: Toxic players are toxic players. Without chat, theyre just gonna find other ways to be toxic and affect the team. Toxic players should just be permanently removed, they're **toxic** lmao. How does a community get better keeping around players who produce toxicity?
In my post I talked about how toxic players AREN'T permanently removed because many simply create or buy a new account. That's why permabans for verbal abuse don't necessarily work.
: how about disabling their ability to type in champ select, in game, and after game instead of chat restriction
Not being able to say anything at all may also compromise helpful communication strategy-wise. But I see where you're coming from.
Zardo (NA)
: So then what? Players start bickering and flame wars occur. People stand afk typing flaming back and forth instead of focusing. Do you let them just stand there afk typing, ruining games, or do you ban them? If you ban them you're banning for chat, if you don't you're letting them ruin games. Also, negative chat realistically makes teams communicate much, much worse, and generally makes people tilt and play worse. I can mute them, but how do I make my teammates do the same?
You're right in that negative chat makes the gameplay much more ineffective and frustrating. Muting people is the only option Riot gives players right now to take an initiative against toxicity. This is exactly why chat restrictions work: it takes the burden of the initiative of muting people away from players and automatically limit the chats a toxic player can send. So that toxic player would not be capable of standing afk and typing back and forth.
: the issue isnt the punishment system, its the people playing the game. no matter what riot does or dont do people arent going to change their behavior unless they want to. kinda goes with gun violence . guns arent the problem its people who chose to use to guns to kill people.
Gun violence is a good allegory for being toxic. Gun may not be the problem but it enables people to kill at a very accelerated pace in comparison to a knife for example. Similarly, in my post I talked about how unlimited chats, like guns, enable people to be toxic at a much higher frequency. Which is why having limited chats will at least be a buffer against a toxic person in the game endlessly flaming.
: Very well said. I'd make a post like this but I'm too lazy. But yeah i feel like exactly the same way about this. Toxicity perms aren't okay. I was pretty much only ever toxic when telling toxic people to stop. Does it sound like i deserved a ban??? Heck nah. But i still got one. I'd much rather have just gotten a permanent chat restriction, if it was a year and not permanent it would give me plenty of time to reflect, calm down, and mute toxicity. But no. Just straight up perm banned when i at the least am mad at toxic inters like once a month >.> the system is dumb toward toxicity and needs changed. Besides, how can you expect the game to be 100% toxic free Rito- when you've made a competitive team game???? Some peoples mindset are just to play competitively which can include trash talk.
I think you're right in that trash talk exists in any form of competitive sport, electronic or otherwise. However, in comparison to more serious offenses such as trolling or eloboosting, verbal abuse can relatively be prevented.
Zardo (NA)
: Then we're back at the problem in the post- people ruining games because they got punished for chat offenses. It's not an easy thing to ban trolls, especially the higher elo you get when people soft int instead of actually run it down.
You're absolutely right in that a lot of people do become trolls and inters after being punished for chat offenses, especially at higher elos. In my post I was only detailing that high elo players who get permabanned would ruin the game not by being trolls but by just stomping everyone if they make a new acc, which is why I attached the picture of my Karthus games trying to rank up on a new account.
Zardo (NA)
: Yeah just ban the trolls, inters, and throwers. But how? It's much, much easier said than done. You and I both now that trolling, inting, and throwing gets much more subtle the higher elo you go, making it much harder to catch than someone just disco nunuing it down mid. If we make the system stricter, people get punished for genuine bad games. So what's your solution?
The simple answer is I don't have a solution for trolls and inters. Throwing games has been a motif in any competitive game- overwatch, csgo, league. I just tried to make a post on what the first step towards eliminating verbal abuse should look like.
: We basicly had perma chat restrictions with infinetly stacking ones. They led to more other forms of toxicity like trolling or inting which are harder to detect. Why would we bring something back that didnt work before?
As I mentioned in the post. I'm all for bans for people who turn to trolling, throwing, and inting.
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