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: This is absolutely terrible. It sounds like a glorified trashcan created just so Riot knows what to ignore. Not being able to reply makes it seem even more like a way to just silence criticism.
I'm amazed I can upvote this post. Thank You, Comrades!
: Boards Update: The Rant Board is now live!
This a dumping ground for all posts that offer any kind of game criticism whether constructive or not. Did a former Soviet Union, state run, company buy out Riot. Oh no. A Chinese company bought them out. Good game, Comrade.
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LoL. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Some Soy Boy, Beta Male, a moderator named Periscope just pulled my posting addressing the same issue. He said it didn't belong on the "Player Behaviour" page. Don't be surprised if your post gets wiped.
: > [{quoted}](name=PapaBoomSkunk,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=qccxgHYX,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-07T09:54:36.133+0000) > > Because everyone has a different excuse or reason for what is trolling or what is acceptable to dodge. You say nunu adc, but the next person dodges cause their team isn't tanky enough, or they don’t wanna lane with a MF support, or their favorite champ got banned, or their mid laner went 2-12 last game and they don’t want them on their team, the list is endless. Dodges are not designed for the players to tactically choose which matches they want to play, you are abusing a system that has a weak punishment because it is considered a petty crime by riot, and it can cause 5-10-15 extra mins of wait time because there are so many people like you who dodge all the time. He literally told our team to "Get cancer". I'd rather wait another five minutes than waste 15-20 minutes of my time having a troll telling everyone to do vulgar things. I fail to see your logic; Refusal to play what appears to be a loss pre-determined before a match start is way more worth it than taking those chances. And from your behavior, you seem like the type of person to get tilted WAY too easily over small things. It's just a dodge, no doubt YOU'VE dodged before because of the way a team looks, don't lie. Also, DON'T YOU DARE assume things about me based on the fact I don't angry over a stupid videogame. So don't ever say "because there are so many people like you." I don't dodge often.
I can understand why you would want to dodge that game but it's becoming a standard practice to dodge for lesser reasons: player had to fill and didn't get his lane, mom came in with a juice box, whatever. The point he's trying to make is that it's becoming chronic. How much fun is it to go through champ select 6 times only to have a player quit mid game when you finally get in.
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A 14 day ban only for chronic dodgers and quitters. SMITE uses a one hour ban and it seems to work pretty well.
: I don't know if you played a few years ago when they did try longer dodge timers. The game became unplayable at downtimes and in low-population queues/ranks.
I would rather wait a few minutes more than go through champ select half a dozen times then get into a game and someone quits or DC's. It's getting really old. Much worse in ranked play.
: Tell me how you cope with non stop 4v5s?
Bottom line, Riot will not drop the hammer on chronic quitters. A 6 minute penalty and a few missing points...WOW!...that sure hurts.
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: Why are LoL rules so soft?
I think what is happening is that the player base is getting younger and many of them can't handle the hyper-competitive nature of these games. I understand that Riot wants to keep their numbers up but what will eventually happen is a decrease in numbers as the older players will seek entertainment elsewhere. One solution that won't completely eliminate the problem but will alleviate it somewhat is to set some tough standards for entrance into ranked play - have a minimum level on a specific champ you wish to play for example. I think the kids try hard in ranked but they don't have the xp for success and here comes the tilt. Anything you say will trigger the report button.
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: ***
sexuality being challenged? LMAO. I imagine everything offends your little sensitivities.
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: IIRC, initial MMR is approximately Silver 4 for accounts with no ranked history.
Thank you, Sorcerer. In my experience this is the biggest flaw with the rank system. Most new players are not ready for silver 4 - I know I wasn't. Those of us that have hit rock bottom are struggling through ranks of people heading down. Start every player at B5 and work up.
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: Champion Update: Maokai
The old shield graphics was easier to see during team fights, it looked better as well.
: Champion Update: Maokai
The old shield graphics was easier to see during a team fight, it looked better as well.
: Champion Update: Maokai
The old shield graphics were easier to see during a team fight. It looked better as well.


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