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: Ranked in silver is the worst experience
You sound like you could be part of the issue. From the way you write and complain, you could be the guy who destroys his lane only to flame your "0/12/0" Ezreal for not - at the very least - going even. If you are destroying your lane, you should find your win condition based on only yourself and play to that. For example, imagine if you are playing Illaoi and go 5/2/0 in lane - and in case you are wondering, yes this is based off a game I played - and your team is slightly behind. Now if you have an item lead and a CS lead, I suggest split pushing Top Lane as the only real issues you will run into are getting kited out by ranged champions. Now this plan is fool proof because you know the enemy will have to send multiple people to you, but this will buy your team time to take objectives. Part of Solo Queue is winning your lane (Microgame), but the other is objective control and map rotations (Macrogame). If you want to climb, learn how to get better at Macrogame.
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rujitra (NA)
: Ambulance Soraka was an off meta but well know playstyle for more than a season.
Riot Dash did a thing called Will It Jungle and made Soraka work.
rujitra (NA)
: Picking an off meta champion is not griefing. You so not have a crystal ball and you do not know why they picked that champion, and you know what they say about assuming...
You’re right that picking an off meta champ is not griefing but if they’re running it down and verbally aggro in chat, I’d report them.
: I just want Middlesticks to be a thing again, miss playing him at mid. :( {{sticker:cass-cry}}
You can play Middlesticks, you just have to really learn how to abuse teams that don't ward or go off alone. In Iron - Low Gold it happens a ton.
: but is kayle an angel or a human that ascended to a celestial being?
Angel ascending to full strength throughout a game (so scaling as she did before).
: I personally think the narrative we are positioning with this update makes them more compelling, and gives them a bigger sense of purpose in regard to their "origins" and their animosity towards each other, but I do recognize it's a bit different from the original! This update, in addition to other recent updates, hopefully will give you a better picture of the culture of the people of Demacia.
Have Riot ever considered using Kayle and Morgana in a Versus event, where Morgana is the good one and Kayle is the bad one? I think it would be an interesting thing to have a skin for Morgana that is more angelic and one for Kayle that gives her some grit...
Magearna (NA)
: 100% agree. As a Morg main for idk how long now, she's aged really well. The only thing that I would change about her kit (if any) is her W and even that doesn't need to be changed just for the sake of change. She's in a really good spot.
Riot mentioned Morgana Q having a janky hitbox and they gave her some QoL changes to make using her ultimate feel better. Other than that, not many changes.
: It has been said before: Morgana is probably the best-aging champion from beta that League has. Her kit has always been, and probably always will be, very successful. People love her as a champion, and she is still seeing lots of gameplay. There is no real reason to rework her kit. Reworks aren't done just for the sake of a rework. Reworks are done for kits that are deemed problematic and too difficult to balance.
When I look at the rework I'm not seeing much change to Morgana's kit. Of all the champions of League, she has aged remarkably well and hasn't had a ton of issues from a gameplay perspective. I remember reading that Riot wanted to fix her hitbox on her Q - Dark Binding because it was a tad janky. (I respect that change) and the change to her R - Soul Shackles is meant to give her a way to stick to champions and more reliably get the stun, rather than run at them, cast ult, and have them just run away or straight up murder Morgana for daring to cast her ult - unless she has Zhonya's Hourglass. I see the movespeed change as a nice touch to let Morgana kite champs running at her and her ADC rather than having binding be the only means of stopping a bad all-in. To make it clear that I'm not an outsider looking in, I play Morgana Support when I get autofilled, since she is one of the easiest basic champions to play well.
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man of tin (EUNE)
: The joke animation has always bothered me, also. And if you're looking for his joke lines, they're on his taunt. According to the people that worked on the rework the writer chose for the lines to be this way, but I don't see how that's stopping them from moving his current 'taunt' lines to his joke and just put a few quotes he already has onto his taunt, or just make it silent instead.
