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Sintama (NA)
: "Good game" but no game feels like a good game.
when i solo queue, my games are primarily losses.. its usually a shiitty adc or a shitty midlaner causing my team to lose. i usually play support. i tend to be the weakest link in premades, so its really disheartening going into solo queue and seeing someone royally fuck up way more than i ever would. when my teams win, i do notice, it tends to be a stomp, so i feel you on that "stomp or be stomped" thing. but man, when the teams are completely balanced- and its every once in a while when i play, those are truly GG, win or lose. teams just neck and neck the entire time. wild stuff.
: Unfairly Granted Low Priority Queue Games
welcome to the party. got into a game with a nice 40ms i had to restart my computer as i shot up to 6000ms, at the 2 minute mark. came back just about 10 minutes later (computer takes forever to restart), won the game, no one complained, and got hit with low priority. its outrageous.
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: Here's some ideas are skins and VU Updates from the Riot Contest
so that model after the Dryad Soraka, and before Yorick... whats.. whats that.
: An option to move around champion positions on the [TAB] Scoreboard
upvoted. it would make it a LOT easier for me to glance at people's builds/ cs if i could reposition the board to my liking.
: In team builder currently you have to select your skin, the original skin, then your skin again otherwise it doesnt register the skin you have as your default but the original
> [{quoted}](name=Pashweetie,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=PyeEzzYH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-01-31T00:52:36.412+0000) > > In team builder currently you have to select your skin, the original skin, then your skin again otherwise it doesnt register the skin you have as your default but the original thats not an issue anymore, as of 5.1 though, akaik
: @Riot Can you at least acknowledge the click delay issue?
> [{quoted}](name=Unreal1,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=JKoscOIQ,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2015-01-29T20:25:25.831+0000) > > I've always had this issue with the game. If you put two rapid inputs in, the latter one won't register. I always equated this to east coast lag, but now I think it's mainly due to their antiquated game engine. > > More recently, I was playing with Xerath and in the middle of a team fight my Q stopped working all together. Because of that, they were able to turn the fight around and ended up killing me. I respawn and all of my abilities work, except for my Q which still won't cast at all. Doesn't even go into the charge animation, nothing. I had to reconnect in order to get my Q to work again. > > Pretty ridiculous. > glad to know im not the only one. the only keys i should ever have problems with on my laptop is my U and [ , as both of those are broken. yet neither i use in league anyway. i notice, when i play leona, i can kiss button mashing goodbye. theres no way i can go all in and smash my keyboard because at least one of my abilities wont go off in my rapid combo. this is ONLY with leona, for me.
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: i don't even know why they bother with placement matches... I go 9 wins 1 loss to be put in silver 5. I mean, if my mmr is THAT bad, why not just start me there in the first place, instead of false hope of being rewarded for try harding. Don't want to play at all anymore.. bleh.
> [{quoted}](name=Atomicfate,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=hs7fkXxu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-01-26T18:46:11.103+0000) > > i don't even know why they bother with placement matches... I go 9 wins 1 loss to be put in silver 5. I mean, if my mmr is THAT bad, why not just start me there in the first place, instead of false hope of being rewarded for try harding. Don't want to play at all anymore.. bleh. its funny you say that. a friend of mine got 9 wins and 1 loss and got placed in Bronze 4. some of us have it worse off. as long as you're not in bronze out of your placements, and you did that well, then i wouldnt complain too much
: sirgot (gentleman urgot)
i will buy urgot for this skin
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Swordice (EUNE)
: [CLIENT] Login screen flash animation is smaller than the window
: Sooo, about that new braum skin
bumping for the Redderonis
: No! .. Thank You RIOT GAMES !!
i didnt take a screenshot (unfortunately) but ig to Aether Wing Kayle :D
Noraver (NA)
: Thank you Riot, really.
congrats man! i got Aether Wing Kayle! wish it was Bot Nunu, but hey, free stuff. cant really complain :)
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Orreo (NA)
: Skins not working in teambuilder [CLIENT]
well, what i was told also works is selecting a different champ than who you played last game, and thenn go back to the champ and select the skin. its incredibly frustrating.. i didnt buy braums only skin to not play with it on, or Pool party skins, not to use them. and a friend of mine is incredibly anal about his skins and refuses to play champs without (read- hes a VERY spoiled rich kid) and he got into a game without spirit guard udyr on and raged. we also laughed at him
: [Long] Give Players the Option to Flip the HUD
i agree, but more on the fact that it gives us better control of the HUD. for instance, i would also love to be able to individually move parts, and in and unpin parts too, ala [*Strife*](
: Sometimes when I'm playing support....
