (e.g. Braum E). Been seeing some meaningful trickster increase with a single clone. Again, lemme know how if feels post play though.
Blukachu (EUW)
: Currently 0.5m mastery with Wukong in the jungle around mid gold with seasonal climbs from low bronze throughout seasons. Firstly thank you for addressing key frustrations a lot of us monkey mains have been facing with a limited linear kit thats bound by certain playstyles. Now obviously I havent playtested any of these changes and I cant talk for high elo but heres my initial thoughts.... What I really like; Q change. Whilst armor shred is nice, it feels slightly outdated in terms of interaction. I feel like we can stack black cleaver a bit easier with these changes too so it slightly makes up for it. The sustain has been a hig want for Wu players too. I also like that this becomes less bursty and more extended. R change. This should actually help a lot. I dont know if its just me but there has definitely been a number of times where ive been locked into ult and cancelling into an ability is clunky when its needed in a very clutch position. A very appreciated QoL change. Things im unsure of; W change. As this is the biggest change I dont as of yet have an opinion on it. Will have to try it out and see how it goes. Things I dont like; E damage going down to compensate for a difficult to take advantage of change. It would be extremeley difficult to utilise the E clones to block skillshots. The increased range for clones is nice but Id definitely prefer a non change on this ability of it means i dont have to sacrifice core damage. Questions and points to note; Is the attack speed buff element to his E staying? With lower cooldowns I expect one current issue to come up moreso than it already does... mana gating. Is there any changes to mana numbers as a lot of players already struggle with this and they wont be able to take advantage of lower cooldowns if they are still held back by mana numbers. Whilst the W change seems nice, how will the targeting be prioritised? It would be a shame if theres nothing inplace for this and my clone targets minions when theres enemy champions in range. Is there something that I'm missing in terms of his jungle clearing. If anything it seems like early jungle clearing would be slightly worse off with these changes and Wu already has quite a bad clear. Suggestions; If the passive element of Q changed to auto-attacks acter using an ability slow enemies and tge active part had a slight range increase... there would be an appreciable CC element to his base kit that can help with taking scuttle too. Some compensation to his mana numbers. E damage revert. Something small to assist with his early jungle clear. Other than this the listed changes so far seem very promising and a step in the right direction that we mains have been hoping for for a while!! Thank you
E potential damage hit here isn't to pay for other changes to the E, but changes to other parts of the kit. I'm not certain it's necessary yet, but suspect it is given other power being added and this seems to be one of the best places to cut damage as a result. E still grants AS. W prioritizes enemies within its range Wukong has just hit, otherwise it'll attack the nearest enemy at present. Pretty open to tweaking its AI, hasn't been a major focus yet. It also benefits from the extended range from his Q passive post spellcast. We haven't done exhaustive jungle testing yet. Some clears on a previous version of this kit looked pretty reasonable, that might have changed though. Wouldn't want to penalize his jungling relative to his laning, my current inclination is he's a champ who should be supported in either position. Appreciate the other feedback, apologies don't have time to respond to everything. Interested in how your thoughts change after seeing it in game on PBE.
Diablo v2 (EUW)
: thank you i appreciate it sry for changing the topic
Thank you for understanding :)
FafliX (EUW)
: I have played a lot of Wukong in the past, mostly in Dominion, but also toplane. I stopped playing him mostly after the removal of Dominion. Immediate problems I see: The Q name is horrendous. Please that has to change. Also, won't enemies instantly know whether Wu is real or not by the clone attacking something. If you press S, you won't attack anything. Also, even if you do, you deal more damage than the clone, meaning they should be able to tell after one AA. You could maybe press S, and then immediately start hitting the closest enemy to replicate it, but that sounds unnecessarily complicated. In cases where there are no enemies in the clone's range it's nice though. Also yes, I'm just speculating on how it works here. Maybe I'm misunderstanding some mechanic of it here.
Thanks for the feedback on the Q name. Looking at playtesting so far hitting 'S' and then AAing something to fake a W cast hasn't proven to be too complicated for most players who've wanted to try it. Opponents are sometimes able to tell it's not the clone once the AA has landed and damage has been lower than expected, in busy situations though that's proven difficult for even pretty experienced players. Maybe that won't be the case once we get a wider group of people playtesting these on PBE and in labs, will see.
: Hi, Wukong main from Season 2 to Season 6.5, around Plat skill level. Regarding power budget: I want to hear some thoughts on champion design in general (sparked by these Wukong changes) on the subject of whether -- in my opinion-- "meaningless power" is taken into consideration in a champion's power budget. Case in point - new Q magic damage, or old W magic damage I argue that these are "meaningless power", because when I imagine myself playing this champion, whether or not that portion of the skill is there makes no meaningful difference to how I play, and no meaningful difference to my decision making in fight or flight scenarios. If these "meaningless powers" are part of what the power budget is spent on, then I would urge you and the team that the new Q magic damage be: - removed completely and have that power better spent elsewhere for a more optimized skillset - or have that Q damage be less meaningless by making it physical damage - or magical but scaled with %hp or another manner where it is non-linear For reference, a champion with very little "meaningless power" is Zed, where everything synergizes with something else, other than the passive being magic damage. But it is not meaningless. Why? Because it is scaled non-linearly and is immense aid in early game cs'ing.
