: 1 character out of 139, big whoop who cares.
they're removing it dude. Merging the "Eye" items with their counterparts.
: > [{quoted}](name=yagsileba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mwHHqYqR,comment-id=000100030000,timestamp=2015-08-11T13:21:40.097+0000) > > I'm thinking they're keeping her in the realm of "Juggernaut" bruiser, ala Garen Darius Mordekaiser Skarner reworks on the PBE Currently. Her "hard to kill when close to death" thing kinda goes in line with that I see and am sad that they're trying to do that with her. She's *not* a tank. She's a melee carry and every poppy player will tell you that. Changing a champion's role works when it's not clear what the role of that champion even is, as was the case with pre-rework Sion, but Poppy *has* a clear role right now, she just doesn't have a well designed kit. Reworking Poppy into a pure tank because she visually looks like one and has *one* ability that fits a tank playstyle is like reworking Lux into a pure support because she kind of looks like she might be a support and has a shield. If a rework is going to totally change what kind of champion a given champion is, you may as well just delete them entirely and make something new because all that will remain is the name.
: Pretty sure we can make some skins for him now. As to whether he'll fit into the support/adc meta, I don't expect him to be a particularly strong laner, so he might not fit that part of the meta too well. However, the stuff he's doing is strong enough for his team that teams will probably try to fit him into a comp somehow or another.
Do you think he could become a potential flex-pick ala Lulu, Trundle, and Corki?
Ququroon (NA)
: Taric himself still loves them dearly, and thinks of them fondly. However, it's tense on the Demacian side due to that whole exile thing. Basically, family reunions aren't the best.
So as a protector has he relinquished the bias between Noxians and Demacians when it comes to saving people?
: > I can’t imagine this new ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, was the first one you came up with when developing his new kit. Can you tell us about some other things you concepted before settling on this one? A very long range version of his old targeted stun Channeled resurrection Offense/defense form swap Some variant of a PBAoE charm
Did the channeled resurrection seem to work mechanically enough such that it is plausible that it could be included in another champ at some point? Or was it just a Zilean ult tuned to be on longer cooldown/weaker in some other aspect? Did it feel unnecessary or not useful given that the enemy champion I presume would keep the gold off kill?
: But we don't we have a transsexual/transgender person in the LCS
Um... Remilia is a Transgender. She doesn't like being associated with the LGBT community and doesn't like talking about that part of her life. She made comments about her distaste with the subject.
: Seconding this. Poppy's passive is incredibly OP and provides absolutely no gameplay for her opponents. She doesn't dodge, you don't miss, you just can't kill her.
"Poppy's passive is not staying"
: What about {{champion:23}} ? What if he just takes 10% less damage during his Ultimate and 30% increased damage for 10 seconds after his Ultimate...? Or Give him a Tenacity Debuff/Buff instead.
that sounds really gross. To give context, 10 seconds? is that just because you don't like playing against him and hate him? His ult would literally be worse than any of his abilities. Even if it had super low cooldown, increased damage afterwards? I'd rather not use the ult at all. If anything, Tryndamere needs buffs right now, or at least rebalancing. No one above silver picks him more than once, and he hasn't seen light in competitive for a very long time, maybe sneaking in a pokes here and there.
