Rexxiee (NA)
: But boards told me lethality is broken and that tanks are weak and they get 3 shot by duskblade.
The Boards are correct. Build lethality, never build crit. Don't even build LW or its upgrades, just buy lethality. Attack speed is boring. Lethality is fun. Get Lethality today. Sincerely, a tank main
Ralanr (NA)
: What exactly do you imagine when you think of a "hard tank"?
{{champion:154}} Used to require accuracy and knowledge on missile speeds. {{champion:412}} Requires precision and good improvising skills. {{champion:14}} Need to land telegraphed abilities and how to overcome a squishy early game. {{champion:98}} Must use zone control to a whole new level, and maintain constant map awareness post-6. {{champion:33}} Must plan route of attack carefully and open up a way to the enemy backline, or at least find a way to distract the front line to allow your team to collapse. {{champion:78}} Must have good reaction time to utilize W properly, since most dashes are fast. Also a good eye for potential stuns. {{champion:57}} Bush control with saplings, proper positioning of ult. {{champion:201}} Know what skills to use when, E and R especially. Powerful tools, but huge downtimes punish reckless use. Whoever said tanks do not have depth and require little skill to play obviously does not play them like we tank players do.
: ahah, i see now. i tried auto-attack shen but always got kited to hell at some point. mallet huh... Edit: 5 minutes later, and noticing the light blue name, then who it was, then it just clicked in. I should be calling you {{champion:98}}pai, literally.
: Ah yes, full AP is dead. But AP bruiser is still somewhat usable, if you go for some hp/ap like rylai's + protobelt, topped with nashor's for faster Q procs (or Liandries for burning). The ult scaling is obscene so it works with just a little bit of AP, and you can grab a bit of resists at some point and be a little bit of a tank. Not quite as viable but something to play around with if you're bored.
{{champion:98}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3748}} This build is the one I took mid lane and almost every game I was a terror to behold. I destroyed confused mages and assassins alike, and they couldn't do much after I bulked up. And they wouldn't think to rush MR against the tank who auto attacks, either.
: It just went with when hybrid items were strong, or when they weren't. When gunblade and rageblade weren't that strong, the meta build was tribork combo + mostly AD. AP was never the meta build. Gunblade came back I think with rageblade's return as part of build synergy I think for hybrid. I think it shouldn't happen to Jax if they intend to keep him hybrid, because it was the hybrid scaling champs that have been phased out by riot by replacing ap scalings with AD. My concern was that full ad or ap Jax would get shafted somehow in the process, but I guess AD or AP would have a place if he remains hybrid. P.s. AP Shen isn't dead {{item:3115}} ^_^
Trust me,full AP Shen is dead for now. But mid lane Shen is a blast.
: Why is Taric in there? He's been beautiful before and after his rework.
He must have something against deep V-necks.
: Really having a "Captain" jack Sparrow vibe here
That's _Captain_ Captain Jack Sparrow to you.
Zarvanis (NA)
: Shauna Vayne Sarah Fortune Cecil B. Heimerdinger Sona Buvelle Luxanna Crownguard Garen Crownguard Katarina du Couteau Cassiopeia du Couteau Janna Windforce Annie Hastur Orianna Reveck Exemplar of Demacia Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV Malcolm Graves Emilia LeBlanc Tobias Foxtrot (T.F.) Jericho Swain Fiora Laurent Yorick Mori Zaun Amorphous Combatant (Zac) Morgana Hex (Presumably Kayle's last name, too) Lee Sin... Xin Zhao... Eduardo Mundo? (Could not find confirmation on this) Irelia Lito Khada Jhin (stage name) Camille Feros Shieda Kayn Ivern Bramblefoot Aurelion Sol Tahm Kench (Not his real name. He stole it from the Gambler in his lore) Kegan Rodhe (Body possessed by Brand) (Props to Danjeng for remembering) High Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Company, The Great Hussar, The High General Marshal Sergeant, The Mountain Admiral, Lord Colonel Major Centurion, Rear Forward Brigadier Admiral, Forward Admiral Major, Sir Admiral Major, Lieutenant Sergeant Commodore, Sergeant General Colonel, Sergeant Double Admiral, Lord Major Admiral of the Second Legion's Forward Artillery-Cavalry Multiplication Kled (Thanks to CoeAstral for the reminder) I didn't really need to list every full-named champion. But I thought it was appropriate.
Mundo's full name is Edmundo Mundo.
: Maybe if the CO used that term, Darius would not have killed him.