For "meaningless power" in general, yeah, all power's taken into consideration when balancing a champ. Our goal's not always to make every source of power as optimizable as possible though, that can lead to kits that have too punishing a learning curve, demand the player focus on too many things at once, lack concentrated enough success/failure cases etc. Would argue sometimes power into something like base stats or damage on a simple ability is the appropriate call depending on what the rest of the kit looks like. In terms of this Q specifically the Q bonus damage isn't really a decision point in all in situations certainly. When it comes to lane trading it's got some relevance by contrast, providing a small but worth tracking window for opponents to play around and Wukong to consider. Trying Magic Damage here as a way to open up his build paths a bit more, so he's not so strongly bound to Lethality and/or BC depending on exact tuning of those items.
: Could you please, please make the ultimate cooldown go off during it aswell. Just for the sake of presence of mind. i'll try all of this in PBE ASAP and give you feedback.
Sorry, I don't follow - the ultimate CD go off during what?
Diablo v2 (EUW)
: have u planned anything for asol he loses all 1v1 midlane is there any chance u could nerf his e and buff his early game damage towards champions
I'm going to be sticking to Wukong specific responses in this thread. For anyone who wants to ask about other stuff should have a QGT post later in the week. Can't guarantee I'll be able to answer any given question but will respond to the ones I can there. Would like to keep more focused threads like this one on topic rather than having them be spammed by a range of other stuff.
Moody P (NA)
: is it necessary for all fighters to be vampires? I feel like sustain is becoming an obligation band aid for survivability problems lately
I don't think all melee need to have sustain. I do think they usually need some form of laning survivability though, whether that be healing, untargetability, shielding, a parry or whatever. Melee without need either extremely high health regen (hidden sustain basically), safe ranged farming (so not true melee) or the ability to simply bully hard enough no one tries to trade with them. There are ways those approaches can work too but they bring other challenges so don't want to use them too often.
: Excited to test these changes Meddler, could I ask if you want Wukong to be more assassin-y or bruiser with these changes
This version's intended to move Wukong back somewhat towards a more bruiser like approach. Not trying to remove ability to burst down others entirely but do want to stretch out his damage output a bit, give him tools to be less all in dependent, let him live longer etc. Not sure yet if these specific changes have the balance between anti carry and extended fighter right though.
Avelden (NA)
: Changes look pretty good, the only thing that I would have to be curious about is if it would be possible for the clones (during E) could prioritize champions? Would be helpful during a 1v2 (or gank) with minions standing around.
I'm hesitant about adding additional reliability to a kit that's got pretty reliable targeting types on its spells already and is also getting some potential mindgame capability added as well. Prioritizing champs on abilities like this can make sense at times when counterplay's just too high otherwise, have yet to see evidence that that's an issue here however. Entirely understand desire as the Wukong player to have greater effectiveness in situations like that but don't think it's the right overall call off observations so far.
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: Bruh... Yuumi is Not op... if y'all nerf her it's clear you don't want her to succeed.
As per original post follow up here could mean buffs or nerfs. If we didn't want Yuumi to succeed we wouldn't ship her. That does happen to some champs, usually fairly early in their development process.
Yaz (EUW)
: Hello Meddler, could you share with us some details about the Zac revert. Which spells will be affected?
Ult revert's the main change. Designer working on it should have a post up next week with details and their thinking on what is/isn't changing and why. We were hoping to hit 9.10 for ship but getting the old audio for the ult hooked up proved a bit more challenging than originally assumed hence the move to 9.11.
: What about the client updates?
We've got some work underway, apologies, I'm not familiar with the details though or sure when we'll have an update (I'm not very involved in the engineering side of things, though working to be more so).
Naalith (NA)
: I know a while ago you said buffs for Swain were being considered since his days at bottom are over, is that still on the table?
Nothing underway right now. We did take a look at him a little while back, concluded he was in a reasonable state performance wise and we didn't have room to add power. Would certainly revisit though if things change, just not seeing the justification at present.
: Hey Meddler, hows the team feeling bout multiple IE Jhin?
Always feels a little odd to stack items like that when you're not getting stacking benefit from a passive. Not concerned it's too strong from what we've seen. Do have a small buff to ER coming in 9.10 next week though, since conclusion is that's slightly undertuned. Possible that shifts him to IE/ER builds?
: Any chance to make mercury treads less oppressive for immobile champs with only one form of CC, and maybe increase the usefulness against a lot of CC? I feel like that will be a healthier change because it feels useless against a lot but extremely impactful and unfun to play against with only one form.
Nothing currently planned in that line. Seems like a decent direction to discuss though, I'll pass it on to a couple of folks for them to consider. Could imagine variations that target Tenacity more towards particular circumstances (e.g. some sources are flat and good against single big CCs, another source potentially stacks up whenever you're CC'd so is targeted at chain CC victims).