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mwHHqYqR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-11T05:22:22.599+0000) > > Her old ultimate is not staying sorry to say. There is something to be said for how unique it is but the amount of frustration/confusion/abusive edge cases that it adds to the game outweighs the amount of fun/interesting gameplay that it brings. > > Hopefully the new ult we have in the works will be much more exciting and interesting while not bringing with it so many negative costs. Wait and see just a short while longer and let us know what you think of it when it's done. My worry isn't that you're not keeping her ult (it's terribly designed) but that you're apparently reworking her into a tank. Right now, if you ask any poppy player what kind of champion she is, the answer would be a bruiser/assassin. She serves a similar role to Irelia or Jax, and that is *not* the same role that a tank serves. Her current kit has nothing in it that really says "this champion is a tank" aside from the ramping mechanic on her W, which is in practice not actually used because of the fact that you can activate the ability to instantly stack it. Past that, her passive is damage mitigation that gets *less* effective as you build tank items, her E isn't a particularly tank-centric ability, and her ult is like a more overpowered version of Tryndamere's ult. That doesn't say tank to me, that says melee carry or light bruiser. I understand that most of her kit won't be remaining, which is fine, but I really hope you guys are able to keep her role the same, where that role is basically "melee carry with burst mitigation abilities". Poppy has *never* been a tank, and that's not how anyone who plays her views her role. Her role is somewhere in between Master Yi or Yasuo and Jax or Irelia. *Please* don't rework her into a crowd-control oriented tank with low damage and high durability/disruption, since that's really not what she is.
I'm thinking they're keeping her in the realm of "Juggernaut" bruiser, ala Garen Darius Mordekaiser Skarner reworks on the PBE Currently. Her "hard to kill when close to death" thing kinda goes in line with that
Rioter Comments
: You did receive Chat restrictions on your account in 2014, so unfortunately you are ineligible :(
My friend got 3 chat restrictions and still got a gift... at least he said he got one...
Spicay (NA)
: I don't understand why changing the color of the fire to pink would make the cost raise to 975? It's not even an entirely new particle..it's just a hue change..look at TPA Mundo..he throws an entirely different object for his Q yet the price of that skin remained the same.
Aiuto (NA)
: Please, it's such a simple thing. D:
Then you do it, since its so simple.
: Dude stop being toxic, I can't even start the game the cause of firewall error after champ select. Let Riot fix their servers and bugs first before concentrating on your cutie ahri.
This is such a wrong comment, as you clearly have no idea how this works. Either that or your trolling. (firewall errors don't come from their servers, thats your problem) (you have no idea what toxic means) (Skin design team cant fix servers, its like sending a Chef to wire electricity, common logic) (Are you Kaceytron? Ignorance is bliss~~~)
: People keep black widows as pets?!?
Don't wanna get her mad. It keeps the dudes away too!
Amachy (NA)
: > (Arctic ops) Kennen the ferret. This is one ugly lab rat. more like albino twitch.
If its that ugly, you could say it looks like an Amachy ;3
Impetual (NA)
: ***
Your an ungrateful twat, the only person cluttering the comment section is you.
Beats29 (EUW)
: > Replying to us, and *listening to feedback*, are completely different things. Anything that goes against his passive or twin fang centric kit is snubbed, despite the fact that 9/10 people want nothing more than to see those ideas go, he won't even acknowledge that it might be time to shift away from them. Like Fearless when reworking Sona. *flies away*
I like the SOna rework and it was even nerfed last patch
: Actually a couple of small tweaks could do it. Change the passive to scale off ad and Mr but only 40%. Seeing as how he ahs to build them anyways would give him a bump. Comboing the EQ could snare. When they are within the E and you hit them with a q it snares for 1 sec. Lowering the slow. Change the w so that it heals whoever is shielded but reduce the resists. Some small tweaks to to cast animation on the q would make it more responsive. These are some ideas of tweaks. No need to do all of them just a couple would make him far more viable. Number tweaks are not my thing but I am sure riot can figure out the numbers.
As much as those would improve him, they don't fix the core issue of his kit. His passive being strange as is, it's pretty much like Malphite's armor scaling on his abilities and other tanks who scale much better. It'd be better to implement these scalings into the abilities themselves and give him a passive with more counter play then "My name is Malzahar and I hope Galio doesn't get MR" I feel his passive is what restricts and punishes him for building armor instead of Magic resist, due to as you build armor, you feel bad for not building Magic Resist instead. I'd like to find a way that Galio can still feel like a niche pick against mages without it just being 1 stat and an outdated passive.