Hmm..... nice world you have here... I intend to destroy it, you know. I love how non-chalantly Aatrox comments about how he's going to murder everything and everyone. Also... Atrix... or is it Ottrox... or IS IT A A TROX!
: In this alt universe they're both pretty obviously lesbian. In the main universe, SO FAR, only Fiora is hinted to be lesbian, specifically by Swain.
Well I think that Swain's line might be a hint to something else that Fiora is hiding apart from her sexual orientation... Vi on the other hand (in MY opinion) is a hardcore lesbian.
BïgFoof (NA)
: If they bring back charge system for Aatrox's E, I think he'd be fine. Rather than fucking over Urgot, they can revert that change to balance it out. We don't need to constantly gut champions.
I'm not saying they need to fuck over Urgot, but you can't say that he's balanced. He bursts down most champs (tanks and bruisers alike) while still building relatively tanky overall. That's the issue I have. Reduce his base stats, reduce his Passive's damage, and increase the cooldown early on. This will help to make it easier to lane vs Urgot on bruisers and tanks and give them a chance to scale. I'm not saying Urgot needs to get gutted, but these nerfs would at least make his laning phase more manageable if you play for scaling and the late game (esp on tanks). I think if they brought back the charge system we'd have the same problems we do now. I think you can give Aatrox a CD buff early on and reduce the healing he gets to compensate. Maybe make it a 7/6/5/4/3s cooldown where the healing vs minons/monsters is (2 per 100AD)% and the healing vs Champions is (6 per 100AD)%
Yenn (NA)
: It's 2019 and choosing your secondary runes is still some of the worst UX in the world
As someone who is an informed person on UX Design, I somewhat have to agree with the OP and not agree at the same time. I think the grid system is intuitive enough to understand "I only get two runes in the secondary tree" but at the same time I think the problem is not in the design of it but the writing of the code (if you still follow me). The interaction on the back end may not be well written. So rather than whine about how unintuitive it is, why not complain that the interaction is poorly coded. That will get quicker feedback than a pointless rant. Keep in mind, Riot doesn't necessarily test EVERYTHING with us the massive player base. Their testing is limited to in-house testing and the PBE. So any problems that come up on live aren't always known until it gets to live. Learn to show some patience.
: Patch 9.3 notes
Aatrox nerfs were undeserved. Urgot got a slap on the wrist. He really needs nerfs to his Passive CD and damage.
: Revert Yasuo 8.11 patch crit compensation buffs
Crit items and Yasuo go hand in hand. When one gets buffed the other must be watched to make sure solo queue doesn’t break.
: You are under the assumption that you have to respond to other players, you don't. You are under the assumption that you should criticize players for their mistakes, but you hate it when others do it to you, so don't. You are under the assumption that you should put your emotions into playing the game like this is Yu-Gi-Oh and the characters feel your feelings like the cards, they don't. This is just a colorful game of chess. Play it with strategy and tact. Your minimap is as important as the field and if you are getting ganked by the mid or jg or top or bot too much then you were possibly ignoring pings or just not being self aware. Play calm, cool, and collected from now on. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
While playing the game slower and more methodical is by far better, most of my games have been decided by a few teammates that lose lane to a snowball-y champion. My most recent ban was due to playing a game of Illaoi vs Urgot. Probably one of the things that makes it harder for me to play League is I'm unable to break out of the cage of "I CAN PLAY OTHER CHAMPIONS IN X LANE BECAUSE THEY HARD COUNTER THE CHAMPION I'M FACING". Looking at it a few days later, playing a champion like Morgana or Heimerdinger would make the lane far different, but at the time, I wasn't thinking like that. After I died twice to Urgot, I legit ran it down everyone's lanes in full on tilt.
: It helps to remember that the ultimate goal of a video game is entertainment. Once it crosses into the territory of "I hate this game" or if you feel compelled to keep playing regardless, it might be time to re-evaluate whether it's worth it to continue. The imaginary rank in a video game is meaningless, even moreso if you achieved that rank at the cost of time while hating something that's supposed to be entertaining. Time is an incredibly valuable resource.
