: Patch 9.2 notes
I'm still confused aboout the adaptive damage on some champs, like Blitzcrank and Leona. All of their abilities are, well, Ability Power, but selecting adaptive damage runes gives them attack damage instead. What gives?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Barcodian,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=O57OgXLt,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-07T06:37:01.909+0000) > > Dear Riot Matchmaking Designers, > > I have some real questions. Truly, I'm not her to flame or complain, just legitimately curious. > > Why do players who are clearly unaware of game mechanics, wave control, objective control, vision control, and win conditions get placed above bronze 3 rank? Because actually figuring out in a system where you put groups of five randos together equally is hard and people have bad games. > Why is that someone who has a 0.5/1 K/D/A ratio on average get no more LP loss than another player of the same rank who consistently has a 2/1 K/D/A ratio? Because then support mains would be fucked. > Why do you not factor in gold per minute, k/d/a, objective damage, vision score, healing done, damage done, etc into a players LP gains and losses? Because it is a team game. > Why do I lose LP when I have an AFK in a game? Because wintrading and general abuse. > Why can't LP gains and losses be relevant to a players performance in addition to winning or losing? Because once again team game. > If a player does amazing and loses, maybe they should only lose a marginal amount of LP compared to the other players on their team that died many times while contributing very little to the possibility of winning that game? Sorry man, team game, no other game in the world does this. Just because Durant alone scored 40 points doesn't mean he wins even if his team loses or can't keep up. > In a game that is TEAM BASED why does carrying seem to be so essential? > How is a player supposed to carry a team that has 10 deaths before 10 minutes and feel like they belong in their current rank? You either get so much better then everyone around you that it doesn't matter, or you remain consistent enough that when you do get good teams, you can move on. > I post this in player behavior because in many of my games these questions above create arguments in games. Too often I see a player who is doing well in their laning phase criticize a player who has died 3 times in the first 5-10 minutes of a game, only to see the criticized player fire back an excuse. Both players lose focus then start to spend more time typing at each other than trying to win. As well, almost every losing team spouts out "report [blank] for [blank]." > > This is gross. > > I'm sure there are many players who just want to have competitive games. I know I don't mind losing if it's close and hard fought. I do however mind losing when a 10-1 champ roams to my lane for the first time and I have little to no chance of defending my turret or even making an impact from there unless we can hold out for 40+ minutes to even out the match in levels and items. Meanwhile two players are just bickering instead of coming up with a strategy. > > This is probably a waste of time and I don't know why I even bother. I just love this game when it's good. However when it's bad it's very toxic and heartbreaking. > > From one summoner to another, I hope you can answer my questions. Your best bet to deal with most of this, play with players you know that are equally consistent.
> Sorry man, team game, no other game in the world does this. Just because Durant alone scored 40 points doesn't mean he wins even if his team loses or can't keep up. To touch on this, I think the loss should at least be mitigated. Let's say I'm on an off-role and manage to go Legendary, get an S, and maybe an honor or two. Top lane ints/feeds/rage quits, mid is afk farming and leaves lane open, so it's a defeat. I feel that I should only lose a couple LP.
: Matchmaking is neither fair, nor working as intended.
I feel you. I had to get to Gold three times before I actually promoted, then I actually did pretty well. It was extra difficult, because I main support. My overall win % was above 50% for the first time ever. Games were close, but fun, even the losses. Then it's like a switch went off. Now I'm on a huge loss streak and about to be demoted back to Silver. I've tried playing my mains with 54-57% win rates, trying new champs, trying new roles, but nothing changes. I lose no matter what. Great KDA, honored, high KP, I still lose. Every. Single. Game. Playing the way I did to climb, it would make sense, statistically, for me to remain idle at the current tier. Then I'd either have to learn to carry, or be hard stuck. Instead, I'm sliding back down. The matchmaking is not balanced. Picking teams based on MMR (win rate) isn't consistent. If I'm Gold, every player in my game should be Gold, give or take a tier.
: Is it that hard to fix the matchmaking?
You're not alone. I'm sitting at about 25% win rate over the past 20-30 games, despite my most played champs being around 54-57% win rate. My KDA is alright, and I often get honored, yet I'm still on a consecutive demotion streak. If anything, I should've climbed the way I did, then stayed roughly in one spot if everything was the same. But it isn't. My overall W/L started climbing above 50%, so Riot stepped in and knocked me down. Hard. It was instant: the games suddenly became very one-sided. The team breakdowns were almost always unbalanced and the team with the most low ELO players lost every game, regardless of MMR. I grinded my way to Gold playing support in solo queue, but I get the Silver players on my team while the other team gets the Plats. I know there's an algorithm to "balance" the teams (my 60% gets paired with a 40%) but it's not like I'm going to 1v9 as Nami. The fact that games are based on W/L isn't fair to players autofilled to an off-role or who main support. Why track data like vision score, objectives, and kill participation if you're not going to use it for rating how much LP to award? I had two griefers/rage quitters for the third game in a row and got demoted, but at least I got another S! My team and the opposing team should all be a similar division, give or take a tier. I get that it's a team game, but it's still solo queue. If someone ints or afks, I still lose LP. They might get penalized, but the damage is already done and I don't get that LP restored. TL;DR - matchmaking should only be based on current tier, not win %. Losses caused by obvious griefers (the immediately penalized kind) should be equalized.
: Patch 8.10 notes
"We're starting this patch with Bounties, shifting the reward from a team one to a personal one..." I'd like to see this carry over into lp. If I play REALLY well in solo queue (like, almost carry as support), but two lanes are toxic and trolling each other or we have a rage quitter, so we ultimately lose the game, I shouldn't have to lose the same lp and worry about demotion. On the other hand, if I get into a game with a smurf who hard carries and forces the other team to ff15, I shouldn't get as much lp as him for that win. I realize it's a team game, but if we're going to recognize individual effort, it should be reflected. Honor is nice, but what good is a border flair when I was demoted after a string of 4v5 losses?
: Let's talk about reforming the Rune System @Riot
How about instead of unlocking marks, glyphs, and seals at certain levels, just have all level 1 runes available for new players. When you get to summoner level 10, the runes evolve to level 2, and level runes 3 at 20. In addition, you could only buy runes appropriate for your summoner level. Maybe also have a suggested layout for ADC, support, etc. This should cut some of the IP costs. Oh, and I like the idea of a bundle discount.
: [Feedback/Idea] Comments and Forum Badges
I agree with both points. Sometimes I might not remember a commenter's name, but "oh, yeah! He had that thing that kinda looked like fire". The sub-communities might be necessary later on as more people start using this. So far, its more aesthetically pleasing to me.


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