: This is all bs in my opinion, if you are trying to centralize things please move the servers to kansas city, not to chicago ....
omg someone with brains i know right they think the middle is chicago....
: I drew a diagram to illustrate the problem with Windstream Edit: Since this is at the top now, I think the problem is that NTT (whom Windstream routes league connections with) has the preference turned up for Spectrumnet (AS 11404, which routes the connection all the way to seattle). AS 174 (Cogentnet) peers with Riot and would be the better choice for this route, but I have no idea past that on how to make this better :( Thanks Napsterbater on the dslreports forum for this information Edit: Getting 40 ping now, thank you based Rito for pushing for it to be fixed. You're the best!
WOW FEELS BAD :((((((( and im in California (Egypt)
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Location: California ISP: Verizon Old ping: 65-75 New ping: 125-160 Make two server please west coast begs u it will cost u guys money yes but in the world of league DONT BE GREEDY make another server PLZ
: My thoughts exactly. No, they took the cheaper route.
Leave it to Riot Games to take the cheap way out after they make millions off this game talk about GREEDY LOL
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
WOW really who paid u guys off to move it all i mean u guys make enough money to make another server not just up and move it all and u guys cant even move in the middle u have to favor east coast babies build another server makes better sense....


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