Meepaboo (NA)
: Vel'koz skins
I'm glad we can all agree on the matter, a champion this old shouldn't have so few skins. It's bad enough I don't even like his existing ones. I'm sure most of you know who Azzap is. I asked his chat what vel'skin was their favourite, to which many replied Arclight, which I strongly disagreed with. I don't want a skin that takes away the dark feel of Vel, I think if he were to get a new skin, It would have to be Deep sea, or Dark star. Let me know what you think about this.
EdgeLady (NA)
: I'm hoping he gets a good skin soon too. A Dark Star Vel'Koz would be amazing, but I wouldn't say no to a Battle Boss skin with the Arcade event coming this year.
I heard there might be a battle boss nautilus which sounds cool, but nothing on vel'koz QwQ (As far as I know)
: {{champion:161}} is in the 1000 days without a skin club. He already has 2 epics so I expect his next should be legendary. As long as the skin is awesome I don’t mind how long it takes unless it’s really bad (but I hope it comes out this year)
A legendary would be amazing, I just hope it suites him, nothing dumb like definetly not, or pure like Arclight, something the really brings the darkness out.
Meepaboo (NA)
: Vel'koz skins
I'm very hopeful for new vel'koz skins, but for a champion that was released in 2014, he has barely any skins, and the best being the default. I didn't think about him getting a new skin in the upcoming events, and i'm probably only setting myself up for disappointment, but i'm really excited to see if he gets a new one, and I know that the Riot developers have improved at making skins by a considerable amount, the only thing left is for them to actually notice this problem.
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