: Every twitch skin has the same sounds except the weapon on gangster twitch to my knowledge. Also, they need a Ratman skin but he deepens his voice when he talks. "I'm Ratman."
That comment has nothing to do with a LEGENDARY skin having the wrong quotes
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: Prestige Points Reward
Did you complete 4 missions of it? There were only 4 total missions and no more.
: Battle Prof Graves - No Splash Art
I did in fact notice this the other day and planned on making a post, but forgot about it due to not being said person playing Graves.
I didn't know what exactly you meant at first, and then I got a whole left earful of it. Thanks, Riot.
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Drzil (NA)
: Account disabled permanently?
Send in a ticket. Someone may have hacked into your account and played games, and Riot may have locked the account due to suspicious activity. It happened to my friend last season. The person had removed everyone from his friend list, so I never saw anything suspicious.
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HeartVine (OCE)
: I had the same issue with a Sivir Bot saying Taric's line. Sivir should *not* be saying "Outrageous"...
It's literally happening every game. At least it's not a game breaking bug, just something very......... unique.
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: [GAMEPLAY] AFK Bot in Co-op vs. AI
I learned of this bug not too long after the last patch. It's kind of annoying because that just makes soloing top lane too easy when someone chooses to jungle in the game. It's always the first bot selected in top lane and the only time they leave base is if you get really close to the fountain to draw said bot out somehow. But the bots are always glitchy because sometimes if someone on your team disconnects and reconnects, the bot sometimes doesn't return until you are possibly able to draw it out of the fountain, if you even can.
ithi (NA)
: Score board out of order
Last path created many problems, this one is just the most noticeable and annoying when you forget to fix the board.

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