: Galio is in an healthy state as a niche counterpick against mages on mid. He just feels clunky and people on mid usually go more for a flashier champ that they can play than get a guy who is chosen to counterpick the enemy
That's the issue, he wasn't meant to go mid in the first place and I despise taking him there. His niche shouldn't counter an entire type of damage is what I'm saying. He's also not as healthy as you think, as confirmed by a Rioter that he is kept weak due to being too strong against AP mids, and has been known to skew picks too much. Counterpicking shouldn't be based off a stat, it should be based off a kit as a whole.
: What Galio need is a graphic and animation update. His animations are really..well...terrible. Make them smoother and people will start to look more at him
The goal now isn't to make people look at him, it's to put him in a healthy state. Riot isn't always after your money.
: In the last 10 months Zed has had a minor tweek to positioning on his ult. and Yasuo has had two nerfs and several bug fixes. No buffs. As for heavy ad meta.... When you have 3-4 people on every team who scale off ad that is a heavy ad meta. Not a FULL ad meta just heavy. Current meta is a Bruiser top(most are ad except ryze.) A burst/caster mid.( about 1/3 are ad) A jungle (tank or assassin 2/3 are ad) A support and a ADC. This makes it a far heavier AD comp in general. Combine this with the low amount of non-tank ad defense itemization(which I do not want) with the large amount of armor pen items and it is a really heavy Ad META.
Looking into it your right, but most of the heavy AD meta stems from the jungle being either AD or tank. Top and mid lane have more diversity in terms of damage output, mid seeing champs like Syndra picked over AD champs. Swain and Akali top were going strong and supports alos tend to spew some decent amounts of AP (Caster supports) At the same time there shouldn't be a champion who relies in the dominance/rarity of a single stat in order to be viable. Galio may not need a full rework, but he sure as heck needs more than tweaks.
: I used those as examples.....However if you read it all I said it is because it is a Heavy AD META. He has one of the lowest pick rates because of this meta but when used as a counter pick he also has one of the highest win rates. High mobility ad champions made him almost non viable. Not 1-2 but several. I listed common counter picks to galio mid but considering all the high damage high mobility AD champions on the current meta galio is pretty non viable. And this has far more to do with itemization then anything else. Just to give you some of the mobility champions who just eat him Lee Sin' Vi Khazix Zed Yasuo Kalista Gnar Jayce Rengar Aatrox Fiora Wukong And any ADC. I specifically metioned Kalista as try hitting a q will all those dashes. As for some of the others who have lower mobility like Jayce and Fiora. Galio is dependent on Kiting with q and stay at range till he can ult. All of these can stick to him and wreck him in seconds. Hell jayce even out pokes him. Most of these champions came out well after galio. A lot of these are part of the current meta. This doesn't even count the AP counters that can still wreck him by building magic pen or having High mobility. Galio is in a bad spot but he needs tweaks not reworks.
I don't experience this heavy AD meta you speak of, and they actually had to buff Zed and just buffed Yasuo,so that contention is kinda out the window...
Pryotra (NA)
: Honestly? Mana. He consumes it, and there just isn't good early mana regen choices anymore. Back when he was made, their was an entirely diffferent item for mana regen called the Meki Pendant iirc. It gave more regen than fairy charm. Honestly, The level of mana regen and mana he needs requires him to rush chalice, and even then he has problems. But that isn't his only problem Merc treds still hard counter his ult. He is the only champion that has his R hard countered by an item that literally all champions have the option of putting in their builds and not disrupt their build or playstyle too significantly. Those two things really need to change to some degree. Note that I am not asking for his manacosts to disappear or become immune to tenacity, but something to help those two huge situations.
