Zoephile (EUNE)
: I don`t understand...
there is no reporting option for failure to communicate with the team, and what you are doing is punishable.
: Im happy tanks are worthless rn. I hate juggernauts so much, so I'd rather have u.p. tanks than o.p. ones
juggernauts are not the same as tanks...
: Can you get Key Fragments in Co - op VS AI??
you can only get key fragments from game modes that you can get champion mastery in.
: Key Fragment Drop Rate?
this is pretty normal, the first few keys frags are very easily obtainable after the rest, and progressively get harder and harder to obtain every fragment you get. remember key frag drop rate reset every 4 weeks...
marío xd (EUNE)
: Just me or? [HEXTECH RELATED]
I got Yasuo, just in time to get the first strike loading screen!
: Wait, I join 4 man team top vs vlad and they all report me???????????
you didn't get punished for feeding you were punished for being toxic.
PlibBlob (NA)
you got a penalty for having crappy internet. don't have crappy internet and you will not get that penalty. plus you don't get the 5 game penalty for DC'ing just once, you only get it if you have a history of DC'ing which looks like that is the case. That last game was just the last strike before you got your penalty
: this is what i dont get, i understand if people are being agressive or insulting to mute them, but in the end youll still get reported for not doing teamwork because by muting them, you dont see what they are chatting about and if they think your ignoring them or what cause u muted to avoid trouble, you still get reproted for not doing any team work or participating. i dont mind doing the whole team play and all, but when 1 player or 2 are not on the page to play it sux for alot of people, then if you do the sane thing and mute n block, we still will get shit no matter what. So in order for this to stop, they need to bring the block button on people so they can be furthur avoided in the future, i havent played ranked yet and im not about to with all these fuck ups lately, ive cooperated, been nice try to help n encourge when it gets hard but 1 person can only do so much if others arent willing to do the same. their system will alow you to get banned wether your getting flames for no reason then gangbanged by those who reported you, or by them knowing they were muted n will report for not doing any team work, when most of the time i face Chogath n Warwick by myself and getting the hang of dealing with them slowly, Its all a learning process and yet when shit like this happens it ruins the fun for alot of players, its not really motivating on their behalf for the new players who want a chance and going up the ladder as they play their matches everyday.
you can get reported for not listening to your team but it isn't punishable. Hasn't been in a very long time.
: Game 1 Sadistic Dreams: omfg Sadistic Dreams: support afk :/ Sadistic Dreams: right? Sadistic Dreams: ok good! Sadistic Dreams: fucking teemo noob Sadistic Dreams: lol Sadistic Dreams: gtfo you retarded looking squirrel Sadistic Dreams: fcuk off teemo Sadistic Dreams: look at you tryhards bot Sadistic Dreams: lmao Sadistic Dreams: and you need some water thirsty Sadistic Dreams: youre not thirsty when you drink Sadistic Dreams: thats what i thought, pipe down squirell boy Sadistic Dreams: lol cute leblanc Sadistic Dreams: brb quick Sadistic Dreams: how? Sadistic Dreams: ... Sadistic Dreams: how do you die like that tahm?.. Sadistic Dreams: fuck this tahm kench, takes my kills then leaves like a douchebag.. Sadistic Dreams: Report tahm kench Sadistic Dreams: takes my kills then leaves Sadistic Dreams: fucking douchag teemo noob lol Sadistic Dreams: probably dont know how to play anyone else either Sadistic Dreams: so sick of seeing teemos and yis in this game, ruins the community Sadistic Dreams: i need fucking help[ bot or im about to fucking feed Sadistic Dreams: this is bullshit Sadistic Dreams: you could stop jungling Sadistic Dreams: and help Sadistic Dreams: omg Sadistic Dreams: you stupid... Sadistic Dreams: fucking moron.. Sadistic Dreams: for you feeding? Sadistic Dreams: k Sadistic Dreams: report fid forfeeding Sadistic Dreams: no, just dont like someone who tries to go against two champs when they have less than 100hp.... Sadistic Dreams: its fucking stupid Sadistic Dreams: noob Sadistic Dreams: for what? Sadistic Dreams: ok, ill report