> if you feel compelled Addiction is probably far closer to what you're describing. I am **compelled** to play video games as they are fun to me. I am **addicted** to League of Legends... which makes it hard to stop playing even for a short period of time. I'm for certain happier when I'm not playing League daily, but when I am playing daily... it changes me into a far nastier person.
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: Listen good music and laugh on them instand of flame them... Ofc don't type HAHAHAHAH...
> Ofc don't type HAHAHAHAH... That's what the MIA ping spam is for. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I depend on hearing the noises of League to make split second decisions otherwise I'd probably listen to music...
: It depends why you were banned previously. I'm gonna assuming flaming since it's the most common. One thing to do is say the flame out loud instead of typing it. You can rant and rave all you want in your home and they can't ban you for it. That might get it out of your system instead of you bottling it up. Do your best to ignore others mistakes. You will most likely never see your teammates/enemies again unless you are high elo. So telling someone that they suck does literally nothing because you'll never see that person again. Yeah, they are ruining this one game for you, but that's one game out of hundreds. If you are good, you'll climb. This one set back isn't the end of your climb. Literally had a promo series two years ago where first game my top AFK'd after 2 deaths, second game my top AFK'd after 4 deaths, third game my top and mid stomped the enemy team into them AFKing, and fourth game my top AFK'd after 1 death. It was painful to get those games so close to ranking up, but it just took me 2 games to get back to 100 and 2 wins to promote. So while sucky teammates make the game feel horrible, try to focus on yourself rather than others since your skill is what will help you win the next games, not their skill. Change/Remove your enter key. I don't know how most people do it but you can run a simple AHK script that makes your enter key act like another button. That way, you physically can't type in the game and even if you get really frustrated and try to use enter to open the chat it won't do anything. Check around, I'm sure there are other ways to disable your enter key that probably are easier to implement. It's a game. A competitive one, but still a game. If you aren't having fun, take a break. Alternatively, get up and walk around after each game. This helps get you out of your head. It's easy to stew in that anger over that one lost teamfight where Lulu didn't ult the right target or whatever misplay ruined the game. If you get your mind off it though, you should be able to let go of the frustration instead of carrying it to the next game. Or, take a minute between games to write down what happened that game. That way you write out all your frustrations. You can then see after a few games how it's been going and either play another or decide today just sucks and go do something to relieve stress. I did that a lot when I started playing ADC and noticed I had a 33% winrate on Caitlyn. When I started tracking what happened in games, I noticed that a lot of the losses we due to teammates, so while it shows up on my winrate, it didn't mean I was the reason we were losing those games, it just meant I wasn't good enough at ADC to carry when behind. I also noticed I started losing a lot on weekends, so I stopped playing on weekends and only played norms or something non-ranked. Learn when a game is lost and don't get down about it. If your bot lane is 0/20 at 15 minutes, the game might already be over. So, if you lose this game, don't get mad about it. Yeah, we all hate losing, but if you can identify when a game is lost and basically lose interest in it, you shouldn't be too worried about mistakes your teammates make. I once had a game where our Top laner was hovering Jax. The enemy team banned Jax, so he started inting. It was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen and I just instantly ignored this game since if he's going to int over the ENEMY team banning his champion, I highly doubt he'd be able to carry this game anyway. Obviously do your best during the rest of the game, continue on like you might have a chance because there is always that change you'll stall out for that 40 minute coin flip teamfight, but just let yourself and your teammates off the hook a bit. Had a game where our mid laner AFK'd after one death at 5 minutes. We ended up winning the 4v5 40 minutes later because their 20/2 Rengar kept killing me (1/8 Kog'maw) instead of killing the 10/3 Darius or the 5/1 Malphite or the 8/2 Brand support. The rest of their team didn't stand a chance cause Darius would reset off killing Rengar and with Malphite to get a good engage Darius and Brand just murder all of them with his fully stacked passive and Brand's AOE. If we had lost that game though, you just chalk it up to AFK teammate and don't blame yourself for it. It sucks, it happens, report them for AFK and move on. /mute all is your friend. I rarely get upset but when I do I tend to be a passive aggressive person or I "defend" myself/others when picked on. Obviously this is the wrong thing to do since I'm just ruining the game for 3 people who aren't attacking me. So, if you find yourself responding to flame, just mute all at the beginning of the game and play. I've learned to stop talking in games without needing to mute all, but even then I still get teammates who think I've muted them since they haven't seen me type all game. If at any point someone starts getting to me, I just mute them. It's not worth them getting in my head. They aren't worth the stress.
