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: it's riot games
the meme flew right over your head didnt it...
: still waiting for Solo Q ! dont need ur Event Finder tool ! its not necessary ATM !
> [{quoted}](name=pulledchicken,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=6c2OrJEA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-04T19:20:46.179+0000) > > still waiting for Solo Q ! > > dont need ur Event Finder tool ! its not necessary ATM ! if you payed attention to riot news you would know solo q was canceled
: Champion Mastery hits PBE
Please make it current ive already played this game so much i just want the champion masteries i should already have =)
: Riot... Just don't.
Glad to even be able to get the icon Thanks Riot
: Riot... Just don't.
Glad to even be able to get the icon
: No, the pros don't lag. The play on an offline sever that is specially made for the event.
: Nah, TSM > C9. They may be inconsistant but when TSM are playing their best then no LCS team can beat them (NA or EU). But of course it depends on which TSM decides to show up. Cuz they could easily throw or play like trash on any given day.
Sad that people cant admit your point even though tsm fairly won Their region =(
: The 2015 Preseason Power Rankings
Why is TSM above C9. Garbage list. (plays Worlds Recap)
: Upcoming changes to Refer-a-Friend
dont ban the chat bots otherwise im going to have to constantly mute them!
: By the Numbers: ADCs at Worlds
SnG (NA)
Can we get more people like you asking these questions? thanks.
: can we at least get loss prevented?
No riot is too shit it will jeopardise their game because it will be looked at as "cheating" if they didnt say anything about it beforehand. remember Riot first, and then the customers never. They dont give a shit about us lol.
Riot3ous (NA)
: Help Riot troubleshoot the mac bug
Ok you guys need to get your shit together. Riot is now a big corporation and everything needs to be executed perfectly. This company WILL go down, the amount of "inconveniences" in this game at this rate we should be paid to play your game. Why everything is so poorly coded I dont understand please get new coders because clearly they are not doing their jobs, also whats the pbe for? The Azir bugs where he would randomly get kills or disable turrets patch was not in the "PBE" wtf is the PBE for!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I must say as a diehard League of Legends fan I am severly disapointed in how this company is being run. Oh and your support group is pretty useless too i havent gotten actually helped once. Everything I ask is "we're sorry(Rubs nipples)". I cant even ask support why there isnt a Royal Club icon they told me if Riot hasnt said anything about it we cant. Like wtf just do a little research what is support for? Sick of this BS.
: Been playing Azir since he dropped on the PBE, here's some tips. {{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} x2 -> {{item:3028}} -> {{item:3115}} -> {{item:3020}} -> {{item:3174}} -> {{item:3135}} / {{item:3157}} / {{item:3116}} I disagree with tankier builds simply because of how far away from the fight Azir can stand and deal unparalleled damage as a function of time via soldiers. Never use E as a damage/dive tool unless you are 120% sure you are going to get the kill AND there are no other enemies nearby. Azir should never be in the middle of a fight. In lane, you can do heavy damage by dropping soldiers at the edge of their range, commanding an auto, then immediately Q command them directly on your opponent, followed by another auto. Only do this if you have another soldier available in case you need to retreat via W->E. The gold efficiency of Nashor's Tooth cannot be overstated. Because of his passive, it grants 60 AP, 75% attack speed, and 20% cooldown reduction. For 2920 gold, you get **4188** gold in stats, and that's not counting its passive magic damage on hit. Gold efficiency aside, Azir can use every stat on the item. High attack speed means higher solider damage output, more AP is more damage obviously and the sooner you hit 40% CDR on Azir, the better. My build suggests chalice first for high lane presence. The only reason I upgrade it to Athene's so early is for the CDR it provides, allowing you to cap out at 40%. Once you have Sorcs, Nashor's and Athene's, Azir is officially online. This should be the point where you are grouping with your team and decimating teamfights from the backline. Use your ult, or as I call it "the scoop" to deny dives on your backline, protecting your allies or yourself, or to block a route in a jungle teamfight. Remember that you and your friends can pass through the wall, but enemies cannot, meaning you can kite melee champions that dive on you by moving back and forth through the wall. Sticky bruisers such as Irelia, Lee Sin and Udyr can give Azir a hard time. If you're caught out, use the scoop to block your escape route or create distance and just keep retreating until you've found some friends. Azir's damage output is high, but not high enough where you will be able to stand and fight a sufficiently bulky threat. Always look for opportunities to siege with your team. Azir can violently poke from a safe distance and can use the scoop to completely block most lane-to-jungle routes. Also, buy wards. Lots of them. You can't rule over the rift if you don't know where the enemy is. Azir's biggest weakness is being surprised. If you have control over information in the game, there is little the enemy can do to wrestle it from the sand emperor. If you have more deaths than wards purchased, you're doing it wrong. GLHF! Azir is an incredibly fun and rewarding champion to play once you get his combos nailed down.
