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I just got that too, buddy. I was incredibly confused because I go out of my way to be nice. Just relog and it should sync properly.
Kobila2000 (EUNE)
: Actually there were some stats that said 90% of players are male, but those were from many years ago so who knows how well they're holding up now. People forget though that with those stats it means that you basically have one girl in every match.
I do not believe that even slightly. While it is probably higher, it can't be that high. Anecdotal evidence: I was brought to league by a group of girls, and brought back by another girl, and then brought another girl to the game after. So in my experience everyone is a girl in league.
Vesh (NA)
: Experimental attack-move change going to PBE
This looks like it could be a good change, or at worse a good option for those who like it. Thanks for trying to upgrade the system and not just let it be.
: Pr0lly - Second Coming
I'm excited, I enjoy Prolly playing and his attitude at the desk when interviewed is fantastic. I'm expecting the members of CLB to shape the meta with strageties, but not to win the split sadly. C9, TSM, and hopefully CLG are too strong for that at the moment. I also just really, really want CRS to stop getting 4th place please.
: I can agree with your statement to some extent, but if you consider movement speed as a "gap closer" adding ghost to Udyr's E is all u really need. Quick in—quick out>
He doesn't because he compared him to Volibear, who has a speed boost.
footfoe (NA)
: prolly is really good. I worry about him though. He like randomly leaves teams to frolic in the woods and stuff.
Are you calling him an elf? Because I agree.
Labcown (NA)
: > Personally speaking, most champions don't get any LCS spotlight because the top champs are fairly defined... so it gets sad Q_Q. There are only a few champions left that haven't been played in any professional manner this season, I think the number is somewhere around 15. While I'll agree not every champion has it's fair share of LCS spotlight, this season has seen more variety in champs I believe than any other season (except maybe season 1 percentage wise).
Even the devil himself saw play. The champion meta in LCS at the moment is a lot more versatile than people realize, at least now. I was getting pretty sick of Mundo vs Shyvana for a while, but champions like Soraka mid, I wouldn't mind seeing in every game. As long as the games are interesting and the strategies keep changing, (*cough4v0cough*) I'll keep watching. Edit: That said, I've never seen Viktor played even once even in soloqueue and I don't know why that is.
: LCS champion picks
Competition is the spirit of change and adaptation, if they did that more than once we wouldn't have even the small variation of champions that occur now. Not to mention some players (reaching example: Oddone on {{champion:57}}) would be outplayed just because someone else happens to like a champion that is also in meta. The meta is constantly shifting every patch and I rarely see a game that ends up with the same 10 champions in them every single game, and when one team picks the same team as before, they usually lose. (Unless you are c9 season 3) While it would be fun, it won't lead to a constructive competitive game, that is essentially what they did on the U.R.F. exhibition game and it was entertaining until you realized that c9 had stronger picks and won by a mile.
: [Music Video] Goodbye Teemo! [Beware: +12]
I am offended! Teemo didn't die enough.
: But, as I understand it, only some systems were vulnerable to the bug, riot could have just been checking to see if they were using any of those in relation to player data. Mind you, I'm a complete layman.
Informed laymen are good consumers. :)
: "We dug into every League of Legends system and we're happy to report that no player information was exposed to this bug." Heartbleed bug leaves no trace, if player information was exposed to the bug no-one could know except the person(s) exploiting the bug.
You didn't watch the video/read up on it, clearly. It affects a certain version of the OpenSSL and is simply a security oversight of the company developing the product.
: So you're saying you're running a 2+ year old version of it?
Nothing wrong with that, as this case points out, it lets you avoid popular exploits and afflictions.
: Most of the internet is affected by a massive security leak? Well, better nerf Irelia.
: I haven't seen many game sites post this info.
Activision Blizzard did this a week or so ago, but Blizzard has far more resources than Riot and always gets flak about their poor customer security. A company can simply not comment on something like this and just fix it, not only informing your customers that they won't be affected (from their sites/resources), but attempting to teach them what the bug is all about, is in fact caring about your customer base.
: Regarding the Heartbleed security bug
Thank you, Riot, I appreciate the information. Though, I already read up on it, many haven't. Thank you again.


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