: There needs to be at least 3 VGU's a year, not 2.
I think many champions need GAMEPLAY Updates, but I think less desperately need VGUs. The only ones I can think of currently that are very much outliers of the pack are: {{champion:32}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} These IMO are the only champions that need a Visual Update AND a Gameplay Update in the current state of the game. There are others that are close, but moreso need better gameplay than visuals, such as: {{champion:12}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:17}} There is a few others that could use visual updates too with minor changes to gameplay, such as: {{champion:34}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:26}} Thats about the list to me. I think about 3-4 VGUs a year would be about right, especially since the NEED between the champions on these lists vary a lot. For example, Shaco needs an update far, far more than Nocturne. And Skarner needs new gameplay much more than Alistar. And Jax needs a visual update far more than Rammus.
: How scaling champions are supposted to scale if almost every game ends in 20min?
I feel like the kind of people who make these threads are also the people who Im gonna run across in my games that, 15 minutes into the game are somewhere between 1/6 or 3/8 with awful farm that keep typing in chat how either a champion is busted or someone on their team isn't performing well enough. And then will start a surrender vote that gets only 1-2 votes.
: Here's the problem with this: Unlike most other juggernauts, his kit is designed around % damage health, not AD scalability. In other words he's just as dangerous vs tanks as vs low HP targets. Q BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE:» 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5% (**+ 1% per 100 AD) of target's maximum health**) # R: PHYSICAL DAMAGE:» #200 / 300 / 400 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 40 / 50 / 60% of primary target's bonus health) In other words, if you build HP items, he actually counters you. Hard. Almost 1 shot hard. Unlike other Juggernauts, he also has a significant attack speed boost, and a longer range and more influential pull than Darius, and a better Vi E. --------------------------------- He's not going to be seen as OP, because his walk speed makes him limited and people will treat him like every other juggernaut: try to poke from a distance. Except..... he also heals from being hit, and vs other juggernauts, his kit is designed to outtrade. Once people play him versus mundo/Darius/cho enough, they will get sick of being outtraded and then he will be vocalized for nerfs.
Almost every Juggernaut has ways to deal with Tanks: {{champion:266}} - Passive % Health Damage {{champion:122}} - E % Armor Pen, Ult True Damage {{champion:36}} - Q % Health Damage {{champion:86}} - E % Armor Shred, Ult True Damage {{champion:420}} - W % Health Damage {{champion:82}} - Passive % Health Damage, E % Magic Pen, R % Defense Stat Steal {{champion:75}} - E % Armor Shred, Ult % Health Damage {{champion:48}} - Ult % Health Drain, Ult % Armor and Magic Res Steal {{champion:6}} - Passive % Health Damage {{champion:106}} - E % Health Damage {{champion:83}} - E % Health Damage, R % Health Damage
: It is very well done for everything except the ultimate. I like the animation when he charges the ultimate but the crowstorm is too much Swain to simply pass like that. Personally, I would prefer if the ultimate did not go red and it stayed the original color...idk tho, it might be just me
I think the Green/Blue of his old ult would clash with his new red.
: C from caitlyns lore
: PSA for Tomorrow: Sett is a Juggernaut
Eh, this implies Ill even see the new champion the day it gets released, considering the first thing 75% of the community does the first day a champion is out is ban them, whether OP or not.
: Dots are generally super unhealthy and you can't convince me otherwise. Nothing is more painful than a point & click Malz E or stepping on a shroom and getting ate alive by Liandry's Torment. Like, the thing with dots is that they're compensated for the sake of being dots, and these compensations are often super obnoxious. Singed's entire kit works to support his poison, and your end result is the creation of one of the most annoying champions. This is kinda true to every dot heavy champ, they're often disliked. Malz, Singed, Teemo, Cass, and Brand.
I actually haven't seen anyone complain about those five in a long while. It was a simpler time when Teemo was considered the most annoying champion.
: New Ionian Juggernaut "Sett" Theories
Im still hoping on a Yordle Juggernaut that isn't in some giant mech or something.
Syku (NA)
: POLL - Too much CC in League with New champs?