: quick thoughts on rek'sai post nerf?
Is probably about balanced in high MMR play at present, looks weak at low MMR. Not ideal, kit's the sort that skews towards high MMR optimizations though. No immediate plans to try and shift that.
: Hey Meddler do you have an update on the Diana stuff as well
Probably hitting PBE next week as well. Context post tomorrow or early next week.
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Meddler (NA)
: Thank you. I'll be passing the Wukong work on to someone else so they can continue it shortly. Initial player labs have shown promise to it, though would like to do some more with a wider group. Also considering putting it on PBE for a cycle and then taking it off again (isn't currently shippable, and might take a while before it got there, but would give good discussion and potentially validation). TK - cautiously optimistic so far. Need to see how his solo lane health looks and whether we have managed to increase his power in regular games while lessening pro problems before being too confident though.
Update here - going to try and get a rough, but representative set of changes onto PBE pretty soon (hopefully next week or week after). To manage expectations, that doesn't necessarily mean we're near ship (could be months still depending on other demands on artists time for example and what reception's like). Should help a lot with discussion of direction, feedback etc. Also, there'll be some bugs for the PBE test. Nothing crippling, but some known issues that shouldn't impede testing but will be a bit annoying that would be fixed before anything went live at some point.
Krabby (EUW)
: >Adjusting Matchmaking's Speed versus Accuracy at high MMR I wonder how the autofill ratio in the higher elos change with this patch. Does it get affected or is it mostly just higher queuetimes in favor of better game quality?
There is some risk of an autofill rate increase (one downside of narrowing MMR ranges selected from for a match). Will be monitoring that closely, given while autofill's necessary high rates can be pretty problematic.
Guts Man (NA)
: ***
Not trying to push a particular position as a goal, I do expect some changes at least will be top/jungle favorable though (being done for other reasons, but have that impact potentially).
: Ah, ok. First thing we hear about that - last week they were confirmed for 9.10: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/82cE8haV-early-910-patch-discussion?comment=00110000 Anyways, can you (get the responsible designer to) give us a sneak peek on what is to come? Or is that not set in ~~stone~~ goo yet?
Core of it is likely: * Old ult * Additional 1% target HP damage per 100 AP on W Delay to 9.11 is in large part driven by needing that time to hook up all the old ult sounds.
: Please Meddler, anything on Diana yet ? I've been trying to get an answer from you since a long time...
We'll have some Diana changes on PBE soon, potentially next week . Not expecting we'll ship those in 9.10 or 9.11, but instead that we'll see how they test, what discussion is like etc. Based off that we'll then figure out what adjustments to make and whether to get some form of them into an upcoming patch in the moderate future or not. Context post with full changes and rationale to come the day they hit PBE.
Turtqies (NA)
: Hey Meddler! I'm so happy to have you back! Smiled ear to ear and even told my friend who is about to get into League of Legends about you. Now, as everyone else, I have some questions, sorry lol. How far are the Riven, Vayne, and Master Yi changes coming along? And if you are planning any future VFX, could Lux be high up on that list? Making it more visible with her abilities' hit boxes. From a thankful and happy ass summoner, Turtqies / Filthy Akali main {{champion:84}}
Thank you. We're currently expecting to ship Riven, Vayne and Yi changes in 9.10, with Vayne and Yi also impacted by the Rageblade reshaping. Work's showing promise, though would expect what's on PBE at present to be iterated on a bit more in some cases at least.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: So its intended counterplay that Yuumi is targetable? Because it feels a bit weird being able to get CCd and oneshot out of her jump for trying to attach to an ally and heal them. Also if Yuumi becomes way better in coordinated play than in soloq, I think itd be a nice change to remove the range threshold on her Q, so it has infinite range but it still times out like it does right now of course.
It's intended that she doesn't become instantly untargetable and immune to stuff as soon as she starts the attach dash yes. We tested versions where she did get to avoid stuff immediately and the power of full untargetability that frequently was enormous, with counterplay correspondingly way too low.
: Welcome back meddler :D i hope you had a great time, about the zac revert they said it will come by 9.10 but so far there is no news about it in pbe patch, when can we expect to see it?
Zac changes should, all be according to plan, be in 9.11. Means they'll hit PBE in a week and a half or so.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/BE56qAN1-item-shop-cleanup
Ah, gotcha, thanks. That's work we'd like to do but not something immediately planned. Something like preseaon's a likely window as a result. Earlier's not impossible, but it's probably not imminent.
Divined (EUW)
: Will ad neeko get any buffs with the rageblade nerf. It's a pretty key item for her.
We're going to see where champs land before making compensatory buffs based off possible Rageblade impact.
: Hey Meddler Are the Teemo changes scheduled to be in 9.10 or 9.11?
Our next step on Teemo is a revised version of the changes we're going to run through player labs, hopefully sometime this month. Based off that we'll then make a call on whether to go ahead with changes or leave him as is. Update to follow at some point once we have a firm plan.
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