Nekone (NA)
: Honestly. Yeah. I'm rarely enjoying the game anymore. Try playing on another of my accounts. Still no fun. Still uneven matches. Still getting stomped in a lot of games. I'm playing worse. My mental has tanked due to the sheer amount of hopeless feeling games. You're doing alright mid? Neat. But everyone else is losing. You're getting killed in 3 autos by the fed Jhin before you can even oneshot anyone as Talon. I'm bad. It's hard to roam if the enemy jungle is exerting so much pressure mid while your whole team is still losing lanes. Its too scary to leave lane when you KNOW the enemy jungler will be right there waiting for you. Or there will be those games where I'm just so heavily outclassed in my lane by more skilled players. I miss Season 5. Things were fun. I had loads of fun. Season 6. Also relatively fun. But less so. Season 7. A lot less fun but each new season my enjoyment of the game has diminished greatly. I can't even enjoy NORMALS anymore without a stomp. Riot please. How can I try new champions if I'm going to be facing better players? Reworks are actually causing more frustration almost imo. Especially some new champs. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Around the juggernaut patch was when things started to go downhill for me. Season 5 was nice
Falrein (EUW)
: Which champions get interacted with the most in-game? (Spoilers, it's not Lux) - A List
: Some abilities should be changed
I thought the same thing for a lot of these- Morde felt underwhelming for example. hopefully maybe something changes
: Card rolling pool-size needs to be incresed in order to incorporate the full roaster of champion.
usul1202 (NA)
: I will admit to second degree clickbaiting with the title, but I do think the skin would be cool.
: To be honest, I like Nexus Blitz (and every other RGM) better than this. However, I do have fun playing this, but if another game mode made a return, I would drop TFT in a heartbeat.
Took the words out of my mouth. I think all the RGMS are better and more unique to league. I actually thought they’d make nexus blitz permanent
Terozu (NA)
: Im now picturing kled cosplaying as Veigar and it is fabulous.
you have my full support
: Rotating game mode (rgm)
Hopefully a riot employee sees this. I wanted to try yuumi one for all. - 4 ap yuumi's all boarding a full tank Yuumi. got that idea from a friend. Also i think each rgm is imo better than TFT.
: Me: "League isn't even fun anymore"
"I think I'll uninstall" *reinstalls 3 weeks later*
Parznip (NA)
: My Hopes For Fiddlesticks's Rework
I like the fear idea. I always find Urgot ult animation scary lol, something similar maybe
: Alright, I'm still more impressed with Olaf. Gangplank has to cleanse with an orange, an item that (for all we know) is magical in nature. Maybe Bilgewater has magical oranges. Olaf though? Olaf shrugs off high-tech gadgets like Vi's gauntlets knocking him into the air. Olaf laughs in the face of ancient magics like Lissandra's true-ice prison. Olaf ignores the whims of void-beings like Malzahar's void-infused powers. Olaf **looks at the literal incarnation of universal balance** and leaves him on read as Bard is trying to put him in stasis. All because he's really, astronomically, overwhelming pissed. the fuck. OFF. Olaf gets a galaxy-sized star thrown at him by fucking Aurelion Sol and all Aurelion sees is [Seen at 8:26 PM].
: *morde killing people and destroying every building in his path* *random soldier hits him with sword from behind and it breaks* *morde turns around* ronan the accuser voice "what are you doing?"
kostama (NA)
: Can we talk about this ??!
I never really thought about a TF rework, maybe because I don't really play him- so I'm not sure.
: {{champion:266}} This guy is raw emotion and breaks my heart every time.
In my opinion the old Aatrox was much deeper of a character- but i respect your opinion and can understand that.
: Revert Aatrox
Only thing I really miss is his old character and appearance. Maybe it's because in general people don't like change, but Aatrox being a symbol of war and stuff seemed much cooler to me. A world ender isn't a bad idea and I can hear the emotion in the voice, but idk doesn't feel all that admirable
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