The main reason he has high mana costs (Which were lowered some patches ago) is because of the high utility his abilities offer. A high damage AOE strong slow? Needs a high mana cost. An AOE long lasting speedboost that does AOE damage? High Mana cost. A shield thats gives a fairly large portion of defenses and heal you for a LOT? High mana cost. A long duration AOE taunt with damage? Yep. He needs to have some more power moved around and have more visible power. Then they can lower his mana costs or make his abilities feel better. On Merc treads, the fact being you made the enemy ADC or AP Mid take Merc Treads over Berserkers, Sorcerers, or Lucidity Boots is a huge advantage that people seem to forget. Firstly, It makes the said carries lose damage output, which is a benefit to your entire team. Second, you set the carries behind due to those Merc treads costing a fair amount more than other boots in the store. I feel like Merc Treads isn't a huge issue against Galio, and offers necessary counterplay against things like the flash ult.
Kahti (NA)
: I have a bit of a radical change for his E that's been inspired by Rek'sai's burrows. Allow passage over walls for him and his team. It makes him supreme for initiations or escape. Of course that's incredibly powerful so you'd have to increase the CD and lower the duration, making it a more on the spot decision. Even if you can't make it work on Galio I think it would be great as a focus for some champ in the future.
If you were to give an ability that kind of utility for an entire team, then you'd also need to remove the damage entirely, remove the speed boost, and increase the cast time. It's much to powerful.
JoDari (NA)
: > Please leave Galio alone. I love playing Galio. He's a fun champ, and he does well. He has great synergy with the new champ Kallista. I hate for Riot to take these older champs and turn them into newer champs that nobody wants to play. There are way too many champions in this game. There are always going to be some champs that don't get played much.
This is an overstatement. Sometimes older champs are nolstalgic, but its widely agreed that they can use some work. I love current Galio, but there have been a lot of people asking for a kit update for him, and frankly I agree with most of them. He's outdated, the only counterplay against him is picking AD, and really only his ult is iconic. I love his shield and Q, but as the Rioter said, they don't feel right in the same kit. You may not agree, thats fine, but you can't say he's fine, cause thats a lie.
: Please leave Galio alone. The only reason he is not picked a lot more is this is a Heavy ad meta and he is a mage tank needing resists but doesn't scale off armor. This is a much larger issue for mage like tanks who have a hard time optimizing for armor where MR is easily obtainable in the form of chalice and abyssal. The exception to this rule is ryze who had to be nerfed because of how strong he was. This issue has come from Riot making super mobile Assassin who can dominate most mids without counter play. Zed has very little counter play early as he can farm safely with little to no energy because of his q. Yasuo had to be nerfed into the ground(his shield). Even Jayce has little to no counterplay if he stays safe and farms waiting for a gank.(jayce has some ms but not true mobility)
Galio wasn't designed to go mid and I really don't like taking him there TBH. I love playing him as support no matter what, it fits his theme and has more counterplay other than "You lose if you pick an AP mid against him, Pick Yasuo or Zed" It's not the introduction of those champions that made him unviable, its the introduction that introduced the issues Galio always had.
: If his ult couldnt be interrupted he'd honestly be fine.
tbh thatd be like if WW's ult couldnt be interupted
: * Gets OOM real easy. * Does not have much mobility/escape moves. Having that 0.25 sec E cast time can really set you off. * Passive is mostly useless as enemy team will always have either more AD champs or having to fight against a Zed/Talon mid. * {{item:3111}} counters you hard in terms of both AP damage & ult taunt.
Having a Swain Mid, Cho Jungle, Corki ADC, Nami SUpport, and a Cass mid lane on the enemy team feels amazing when playing galio
: This. As much as people make fun of 'LCS big plays', pulling one of those off feels AWESOME. I watched a top 5 plays that was along the lines of great mechanics with Galio (and it really was amazing mechanical play) but it didn't look awesome. I've played Galio, and done some neat stuff with him .None of it felt as good as say, the other day when I used Amumu to bandage toss on their jungler during a dragon fight, smite stealing it from the team into a Curse of the Sad Mummy, locking them down long enough for my team to get there and clean up the teamfight. It just *feels* good to do something like that.
As a game, they want to make as many of those feel good moments as possible, which I would completely support at the expense of tradition.
