Update. It is not zyra specific and I fear it is client. Tried the same in practice tool with thresh. Going to reinstall. Even Hextech Repair is Quitting before it is finished.
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: Your main champ got nerfed?!
: Oh my god this is so good. I saw farther down that you might be trying them for other champions? If so, I would suggest {{champion:14}}. He seems to have something like a poetical storyline in my opinion.
Sure thing, Sion will be in the works for me (hopefully it wont take me as long as it did Riot....please don't kill me riot)
Mech0p (NA)
: All I can say is wow this sent chills through me... Plz do more of these for other champions it would be amazing... If you keep this type of amazing stuff up you will be a star in the league community one day
Thank you! I got the inspiration from an unfinished voiceover line. Ill try more champions soon :D
: I must sing this like a lullaby and post it; _EVEN IF I CAN'T SING WELL!_ Thank you for destroying everyone's ears. :3 Shall post shortly.
By all means go ahead :)
: I liked it. Add me and if you don't have Kindred yet I will gift Them to you. :) Chaosreignsdown
:D thank you so much! Thats so nice! Id give something in return but im broke im so sorry.
: Kindred's poem finished
Edited version is up :D thank you for the suggestions
: you're not a poet, you're a neckbeard
: > [{quoted}](name=Claeronin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=JFNXP1tO,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-19T17:41:16.243+0000) > > Kindred has a V/O for a Joke in which Lamb says "The weft and weave of gate guides...um...uh....how did that poem go again?" > > As a poet, I wanted to finish that poem. So I wrote this: > > The weft and weave of fate guides the hunters to their prey > From the bush the lamb will wait, while wolf begins to play. > “Can you hear me?” says the wolf, within his targets ear. > Nothing satisfies his hunger quite like fresh cooked fear. > > The lamb appears so swiftly, “Dear Wolf, let her be." > “I understand your hunger, but she belongs to me.” > Lamb brought forth an arrow and raised it to her head. > “Today is your entrance fee, welcome to the dead.” > > The masks showed no pity as the arrow took its course, > Simple and unchanging was death without remorse. > Wolf looked at the lamb with an unrepentant grin, > They walk as one, as Kindred, only to hunt again. > > -Saint > > > It would absolutely make my day if Riot actually saw this. It's ain't fannon. It's Canon. Riot hire this guy.
*excitement overwhelms body* AAAAAAAAAAHHHH THANK YOU :D. Not many people actually see my poetry so comments like these make my day.
: Kindred's poem finished
Ill be able to post an edited version in about an hour, I took some suggestions. Once again, thank you so much.
: Kindred's poem finished
Can I discuss how much I'm freaking out right now at how awesome this is! Thank you for the feedback, I wrote this in like 5 minutes of excitement after I read some voiceovers lol. I haven't bought kindred yet so I actually haven't heard them so I'll definitely revise and edit and take suggestions thank you!
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: It certainly IS a risky move, but I think I would really enjoy it if Riot added a Gilgamesh-esque style champ. But, that might be mostly because the Fate series is my favorite anime by far.
I gotta say, im a huge fan of Lancer....no i didnt look at the beauty mark...for very long....
: A lot of champions are references to something, trust me. Gilles's weapons wouldn't be gold then, but silver and demonic, lore is not done yet, I want Gilles to be something between holy and demonic being. Gilles doesn't wear gold armor and he doesn't have Ea. Anyway it is just concept, if riot liked this idea they can replace weapons with magic like fire or so.
I totally get that, just was warning :D. I do love the champ concept!
: [Champion concept] Gilles, the Divine Envoy
I like the Q and E and stuff but the rest sounds like you've been watching Fate/Zero lol. While its a cool idea, if Riot did that, there would most likely be copyright infringement on Fate's Gilgamesh. (not knocking design..just saying for company safety, its completely possible you've never even heard of Gilgamesh and just got unlucky)
Mulder (NA)
: I too am a Bard main and honestly his heals are amazing all game, just depends on how you build him. try adding an Ardent Censer and Twin Shadows to your build and then tank, With that I've had a 70% win ratio in ranked. Best of luck, Summoner! {{champion:432}}
Ardent Censer seem like a bit of a risk (another bard main, hello my brethren, ive been looking for you)
: QWERmovie - A League of Legends Animated Short!
: /ALL Chat | Are All Fizz Mains Jerks?
I main {{champion:432}} and{{champion:412}} ....kinda polar opposites
: Jalian, the Smoke Angel
If you have any ideas for lore let me know as well.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
im totally ok with this
Konanni (NA)
: False, missing two champions. The person below me mains ADC.
False The person below me has played AD Kennen
: Crucium- The Guardian Angel
This is great! If you lower his ulti to like 5 or 6 seconds i can see that going better but since it is channeled he will be targeted heavily during it so who knows. Love the idea though! Hope riot sees this because i would buy it immediately.
Ediarai (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Hellion, The Necroguardian

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