Sovekz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LjM5VNy1,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-22T00:08:11.836+0000) > > Couldn't it just be possible that the laners didn't learn from their mistakes and kept feeding their laners? > > It's perfectly possible to feed the enemy laner without any jungler interfering. Works both ways, couldn't it be possible that they died because enemy jungler kept ganking while ally was admiring the wolfs for 10 minutes? These boards are nothing but a giant circlejerk between supports and junglers praising each other while insulting adcs and usually top laners, while you moderators don't lock such threads, or punish them insulting adcs, which are mostly the ones getting targeted.
We're here to keep the Boards clean, not censor peoples' opinions.
: Hes an overrated player
> [{quoted}](name=GlobDaBlob,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y1Rzq5RQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-22T00:15:39.369+0000) > > Hes an overrated player No u
Top Deck (EUW)
: Revert Shen
Rework him again, I say. Reverting him would only make things worse, since they were doing the same thing before his rework too. Vorpal Blade healing 3 HP over several seconds was so hilariously bad that people used it to last hit and harass rather than as an actual dueling tool. He won't survive in this meta unless he gets a real rework instead of the half-assed approach they took with the spirit anchor. It feels like an unfinished ability, and I would wager that it is.
: Simple. disable shen in lcs.
Thank you. I'd like to play Shen in ranked again. Picking him is basically throwing since he offers very little to the team. Damage? You're funny. Pick a juggernaut or a fighter. Tankiness? Pick Jhin and build him tank. Same statline as Shen. Utility? 1.75 second dodge zone doesn't help against split second burst. His ult's shield gets eaten by any ability post 15 minutes. His teleport is useless because after laning phase if you need to ult more than likely your target is dead already. CC? The taunt is good in very niche situations. You're better off playing Dr. Mundo or Aatrox. They have better CC than this so-called tank. Playing Shen in solo queue is a great way to make climbing difficult. It's not fun when your opponent outdamages and outlives you by default. When you have to be 3 skill levels higher than your opponent to win lane. When you become literally useless late game if the teams are even. Props to Riot for destroying Shen and everything he used to be for the sake of players who pick him because they have perfect coordination and the ult shield is hardly necessary for them to pull off strategies not possible on live servers. ...forgive my rambling. Today's been a rough day and I felt that I needed to get that off my chest. Good day.
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Sovekz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LjM5VNy1,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-21T17:54:18.383+0000) > > Since you asked... > > Also, how the fuck am I supposed to support every lane in the first 10 minutes of the game without completely avoiding farming? As I said, if their jungler is ganking the lanes like crazy while you did nothing, then it is your fault, but forum circlejerkers think that as junglers, they are immune to criticism and everything that happens is the fault of the laner, never the jungler.
Couldn't it just be possible that the laners didn't learn from their mistakes and kept feeding their laners? It's perfectly possible to feed the enemy laner without any jungler interfering.
: I love how moderators get mass downvoted for telling people that using slurs is against the rules
I get downvoted for trying to get upvotes and upvoted for trying to get downvotes.
: Whenever someone says "Shenpai" a baby dolphin dies of kidney failure.
: Because these boards complain about literally everything
Shen's slow on his Q is oppressive. Please nerf it to 3.5% thank you OP mongoloid champ
Sinayion (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=grarrrg,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Jl0Q3pYP,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-07-19T20:39:42.506+0000) > > You give me feelings of great pride and great shame. > > I'm not sure which one is winning.... 99% shame, 1% pride
> [{quoted}](name=Sinayion,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Jl0Q3pYP,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T20:49:35.223+0000) > > 99% shame, 1% pride 50% skill and 20% chives.
: I bet it has alot to do with Shen being balanced around being a tank. If you want more damage he's gotta lose some of his shielding and hard cc
I believe when they nerfed his base stats, nerfed his shields, nerfed his defensive abilities and nerfed his base HP regen and gave him flat damage on his Q in return (which they then took away), they were balancing him around being a duelist bruiser rather than an actual tank. Tanks don't have HP growth lines as low as Jhin.
: The problem is, Riot would run the risk of pissing off the people that main Shen because his ult is his staple. But again, the problem is his ult makes him too strong in competitive, which Riot keeps nerfing him for.
Make the shield 60 HP at 60% HP or more. Make it jump to to 300 at 40% or less. Boom. Competitive just got shit on.
: Rework was a failure. Just revert him.
His pre-rework was even worse. He'll get eaten alive in the state he was in with the 3 HP per second regen he got from his Q after auto attacking someone. He'll need serious buffs if he's going to get reverted.
Ahpe (NA)
: Shen after Akali Rework
Shen after every patch he's included in, more like.
: i mean, it's fiction. In reality shen with his current look would be quite buff. But compare him to Garen & Darius. Shen in league's setting/art direction isn't that buff.
I would agree if you weren't comparing him to THE biggest muscle jocks in league. That's like saying Akali in reality would be quite 'endowed', but because you can compare her to Sona she's not that 'endowed' by League standards. Buff is buff. Even by League's standards, Shen is maybe in the top 5, definitely top 10 of most muscular men in the game.