Buy Tenacity or get it in Runes. If you don't buy those, don't get hit by the CC. Pretty much every CC move now a days can be dodged, and the bigger duration ones are often the easiest to dodge. And hey, if you are just a person that hates CC, there are tons of champions that can easily play around CC. {{champion:12}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:8}} All champions with innate crowd control resistance, a get out of jail free ability, or an instant reaction ability to make them absorb a crowd control or two. Theres a few other champions too that care much less about crowd control, but I dont wanna explain individually why for each. Heck, from my experience, League of Legends is actually pretty tame when it comes to crowd control compared to most MOBAs.
Lost R (NA)
: I'm seeing something consistent in all the games that are lost.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
I don't think there's ever been a single story that has featured Teemo in the main universe outside of his biography. Can Teemo get a story?
: Is Riot trying to change the support role ?
I think a more accurate description of Bottom Lane these days is "One characters farms, the other one doesn't".
: > [{quoted}](name=Friend Like Me,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PYe1WIJ1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-29T19:11:11.579+0000) > > Actually Kindred is another that has been waiting longer than Bard. Bard at least got a gold chroma last holiday. True, but Kindred has a thematic flaw where it's really just lamb and floating head... It makes sense for riot to hesitate because they're thinking of ways to handle the flaw before pumping out new content... Bard, however, has no reasons for being stalled out.
: The Shyvana update/rework she deserves!
I just wish we had a normal dragon character in the game. Not a half-dragon. Not a space dragon. A giant, flying, cataclysmic fire-breather that rains down hell from above.
Sneakeh (EUNE)
: Fiddlestick's re-work and heavy point and click CC
Point and click crowd control keeps mobility in check. Making it non-point and click only benefits champions that specifically need to be locked down, as non-mobile champions are more likely to be hit by things that CAN miss.
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: so riot nerfed farming junglers yet again...
They also nerfed Bot Lane EXP dude.
: Dear tank mains: You shouldn't be immune to losing a fight against X or Y subclass
Then can, as a Tank, I not have a severe disadvantage versus Bruisers? Or have all my resists turned to dust late game? Or auto-lose lane against any champion with decent sustained damage and mobility?
: Petition to make Galio grow with the more MR he builds
Something tells me that would make his E act awkwardly. I'm unsure if his E matches his hitbox or if its a set hitbox. If its the former, this would usually be a straight buff to Galio, making his E easier to hit. If its the latter, it would cause for some extreme visual weirdness, where he'd fly straight through someone slightly to his left or right.
: Pantheon has a 100 % presence in worlds
Champion -> Has Global-ish Mobility Ultimate/Ability and a Half Decent Kit -> Pro Play All-Star Until Nerfed {{champion:136}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:163}}
: So are we going to openly ignore that Garen, Pyke, and Morgana are nearly all permaban status?
I dont think anyone, even Riot based on the PBE, are ignoring those first two.
: A Little Taste of Fear - Fiddlesticks VO
FYI Fiddlesticks rework is still 3 releases away. According to what a Rioter said a while ago, Senna, the "zen" marksman, and the Ionian Juggernaut will come before Fiddlesticks. Based on this knowledge, they likely don't have his VO ready.
Sucction (OCE)
: I dislike point and click cc due to it being very frustrating, but I think Fiddle's is fine as long as he doesn't keep the silence. Being cc'd for a couple seconds is okay, but cc'd for nearly fucking 5 is not.
: Pantheon was step in the right artistic direction Volibear is not!
GreenLore (EUW)
: Teemos Mushrooms and Twitch
Not gonna lie, I'd be down with a secret Yordle Underground society in Zaun.
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
I think Fiddlesticks will keep his point and click Fear, but it won't be ALWAYS usable. I think he will have to apply "Horror" or whatever to enemies before he can fear them for maybe like, 2.5 seconds or maybe 2 seconds and with an MR reduction.
: Why do people keep saying jg is losing xp it's not stop saying it.
Because Riot said so in their Preseason Gameplay Changes post. > We’re increasing base minion XP slightly so solo laners level a bit faster, and we’re reducing the amount of bonus XP generated when allies share XP so bot lane levels a bit more slowly. We're also slightly decreasing jungle XP.