you for false reporting lb Sadistic Dreams: ok, well, you fed, thats reporable too Sadistic Dreams: the ten year olds in this community Sadistic Dreams: ruining the game lol Sadistic Dreams: report leblanc Sadistic Dreams: shes trolling Sadistic Dreams: lol Sadistic Dreams: this fid Sadistic Dreams: this fid Sadistic Dreams: so bad Sadistic Dreams: so bad Sadistic Dreams: well fid, youre a troll yourself Sadistic Dreams: so get used to all games with trolls Sadistic Dreams: yeah, a little fucking late for that tahmm... Sadistic Dreams: no, i had a fucking dc and fid kept jungling, when he should have started helping bot Sadistic Dreams: so sick of people who cant play Sadistic Dreams: doesnt matter... games over... Sadistic Dreams: not with a 0/6 adc... Sadistic Dreams: since no one wanted to help my lane and wanted to be fucking trolls instead Sadistic Dreams: then leblanc wants to report me becuse she died from going in at a stupid time Sadistic Dreams: iungles retard Sadistic Dreams: *ingles Sadistic Dreams: report leblanc? Sadistic Dreams: ok Sadistic Dreams: and youre still going in the chat fid, reported Sadistic Dreams: haha Sadistic Dreams: i dont speak spanish Sadistic Dreams: shitty language anyways Sadistic Dreams: sorry, not gay Sadistic Dreams: dont hit on me, not into guys Sadistic Dreams: lol jax beyond dehydrated Sadistic Dreams: kinda sad Sadistic Dreams: to watch someone so thirsty Sadistic Dreams: you need water Sadistic Dreams: is what you need lol Sadistic Dreams: no, to quench that thirst you currently have Sadistic Dreams: sorry, im not 7 like you kiddo'' Sadistic Dreams: get rekt Sadistic Dreams: lol ok kid, keep living in the basement with your parents Sadistic Dreams: unlike you, i live with something called roommates Sadistic Dreams: something you know nothign about Sadistic Dreams: leblanc, thinking shes cool, saying i live with my mom lol Sadistic Dreams: lol yeah, just making herself look like a fool Sadistic Dreams: already graduated kid, stop sticking me in the same boat as your dropout ass :p Sadistic Dreams: yeah, well ill report you for unsportsmanlike as well Sadistic Dreams: and profanity for saying ass? Sadistic Dreams: lmao Sadistic Dreams: i know you are kid Sadistic Dreams: i know Sadistic Dreams: -=pat pat- Sadistic Dreams: sorry for your teemo Sadistic Dreams: he spoke in chat first Sadistic Dreams: now, muted, leblanc, your low level of intelligence is disguting Sadistic Dreams: *disgusting Sadistic Dreams: muted Sadistic Dreams: too bad lb Sadistic Dreams: "<3 Sadistic Dreams: who hit no? Sadistic Dreams: <3 Sadistic Dreams: lol how many times you gonna say it broken record? Sadistic Dreams: how about report you for spamming and being toxic yourself? Sadistic Dreams: right he is a shit champ isnt he nasus? Sadistic Dreams: shitmo Sadistic Dreams: lel
justified ban. my guess this isn't your first account that you've been punished for.
WrÆth (NA)
: Need a good jungler for 4800 ip
{{champion:120}} is easily the best in the game right now. {{champion:106}} is a great simple champ to use, lots of CC very tanky.
: What the guy means is he would have had to get the S ranks on those champs so they could get chests to FIND the Riven shards for each time he wanted to do it. I mean you can buy champ shards for IP now, but it would be quite annoying to have to earn chests on so many other champions which aren't guaranteed to have Champion shards, much less ones specifically for Riven.
not it's not what he means. he replied to my post and clearly he doesn't understand how it works.
: this crap has got to stop
well pretty sure you'll get perma banned now, when they manually review it since you've posted it on the forums.
: I got chat restriction
i'm sure telling him to f* stop, is really going to help him to stop.... wait, it probably doesn't help at all. just mute and move on, report him at the end of the game and he'll get his punishment, replying to him isn't going to help the situation especially if you, yourself are using strong language to do so.
Zerak (NA)
: People harrassing me
then why don't you dodge if you get top?
: Breaking Meta=14 Day Suspension
i don't know, if you think nunu support is so deadly why aren't you winning with him? you have a 14% win rate on him and some games where you have 15 or 16 deaths. you also might have mentioned that you are going to feed in game, which flags the system.
