: > [{quoted}](name=Jihad 911,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Ts4NEAq5,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-07-01T17:46:00.947+0000) > > What happens when Tahm Kench devourers the following champions, whether friend or foe? > > Swain with ult on. Birds come out of his mouth. > > Fiddlesticks with ult on. > Birds come out of his mouth. > Shyvana Dragon form with her W on. > Fire comes out of his mouth. > Zac while ulting. > Flubber comes out of his mouth. > Sion with his W on. > Shield explosion comes out of his mouth. > Wukong while ulting. Monkey-weapon comes out of his mouth. > > Singed with poison trail on. > Poison gas comes out of his mouth. > Maokai with his ult on. > Maelstrom comes out of his mouth. > Nasus and Renekton with their ults on. > Ancient space-Shurima fire comes out of his mouth. (sorry narrative team, they'll always be from space to me) > Any other champion who has a sunfire if Tahm has sunfire(will they stack?) > Sunfire comes out of his mouth. Multiple champions with sunfire stack as usual. > A champion ulted by Lulu. > Weird purple slow field comes out of his mouth. > Karthus with his E on. > Death energy comes out of his mouth. > Kennen with ult on. > Lightning comes out of his mouth. > Garen while spinning. Spinny sword comes out of his mouth. > > Jax while dodging. > Magic dodge energy comes out of his mouth. > Blitzcrank with his passive ult on. > Static electricity comes out of his mouth. > Amumu while crying. > Tears come out of his mouth. (Weird!) > Anivia while she has her ult on. > Anivia is coded in such a way that the ult turns off whenever she cannot cast (such as when she's devoured). Sorry friend! > Diana with her W on. > Moon stuff orbits his mouth. > Sejuani with her W on. > Northern Winds come out of his mouth. > Thresh who dropped a lantern. Allies who click the lantern fly... toward his mouth. > > Sona while she has an aura up. > Aura comes out of his mouth. > Phoenix Udyr(while pulsing) > Manbearpig fire comes out of his mouth. > Rumble with is Q on. > Fire comes out of his mouth, turns as he does (Tahm gets Flamespitter!) > Mordekaiser who W'd himself. > Cloud of METAL SHREDS comes out of his mouth. (Ouch) > And of course, any champ who was tethering somebody before being devoured, will the tether break upon being devoured? Tether comes out of his mouth. Hope you spotted the pattern there!
Perhaps the best red reply of all time.
Meph (NA)
: Apose, the Lost Miner
6/25/15 -Added simplified tooltips. -Added base stats and stat growth.
Meph (NA)
: Apose, the Lost Miner
6/23/15 -Major update!! -Added trope as an additional character specification. -Reworked passive, Q, and R. Ability kit is close to final, I'm finally feeling good about his playstyle and unique mechanics. Values on W and E probably need some tweaking. -Edited description. -Added lore. -Added quotes.
: Well, I can't offer any real sneak peaks unfortunately, but I can sort of give an idea of the space we're playing in. With Poppy we want to find the fundamental base of her character. What is her particular space in the yordle lineup? What gives her such fortitude and the power to wield weapons a bit too large for her? What's the thing that she wants or strives to be? Those are all things which we build off of which are core to the character's development and identity in the universe, game space, and look. Small yordle big weapon is a neat contrasting theme, and seems to be something common throughout all yordles. Contrast, motivation, all of those things are core. For Taric, again, not much I can say, though I have had extensive conversations with the community about him, asking what people would like to see from such an update. Lots of interesting feedback, lots of good opinions and ideas. The space I'd like to play in there is how to make Taric fundamentally compelling without relying on stereotypes or tropes that are either ancillary or just not great foundations to build off of. Taric has so much opportunity. He has a great standard archetype - Hero. A known and fun trope - Paladin. A neat spin that we can give - Gem Magic. Those alone are great to build off of. Those things known we can expand upon it to add flavor and see exactly what the most compelling version of those three standards are. Personal preference for me is that we make Taric someone who is wonderfully confident, kind, heroic, has presence, is someone who is a lover of beauty and is a protector. The rest of the story writes itself from there. I'm not particularly involved in new champion development right now to comment in a meaningful way on that process really. We look at the community a lot, but there's also a wealth of internal ideas that often align with what players are thinking. We tend to rely a bit more on the brain dump of individuals at Riot, but also always peak into the community to find motivation, inspiration and what is trending. Warwick? Hmm.. not quite on the docket at the moment, and ZenonTheStoic took time away from that update to work on some Champion team stuff.
Please make Poppy's new ultimate something like the Hammer item effect from Smash Bros. Accompanying music a requirement as well. Thanks in advance.
Meph (NA)
: Apose, the Lost Miner
6/12/15 update: -Major rework of W, E. -Minor rework of Q, R.