when i play support, i play ADC
Neamean (NA)
: Shurima Leona
as a Leona and a Braum main, i cry myself to sleep every night as i dream for this, and [*El Braum*]( to be released
: About the size of Sejuani's model
i noticed this recently too. her model, as in sejuani + boar is fine. it works. but JUST sejuani? nooo. shes TINY. shes not the only one though. theres a LOT of champs with weird sizes. hopefully they start rolling out some size changes to most of the champs. still waiting on them to resize nautilus into a behemoth :P Blitz too, sorta hahaha
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: Pool Party Zac
as it was said before, zac is a very hard champ to mae skins for. as it was said before, i dont see why not. yes, pool party is essentially a recolor. but add shorts, goggles, and floaties? perfectly fine. i get that his body stretches and sways, which is why the skinning process is hard for him, but im sure his shoulders, face, and crotch would be fine. when he separates, or does his taunt where he turns into a balloon, *that* seems t be where the problem is. im sure there is a way for them to essentially have a "second skin" to the model. so when he does this specific emote, the floaties and pants are just omitted or drop to the floor. same with the passive. i can definitely see the goggles staying though. another ideas others have had before that i would love to see are: Zac in a tuxedo Chocolate Zac/ Sugar Rush Zac (i imagine either just chocolate, or chocolate with candy sticking out. or some sort of candy/jello) Vine Zac (remember that one plant alien from Ben10?) Spooky Zac (like spooky nocturn) Snowman Zac Magma Zac Spaghetti Zac Garbage Zac Ice Cream Zac Sandman Zac (but more like a pharaoh, not the spiderman villain. that wouldnt be too bad either though lol)
: Project: Leona
i have filled buckets with my bodily fluids because of this post. i want that skin so bad
: Had so much fun losing!
honestly, as frustrating as really drawn out matches can be, they're my favorite, so long as both teams are neck and neck. "oh you caught me out? no biggie, im getting you next time for sure" and then boom, outplayed. both teams struggling for dragon, first blood doesnt come in for about 10 minutes in, everyone getting kills and assists, clutch plays, no one is messing up too severely, etc etc. i dont mind the trash talk from either team sometimes, if its a game like that. usually its funny, and not blatantly outright mean. and if we lose? its a sincere gg, and would love playing that over again. everyone gets honors, the post game is filled with jokes, and people offering tips. thats what i play league for. glad you had fun losing, lol :P
: The Taric we need and deserve !
: Loss Forgiven Requests For Faulty Client
not yet to me, but it just happened to a friend. their jinx also had the problem, so luckily the game was 4v4. but then it didnt go into our match history. and we couldnt queue for another match. then no one could log in. and well, the day went downhill from there
: Can Supports Get Extra IP For Supporting in Team Builder?
i LOVE this, as a suupport main lol BUT theres the problem with the validity and honesty of the players. many times i've queue'd with friends, where we would- to mess with the 5th we're searching for, all queue as a certain role/ lane. sometimes even on accident. so imagine everyone in a premade, queue'd as support. someone mentioned earlier about "only bot lane support" but you can crowd- as far as i know, all 5 players in bit lane, with a support role. How about only awarding this extra IP if you fall under: Lane- Bottom Role- Support Champion- anyone listed under the "support" tab in the store BUT again, the problem is that you have unconventional supports. Brand Support WORKS, but is he REALLY a support? no. Kalista support is DOABLE Nunu is listed as support, but he's technically a jungler. Ahri support can definitely be done, but she's a mid laner. and then what about other special cases? Heimerdinger is listed as support, but he's not really the best for that, and did you know Blitz is not listed as a support? the only other thing i can think of is some pathing/ movement recorder that the game does, and reads like, "oh i see mellophant queue'd as bot lane support, as Braum. he was bot lane for 80% of the game, he must have been the support! lets give X more IP." and, "i see DreamReaper123 queued as bot lane support, Ahri, but was 80% mid lane. he was obviously NOT the support" seems like a cool idea though. Also, the game doesnt reward based on stats. everyone on the winning team gets the same amount of base IP. if it rewarded on stats, it could give flexible amounts of IP based on K/D/A. since supports usually have little kills but lots of assists, if could also read it that way "hmm, the KDA was balance in this specific way, guy was obviously support" the problem with THAT though, is when you have those supports [me] who like to KS their ADC if the ADC is either bad, or super BM, so i make sure i get super tanky. for example, when my girlfriend first started playing, she would ADC while i supported, and i always did better, because i was better at the game, at the time. so with this idea, the game could accidentally read the ADC as support, and reward them more IP or something. i dunno. i like it though.