"Retreat!" ##{{champion:122}} _TRIGGERED_
: Then you realize the one who voted "no" was Darius and you remember that he decapitated his commanding officer when he ordered a retreat.
There is a good reason why Swain calls it "tactical withdrawal."
: Lol.. I love you Meliodas-sama!~
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: Hey there, I like drawing stuff, give me some ideas!
Pentakill Shen. I want him showing off his upper body with metal tattoos. And there must be spikes. Lots of spikes.
: To people using the term "Boosted Animal" in bronze V
Nobody said it was a _successful_ boost.
: ***
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
Paradòx (NA)
: It has depth. Why do you need gimmicks for depth? When he lands his hook, unlike Naut or Blitz, he can reactivate it to go in on it's target and engage in a numerous amount of ways. Adding CD reduction on it isn't given it depth, it's just clogging the ability giving it unneeded bonuses.
In case you didn't notice, Thresh without his Q is a glorified displacement bot with a lantern. His Q is without a doubt his strongest ability. Even stronger than his ultimate. The only reason he is too strong is because his base damages are way too high. Like, high enough to go 3/0 in lane consistently while his ADC is 0/1/2.
: TFW when you land all your core abilities and gleefully go in to get an easy kill
Paradòx (NA)
: He gets to be rewarded for landing it by STUNNING someone, locking them down AND having an engage tool for landing it. Why does he need CD reduction on hit too? The ability is rewarding enough to land, it doesn't need the cd reduction to it. That's part of the reason why thresh is so overbearing. Considering most supports end up with 40% cdr anyways, losing the flat cd won't kill you. And when you talk about having too much utility, you talk about make it more scarce. In which way does the suggestion NOT fix any problems people have with thresh? If you want, then I rather them make his hook not scale with CD then and just have a flat 12 second CD at max rank. That way, you can keep your flat cd on hooks landed and he'll be punished for missing more. And Thresh's hook is the easiest to dodge? It's actually one of the HARDER hooks to dodge. Thresh has more mind games added to that little gimmick compare to naut and blitz. You can side step those easier because you're less likely to be fooled. If his hook was so "easy" to side step, people wouldn't be getting caught half the time.
The cooldown reduction on Thresh's hook is to punish the player for missing a hook and rewarding enemies for avoiding the skillshot. That way it can have a higher base cooldown and it doesn't become a spammy skillshot. Abilities sometimes need depth, and the CD reduction on Thresh Q landing on an enemy makes it so that his gameplay punishes those who are not as good at landing his skillshot, either by setting it up or predicting enemy movement.
: The support's inner face when the ADC is super toxic
{{champion:37}} {{champion:105}} Uh... guys. I think Sona may not be ok. {{champion:77}} GP, give her an orange, I'm too busy farming to help. {{champion:41}} Screw you, I bought these on sale. It was a hell of a bargain. {{champion:67}} I'm backing, you worthless trash. Hold turret against those three. {{champion:37}} *A single tear slides down her smiling face* {{champion:201}} There, there. Do not cry, my child. Everything will be alright. {{champion:22}} Braum... you're supposed to support _me_...
: That's the look MF gives you and you realize you're now screwed.
{{champion:33}} *Casually wipes nose*
Polyxena (NA)
: My Dryad Soraka Cosplay
Hm... I give it a 7.8/10. There's just simply too much Dihydrogen monoxide in the cosplay. ######In all seriousness, you put it together very well. Great work!
Elfezen (NA)
: Look at this dude
Hm... Champion Roast: Demacian Version is starting to take shape in my head...
Rexxiee (NA)
: With tanks dominating in lcs, i hope this will stop the myth that tanks "got nerfed and are weak"
Instead of lowering the power of ADCs, they just raised the standard by making tanks even stronger. And it sucks because we're nearing DoTA levels of "everyone is broken."
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=J1hbqJOr,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-07-19T05:46:08.389+0000) > > Please do Shen. > > I would be ecstatic to see Shen art at last since hardly anybody draws him. Don't worry, he'll get one. Every champ gets a portrait c:
: well swain isnt immortal so its not like he could control noxus with his own power alone he **needs** darius without darius he wouldnt have enough military support which would (if he tries to take noxus by force lead to a civil war which in tern would make them too weak to defend against demacia (also the chance he might die in the process) Also Darius is great at raising moral just by how much all the men admire him (and fear)
Of course, no disagreement there. Swain and Darius need each other to #MakeNoxusGreatAgain. But in a 1v1 fight, Swain definitely has the upper hand with his malicious, powerful, face-melting magical birds.
