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: Patch 7.4: Cho’s Fancy Feast
So, eat more champions is what you are trying to say?
: I really don't like what ya'll did with shaco, he was super fun, I do like change, trust me, it's fun, i'm still having to get used to him though. I only play him ap btw, never have I once gone ad shaco
There is your problem. I have found him to be very good ad in the mid to late game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: I can't jungle as him either now. I find myself doing far better top lane.
played kha a hile back. Went 17/4. nuff said.
: Yasuo is going to suffer indirectly due to IE nerf
Not really. Yas does not need ie to do lots of damage. Sometimes i build static shiv, bork, and last whisper for damage and then go banshee and randuin and still do sooooooo much damage.
Yya (NA)
: Just learn to dodge skill shots, morg is not OP.
I hope they fix the ping on the east coast because dodging a morgana q is like some serious lcs kinda play with the ping we have.
: We're looking into this - are you in Canada by chance?
Why do Canadians receive less Rp compared to the United States residents?
: Legend of the Poro King Q&A 12/19!
Im really curious as to why these gamemodes are never draft pick. I really hate when im in a mirror match.
Imaber (NA)
: I "sai", ur point.
I wonder what the REKommended build is?
RedSatyr (NA)
: I've seen videos of the gameplay. If it scaled off Ad, she'd be way op. It does a lot of dmg as is.
Yeah its like i said the ap doesn't matter because she does damage but the problem is her engages are bad. It looks like it is very good but once you notice the flaws it is very easy to counter. thats why her q needs a slow
: I'm sorry but just because a champion looks similar to another champion doesn't mean they will have similar builds
Lol that is true most the time but to be fair most the champs that have guns, arrows, or crossbows usually have the same adc build paths.
Aliuos (NA)
: i understand she is slow but the tunnel in to knock up creates enough time to kill someone. add a slow and it would be to easy. however i do agree it should scale off of ad the ap makes no sense.
But see that is the thing if you can some how catch them by surprise then yes you can knock up and maybe if ur laner is not a scrub they would go in when set the kill up for them then it would be good but that is not the case because she is really slow and you can easily outrun her. The problem with the tunnel is that you cant stop it mid way or cancel it so if you were to be off the enemy could just turn the other way and run whilst you are still tunneling. I think that the ap on it doesn't matter too much because she mostly depends on her aa but the slow is essential if you they want her to be a successful ganker. She is a very good champ dont get me wrong and i am sure people will spam her for the first few weeks and we will have several rek'sai players.
Aliuos (NA)
: if they did her ganks would be too strong
she is slow as hell and her tunnels are horrible engages trust me i played her. He is right her q should slow and it should not scale with ap thats stupid imo.
: dont mind me im just gonna vent a little
In recent games I feel I am seeing a lot more toxicity than usual and now i think in this game it has gone too far. I want people like this guy in my recent game to be punished and i want the report button to do something. When i tell people to stop being toxic or else i'm going to report they end up saying that the report button does nothing and i feel helpless as to what i should do to stop. We lost the game because we were not communicating properly and some teammates decided to split push while enemy was in base and this was the reaction of the fellow in game and post game. I don't know where else to post this because there needs to be a board on reporting such players and if there is can some one plz point it out to me. This really pisses me off.
monkeyl9 (NA)
: Wiz Khalista {{champion:429}}
Released in the 4.20 patch {{summoner:14}}
: Ya, first to be Furgotten.
i love seeing new puns. Brings a single {{item:3070}} to my eye
Lyte (NA)
: Whether a player DCs or intentionally leaves, it's still a ruined experience for 4 to 9 other players in the game. Although it isn't the player's "fault" when they unintentionally DC, it's even more unfair to penalize up to 9 players per game while a player figures out their connection issues. If you DC from the game because of League of Legends server stability, Leaverbuster won't affect you and won't count those games. If you DC from a game because of your ISP or hardware, please fix your connection first before playing more games.
That actually sounds so rude. Its as though you are saying league is a high class moba game and that only people with proper internet connections and advanced gaming rigs should be allowed to play. I would also like to point out that in the last few patches my ping has bene going higher and i am positive this is on riots end and also that there are massive frame drops with the new map.
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
> TL;DR We’re rolling out a new LeaverBuster system to help reduce the frequency of AFKS and leavers that is also significantly more severe in ranked games. > > LeaverBuster is our system for detecting players who frequently leave games or AFK. In the past, we’ve generally erred on the side of caution, and for that reason, many of you have given us the feedback that LeaverBuster hasn’t always seemed effective and some players seemed to just switch to a smurf to dodge the leaving penalties. > > With this new update, we’ve implemented a significantly more strict design while providing a clear feedback loop. Our goals are to better educate players that AFKing or leaving a game is not acceptable in League, and punish leavers faster and more severely. > > The first time a player leaves a game, they’ll see a pop-up explaining that leaving is not okay and then have to manually agree to not leave future games. If they continue to ruin other players’ experiences, they’ll enter lower-priority matchmaking for a number of games. While in low priority queue, players will experience queue times that are 5, 10, even 20 minutes longer than a player who hasn't left games. > > Players will know how many games they have in lower-priority, and if they join a premade group, that group will be notified they are playing with a chronic AFK/leaver and they’ll face the same lower-priority time penalty. > > While we hope it doesn’t ever happen, if a player fails to stop AFKing or leaving while in lower-priority matchmaking, continued offenses will result in bans. Leave us your feedback below, and we’ll see you on the Rift! Although this really bothers me i dont have as much problems with DC's as i do with people who freaking purposely say the will afk or people who feed and troll. Riot try fixing those things first, and also my ping has been at a constant 200 since the new patches while it was a 72-80 prior to the new patches. It also spikes to 700+ at times.