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: Missing an esential asset- Leona
bump/ update: verified files, everythign went great, got back into the game, stomped those kids, and then got the leaverbuster. gg rito, gg ps- my settings were reset so i thought i was bugged, i couldnt see hp bars
: LeaverBuster Warning
well, the new warning comes out for the very first leave now... considering how this is what just happened to me, im not to thrilled about the new buster
: Missing an esential asset- Leona
theres no way in hell im going to sit here and reinstall the *entire* game, but i did close out my client and was prompted about having corrupt files, and to repair them, so the game is scanning through everything now... im sure that still takes less time than a full reinstall
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Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
no nononononononononononononnoonononononono why? this game is played by a massive amount of people. wasnt there some statistic released recently about 1% of the global population plays league? im sure out of aaaall of those people, theres an alarmingly high majority of players who play with awful internet, or computers. some of the best players i know play with some combination of either a bad computer, bad internet, or both. it just wouldnt be fair to them. with the VU on SR, that screwed over a LOT of people, myself included. now my laptop is dated, but still pretty powerful, and even i had trouble runnign the new rift, and that was awful. my girlfriend plays with about 15-20 fps average, and the new map dropped her to 5. one of my best friends plays 30 max, and dropped to 10, his first game on the new map. my first game, i couldnt even stand near towers without lagging. for the first few days we played bots, and the first few normals, there were a lot of leaves from both teams. obviously thats not as big of an issue right now though. but heres where this bothers me. my girlfriend has only ever left maybe 5 games, and dodged one queue, in ranked. last night, we're playing with a full premade team. all of us hanging out on skype. something happened last night where she needed to leave the game pretty abruptly. we all understood, so we let her go. we lost too, but we knew it was going to happen, especially losing one of our strongest on the team. we as a team werent going to penalize her, yet when she logged back in, she got her leaver warning, meaning next game or two that she has to leave because of something totally out of her control means shes going to get penalized, when its totally not her fault. the worst part is when shes carrying the team, and HAS to leave. our team could be stomping the enemy, and she has to go, and even if we win, that'll still count against her. shes also had games where everything was fine, and then the fps just drops suddenly and stays that way, and has no choice but to afk i had a game where we were neck and neck, i died, and i did a little unintended slam on the corner of the laptop. you know, like "darn, he got me" and you shake your fist, or drop it down on the desk... well i did this, and my computer bluescreened. i know my computer inside and out. theres no reason that should have caused a bluescreen, but it did, and i was out for the next 10 minutes, due to restarting (yes. it takes a LONG time. restart, wait for programs, start up league, load in) this was another where i was playing with a premade team of friends. had i not gotten into the game before it ended, would that count against me? some sort of freak accident? i have the worst luck. just the other night my entire window blinds fell, when i went to open them witht hat pole thing, to turn the flaps. the thing just dropped. was it my fault? no, i was handling things like i normally do, and it just happened. one of my buddies that i play premades with has a baby sister that he needs to pick up from school. we can almost always squeeze in one last game before he needs to leave, but occasionally they go waay over, and he has to leave. only for 5 - 10 minutes. keep in mind, we throw in this last game with a good 50 minutes left before he has to go, meaning the games will typically end between 30-45, but for some reason go over. he leaves with the intent of coming back, and by the time hes back, the game is over and we lost. i get it. should he have played a game when he had to leave? no. but when you give yourself almost an hour in advance, and games will run anywere between 25-45 minutes, that still leaves you with time after to go do what you need to. the thing is that sometimes the game goes way over- and this has happened to a LOT of people, and they cant help but leave. I understand that this is in place for the people who get toxic and actually leave games, and not meant to harm the innocent players who get thrown under bad circumstances sometimes. but at least rethink the system a bit more. maybe exclude leaverbuster from affecting players playing in a lobby of primarily friends. I typically play with 3 other friends and a random. if a friend needs to leave, and the majority of the team is added on league, then let leaverbuster exclude them. of course, this should only affect normals, aram, and bot games. My stance on ranked is dont play unless you know that you wont be interrupted, and that your computer/internet is doing fine. the only problem with the excluding friends thing is when a friend gets super bm and leaves. i've done that myself. played a few games with some buddies and got absolutely infuriated, and left and cost us the game. personally, i think its a much better trade than penalizing good players. and with that being said, give us the option to report friends for being toxic to the team. i wouldnt keep quiet if i knew someone who committed a crime. "oh sorry, you cant rat this guy out for beating up that homeless man, you two have known eachother since high school" lol
: It's to go with the whole set thing. Shen is top, kalista is adc, thresh is support, and akali is typically mid. I think they just wanted to make it a set, with a bloodmoon skin for a jungler and elise was their first choice. I mean maybe a bloodmoon hecarim would have been better, but elise has less skins than most other jungles...