: Getting "S" on aram no token level7?
you should read the patch notes better.
Wroboss (NA)
: my account is permanently suspended, dude i love this game
permanently suspended doesn't = permanently banned it's either your account has been suspended or it has been permanently banned.
: You've got to be joking
my guess you were banned in April? that wouldn't make it 3 months
: I cant. Would have to climb back up to plat to que with him and riot is giving me boosted bronzies on my new account to play with. only so much I can carry 1v9 with only 1 champ with a full set of runes.
sure you can, you play norms with him or you can submit a ticket.
: How come I have 6 perma banned accounts and my friend has 0?
you should report your friend! see what will happen.
: well believe it or not, there was a time where game content was always free. so us gamers that grew up in that period of time enjoy working for things like free content or secret whatevers. theres no real point in the grind to get keys if you only grind like 4 a month during the reset. But im sure youre one of those kids that likes to spend his parents cash on content. its whatever man
what? game content was free when you had to PAY FOR THE GAME. what are even talking about? just because you don't understand how hextech keys drop, you're going to call me a child? lol
awdaf (NA)
: Because people didn't realize what he was doing, its not about the punishment, its the better result
but caused so much harm to other students. everyone is different, just because someone reacts well to negative reinforcement doesn't mean EVERYONE reacts well to negative reinforcement...
awdaf (NA)
: Have you ever seen the movie Whiplash? Its a really good movie, one of the main characters talks about how one of the greatest musicians only became great, because he's music teacher threw a metal symbol at his head and cursed at him, instead of telling him well, you tried your best, thats all that matters
did you actually see the movie whiplash? the instructor that did said things, did this to many other students that caused harm to them mentally and he was punished for that...
RiceNRG (NA)
: well cool but thats not the point. I mean it's obvious i can't refund them since its rp currency but all I would like to do is send them to my friends? And if you bring up the "smurf account" thing, couldn't riot keep track of the 0.006% of players getting permabanned?
you know that league has millions of players? do that math. 0.006% of millions is still thousands of accounts.
: > [{quoted}](name=MegaManYYZ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gtoKXFec,comment-id=00060001000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-24T06:08:44.893+0000) > > when did i mention 600 essence? again what does that have anything what i said. I may have been off with 600 when you said 500 (I was probably confused by the costs other people have listed) but honestly that's a really small difference for you to be this confused by. Your exact words were "you'll only need 2 tokens and 500 blue essence to get to lvl 6 on Riven" and what I said was the fact that essence was required at all to gain mastery when you already had to earn the tokens themselves was a completely unnecessary addition to the mastery process.
All I did was state the fact of level 6 and 7 mastery, not an opinion of if it's good or not.
: Considering the fact that my teammates were threatening to report me before I said anything at all and the fact that I was banned within a minute of the game finishing (showing that no human checked to see I the reports were valid), it's apparent that it didn't matter what I said. I was banned because 3 partied teammates didn't like the way I played, and decided to report me even before i said anything.
what you wrote in chat was punishable. you were on your last strike and you struck out. it doesn't matter if they were threatening to report you prior to you saying anything, because you wouldn't have been punished if you did nothing wrong but then you did start writing back. being provoked is not just cause for anything in life. also after being previously punished why do you still have all chat enabled? it seriously provides no positives for people in your situation.
: Hextech Crafting Restrictions are self-defeating
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209939463 lots of people have "reformed" and are able to get hextech crafting after they were punished.
: WARNING you can be banned for sarcasm
reading it normally, no one can really tell if anything typed is sarcastic on the internet. sarcasm is determined by the tone of your voice. you can also read anything and make it sound sarcastic. TL;DR sarcasm doesn't work on the internet.
: Is there seriously nothing I can do to reverse a permaban ?
asking for reports is bannable, I don't understand why people feel the need to do this? 1 report is all you need. after your previous ban you should learn to just mute all. if you're not positive or helpful, it's pretty useless you write anything.
: Add Failure to communicate with team back to reportable causes
it was never punishable before , they just had it as an option for reporting someone.
: The new Mastery levels annoy me
i have more than enough essence to get to lvl 7 mastery without spending any money on hextech
: > [{quoted}](name=MegaManYYZ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gtoKXFec,comment-id=000600010000,timestamp=2016-05-21T23:09:26.537+0000) > > what does that have to do with anything that i said? I don't get what you're confused about, I literally quoted the relevant part of what you said to make it clear.
when did i mention 600 essence? again what does that have anything what i said.