I've been banned for multiple different reasons: - Ahri Carries All --> Verbal Abuse(?)/Griefing/Intentional Feeding - Best Foxx NA --> Verbal Abuse/Hate Speech - 2nd Best Fox NA --> Account Sharing - Akuma No Kitsune --> Verbal Abuse - I Am Best Fox NA --> Verbal Abuse Before anyone says anything, these are my previous 5 accounts - all of them are permabanned. I rarely remember to mute all and the last time I was given a 14 day suspension I didn't come back for about 40 days. It helped but eventually that account got banned.
Jojobees (NA)
: I was exactly where you are now a few years ago. Here is my story https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/BU2nPpJA-i-was-toxic-almost-three-years-ago-this-is-my-story Hope this helps! Also, I have found that taking 2-3 month breaks from the game at a time really helps you change your view.
Thanks for sharing your story. At the time that I'm responding, it's currently day 5 of 14 (for the punishment) and day 5 of 90 for my personally-enforced break from League of Legends. It's not been easy. Right now, I am feeling the physical effects of "withdrawal" from not playing; No joke, I feel like complete shit inside. I know it gets better the longer it goes on, but believe me when I say it's rough for me. [On a completely different note, I have been keeping up with friends (most notably some small-time streamers who I met through League of Legends) and it's been helping.]
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: Does asking to report a toxic player constitute as flaming?
This is 2018/2019, people report me for flaming and inting every game... even when I'm trying my best.
: Yes but it’s hard to improve to a gold level in that environment
without some help, it would be hard to figure out what is going wrong. I still struggle to climb and I'm around S5/S4... I know I'm not the best player. But I would recommend focusing on you. What do you struggle with the most? Answering that question will help you start climbing...
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Yeh, the problem is people learn things the hard way, so people reading this won't change them until they get bans and middle fingers right into their faces. :/
Don't forget they'll flame and write boards' posts about "WTF RIOT BANNED ME I WANT MY MONEY BACK!"
Saezio (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Merciless Beauty,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9ukO7k9h,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-09-20T15:47:15.961+0000) > > Let's be real, it was an indirect way of telling someone's family to kill themselves. It wasn't banter. It was out-and-out flame. rancid cheese can kill? I mean if you are already on the threshold sure but so can a cold.
: Wait telling someone to eat rancid cheese is toxic now? Sounds like banter to me
Let's be real, it was an indirect way of telling someone's family to kill themselves. It wasn't banter. It was out-and-out flame.