if they really supported unconventional roles outside of what riot intended the champions to be played as, you could have the fifth Blood Moon go to Karma, as she's Ionian. then you could have a team comp with most of these guys being able to swap fairly easily. from what ive personally seen, which works veeeerryyy well, its possible for: shen- top, bot akali- jungle, mid kalista- top, adc, mid karma- top, mid, adc thresh- top, adc, support im sure i missed something, but karma, kalista, and thresh are very flexible. it just means that most of the time akali will be stuck jungle, and shen top
Takran (NA)
: The real reason people are getting twitchy about Blood Moon Elise.
i dont play elise. never have. as someone who doesnt care for the champ i will say, i LOVE the skin. BUT what i DONT love is that its counting as a blood moon. the colors are off, and the mask is as well, like you said. recolor and change the mask? sure. or rename it and make it its own skin/ pair it with someone else similar. hell, add some hearts and now its Heartseeker Elise. which really? that would be awesome. think about it. shes literally going to eat your heart, unlike Ashe and Vayne. they could then give the last blood moon skin to a jungler like Eve, and that could be a kick start to her VU/GU too
: [New Game Mode] Introducing Practice Mode
i would love to see this implemented better in custom game modes im stuck in the Support role, and transitioning to a new role is very tough. all of my friends that i play with are flexible in almost every lane, and im the one always stuck support. while i love it, and think im a really great support, the best in my group, i want to get into other lanes. when i play with a specific group, i get thrown mid sometimes. now recently, ive been doing a great job according to them, for someone who cant play those kinds of roles well, but still, i would love to get more practice on my own time. I unerstand thats what bot games are for, but you cant do that when people dont respect the meta at all. I try for ADC, and we get a duo ADC bot, or if i try top, theres a duo top, and it sucks :/
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
this is interesting... do i have to request a rioter post my chat logs? or can i find them myself? if i have to request them, im down lol. feel free to show me some of my negative ones too. im typically a positive person, but i get very douchey when im outplaying or juking the enemy. and im usually in a skype call with the people i play with. i wouldnt mind seeing my ranked chat logs. i know im waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more positive in ranked. for sure.
: [gameplay] Varus's Q completely turns off permanently
i had an issue like this with Vi. easily the first and last time i ever played Vi. my girlfriend had the same problem but never brought it up for some reason. i have friends who play vi who say its never happened to them. personally i kept spamming tons and tons of buttons. never tried remapping my Q, but i feel like that could help, if that happens again. the bug eventually stopped during the Vi game, and i was fine afterwards, but it really set us back
: Replace ARAM with URF permanently
I voted for URF being better. that doesnt mean i want to see ARAM go away. if anything, replace Dominion. you DO realize thats a game mode, played even less than ARAM? its actually a lot of fun, its essentially CTA. But it hardly gets any play. the upside is that games are almost always under 20. but again, dominion doesnt get as much love as ARAM. i would vote for replacing that, and getting a bigger, Crystal Scar- like map, to better fit the craziness of URF
: Honestly, that'd be even better but not everyone's computer can handle it.
he didnt mean have ARAM + URF as one, ya dingus :P hes saying keep both game modes instead of replacing one
Snuffles (NA)
: So Champions with black smoke in their champ screen?
i genuinely believe its for Harrowing hype, but ive been seeing a LOT of evidence supporting Ao. for one, the "fog 7" are all champs who have betrayed someone. meanwhile, Ao Shin is someone who stands for justice. the thunder/clouds match Ao's colors, but they also seem to go fine with Harrowing.
: The only one I approve of is the Cloud 9 Lucian one... Jinx's ones are too sexualized and Thresh isn't suposed to look like a money thing.. idek what it is... i like his lantern though :P
> Jinx's ones are too sexualized its just fan art haha. thy dont have to take it 1:1. if they wanted to make it less sexualized they could same goes for thresh. while i may not like this "monkey" thing going on, its a start... i would love a new thresh skin :(
Rhlax (NA)
: [Some Ideas] Modernizing Current Champions
everything seemed fine until i got to > NEW: each of Ashe's basic attacks slow her targets. no thanks
: I like it, I dont particularilly like the idea of Riot getting partnered with Steam though for a very specific reason though, because you can't copy steam games straight off the. computer to move to another computer, which is a pretty big thing for people with bad internet speed/volume such as myself, I patch and then copy the file and send it to my friends by USB Anyways that's off track, I like te whole Fullscreen concept, it'd be a great addition, especially with the upcoming release of the new client/patcher.
technically yes, you can. about 2 months ago i moved everything steam related from my internal hard drive, to an external one, including the client itself. i now carry my games on an external, and can use it on other peoples computers. it required a bit of work, but its actually very easy and very doable.


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