: Well, to truly make Galio interesting, I think we'd need to take a good long look at his whole kit, which would require a ton of support from other disciplines as well (art, animation, etc). That said, there might be some small things we can add to make him feel good about. Even adding something to his Q that says "marks target. Galio's basic attack deals bonus damage to target = x% of his ap or mr or w.e, consumes mark." This mechanic is pretty overused so I'd be hesitant to do that specifically, but anything that could give him an optimization case while improving the feel of his basic attack would likely go a long way. Anyway, I'm looking into a few champions at the moment, so no promises, but I'll keep him in mind and in discussions, maybe me or another designer could find some room for him some time.
Do you see him being placed primarily in the support role as a Niche pick against Hybrid ADC's and heavy amounts of magic damage? Just removing his strength against AP's because it feels like a design crutch? Take him top lane as an ANTI AP top laner niche? Go the risky route and make him a safer pick against mages (aka not assassins, but tanky mid which is an area primarily inhabited by swain and somewhat ryze) I really want him to be a tanky support out of personal flavor, and I'm sure his ult is gonna stay because its thematically amazing and goes well with whatever role he is set into.
: Wait which audio line doesn't make sense? They all sound right to me imo.
"I tried to silence my mother once..." SILLY KASS, you dont have a silence.
: When I submit a ticket to Riot, I hardly ever get an answer that even remotely seems like they read it. I get automated responses. Every. Single. Time.
I donno, I've used it a lot and gotten RP back from it...
: Riot flaming is a thing because their handling of multiple elements of managing League of Legends is on par with trolling. * They have a "Report a Bug" forum but their doing anything about or replying to any of the posts is a rare exception, not the rule (go have a look, I'll wait). They also leave obvious, oft-reported, game-breaking bugs in the game for years at a time. These bugs even affect the outcome of LCS games (causing more rage) and go unfixed. * They've created a horrendously awful ranked solo queue system that *breeds* rage. * They pull really strange moves during the LCS season that troll a team right out of the competition. * Their moderation of the forums is extremely questionable - I've even seen them delete comments on news posts that are true but make them look bad (without being inappropriate, etc.) * They include game elements that have no other purpose than to trick newer players into making bad decisions (often called noob traps) - see AP ratio on Graves' Smokescreen, and lower level runes, for example. I could go on, but essentially, Riot flaming is a thing because they kinda deserve it.
Yet if they remove an AP ratio from Graves, people get mad. They got mad the the loss of AP MF, for example. Guess what? There are multiple bugs fixed in each patch, and more not even documented. Yes, there are those that linger, but it's a bug for a reason, it's not always the easiest thing to find in thousands of line of code. They have made mistakes, do they deserve hate comments and death threats over a game they practically offer for free? Of course not. And buying a skin doesn't entitle you to anything but the skin. You think they don't have the right to keep you from using it because apparently a visual bug keeps you from using it to full capacity? Read Terms of use.
: It has nothing to do with Riot. People like complaining, and a (mostly) faceless company is always an easy target. Look at the forums for literally any other game and you will find the same hateful comments.
Yay for common sense and logic!
zZed (NA)
: > People expressing their opinion can certainly be healthy. Generally we'd prefer for feedback to always be constructive, rational, and actionable, but I'd rather people express than not express. Different types of mechanisms can certainly influence how people react. Forums can often represent a more extreme view than average just by the nature of who chooses to participate in them and the mechanics for certain content to become visible. > > We many methods to receive feedback and understand the perspective of players - we have community forums like these, reddit, etc. We have raw data - everything that happens in every game, we run lots of surveys, focus groups, usability tests and so on. Looking at many of these channels together gives us a healthy and balance view of what players feel. ya but where the hell are east coast servers, I'm sick of playing in a 1v1 match against an opponent with LESS THAN HALF the ping I have. If this is a competitive game, let east coast players be on a fair playing field. Your lack of acknowledging this issue over the last year is DISGUSTING. Other then that, I do have some respect for you guys.
East Coast servers will make things worse, not better. Think and maybe you'll understand. Whats the good of having nice ping when you cant even get into a game?