: I guess Ninja Pikachu automatically wins the Best Friend award since he's the only one who didn't ditch Shen or die on him.
Just wait until his rework. Then he'll ditch Shen as well to save himself from getting nerfs for being Shen's ally like Akali did.
Larriet (NA)
: My only issue is that a noodle-staff seems like it would be too thick, so I'm not sure what else to use for it.
: Yeah, but that's Shen. He's known for having a rather "unique" interpretation of what a ninja does.
He just said Shen isn't muscular. I was just politely explaining why his opinion is wrong.
Wuks (NA)
: How many Boards posts do you have?
All I see is how much of time I've wasted making text arrangements about topics purely set in a fantasy world revolving around characters that don't exist. ...what have I been doing with my life with 12,899 posts on this god-forsaken mid-sized community forum...?
: Akali is an Assassin. Assassins arent really know to be that "muscular". i mean look at Zed and Shen or even Yasuo lol. they all have a Toned physique(like Akali) but none of them are muscular.
Are you kidding? LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS
: you can itemize against it health 80% of the damage is still effected by armor/MR
The problem isn't the true damage by itself. It's the fact that, in a game where damage is already too high, you get a spike of AD and get more effective damage at early levels for more kill pressure by virtually doing nothing special. It pushes top lane towards damage dealers against damage dealers, leaving laners that lane defensively or by using their tools to soak damage to survive in a tough spot. Namely tanks.
: My insurance agent made me cry today
Once somebody on the enemy team told me something insulting at the beginning of the game and I shot back "you sound like my mom." Needless to say how guilty I felt when the enemy team tried to cheer me up all game and I didn't have the heart to tell them I was joking.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: His lore describes him as the leader of the kinkou order, yes. The task he fulfills is that he is protecting the balance between the spirit world and the human world. His class in the game is warden, which is a tank who excels at **protecting**. So I think it kinda fits his lore. And it would be pretty boring if we make every ninja in the game a hard hitting fighter or assassin. Ninja have more traits than just this. Ninja are also known for magical techniques, which he uses to generate shields, teleport to an ally and protecting everyone from auto attacks. Not every tank has to be a big meat shield soaking every damage, you can as well be a tank by dodging or blocking skills from the enemy, which fits the ninja theme and is represented in Shen. So, I personally don't mind him being a tank. It makes sense the way I think about it.
I'm going to add onto this by saying that he manipulates his duality and access to the spirit realm and uses it to fight his enemies and protect his allies. His spirit sword allows him to strike through a foe's armor at their spirit: their essence. Hence why it deals magic damage. His W creates a small pocket of the spirit realm, engulfing his allies in a dimension where the physical turns to smoke and cannot exist. His ultimate is him hopping through the spirit realm and using the energy he emits when the transition occurs and cloaks an ally in it. (My best guess?) I would say he's more of a "spirit warrior" than a ninja. You can interpret "with quiet steps" and "without a sound" to be more deeper than 'be sneaky.' He could be saying them in encouragement, like traveling not with heavy steps weighed by negativity, or bearing burdens silently until the battle is won. He is a leader, after all, and leaders must keep morale high and inspire their followers. Shen could be seen as doing this in his voice lines.
: On costumes. If you want Akali’s costume to make sense you will probably first have to explain why the standard ninja costume makes sense in the first place. No one ever wore that, unless they were performing theater.
I mean, Kennen' clothes are nice and smooth for minimal drag and probably protect him from singing his own fur. Shen has armor. Straight up armor. Perfect for the kind of battles he fights. Akali's outfit maybe is meant to distract the enemy since she will usually be fighting men, and even a moment's hesitation spells doom. Especially if they are thrown off by the way she is flaunted and sensually vulnerable, opposing traditional Ionian garb. Other than that, it's literally fan service and serves no other purpose.
: "You don't need to get laid more than once if you can just do it over again"
4 second fun time. Start the clock.
: "Go Wolf!" Another Memotions entry!
: TANKS need runes:: (Some Domination, Sorcery runes should scale with hp)
I would like to see two defensive trees: self-defense and ally protection.
: League of Legend's current balancing crisis can be boiled down to just two words...
~~Bye~~ I do feel like some special part of League: the wonder, the excitement, the unpredictability of a hard-fought game, are just gone. Gone are the days where trying a champion was more about discovery and taste rather than raw power and gimmicks. Gone are the days when I could build a certain way on a champion usually thought unconventional and still succeed, or have a nice laugh when I blunder. Gone are the days when I could play the champions I like without worrying about the meta directly affecting my chances of winning or losing. Gone are the days where I could play Shen as a tank without essentially forfeiting lane and possibly the game. Or the days where I didn't even have to play him in a lane, where I could jungle as him and keep up with creative jungle paths and ganking manuevers. I miss a lot about this game. Mainly when I could point at Vayne and say "I don't like true damage" rather than point at 3/4 the roster, or when I could say "guys, stay behind me, Kha'Zix can't kill me." I sure do miss quite a few things. Huh.
: @Ghostcrawler, Greg you are a great guy and a shit manager.