Tamur (NA)
: Hey was just looking over some of your concepts and was wondering if you would do the same for [mine](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Vw6oEkvm-tamurs-concept-thread) look over them that is
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: Is there such a thing as too many oranges? I can give you assurances that the update will have more oranges than current GP. Orange Intensifies. PS - I'm mostly talking about visuals, orange gameplay is relatively unchanged
Hey Scruffy, As someone who considers {{champion:41}} his main (since beta) and would love to work at Riot creating champions and working on champion kit redesigns, here's another idea for the GP rework (my first on the new forums). [EDIT: Removed a section of this post that was too negative; I'm trying to be more based.] **The all things orange rework** (sort of in-line with the power creep that kits like Ekko's have): **P:** Saltwater Resilience - Every 24/20/16 seconds Gangplank gains a spellshield that looks like a big orange and is equivalent to {{item:3102}} effect. This ability can be reduced by CDR (9.6 minimum CD at rank 3 and 40% CDR). **Q:** Orrrange Bombs - Gangplank lobs an explosive orange grenade at target area. This explosive orange will damage and slow the first target hit and can critically strike. If the orange does not hit a target it rolls slowly past the spot it lands in and its explosion radius (now AoE), slow, and damage increase over time, but cannot critical strike. **W:** Remove Scurvy - Gangplank eats a large amount of citrus fruit gaining a fructose-induced attack speed steroid for the next 3 attacks (akin to Ursa Overpower) and 2/4/6/7/10% movement speed steroid for 3 seconds, while also increasing his base health regen by 50/100/150/200/250% over the next 15-20 seconds. **E:** Ochre Ammo - Gangplank loads citrus-infused ammunition into his pistol. Passive - Gangplank's critical strikes cause the target a citric acid burn for 30/40/50/60/70% of his attack damage over time. Active - Gangplank attacks from range with his pistol for the next 3/4/5/6/7 seconds. Gaining 1/2/3/4/5% critical strike chance and 10/15/20/25/30% additional critical strike damage. **R:** Yellow and red - Gangplank orders his pirate ship to shoot gold coins (or what the heck, why not oranges!) at a target area causing enemies in the area to bleed and suffer damage over time while shredding their armor by 5% per tick, up to a maximum of 25%.
: I think archery is interesting for some, just as this League class would be interesting for some. I'm also curious at looking at League (this is the only game I play) along with other games that have really impacted human relations as far as you and your best friend, to whole countries! I would be curious to also look at League at a more socialistic view. I think I'm rambling now...I'm sorry. But I wanted to reply to basically say I agree!!
The interpersonal communication (and cooperation) _required _ in a game like this is huge! And something very much worth researching IMO. I had an online friend who said when our guild stopped playing WoW competitively and many of the members transitioned to LoL,"Dota [referring to the MOBA genre] ruins friendships". Sadly, it turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. I always compared the MOBA social-structure to that of basketball, both are 5v5 after all, both have different roles in the field of play. Go to a park and observe pick-up basketball players and you will see a lot of heated interactions/altercations much like you see in a transcript of LoL game chat. That type of behavior is not limited to the environment that yolo queue, or the veil of anonymity that the internet provides, elicits. It's actually very difficult for 5 strangers to agree to work together, especially in a competitive environment. There's a reason that the main dude in charge of behavior, Rito Lyte, has a PhD in psychology...
Dr Easter (EUW)
: "The children are the future!" Right, and I'm afraid of the future we are going to see considering how the "kids" are nowadays. And seeing this kind of news only make it look even worse. People are giving way too much importance to things that shouldn't be that important. No wonder why we are seeing the most dumb generation in the history of humanity.
{{champion:134}} "People fear what they cannot understand."
: I'm liking the idea of it being offered as a Leadership class, possibly. - I love that there's the team work component, and I can tell you (and so can everyone else in the game) that if my team does not decide to work together in the various and distinct roles of the game, that games goes to shit real fast. Welcome to the real world. ps. - College, I remember that one time you made take a few classes that were filler (archery, plz, why?). This would be amazing.