Sneak Dog (EUW)
: I wasn't happy when reading the dev blog (heh, rather the opposite), but I expected to at least get discussion going. Removing the Institute of War is for the lore what removing a lane from Summoners Rift would be for gameplay. But I haven't seen anything arguing the retcon was good/necessary from Riot safe from the dev blog, only posts about how it goes on. It's just getting pushed on us and we have to accept it, no questions asked. It's incredibely frustrating to try and discuss something when Riot just ignores all the great and constructive threads that have been made about this retcon. It's like talking to a brick wall. I have no faith left in the current narrative department after first Trundle, then the institute and the overarching silence to top it all off. They'd have to fix mistakes to regain my faith or I'll just have to abandon Leagues lore, only to be reminded about the bitter memories about it all, the wasted potential and lost faith, whenever it pops up in my client. It might sound like I'm exaggerating, but it's been 18(?) months since Trundle got replaced by this new troll. I've had countless discussions about him, realised he was a lot closer to old Trundle than I initially thought. I hoped for Riot to go back at him, update his lore and VO to make him the same troll in a new setting. All I got is silence while one of my favorite characters from the lore got replaced with a power-hungry brute. Now the very premise of the lore is getting retconned out and I'm still here, still creating discussions with other players hoping the brick wall will listen. I honestly think I ought to have given enough constructive feedback, I find myself asking the question why I am still here on the boards more and more.
TBH I never cared for the institute, seemed more like a big joke to me.
: > If you believe that - you should quit. I'm serious. If you actually truly in your heart have this belief that we're an evil money-hungry company that doesn't care what players think then really you're just going to constantly look for evidence to support your world view and ignore any evidence to the contrary which is what it feels like you're doing here. League of Legends was built on a foundation of listening to players and making decisions based on our understanding of players want and need and I can make a strong argument that we're excellent at doing that with lots of supporting examples. Why would you invest your time and energy to us if you're not confident that we care about players, or that your words will have an impact to the decisions that we make? > > That doesn't mean that we don't make mistakes or shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes or that we don't always provide the right context for the controversial decisions that we make - but if you're really sitting there questioning not just our actions - but the integrity of our intentions, then the relationship that we have with you I'm not sure can be salvaged. IMO riot listens, but not perfectly. Take cass, she's a great example of riot messing up on listening to players and then publicly having to eat crow. Let's just say I'm terrified of the poppy rework that's incoming because of this imperfect listening. However most of the time, riot listens.
Well Cass is in a place where she technically can be healthy, but people tend to shoot anything different to what they knew down. Take the Gragas changes, everyone called it shit because it changed his gameplay style. Then they realized he was an OP top laner. The thing is, sometimes the community will as for things like "MAKE A CHAMP THAT HAS 1 HP BUT DOES OVER 9000 DAMAGE WITH THE Q" and thats obviously something that wont happen. I know its an exageration, but its still applicable. Maybe YOU want cass to be long range poison mage, that doesn't mean she has to.
: Why is Riot Flaming a Thing
Well a small percentage of LoL players actually use the boards. Even with this, 80% troll is like saying the LoL community is 95% rage, while supposedly its only 5% or something based on RIots statistics.
: > My time is an investment I make in something I consider fun, which the game still largely is for me. My money, however, is something to which you no longer hold any claim. You have made numerous poor decisions about parts of the game I care a lot about, so despite the fact that there are several skins that have come out that I like, I refuse to give my money to a company that clearly does not care about the kind of player I am. It is possible to earn my money back, but there is no indication you are going to do what it takes to do that. I'd much rather have your time than your money if I have to choose only one or the other. I'm always going to be disappointed (in ourselves) when one of our players feels like we don't care - and regardless of whether or not we always do the things that every play asks us to do or not - it's important to us that players feel like we care because we do care. We're growing into ourselves and there are bumps along the road, we make mistakes - we fall down and get back up. It's a chaotic environment and a growing company with a massive base of incredibly diverse players. We will never be able to make everyone happy - but we'll certainly never stop caring as long as myself, Tryndamere/Ryze/Zileas/etc are here at least.
