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: Wait your joking right?
: She is a bad champion but her laning phase is disgusting winrate doesn't mean they are not op look at Azir before all those nerfs
illaoi is not op lol. ahri however is very strong and has an overloaded kit.
: She has been one of the most balanced champions in a game for awhile right now more or the stronger side due to item changes sometimes on the weaker side she is one of the most balanced champs in the game I propose we stop ignoring {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} and {{champion:80}} as they are actually op and need nerfs
illaoi is op but ahri isnt? t-that just blows my fucking mind.
: "HEHE ADC 2K17"
we see the jungler and mid coming to dive us bot, why dont we stay and fight it out as 2 people. wait... why dont WE engage? that oughta save us. we could run and live but who cares about that when our egos can be stroked? when we die its obviously not our faults and its the fact that adc is so bad right now buff adc pweazeee riot :)))
: I don't care about winning all that much on my main. Just having fun while trying to win. If it bothers you that someone is at your skill level but doesn't care about winning as much as you, that's your problem. They are still at your skill level and having a similar effect on the game as you. If the guy's _playstyle_ wasn't plat, he wouldn't be in plat.
so hes allowed to troll because hes smurfing from plat 1? are u serious? he just said he was trolling and the part that stuck to you was "doesnt care about winning as much" really? thats sad.
: Why not just keep fizz ap ratio the same?
i thinkthe only ones who want fizz to even be in the game are the fizz mains themselves. no one enjoys playing with or against this champion. hes awfully designed and any little number increase breaks him.
: PLat elo is trash mainly because everyone think they can solo 1v5 and ignore everything about team work i legit hate plat players because of this main reason... trust me gold players are definitely better than plat. as i was gold once and now i can compare most of my rank games gold players are both good and bad but at least they got teamwork unlike plat players.
I honestly couldn't care less what rank he was I just want to see this waste of fucking oxygen degenerate perma banned much less a rioter even look at how he ruined our game.
: if it was ranked, i agree, if it was normals then idgaf
it was a plat 5 ranked game. enemy jungler even agreed to report him because it was fucking obvious when the nunu is 0-0-0 15 minutes in constantly afking while hes diving us under our own towers for minutes on end. im still waiting on the notification that he got banned. i doubt it tho. flamers are true evil. people that actually ruin games need to be evaluated!!!!
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: I provided stats you provided nothing Where's your proof she's not OP She's outperforming everyone except fiora rn and Fiora is OP too
LOL. so winrates is how u know a champ is the strongest top or not. go ask viper how he feels about riven in high elo. half the time hes getting shit on by the balanced renek and getting his ass camped. rivven is no where near strong. stats dont prove everything. i could say galio has a higher win rate than lucian so hes a better adc.
: Riven has higher win rates and playrates than both Darius and Yasuo on 7.10 fyi
fyi we werent comparing winrates. fyi we were talking about her matchups she is not op. shes very strong now with deaths dance but thats the first time for her in months. u can dick riven easily.
: So Riven's at 53% win rate again
if u think riven is broken/op you are actually very stupid. very. im not even kidding. 80 percent of the top roster bullies her. most of her matchups are against her but shes the one that has to outplay them to win. even darius/yasuo are becoming harder what with new items.
Sateless (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skyphic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEPAEhEZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-20T05:39:18.375+0000) > > why? > > why cant i just ask these idiots what the fuck is going on in their heads to be THIS bad at a game? > > i 2v1 brand/ezreal and get both kills without dying managing to dodge and weave over and over and what do i see? > > my xin zhao dying 1v1 to a fucking dragon when he started it at full hp. > > ? > > why cant i be angry over that? You can, but its out of your control. People have off games, are just bad, or MMR could of took a turn for the worse (especially if they were duo) So the best bet is just to move on. It happens in competitive games where people play horrible and you do fine.
next game my MORDE support is afk for the first 3 minutes and i lose out on levels and cs as well as havign to back early. i go into lane get ganked and he comes back to die.
Sateless (NA)
: what you do is queue for another game and hope it turns out better. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
why? why cant i just ask these idiots what the fuck is going on in their heads to be THIS bad at a game? i 2v1 brand/ezreal and get both kills without dying managing to dodge and weave over and over and what do i see? my xin zhao dying 1v1 to a fucking dragon when he started it at full hp. ? why cant i be angry over that?
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: triggered
not really.... LOL trying so hard to piss me off but you're coming off as the biggest tool
: dear diary nobody cares
if u didnt care you wouldnt be commenting. great childish personality .
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Nickie (NA)
: that sounds like a good idea, riot would be insane not to implement that in
they are insane as people have been asking for years.
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: You are toxic, get out of this game.
you are a tool, get off the internet and find a safe space.
: Based on the decision making I can tell; That ivern must have watched Commando Yi's guide to jungling. The rengar didn't.
the rengar must have followed riots saying meaning he could do whatever he wants including fucking me over but as long as he says "woops" its ok by all means. me having to play 10x safer and smarter is the end game and i still lose because my adc has 1 too many chromosomes so she has no ability to use her eyes which allow her to position but unluckily she clicks her mouse into the enemy team and says "wow!" just knowing that AFTER ALL THOSE GANKS AND MY DISGUSTINGLY BAD JUNGLER INTING HER, i still come out on top but I STILL have another problem being my adc suiciding and I lose off that. not the fiora thats done nothing on her own, me, the guy that had to 1v3 lane against my own jungler their jungler and the fiora haha skill matters :)
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: Well it happens for me but my computer is 9 years old. Did you turn on the option to close the client while in game?
