: So... if a kid actively seeks out and joins a pickup football game with 5 on each team, and then right as the game is about to start says "oh I don't really feel like playing after all, so I'm going to pretend to be the grass" and just sits down in the middle of the field... that is perfectly fine behavior in your book? If you don't want to play, don't queue. If you wanna just "be blue golems" for the whole game, go join a custom. (Oh, what, that wouldn't be fun cause then no one would be pissed off at you? Yeah.)
sure why no, however standing on the mid of the field isnt quite smart xD he might get kicked a lot , better afk at a place not many people pass by, maybe somewhere in the jungle,
: > It's just a game bro. Don't be so mad. Get out if you aren't going to be serious. This is a game, yes, but it's not fun when people intentionally troll your game.
you just play like if he doesnt exist so the troll failed? you need at least 2 or 3 trolls to actually affect that game, 4v5 sure thing.
: To the "It's just a game" responses I have a question: If a little kid on your sons football team went out and just sat down on the field and said "I don't want to play this series, it's just a game!" would you A: Demand the Coach pull the kid out or B: Smile and say "He's right, it's just a game!" If you answered B, then you must be the patron saint of "NO EFF's to GIVE" as you aren't passionate about anything.
dude it is just a game, you losing nothing but 20 mins, rewards were given so, the macthes are back to just for fun, and i would compare that to a game with no coach, because they are playing for fun, if a kid left it doesnt really matter as they were playing for fun?
: Suggestion: Revoke ranked rewards of "season's over, time to troll" players.
how you dare to report such a good player. damn i hope you get banned for fake reports on people XD.{{item:3070}}
: The East Coast Disadvantage
pff lies, you suck with 150 ms ping you suck with 1ms ping, just a bit non noticeable faster, get over it. anyway if in Years of playing lol to a delay so damn small.... i mean you could always make that play 125ms ahead of time couldnt you?
: The essential problems with Riot's handling of toxic/troll players.
they troll you, fed and verbal abuse? then you just play the best you can, you can just mute them all and if they fed, well take it as a challenge, leaving a game just because they are trolling or verbal abuse isnt actually gonna afect them, but your own. if they dont make you rage quit, tecnically they didnt get what they want, but as soon as you leave, you get reported by them and you cant even get to report them.{{champion:103}}
eztarg3t (NA)
: Reaper Soraka splash art, where are you?
such a waste of a skin concept, i mean, she is a support.
: Pool Party Ahri (RETURNED)
one problem could be her tails, remember they haven't fix them yet so they don't come out of the same spot{{champion:103}}

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