DevinJK (NA)
: Artifact: The Dota-Uh, I mean Legends of Runeterra! The League of Legends Card Game!
I am looking forward to it. Artifact flopped because a.) the market system in it was awful and b.) it was very complex for a genre where the most played archetype is Aggro/Burn often. The games took very long too, which isnt what most card game players want. This seems much simpler, and people are more attached to League lore and characters than Dota characters.
: Garen's New Q interaction with Shen's W, DESTROYS the matchup.
The movement speed buff on Garen's Q has always been separate from the enhanced attack. What?
Rioter Comments
: Will Senna have a dash?
Will she have mobility? Maybe in some form. A dash though? I have doubts. It would look pretty awkward with how big her gun is, and not even in a cartoon-y goofy way that a yordle like Tristana gets away with. At best I think she might get a much weaker tiny Lucian dash, but probably not something you can do every two seconds.
: Is legends of runeterra canon???
Yasuo's brother does exist though.
: I think he will leave a lot of still clones of himself around the map, so he'll be able to pose as one of them, for ambushes and mind games. Clones will need to inflict some kind of penalty to their attackers though, else every ranged champ will just auto to check if real of fake.
Maybe he can leave effigies around the map and can use a channeled ability to teleport to them. That way, even after the initial fright of realizing the effigy isnt Fiddlesticks, the enemy still knows that that might not be true the next time they look at that effigy.
: Roadmap! Oct. 2019
I like how it seems like Fiddlesticks kit will work. The point and click Fear staying... makes me a little nervous, but everything else sounds great. From the way it sounds, he'll be a Burst Mage that revolves around the hysteria that fear can cause.
: Do not put execute on the elder buff
I think it depends on when the execute is. We have no numbers. Since Elder is losing the stat buff, it could end up not adding any damage.
: but it recommends 48% winrate build. That doesnt sound right. This was like that since 2 years. They are very niche items rn
Mainly because Guinsoo's was recently nerfed. It used to be a pretty powerful item on Jax, but it was nerfed. Its more a recent shift in power level of the item than it not being a good item for Jax.
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Senna Confirmed as the next champion
I personally don't believe its Senna. There's a chance, but I'm not on that boat. If it is Senna, I won't be surprised, but, especially after Senna is still stuck in the lantern after the current story, I just don't see how.
: I think I've discovered the key to supporting in this meta.
This is an interestingly obvious strategy and I hope most people were doing this already... please?
: After worlds riot have no excuse to not look at melee top laners
I just want a single melee champion option thats a Tank that encompass that old feeling a few Tanks used to have of "Im a brick wall and you're gonna need an absolute sledgehammer to make me leave this lane". Nothing is really like that now. And I dont mean someone that can kill too. Just someone that shrugs damage off like a champ and doesn't have to play like a scared rat to do so.
: Are stimulants considered cheating?
Uh, no. I mean, there's no way they can catch you. And in pro play I guarantee there is already rules for it in place.
: Blitzcrank armor nerf.
The only thing that saddens me about this is the fact that a champion's defensive capacity is once again nerfed to buff their offensive capacity.