: I think it should be you cant earn rewards until your chat restriction s over, or a max of double your chat restriction games. The hextech is what keeps me playing. But since I cant earn anymore, I see NO reason to continue playing. And since they said its games, me no longer playing = no chance to get outa reformed period. Its a broken mechanic that rito prob wont ever fix.
How is that a broken dynamic? How would they know if you're better if you don't play any games?
: > [{quoted}](name=MegaManYYZ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gtoKXFec,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-05-13T08:43:00.776+0000) > > you need to learn to read. it clearly says you can earn multiple tokens from the same champ, these tokens are exclusive for that champion. you&#x27;ll only need 2 tokens and 500 blue essence to get to lvl 6 on Riven The fact that the 600 essence is required at all is pretty stupid, you gotta admit. And with the 1 chest per champion per season (which is already pretty obscene in my opinion) it's pretty much turning mastery as a way to funnel money into hextech crafting.
what does that have to do with anything that i said?
: Of course. I never mentioned how it worked, just that it doesn't apply to that many people. That's why the Hextech series expanded, but just fly over what I said.
What are you talking about? The spell vamp still works with Morgana
: In all of the chests I got, only got 2 or 3 champion shard and I unlocked rek sai before they released the lvl 6-7 thing so im dry like the desert
I wish I had less champion shards but so far I've had 5 champ shards and 7 skin shards
: Somewhat. A very small selection of champions were able to use it before, and after. i can still use it for Akali, but not so much for Morgana.
it applies to ALL damage dealt, that includes spell damage.
: No I get that, I really do. She has a right to be a monster. I love her as a monster. And she's not really OP early game, but when played right she's outrageously powerful late-game. Not brokenly powerful, but still outrageous. I guess I should've been clearer though. I feel as though she scales too well with her Bonus AD to provide much counterplay against. Probably her Attack Speed too, due to her ability with Statikk Shiv, but I wouldn't want to dig into that pail of bugs.
that's how ADCs work, they scale extremely well with AD and attack speed...
: Should Tristana be nerfed?
everyone always maxes E before Q on Trist. she isn't OP at all, her laning phase isn't great. Her late game, she should be a monster.
you can still spell vamp with {{item:3146}}
: "To unlock Level 7 using Hextech Crafting, combine 3 Mastery tokens plus one of the following: 600 blue essence, OR a champ shard of the same champ, OR the **champ permanent of the same champ.**" Does anyone know what this means? How can one get a champion permanent of the same champ that he ALREADY OWNS?
if you ever re-roll champ shards, hextech will give you one permanent random champ shard of something you already own.
: Money and greedy Rito.
haven't spent any money on hextech chests and i have enough essence to get to lvl 7
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
look it up, this has happened to thousands of people that have posted already.
: Got banned without any lesser punishments
post your chat logs, so we can see if you were "unfairly" banned?
: katarina vs tanks?
Don't pick Kat into tanks
Skettchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MegaManYYZ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=j2BTqEzI,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-05-17T02:26:10.163+0000) > > you won&#x27;t post logs because clearly you even thought it was very toxic. why is this even a question? of course you deserve the ban if you&#x27;re too afraid to post your logs. I'm not "afraid" i just dont see that point. Why would I link something that makes me look bad when im appealing a ban? That just doesnt make sense.
When ever you appeal anything you present your evidence when you don't think you deserve your ban. The chat logs is your evidence and your only evidence.
Skettchy (NA)
: Instantly banned?
you won't post logs because clearly you even thought it was very toxic. why is this even a question? of course you deserve the ban if you're too afraid to post your logs.
: i got banned bc everyone reported me for feeding when i wasnt ttrying to
you were clearly trying to feed. it's very obvious.
: Why do Rune Pages cost as much as a new champion?
technically new champions cost 7800 ip
: Where exactly does it say that? I was looking all through the PBE boards and never found anyone who said that. I would prefer if we could get multiple tokens, but from the why Riot Socrates phrased it I don't think you can.
It clearly says you can only unlock a specific champion token by getting an s rank on the same champion. And did you even look at the video you posted with it?? Where are the other level 5 champions on his account? Or other level 6 champs?
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