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Medio (NA)
: League broken, won't reconnect.
Still just black screens on reconnect until retry error comes up. Awesome....
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Cowsep (NA)
: Cowsep's Response AND a great chance to talk about KOREAN SERVER toxicity!!
Why don't they just do an SSN ban? That should bring them shame enough to behave once enough of them are gone.
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: Call me crazy but i think magga is dead after lamb and wolf dissapear out of the graveyard. Because at the end of the story magga said she feels a sharp pain in her chest which i might remind you that she chose lambs arrow as her death which most likely wouldve hit in her chest. also at the end how all of the audience had lamb and wolf masks on, i think thats because they had the same fate as magga and tresspassed into the graveyard and died by lamb or wolfs kill and whoever killed them, thats the mask they wear. but its just my theroy.
No. Magga lives. The masks she sees at the end are the people's soul choices. The mask you wear embodies how you will die based on how you live. Those who accept death and live gracefully will experience lambs arrow. Those who run from death in fear will experience wolf's chase. In the end she was allowed to see what kindred sees, due to the fact that kindred likes her, wolves and lambs. Wolf wears a lamb mask to disguise himself amongst the sheep and instill fear at the time of death. Lamb wears a wolf mask to walk amongst the courageous and provide grace at the time of death. I imagine kindred sees everyone with a wolf or lamb mask, and that determines how they come for them.


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