Oh boy, Mobafire on the lol website now hahaha
: lol, you realize he was the most broken champion in the game right? and yes, I am a sion player, but I only play him when I really want a free win because I hate being THAT guy. ad sion could towerdive people 3v1 and be gaining hp the whole time. ap sion could instanuke people with his insane ap ratios and they cant do anything about it.
Doesnt work like that lol you are basically saying you are holding yourself back on purpose lol. I win lane 199% chance with Darius top. I dont play ranked all the time with him because his teamfight kinda blows. If i found a champ that i can ez win with id only play them lol
: Yes, the high skillcap where the pros never played him, such a highskill cap even the best people playing the game don't play him. Nice logic
{{champion:69}} Morello thats borderline toxic but thats halarious and as true as f&*%!! HAHA ;){{champion:69}}
Rioter Comments
: pfft, it'd still be better than riot singed...Except I kind of like Riot Singed since I can just be all like "I'M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN!" +1 if you get the reference.
hahaha yeah i get it, but no i use it more so because of the rarity
: [Skin Concept] Good Father Singed
id get it if i didnt have riot singed lol
: I have a question, If i don't own Morgana but im qualified to get the skin, well i get the champion and the skin?
Yes, this worked for me the past 2 Seasons getting Janna, Elise for free (they were the past victorious champs.)
: Patch Rundown 4.13 Comments and Questions
would like more gameplay instead of faces =)
: Gnar Q&A coming on 8.5
Gnar is so kawaii! {{item:2044}}
: At the rate they're going with champion releases, Gnar is gonna be the last one of 2014.
DaveJK (NA)
: Except you are able to turn into dragon form whenever you want as long as your bar is filled. Gnar just changes automatically after a few seconds regardless if you activate it via an ability. Seems like a waste.
I agree, They are going to have to put pretty good scaling in for this.. Pros wont touch him otherwise trust me.
: Gnar Reveal
Teemo 2.0?
: @Riot How Are People Chosen For The PBE?
You are in a queue with other people that signed up for a PBE account. And its not like they know you have that many games with sona... Your pbe application isnt linked to your account in any way.
: Reason 1 why you can never be promoted out of bronze
Just let him mid and carry another lane... The League System doesn't lie.. Better people rise and vice-versa.
: I have a dead serious request for the upcoming Map...
: My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, "If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you better stop immediately." Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized exactly what was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My Mother said to me- "Don't smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed and at 21 I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because your post gave me cancer anyway. herpdeherpdehurr
: Patch Rundown – 4.12
good idea too have a pros voice in the series thanks riot
: Why Essence Reaver is a GOOD item and should be taken over BT on many champions
There is not much credibility for this post from you, You are silver and rarely play competetively(Ranked) Furthur more it isnt that fair to compair a ad items that gives mana to a ad item that gives lifesteal, They are both in different ball parks pertaining to different champion pools
: Am I the only one who really thinks that One For All being on Howling Abyss was just a god awful idea?
: Upgrading the Tribunal
I havent played on my account for a good while and i just recently logged in with a restriction to chat. This doesnt motivate me at all to be a good cookie. infact taking my speech away motivated me to afk and go to bed. Note: I have been playing since season 1 (yorick patch) and I havent been banned since season 1 ended. Communism, let us speak. If we arent saying something the person likes they can mute us much like in real life. I live in the United States because I stand by freedom of speech, This of which is depriving me of this privilage.
PSherman (NA)
: Still saving for {{champion:86}}
Here is your problem solved: Deadknight Garen Code: NAET49HAV9FGJP
: A concern on Jinx
I feel that basically all adc's impact late game/teamfights heavily no matter who.


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