: Detailed Feedback for the Update to Summoner's Rift
Looks good, but the interface needs to be updated as well. There were a couple minor glitches when i updated my tablet, such as mouse positioning. My mouse only registered in the upper lefthand quadrant. Now, it's probably just because I play on a tablet, but I thought I'd let you guys know.
: I'd say someone who uses a fan. we don't have one of those anymore ever since they redid karma. Or maybe more ap junglers. I'd also like to see an old lady champion :)
The old lady idea is one I've heard a lot of. Seems like a good idea. I also agree with the AP jungle. Not much there.
: Welll, now that they've removed Cassiopeia we could use a DPS mage.
I like how your name mirrors your comment. A DPS mage is a tricky thing. But you're right. it'd fill a niche.
67chrome (NA)
: > Part of the reason Braum was added was that there wasn't a straight tanky support in the game. As a Leona main, I'm shocked and appalled. >:(
Gosh, you're right. I totally forgot about her. Okay, she's got that. But Braum still fills a niche roll of a tank who can actually bodyblock. No one else can fully block projectiles, other than Yasuo, who's hardly ever played support.
SnowFall (NA)
: even basic attacks would be magic damage
Easy to counter it you build MR, but hard to justify if the rest of the team is AD. Man, this is why I like having AP top laners. Total magic damage? Definitely fills a gap.
SnowFall (NA)
: someone who deals only magic damage
So total AP build. SImiliar to Veigar and Velkoz?
: Honestly I've been kind of thinking of that champ that is all about speed. Not like {{champion:120}} where they are stronger with speed, but a sonic the hedghog of league. That champ that makes HG boots look like nothing normal or the Flash of League. That champ that focuses on mobility and damage is not really a thought. The champ that will hit you 10 times, but deal little in terms of damage per hit. WHen i think of how they would be I think of something that will benefit greatly from on hit affects. Things like {{item:3071}} , {{item:3115}} are premiere and amazing. They aren't tanky and they don't have a high overall damage. Their AS would start at almost a 1 - 1.5 attacks per second, but have about half the AD.
This would make a great champ idea. I've had some issues playing ADC and trying to decide if i want 3 auto attacks a second, or if i want to deal 300 damage an attack. that kind of thing. This would be a good trade off.
: Riot, please explain to me how Tryndamere is good for this game.
Tryndamere fills the role of the phantom engager. If you play him right, his presence demands attention. Reading other comments, you're exactly right. He's a great split pusher. It's nigh impossible to engage him with only one person and come out on top. This means at least 2 have to go, leaving open the rest of the map for a group of 4 to dominate against at most 3 opponents. But there's the other side. If you do decide to group with your team, his damage output is tremendous. If he engages a teamfight first, his natural tankiness helps him survive for at least 5 seconds, giving teammates time to follow up, all the while dealing damage on whoever is in front of him. Both of these roles require high amounts of communication.
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: That's pretty cool. ... I should really come up with more original names than AD and AP.
My masteries are called "How to punch someone", "HNRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!" and "Betcha didn't see DIS one coming"(that's for tryndamere adc)
: Pshhh, I know! I mean, Space Jam is the best kind of jam. You're just trying to lead people in the right direction!
Btw, i finished the jam. Where should i send it?
: Nah but seriously, hope all that gets sorted out, upvoted to help out =D
Thanks bro. Should i just send it to Riot Games HQ?
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: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
Does Riot need a blacksmith? Or jam?
No. Blackberries grow on bushes. I pick them, then i make them into jam. Then I label it Space Jam. Misleading labelling, i know, but still good jam
: Blackberry jam is super good. I used to make it while growing up with my parents because we had quite a few vines in our yard. Good memories....
Good. Memories are good. Have a jar of blackberry jam.
sooo apparently, you're the only one getting jam. Well, less work for me. i mean, who really does want FRESH PICKED BLACKBERRY JAM?
: Space...Jam? :D
Blackberry jam. And now you're getting one. I'll label it Space Jam tho.
: Do you have any marmalade or preserves? I simply detest the taste of jams.
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: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:23}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:115}} This is interesting. I'd love some feedback
: Inspiration to me feels like 'winning while losing', but obviously that can't be capitalized on too much without being OP. I would have it so that his abilities mark enemies hit, and killing those enemies restore all nearby champions' health (maybe an added bonus to the killer). Just one idea to play off of...
In my opinion, his passive works fine right now. It makes him slightly more aggressive, because for his teammates to use it, he needs to be in the front lines. His ultimate would also benefit from this passive, seeing as if you're in the back line, ult to the front, W into the enemy team, then follow, you could get a lot of damage off your adc as he/she kites. (Caitlyn dash and passive)
: [Contest Champion] Aliod, the Absolver
His ultimate is very well balanced. It has great potential to be used as a scaling peel for your ADC, but the unit collision and armor, along with a movement speed boost from an item, would make it a great escape tool. Then again, his ult has no protective abilities for the adc, and if you use your q for protection on your adc, you greatly reduce the amount of damage you can do with your ultimate. Hmm. Then again, I believe these drawbacks are what would set him apart as a support, plus that skillshot stun. Slow champs beware!
: I can't say I've ever heard anybody talk about cursor skinning but I'll be sure to mention it if we ever move forward on ideas like UI skins!
Colorblind mode. It's actually pretty cool if you're not colorblind. I like it because it has a little better shading particles around top lane and easier cursor hover over minions and the like. Plus the sword is GOLD. Also I know I'm 28 days late.
: Where's the Donkey?
I think it was replaced by a hot balloon and a giant Dog-Lion.
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: Dr. Mundo, Shyvanna, Morgana.
ENFP here too. Didn't know it until just now either. I think my favorite champion is Tryndamere. Tryndamere Jungle. I decided to go with him because his play style fits mine. He's super aggressive, does tons of damage LOW health, and can't die for 5 seconds. Seeing as I play with next to no health anyways, no matter the champion, I might as well get some benefit to it.
: I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later
: CB Formatting 101
Cool. From a design perspective, this makes a lot of sense. This applies to pretty much everything, from reports to advertisements. --- The help button is great as well. Thanks for pointing it out. --- Over all, your post is a great guide. I will use it in the future.


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