: 1. bring bk spirit stone! my tank junglers now have serious mana problem clearing the jungle without running out of mana. or increase the mana regen of jungle items to compensate.
That is the reason they introduced the item glory something( sorry don't know the names yet) and also when you smite blue you receive i believe a quarter of your mana back.
: Hello everyone. I guess my only concern is that magic resist item take longer to get the first item.500 for cloth.wich make magic user more powrerfull cause you can get armor for could have made the negatron same way the it be faster to get both.if im not the only one whit this concern lets push this cause magic is more powerfull right now at early game
I completely agree with you. Its not fair to have an unequal opportunity to build a counter against mages while the people who build counters for physical damage can do it much easier.
Swordwin (NA)
: As much as I like the new {{summoner:11}} ability I think you should find a way to prevent people to bring it into lane. I've been seeing alot of players trying to run smite mid/top.
Honestly people who run the smite in lane are losing out because if you read it the stats given aren't all that great for laners with the exception of the enchants on the jg items.
: [Client] First logon always fails
This has been a problem for me, for a very long time they should check it out as i thought this was only happening to me
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: The last I checked zenonthestoic(the guy who made {{champion:268}} and {{champion:236}} ) is working on {{champion:19}} rework
: {{champion:161}} oh but eye i do
Plz stop with this posts and try to get original. These puns have been on every post since the release of the champs.
Mazianos (NA)
: Isn't it? **FOR 'MURICA**
: {{champion:103}} meow?
Lol you want an ahri skin XD. NEVER >:D {{summoner:11}}
: cough cough zac cough cough
Yeah i agree zac only has one skin after all
: Except the servers...
One day rito will have their servers fixed. One thing at a time {{champion:14}} {{item:3025}}
: you must not know the size of korea. And you must not realize how many people live in little shitty villages still. Sorry you must not understand the depth of NA compared to one tiny ass country. Koreans do have a giant esports scene but its international. They are a hub.
BIGGER "AUDIENCE" never did i say anything that has to do with population, and what is up with that talk "shitty villages" have some respect man. Also before you look at the size of the country ill have you know china currently holds almost a seventh of the worlds population and their country is almost they same size as canada who only has a population of around 40 million tops. before you go around commenting on other peoples comments get yourself informed and dont be so ignorant please.
: i really miss when they took the time to do videos for this stuff... where did the old riot go... these & the patch spotlights are drawn out and full of pointless talk... tell us the reason for a change.. then radicalize it...
They are doing what you are asking for? It is ungrateful people in the community that makes me feel sad when i play league sometimes. They do not have to make a video for every patch and explain why they did it and go as in depth as they do, but they do that to help make the community a better one, and you should do your part to help it as well.
Anripan (NA)
: Shurima should be a religion. PRAISE THE SUN! FOR SHURIMA! {{champion:268}}
Cool idea but that's like saying the US should be a religion.
: Patch 4.16 notes
Awwww I like the new varus q indicator, why rito.
: It’s time for a Sugar Rush!
The RP was bull. Didn't get the promised amount.
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
Paid 20 bucks and did not get 3000 rp? i got 2750.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
This gave me a boner wtf.{{summoner:11}}
: well{{champion:57}} is pretty cute too
bitch plz {{champion:78}}
Obeyania (NA)
: Petition to change skin name to Di-Gnar-saur.
We need more people like you in this world.
Rynth (NA)
: Nice to see the {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} wars get a little love!
Yeah but the nerfed rengar even harder.
: Plus Riot as a corporation is centered in the United States, so how do you figure league is a korean game? Beta happened in the U.S. All the earliest worlds did, Equity in Riot games (the company that made and runs league of legends) is sold exclusively to private firms in the United States. To be honest it makes more sense for them to be U.S. centric as they have been in the past then korean centric, as the majority of there profits come from the U.S.
Korea= bigger audience, uhhmerica= not as big audience, bigger audience= more money,more money = gg. Can't make it simpler than that.
: {{champion:56}} omw
: Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed, Part One
Dat Zyra booty tho... {{champion:143}} {{summoner:3}}
: Um... Do you mean his passive? Your Q doesn't get isolation when stealthed, I'm pretty sure.
No the passive is proc'ed when you go into stealth and the passive is that you do slow the enemy. Your q does lots of damage even when and enemy is not isolated and im not even talkin about his passive there lol.
: Mecha Skins
The splash arts look so amazing, the in game skin not so much but its still really good. (just not as good as the splash art)
: How about if rengar wins the hunt, he gains all previous rewards and gains two ferocity whenever he uses his q. He also gains 2 ferocity whenever he kills a champion. Or... Rengar's abilities have increased effects. Q: Deals 100 more damage W: Heal is increased by 10% E: Slow duration is increased by .5 seconds and stun duration is increased by .5 seconds. R: Rengar gains 30 armor and 30 Magic resist 3 seconds after exiting stealth What do you guys think?{{champion:107}}
I think it is a great idea!
: Compared to a 50% slow, massive damage to Q, and range+ resets, yeah there's a reason to not evolve your ult.
But if you are able to proc a massive damage of your Q 3x i think that outwieghs the slow of 50%. (Not even gonna mention the movement speed boost from upgrading your ult...)
Preeti (NA)
: Lists of Legends: 12 iconic in-game moments
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
BUG for me i have only 3 lvls of doom bots which is 1,2,5 hope rito fixes this! I had lvl 5 unlocked right after beating 2.
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