: > [{quoted}](name=Merciless Beauty,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9ukO7k9h,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-16T04:53:18.956+0000) > > Alright, I'm going to preface this by saying 9 days ago, I received a 14-day Suspension on my "main" League of Legends Account for "Verbal Abuse". I logged in after taking a few hours' break from the game after I had lost a game that I found incredibly tilting to find myself sitting on a 2-week suspension. Because everyone wants to see it, here are some of the chat logs. Note I did cut out some of it and - before a Moderator says anything - the account name on it is an account I own. I'm not starting a witch hunt against myself... > Thats probably a good call. > - AkumaNoKitsune1: i hope your family eats some really rancid cheese, and falls ill I wouldn't be surprised if this triggered an immediate 14 day ban. > The next time I logged in, I realized that I needed to change. (I've had this before, ask me about my previous four permanent ban accounts where I didn't learn anything.) I wanted to live stream League eventually but I didn't want to go the route of our good friend Tyler1. I decided on a very ambitious gameplan. I would take my remaining existing account, and two fresh accounts, and play on them for the remainder of the season, and not play Ranked League of Legends. After getting the accounts ready (I needed the champions I wanted to play in Season 9 - so this was priority), I would take them into Ranked in Season 9 and try to get them into Gold+ ELO. > If ranked is a trigger for toxic behavior, then ranked is probably a bad idea. Part of the tilt might be that people pressure themselves into getting into a high elo rank. > A major difference across all the games (the Kreygasm wins, the Unfortunate losses, and the "OMFG We actually won that game" comebacks or the "OMFG We actually lost that game" throws) was the commitment to not use chat to verbally abuse teammates as well as to not take that shit from anyone else. Flame leads to flame. > When one person flames, they subconsciously give others permission to flame as well and their behavior encourages others to behave the same way. Because by flaming, you establish yourself as rude and inconsiderate, even if its just a bad day. As you lose respect with your teammates, some people will choose to react by flaming back. But thats another good way of putting it. > Take it from me, a guy who has had four permabanned accounts for League of Legends (three of them are for verbal abuse). Don't do what I did and be super negative in chat. Be positive. Focus on the game. Always seek to improve and focus on your game plan and your game play. I hope my story is inspiring. Good luck. Overall a quality post. Most posters on the forums don't even recognize the problem
> If ranked is a trigger for toxic behavior, then ranked is probably a bad idea. Part of the tilt might be that people pressure themselves into getting into a high elo rank. It's not the climb that triggers me, but how often people I get matched with don't read the map correctly or realize that their teammates want to work with them. I make calls all the time, and sometimes spell out the right moves to make, and they still don't listen. In a sense, it holds me hostage to their ridiculous gameplan... and when I can't make it work, I lose sight of the win and just want a fresh match. Hell, there are some games that are absolutely losses from the 10-min mark on, and I'd get flamed for wanting to OPEN MID. > I wouldn't be surprised if this triggered an immediate 14 day ban. After having read this, neither would I. > Because by flaming, you establish yourself as rude and inconsiderate, even if its just a bad day. As you lose respect with your teammates, some people will choose to react by flaming back. But thats another good way of putting it. The inspiration for writing it like that was a quote from a famous individual regarding talent. "When you allow your own inner light to shine out, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same." The same applies to flame. Once you do it, everyone else feels as though they've been given permission to flame as well. Regardless, the system sees it as flame and bans people for it.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: So u joined a stranger s discord? And.got flamed? U know what? U could try an experiment of "discording"with stranger teammates all your matches and report a thread about the experience. This way u can potentially explore the "soloq" voip and make a good feedback for it (regsrdless the end of the experiment).
Let me be perfectly clear, he was a stranger, but I had a reason for joining. He claimed to have made it to Gold and he was trying to build a team. It wasn't productive, and after giving it three games, I just got fed up with it. He flamed, blocked me, and I'm still on good terms with his friends. Still, can't name him, but you can PM me in Discord if you wanna know more. My Discord is MercilessAhriMain#3434. Before a Mod goes asking, this is my Discord.
: no name and shame. delete the post.
> No Name and Shame Buddy, the only naming in here is my own damned account. It's called accountability.
NazJk (NA)
: they did not unless im blind :| but i guess i am
Buddy, you need to re-read these chat logs in about a week's time... when you aren't so frustrated and on tilt from having _been_ banned, you'll see just how bad you got. You are toxic and the logs indicate so. I wouldn't say you should give up on League, but if you do decide to make a fresh account, **leave /all chat disabled**, **learn to /fullmute toxic players** and **focus on how you are playing and where you can improve**. I believe in you, kiddo. Make a new account, and play the game.
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