Welcome to the real world indeed. Definitely not arguing with you here, it certainly took me a long time to learn that "teamwork makes the dream work" lesson, especially as a LoL player. Ohh the amount of times I've gone 17-2 in mid and still not come away with a W... But! I think the take home message of this article is actually less about LoL specifically and more about the fact that college courses that are related to games/hobbies/crafts/things students **like** don't _have_ to be "filler." Imagine if your archery class had analysis of the physics involved as a part of it. Half the kids would probably flunk it! But more importantly they would be challenged to learn something they may not have otherwise studied, and they probably would be far more engaged in the physics in that type of setting because it's practical, it's directly applicable to the what they enjoy doing, and everyone loves shooting arrows at things! #supportashe Yes, this course is about vidya, but not only is vidya **big** business these days, it's highly technological, social, mathematical, psychological too. That's academic AND practical. And that's where education is heading these days. The days of silly word problems like "Gragas has 37,412 watermelons each with approximately 17cm diameter and needs to know the specific gravity of the soluble solids in the watermelons to calculate his watermelon moonshine formula. Do math." type of learning are becoming a thing of the past. We know people learn in different ways, we know there are _a lot_ of kinesthetic learners out there. And we know people better retain theories/concepts when they are interested in the subject, and see the real world application of the theory/concept.
Dr Easter (EUW)
: I love this game and all but... I think this is ridiculous and stupid as hell... Ya, I'm probably in the minority here. Bring on the downvotes.
Don't be NaCl. If you really "love this game and all" and were a _true_ fan of it, you would support the growth of the game at all levels, including credited coursework in higher education. The analysis of the game mechanics, efficacy of **teamwork** practices, growth of the game as a competitive sport, as well as the business behind all of those topics are extremely exciting things to study that are no where near perfected in the industry. The children are the future! Don't hold them back, empower them.
: College credit for learning League? Check out what these UC Berkeley students did!
How do I sign-up to be a professor/tutor/lecturer/coach? I live in Berkeley, am a sports coach professionally, have played LoL since closed beta, and have ~5000 games played.
: He was kind of just a dude that happened to be made of sand (a bit Brand-esque; replace fire with sand). It was a decent start, but we knew we could push it further. :)
I am very happy you guys went back to the drawing board with this one. Despite the fact that it makes one of my own Champion Concepts totally obsolete, I really love the way Azir ended up; art-wise, kit-wise, lore-wise it's a real home run. I think you did both the Sand Mage and the Shurima Avian Anthromorph archetypes serious justice! I only wish there was an "I'll take the case!" easter, ehem... egg...
: To clarify, he started out as a really loose idea of a "sand mage" - Ezreal and I liked the idea of a sand dude who could sort of "envelop" people with the desert itself. The emperor idea came out of this, but the original kit/art direction weren't working, so we went back to iteration town. We really knew what we wanted to do when the idea of "Ascended" Azir came about (yes, we were the most excited when we decided to make him a bird guy). :) From there, it took a lot of iteration to capitalize on the personality of an emperor as well as the game play - and here we are today!
Thanks Runaan! Can I ask what the original art direction was? Or is that IP with potential use that needs to stay hush hush.
Opeli (NA)
: For three years, I believe. I think it started with a kit. Someone might have to correct me on that, though. He became the bird emperor you know today about a year and a half ago. **EDIT: NOPE I was wrong. Runaan corrected me. She pitched him as a character over three years ago. It wasn't a kit, first.**
Thanks OP Opeli! :D
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
How long has Azir been in the works? We know the Sand Mage was an idea kicked around for a long time, but when did the Eygyptian Ra-esque Bird Emperor become the settled upon concept for the Sand Mage Archetype? Time line specifics much appreciated :D
: Create Your Own Doom Bot!
{{champion:112}} Passive: {{item:3200}} starts upgraded and has the collective bonuses of {{item:3198}} {{item:3197}} {{item:3196}} . Q: Power Transfer will continue to bounce back and forth to the target, damaging and shielding on each respective bounce, as long as the target remains within Power Transfer's cast range. W: Gravity Field will expand to twice its initial radius over 4 seconds, and remain for 4 seconds at full size. E: Death Ray extends globally until it reaches the edge of the map. R: Chaos Storm is surrounded by multiple, orbiting chaos storms that are 50% the size. Each separate, orbiting chaos storm can silence the first time it hits an enemy.
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler Q&A
Is it true that champion designers at Riot are prohibited from viewing the player creations forum?
: [Champion Concept] Gnarr, The Harvester
Yo @Flintfall. I'd love to do a colabo concept with you.
JackAqua (NA)
: Phage to Guinsoo's Rageblade.
Interesting idea. I like hybrid items, and the idea of hybrid champions, despite the fact that it seems Riot has shelfed that methodology since the game came out of beta. And I also agree that Phage needs something else to build out of. The <50% health proc on Rageblade is really cool and I don't think we've seen it used to its potential in high level play yet(this proc stays active until you leave combat!). I know there was one game at #worlds where we saw Aatrox buy it, but we need moar! I personally love to explore hybrid builds in ARAM, almost always starting with a Rageblade. Now, my question to you, JackAqua, is what do you do with the "Rage" effect from Phage when you've built the Rageblade? Does it stay the same? Does it get amplified? Does it change all together? You've obviously got some creativity, you should give a go at adjusting the passive.


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