: The state of the mage class is unacceptable atm
I think its more one big simple issue: Whatever a Fighter/Tank can provide, a Mage can provide better? So, what would you usually be picking a Fighter or Tank over Mage for? Tankiness and durability. And right now in the game the difference between a Mage dying and a Fighter/Tank dying is negligable. Fighters and Tanks, at the front line of a fight, usually last about 4-6 seconds. They are glorified meatshields at best, throwing out their abilities and hoping to the Rito gods that they don't die. The only Fighters that are worth using are Fighters that deal so much damage and have so much mobility that they almost act closer to Assassins than actual Fighters. Meanwhile Mages not only have access to more defensive oriented item cool downs, but dont even need to be in "Danger Range" to interact in a fight. Range is incredibly powerful in League of Legends, as seen whenever a ranged champion becomes dominant in Top Lane. They usually just dominate and it feels miserable to play against. And unlike Dota 2, there are no turn rates to make kiting tactics weaker in League, PLUS most of the passive movement speed itemization is given to ADCs and even Mages. So ranged champions not only have more defensive cool down items to deal with melee champions (Fighters and Tanks) but also more passive mobility to help deal with them. Lets compare a list between the roles (and of course some hybrid champions could pull from both, like Ekko, Vladimir, Rumble, etc.) **Mage Defensive Items-** {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} **ADC Defensive Items-** {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3046}} **Fighter Defensive Items-** {{item:3812}} {{item:3053}} **Tank Defensive Items-** {{item:3194}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3110}} **Assassin Defensive Item-** {{item:3814}} Of course, there is much overlap if you are an AD Fighter, or maybe a CQC ADC, or AP Fighter, or such. However, notice the difference between the ADC/Mage Defensive Items and the Fighter/Tank Defensive Items. The Fighter and Tank defensive items are mostly passive benefits rather than powerful limited time effects. Guardian's Angel and Zhonya's Hourglass are two incredibly powerful items that have been rebalanced constantly due to their power. Banshee's Veil and Phantom Dancer are also two not quite as strong, but rather powerful defensive items that are often underestimated in impact. People like to diss on Banshee's Veil, but you will love the item when someone like Zed or Zoe try to kill you in one combo. Meanwhile Fighter and Tank items have had more passive and underwhelming benefits that do much less than provide absolute mitigation. Even worse, most Tank and Fighter defensive items get entirely negated usually by True Damage and other anti-defense mechanics, like Grievous Wounds and such. Meanwhile there is little you can do when a Mage activates Zhonya's or has a spell shield, or an ADC simply has a free partial revive or a shield that passively activates. And most importantly and once again, this is all compounded by the difference in WHERE these two different groups of classes are in fights. Mages and ADCs have at least comparable defensive items to Fighters and Tanks all while being miles further away from the frontline than both Fighters and Tanks. Mages have been in the highlight as of late because they provide crowd control equivalent to that of Tanks, but are supposed to be weaker due to decreased defenses and usually less mobility. However, as said, thats just not the case due to how quickly Fighters and Tanks die and the ignorable difference in the defensive items of Mages vs Fighters/Tanks. TL;DR Mages are dominant because their main weakness when compared to Fighters/Tanks are null and void in this day and age. You pick Tanks and Fighters due to how much more durable they are, but thats negated when they die extremely quickly in fights nevertheless.
: Why Patch 9.19 needs to be REVERTED after Worlds!
We'll be 2-3 patches down the road by the time Worlds ends.
: Remove 3 champions from the game
While Im against removing champions because I know some people enjoy and champions wont always be meta, I wouldnt be sad if I never saw these champions again: {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} (I like to call them Mosquito champions because they buzz around like a bug)
: That is a Magic Undergrowth card. It was too costly to use though
It doesn't have Undergrowth, but it does interact with creatures in your graveyard. I wouldn't say 3 mana is too costly, even if you have to exile a creature in the yard every turn. There is just better options, although rotation did just happen so who knows.
Brobdingnag (EUNE)
: Why not add a fifth ability kinda like how some heroes in dota have 5-6 buttons for spells alone. Just saying. Other than that the design is pretty clean theoretically.
Champions in League have 5 slots: Passive, Abilities 1-3, and Ultimate. Until Riot makes the UI flexible and shows that its possible, Im gonna design within the game's restraints.
Jamaree (NA)
: Hey, that's Charnel Troll, I'm surprised that didn't see more play TBH.
Still has another year before it rotates, who knows.
Rioter Comments
94372148 (NA)
: Why play a tank when you can't tank shit and assassins do more dmg and often more cc?
Igglet (EUNE)
: Top 10 Most Powerful Champions [Lore]
How is {{champion:101}} below {{champion:75}} when it took both Nasus and Renekton to not kill Xerath, but just to seal him into a tomb. And even then Renekton had to be sacrificed.
: Mordekaiser is an unhealthy champion to the game and should be nerfed just like Irelia got nerfed
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