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Reav3 (NA)
: You know we talk every morning about that.
I know a game you guys, especially you, Reav3, would enjoy. It's a MOBA with exciting and interesting characters called League of Legends. Try it out, I'm sure you'll love it. ;D
Reav3 (NA)
: Better pack something warm. :)
Yes. I finally have seen the day. Riot is releasing Frosty the Snowman as a champion.
awdaf (NA)
: I'm more alarmed by the fact that this picture exists.
This is the wild South American Toothsnake. The "teeth" you see are actually an extension of its lips that it bares in order to scare off predators. The "braces" actually happen to be colorful venom sacs that it uses to draw in small prey like rodents and small birds before quickly injecting them with a paralyzing venom, shortly after devouring its prey. This species is not generally dangerous to humans, but do take care not to step on one's head, as it may hit your foot and make it numb for a while. To avoid explaining too much about it, [here's a link to an educational video about this creature](
: Almost daily reminder: "make love" is censored in game
DoA's are prohibited on the Rift. Xayah and Rakan are going to get caught someday.
awdaf (NA)
: Officially trolled by Riot
I just got off the phone with Riot Tryndamere. He acknowledged your concern and said, and I quote: >Get rekt. ######Warning: Not an official quote by Riot Tryndamere.
Samira (NA)
: Please give Sandstorm Kat her sand particles back
Also please make her taunt animation 60 FPS. Right now it runs at 60 FPS at a consistency of 20.
: The Champion Portrait Project
Please do Shen. I would be ecstatic to see Shen art at last since hardly anybody draws him.
: Why is diablo blocked by chat filter but not devil, Satan, or Lucifer?
Easy. The first one is a reference to a demonic king of hell. The other 3 are alternative titles for Teemo.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
{{champion:54}} with {{champion:33}} passive. Stop hitting yourself. For incredible damage.
Meteora (NA)
: When you waited 10 minutes in queue to get a game, and then it's a remake.
When you're looking for the perfect duo to deal with that crap less:
: "hey mind if i tax"
>hey mind if i *lax FTFY
: IMO i don't think darius knows whats up with swain but he most likely suspects something (he isn't an idiot) but he is willing to over look them just because swain gets shit done.Darius seems more to care about results over anything so far.Also i think darius has a great character riot isnt tapping into Darius has so much influence in the military he could have risen to power himself but chose instead to raise swain because he knows he himself might not have the knowledge it takes to lead a whole army and city state.
Darius is the kind of person to say "you can be weird, but as long as you get it done I'm with you. Try anything funny, though, and your head rolls." Although Swain would most likely melt Darius in a fight.
: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
{{champion:98}} You can't diss the spirit anchor.
: ONE THOUSAND UPVOTES FOR PIZZA DELIVERY SIVIR! (Repost cause ChickenWrap's post was locked.)
Only if we get Fry Chef Azir (his soldiers wield spatulas) and Delivery Boy Shen along with it.
: I assume you need healing
..... ............ ..................... ............................... ............................................ ...I need healing.
: My friend and my dad both got this one weird game called "Elite Dangerous", seems kinda too complicated for me tho. Have you tried it?
Nah. I'll take a look at it and see if it fits my stingy tastes, though. Have you ever tried Terraria?
: *laughs in Rhino prime*
Psh. First prime I got. Spammed stomp in every mission while having energy packs top me off. Although Ash Prime is fun to work with. And Valkyr was a blast. Do you still play or did that RNGeesus update ruin the game for you too?
: So then they would quit league and become professional warframe players?
Been there, done that. Got tired of trying to get Frost Prime parts.
: Laughing Fish Is a Poor Moderator
This isn't the place to voice personal disputes with mods. I recommend heading to the [Boards Moderation Discord]( if you felt like your post was unjustly removed. I can attempt to clarify the reason for the lock, though. The first thread you linked was not substantial enough to be a topical thread on its own without the mention. The second thread, however, did because of the sub-text and context taking center-stage, the mention towards Laughing Fish being a minor detail. In short, when you want to mention a specific person in a thread, ask yourself if the thread is substantial enough without the mention to be on its own. If it is not, more than likely your post does not meet the minimum requirements to be excluded from the "Private Message" posts that are against the Boards' rules. Hope this cleared some things up. If not, you can head to the link provided above to talk about it with us. We encourage open discussion about these matters, so you can take advantage of these resources.
: Upcoming Gangplank Skin ((((LEAKED!!!!))))
Man, I hate leaks. They ruin the surprise. But at least now I know I need to buy some RP.
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