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: CONTINUE to not buy Battlefront 2. It's TEMPORARY removal of gambleboxes.
one reason ive stuck with league so long is that it is NOT pay to win. I despise pay 2 win games, idk how it's fun for anyone except of course the people who spend thousands lol
: Buff Mordekaiser
I would pay good money to have that body.
: I have no clue what the boards are talking about
So you played ONE game and you come here to make an opinion on the entire rune system? lol I think you need to play a little more than that to have a valid argument.
: This New BE system is honestly such a downgrade from the ip system
It has really turned into a grindfest. I wanted to get one champ today by playing a few games, then playing 1-2 with the champ... but no, now I have to level up first, which is like 10 games and then HOPEFULLY have enough to afford my champ. Extremely annoying system.
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: What are you talking about, every month or so a post reached the front page complaining about runes and their price.
Yea you make a good point, I did forget about rune prices being complained about.. however that is easily fixed with a price reduction on runes.. I meant more like the overall use of them, people have been arguing that they are boring and bland, which I can see .. but I didn't think they needed to be changed so drastically, especially before fixing other issues.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: Need TL : DR
Haha ok i'll edit that in there xD
: I personally hated the old rune system - it was soooooo expensive and always felt like more work than it was ever worth
True true, i do agree that it was ridiculously expensive for a new player or someone making a new account ... you didn't have any IP for champions , except the cheap ones however, you could easily fix that issue by just lowering the price of the runes like they are now or maybe a little bit more expensive.
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: Starting a party for the 5 man premade tp mission
i'm in champ select but if it dodges I'm down
: Premade for Teleport Mission
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: LFG - Teamwork - Close Combat
: Looking For Invasion: Onslaught Team
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: Star Guardian Burn Bright/New Horizon Missions!
: Star guardian even quest- Need players.
count me in ---- username- Meteora
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Porocles (NA)
: We might be able to work something out! When you know how you want it to be exactly, hit us up in a [support ticket]( We may be able to do a one off without costing anything since it's only capitalization. :D
awesome thank you for letting me know!
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: The things I see that the IFS flags as negative: 1 stating that you're muting someone. (Private decision, either do or don't, don't broadcast it.) 2 criticizing someone's build in a negative manner. (To avoid punishment, suggest what to build next instead of pointing out what they have already purchased. The past can't be changed.) 3 The argument about 'griefing, 7-4-2, feeding, and troll' should be avoided. (I can tell that you're responding to the rest of your team accusing you. The IFS *may* be reading it as YOU accusing people of those things, and linking someone's kda, both of which are considered negative. But, even if not, engaging in an argument with someone who is negative can be considered negative. The non-punishable response is to mute and report.) 4 'Keep talking trash' (Egging on an already negative person is considered negative) 5 Public muting, again 6 Accusing the shen of being toxic. (If they've been toxic, report after the game. Bringing it up in chat is considered negative by the IFS)
Thanks I didn't know saying that youre muting someone or saying someone is toxic is against the rules , I wont be doing that anymore.
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Windoges (NA)
: when you're constipated as fuck
lmao I had to log in to upvote this
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: Is this game truly banworthy?
looks like negative attitude to me... constantly saying you can't win and bugging your team to ff would be extremely annoying to someone who doesn't think the same way you do.
: I'll be honest,I just read the TLDR and It sounds good. Upvoted,because I support anything that reduces toxicity.
lmao, I respect the honesty. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to even open the post. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Good to know Ahri fits literally every fucking fantasy
yeah and not to mention she's been god tier on tier lists for a long ass time and never gets any nerfs whatsoever.
: ***
It's not just effecting me, even if I am not personally tilted by it, it doesn't mean that one of my 4 other teammates isn't.
Meteora (NA)
: New emotes are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.
Also I would like to add, many people have their own solutions to the issue, and that's great however you have 4 other teammates who you cannot control !
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Is there any lane that caitlyn doesn't autowin?
{{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} and if someone knows how to play her... {{champion:222}}
Linason (NA)
: I haven't had a lee sin on my team in forever. But I did have a riven go top in one of my games and she practically carried everyone else despite the fact we lost because the rest of my team suuuuccckkked (okay so only one person did but regardless)
> [{quoted}](name=Linason,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=iKcOBh88,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-23T23:33:38.160+0000) > > I haven't had a lee sin on my team in forever. But I did have a riven go top in one of my games and she practically carried everyone else despite the fact we lost because the rest of my team suuuuccckkked (okay so only one person did but regardless) lol I get them all the time... my theory behind this was because if u pick 3 AD assassins u don't really care about synergizing with your team to make a good team comp.. so you get raging selfish kids or gods xD
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: Udyr big issues and possible solutions (kinda long)
upvoted, good post. Also what if each of Udyr's abilities evolved like Khazix except with more of a wow factor. I wouldn't make it exactly like his evolve, cause it should be original, but you get what I mean.


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