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: It's easy friend - after the queue cancels, exit it. wait about aminute, then queue up again.
> [{quoted}](name=i am alyra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E2XltVsG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-01T15:38:11.512+0000) > > It's easy friend - after the queue cancels, exit it. wait about aminute, then queue up again. /thread
Korios (EUNE)
: Pulsefire Caitlyn teaser
Ehhh not feeling it , but it's probably Caitlyn's best skin which causes a dilemma..
: How every Bronze V thinks their Ranked Matches went
Why is Amumu playing Poro King tho lol
SSJTribe (NA)
: Sounds like Zac jungle to me. Unless you're being sarcastic, in which case, carry on.
lol I'm pretty sure he is being sarcastic because that describes the Jungle role in general :P
: {{champion:4}} clear strengths, clear weaknesses
I like this answer too , i'd probably say TF is number 2 most balanced imo
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Unvictus (NA)
: I agree warwicks rework came out really well. He was intentionally kept an accessible champion. Hence why he wasn't overloaded like most of his champs end up being.
Meteora (NA)
: Official thread towards banning new champs in Ranked.
Even though I didn't make a poll on this thread (which i'm annoyed about) ... it seems the general consensus is that people want the new champs disabled for the first week or 2... Idk Riot
Habbyman (OCE)
: OCE has the best nothing :D
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: Why are people complaining about Ivern when he's so easy to counter?
Meteora (NA)
: This is why we love Huni
My apologies if you've seen it already, I didn't know! Just thought it was funny (=
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: Can you please just revert Malzahar's rework?
Agreed , he wasn't even that bad before his rework. I would have liked a visual upgrade... but other than that, I did just fine mid with him .
: {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} The struggles
{{champion:80}} was the motivation to make this lol.... I went like 25-4 and we lost and my team still blamed me! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
AmazoX (EUW)
: ''Official Thread'' At least add a poll.
That one hurt dude, i'm so annoyed I forgot to do that ..
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Lazy cat (NA)
: Seen this post maybe 56 times before, always upvoted, and honestly, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but new champs apply to BOTH teams, and hence you are both at equal odds to either get some god or some noob. I believe that just because they are new, doesn't change the point that some players play older champions for the first time in ranked and sometimes do really really well. So I guess what I am trying to get at here is that... It's kinda irrelevant to make posts like this because honestly the fact that they are new and in your face makes people biased against them, even if they have minimal effect on the game because the champion doesn't make the player.
Idk man that's like saying if a champ is OP , they shouldn't be nerfed because each team has the same chance to get them on their team. ...or in every ranked game we should put one bronze 5 player in there because both teams have the same chance to get that bronze 5 player.. maybe i'm not saying it like I want to, but pretty much just cause it's a fair chance, doesn't mean that it's not unfun to the people playing.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: There should be a poll linked with this post.
Damn I'm mad that I forgot about that... you're totally right. If you know a way I can edit one in there I'd love to know... but it doesn't seem that I can when I click edit >_<
: I think that's more along the lines of other options besides disabling the champion. If I recall, they were talking about making you play some games with the champion first. It could be though. Personally, I sympathize with seeing people do poorly with a first time champion, but there are a 1000 ways people do bad in my ELO. I guess I don't really mind. There are still 100 champions they can first time, that and AutoFill as well. I've determined to play around it myself. Someone's always going to be behind or be doing bad.
Playing a certain amount of games could be fair, but I wouldn't make it 1 .... maybe like 8-10
: I'm not being negative. I'm just informing you. for those who couldn't find it. I didn't give an opinion myself because this about the 300th post I've seen about this idea, so I usually just pop in and tell people Riot already has a stance on this very idea.
I see, thanks for the info. however they say this "No concrete plans at the moment, but it’s something we’ll keep on our radar." .... so I don't think getting some opinions will hurt anything {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Meteora (NA)
: Boards profile not updating?
lol thanks and I wish you did
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: links broke.
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Obsidiot (NA)
: Reprot my team
: What qualifications do you propose for mastery 8?
10 S would suffice, and prove that you have mastered said champ imo.
: List of champs i think are broken, tell me if you agree or disagree.
> [{quoted}](name=Cereal420,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KEJyf9fG,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-21T01:05:26.180+0000) > > BEFORE I GET FLAMED FOR SOME OF THESE: i am bronze and am a riven main Stopped reading.
Meteora (NA)
Sorry to hear that :[ ... that's exactly what I'm talking about, it's toxic to say reported for no reason imo... there was this Jayce i was playing with, and he was trying his best, he just wasn't very good. He was being really nice in chat but he was like 0-3 ... so of course a couple people started bullying him, spamming report jayce for int feed in all chat. Dude got so upset he didn't say anything, he just left the game. It honestly looked like bullying from high school or something. Was kind of sad.
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Meteora (NA)
: for everyone who's leveled 1-30 recently
wait I'm confused, some are saying they don't stack... I'm pretty sure the way the pro's level up is by buying 2x xp boost and 2x ip boosts, can someone give me the correct info before I try this lol
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Spotty (NA)
: when I think about how many of the people on here are probably weebs and or social degenrates
You know how to bite a dick, Spotty. I mean that with the utmost of respect.
: Why do they put raisins in trail mix?
raisins are amazing in trail mix and oatmeal cookies.
Meteora (NA)
: Is there a way to change your ingame announcer to another server's announcer?
I see what u mean but being in NA it only allows me to choose english
: [PLEASE LISTEN] league has become too baby-fied
First off never start out a thread that is about complaining with "(although ive been temp banned many times, im over it)" lol in my head. you are now toxic and i'm going to view everything you say from a toxic person's point of view Secondly, your examples of "most players and every big iconic mmo platform agrees with me." consisted of dunkey and tyler1 ... lol 2 of the most toxic people i've ever seen in this game And finally, you sound like one of those people that blame's everything else for your actions instead of yourself. Riot does not force you to rage, you lack the willpower to contain your anger. Raging is never fun, you just have lost the interest to win , so you need something else to do hence the raging. Oh and one last thing... personally, I think that letting out your anger and rage at people (probably kids) is way more 'baby-like' than controlling yourself and realizing what you did wrong, but i'm just sayin {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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