The reason pro play isn't fun to watch anymore is because the game isn't that fun. Before, it was interesting to see how pros would play a game you love to play. Now it's just watching a game where by the 10 minute mark it's clear who the winner is. Making changes purely for pro play is ironic because when you ruin solo queue balance for it, interest in eSports drops as well.
: Supple Young Furry Mercilessly Destroyed by Succubus (◕ᴗ◕✿)
: mission failed, we'll get em next time
: My entry for the Memotions Contest!
A demonstra*shen* of superior art skills!
: I dont watch LC$ anymore,but if he still gets picked then you dont have to wonder why they nerfed him...
He's been nerfed to the point of no longer being a viable top laner. He's been reduced to a glorified ult-taunt bot support in the pro play scene. His ult nerfs changed nothing wrong about him. Instead of actually tinkering his ult and tuning it for its intended purpose they lazily nerfed the shield and made it practically unusable at the HP threshold it was meant to be used at unless it's to shield against an ignite or something. I'm getting a little tired of having to feel dread whenever I see Shen on any set of PBE changes.
YuGiHo (NA)
: ap shen still viable.
I tried to bring it back. It didn't work.
: because he has a stronger early game than darius. If darius procced 5x hemorrhage instnatly coming from someone that mains shens counterpick
Well, from my experience watching high elo games and playing Shen myself, Darius with conqueror or phase rush eats Shen alive early. I'm not sure about him having a stronger early game than Darius, but I'm sure there is some truth to it. Can you show me what you mean?
Ahris (NA)
: If ignite is so OP, why dont you all take it?
Because it's useless if I get bursted down in lane by conqueror before I can use it. Also, it's purple.
Ahris (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Dusteon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yUebvXOg,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-07-10T03:51:11.110+0000) > > Deleting your posts after people call you out doesn't count as 'not posting much lately'. That was I believe couple of days ago? Also, I only deleted it because it was no longer a discussion but an attack. No reason to try so hard commenting to each one of you guys if you guys aren't willing to listen. Like what you guys want me to do?
> [{quoted}](name=Ahris,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yUebvXOg,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-07-10T03:57:57.713+0000) > > That was I believe couple of days ago? Also, I only deleted it because it was no longer a discussion but an attack. No reason to try so hard commenting to each one of you guys if you guys aren't willing to listen. Like what you guys want me to do? So, who is this Ahris you named yourself after and what anime is he from?
: Probably going to give him power elsewhere. Considering he usually taunts you the slow probably is redundant so giving him a boost elsewhere would be more helpful.
I hope they put that power in his defensive tools. However, I'm a bit doubtful since Riot does have a history of nerfing Shen without compensation for a while now.
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Vacus (NA)
: I'm sure he got nowhere. That said, if he was a wall street banker and was actually good at his job, he doesn't need to ever have another job anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=Vacus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FTniinRK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-10T03:44:24.774+0000) > > I'm sure he got nowhere. > > That said, if he was a wall street banker and was actually good at his job, he doesn't need to ever have another job anyway. Raising a child *can be very expensive.
: Runeterra has SIX different apocalypse events
Welcome to Runeterra. Have an apocalypse.
Terozu (NA)
: But he _does_ talk when he ults. Something about crossing over, and a rasphody.
Correct. We just need him to talk, like, a lot louder.
: Sion ult was justified by riot because they didn't want him to surprise ult his enemies to give them counterplay from what is virtually a global stun Personally I think that his ult moves him slow enough that the counterplay already exists and he shouldn't have the global war drums (especially with champs like pantheon who do the same thing)
If Sion's ult did not give a warning his tools would have to be a lot weaker.
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: Okay, this is epic.
> [{quoted}](name=Lux Tizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U9ahjfV4,comment-id=00100001,timestamp=2018-07-08T04:05:11.865+0000) > > Okay, this is epic heal soraka ftfy
CLG ear (NA)
: imaqtpie married
So there _is_ hope. ######~~I'm sorry it was a dumb joke don't kill me~~
: > [{quoted}](name=Tacosrock,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8B5LtZZZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-06T20:54:21.122+0000) > > Sorry, but is this anything new? She's had a true damage-heavy kit for a few years? I don't understand where your bewilderment comes from. It pisses me off when people add question marks to the end of sentences that aren't questions?
Bazerka (NA)
: bumping this for vis. My guess is its a bot that looks for combos of words. Bots aren't perfect, and at least to my *untrained* eye the post isn't in the wrong (mods correct me?). Sorry this happened friend, bots aren't perfect :S.
Hah, nice cover-up. Typical Riot ponzi scheme. Everyone knows the mods are up to no good. Yep. No good at all. . . . Wait a second...
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spank the Fox,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9KAE6db1,comment-id=000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-06T21:23:13.034+0000) > > Smh KUWTT Whenever I see someone using "smh" I automatically assume he's a prick.
~~Smh~~ Uh... oscillating my head laterally on the swivel that is my neck.
: {{champion:136}} "[Useless and intolerable. Charming.]("
{{champion:36}} [*Slurps*](
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