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: Thankfully, they added a /surr at 15 option.
thankfully, i still have to waste time going to lane and getting 3 man dove for the next 9 minutes.
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: What Yasuo and Riven Really need besides new skins.
haha xD how did you come up with that one mister syndra most played xD
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ox2gen (EUNE)
: NA bashing is getting annoying
i dare an eu player to flame na. try it. go for it. i have plenty of things to reply with.
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: Report him. Int feeders get banned. I know, because it happened to me. Got 14 days for inting not too long ago.
Two stupid games in a row but the only solution is report them and hope they get banned !!!! Cool haha gives me hope 😎😎😎😎😎😎
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: video clip or it didn't happen.
Rewt (NA)
: > They Killed the ability to get ahead in the jungle Your point was about Junglers being able to solo carry. The thing is that you cant anymore. They basically removed that unless your laners have autism and keep pushing up without wards and let the jungler just walk in and kill them over and over so they get fed that way. But if you play smart the jungler cant really do jack shit.
ive seen junglers solo carry tho. a good jungler can secure a lane easily. drags barons and call outs that only his role can do.
Rewt (NA)
: > Now all you have to do is afk farm for a bit dive a squishy champ become unkillable and solo carry Uhhhhhhh. no. Jungle has been changed so that afk farming actually will make you fall behind your bot lane in XP. With all the changes the only viable junglers are really ivern (because you cant really change the jungle and expect it to bother him), Lee Sin because he has strong ganks, and the tanks who are blatantly OP right now. > You can get stronger in the jungle than anything other role No. This is just objectively false. Jungle operates at a gold and XP deficit since the changes to the jungle in like patch 7.1 Jungle Needs its XP changes reverted. Before if a jungler fell behind he was pretty fucked. You had to be good at the role to get ahead. Nowadays the jungler can be garbage and fall 1 level behind. Kills 2 camps and he catches back up. This is because they killed the ability to get ahead in the jungle, but added in some insane catchup xp allowing them to never truly fall behind
Kovah (NA)
: Grats, you are able to provide a barely-relevant example. That hardly ever happens. And either way, do you really think that person even cares what you tell them? Just, think about it for ONE second. All that's happening, is you are raging, and you get punished. You're just hurting yourself because its the internet, nobody cares what you say to them. Again, don't be a hypocrite. If you would just report at the end of the game, they would be punished, and you wouldn't.
ok but it makes ME feel better that this guy atleast knows 1 less person respects him. if its the internet and no one cares what u say to them then why are 90 percent of this community so eager to report anyone that says ANYTHING they find offensive towards them? there are people in the player behavior section arguing about who reported more people like???/ ok you're cooL!!!
: Apparently there's some in game voice chat testing going on.
if u dont want to use it , dont use it. no one is forcing you tbh. itll help me out tons so when my jungler wants to gank and i can tell him i have a wave up to tower before he suicides to my laner and fucks me over resulting in me flaming him and tilting.
: maybe just ward and u will be ok
i died to a level 4 gank from lee/fizz full hp just walking back into lane. all he had to do was blind q me from tower bush and i instantly blew up. lane was over from that minute.
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Wabe11 (NA)
: I really don't mean it as homophobia it just another word i use trying to some how get back at them for taking away 30 min of my life just to lose the match cuz they didn't hold bot like i suggested instead of trying to fight there counters.
it literally doesnt matter dude. never ever use those words in a game. im as toxic as toxic goes. someone could int m y lane and i would still never call him a n***ger or a f**got those are words that are insta ban. never use those words ever. passive aggressive flame always exists when your team is trolling.
Kovah (NA)
: Hey, all you ragers out there
hey Mr.Positive toxic master69 here to give my opinion. user 1 (me) queues up for a ranked game. within seconds of the game loading , his mid laner has started running down mid saying "kill taiwanese people" game has already been decided as your bot opens mid 5 minutes in. you flame the inter and call him a worthless sack of human dogshit. system says you're toxic and thats what ruins games. you demote and are sent back to the division before losing out on tons of hours of games. :thinking:
Wabe11 (NA)
: I got perma banned for 2 sentences of rage
im against perma bans for flaming but if you use homophobic or racist terms than you deserve it. anything else is just words that dont mean anything.
: They way you worded that post made it seem more like a "Get out of my way" sort of sentiment than a "Adjust your expectations" sentiment. =/
no man i didnt mean it like that. i just meant that ive seen people expect more from ranked when they have hit their peak and get frustrated. play your best champs and play to improve.
Vallalan (NA)
: 2k over a whole season is feasible. 2k ranked games in the MIDDLE of the season is absurd to me. lol. i play pretty much non stop and im not even at 1k yet.
ive seen a guy with 800 games the first 2 months. im not kidding. i was asking him if he was acc sharing with someone who plays when he gets off.
: I feel your pain. As a jg main, nothing irritates me more than when I completely shut a jgler down in the early game and take their entire top or bot side multiple times, and at 20 minutes when I'm say 60 cs and say 3-5 kills above their jgler, they successfully gank once and suddenly they're 1 level below me, then they farm one or two waves and suddenly all the progress I made in shutting them down is almost completely negated save for a ~1k gold difference. Then suddenly they get another kill because they now outlevel my bot lane who hasn't died once.
i play jungle once every while but nothing pisses me off more in that role than when the enemy jungle whos fucked up just about everything hes done for the first 20 minutes get 1 kill and suddenly hes equal exp.
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