People tend to want to see themselves as victims to make their lives more interesting. Eh, :P
: There needs to be something done with Yasou. Everything in his kit is incredibly strong. Honestly, if they removed his double crit chance, but reverted the 5+ nerfs to his shield and stats, I'd be fine with that.
The trade off is a large loss of crit damage, this is something people seem to be forgetting. Maybe it procs more often, but its damage is greatly lowered, making crit less valuable early until he gets enough crit items to make his crit passive worth something and not be a detriment to his overall damage. If he is so strong, why is he only seeing play at lower tiers if any play at all? I haven't seen him in Gold ranked (picked or banned) in a few months. NO obviously hes op, thats why EVERYONE is playing him (sarcasm)
Xemeron (NA)
: Sry, if you feel like Yasup is weak, that would make YOU the bronze level player...
Funny, Bronzes seem to be the majority group who has trouble against Yasuo. I haven't seen him picked or banned in 2 months, and this is only gold 2 im talking about
: > We're testing some tentative buffs at the moment for patch 4.21 on the theory that we did indeed hit him a bit too hard. What we're currently trying is +5 movement speed (reverting half of the previous nerf) and changing Q's CD to 4s flat (rather than 5s to 4s by spell rank). It's his health that's the problem..
His shield compensates. They want him to make meaningful decisions and have more gameplay than other champions. He's supposed to be difficult, thats why he gets rewarded harder then other champs.
: I don't get why there hasn't been a Red response to a post like this. A bunch of Yasuo mains insist that the x2 crit chance defines him, yet it has nothing to do with his theme or role. That's why he's getting nerfed left and right, so if you want the nerfs to stop, gut his passive. I mean, it's two passives in one, FFS. No champ should have that.
now there is a response. and you realize it also reduces his crit damage right? Your gold efficiency argument is de-validated there. also, azir has 2 passives, as well as a few other champs, but not a lot
Xemeron (NA)
: Wow, a champion with godlike mobility, a free (nearly)500 HP shield, insane damage, AoE knockup and the freaking WINDWALL actually has the weakness of being squishy? How can they do this, I demand him getting the survival power of Rammus NOW! Maybe they can make it a third passive, I mean, cmone, he only has 2...
Yes, too bad he's confirmed to be getting small buffs.
: > Hmm... well if she **actually manages** to become a late game hyper carry with little changes to her core kit, then you'll feel awkward :3 > > In all seriousness I feel you make a strong and compelling argument, and I agree with many of the points you make. Ohh she is a hyper carry atm. She might have a weaker early game than she needs right now but there is no arguing that she is a hyper carry seeing how she can match and exceed kogmaw's damage against tanks even if that is not her optimal buildpath.
The issue with her hyper-carry potential is that it comes much too late and is actually a bit over-tuned at that point. She needs to have a completed build and fully stacked passive in order to feel much gain from the passive, and although technically the gain is always present, its not felt. I think making the ratio increase on her twin fangs begin at a higher percentage and scale less steeply to live amounts, it would improve her early game enough while keeping her desired late game role in tact. Making the MS on the Q static throughout the game is a step in the right direction to helping her achieve her late game potential. The Twin Fangs enhancing poison damage to the target looks like a neat change in the sense that it allows Cass to bully harder in lane, but unlike the old Cass where she just Q spams and harasses from range, New Cass has to fight more aggressively in order to achieve the same effect an it requires a bit more skill in terms of positioning, but is much healthier to the game and allows her to retain her increased late game potential. Now, pertaining to my thoughts on twin fangs mana refund mechanic... I feel like replacing the mana refund mechanic with something along the lines of : * **Twin Fangs:** Deals X damage to selected enemy target. If target is poisoned, the cool-down is lowered to 0.75 seconds. Consecutive attacks against the same target reduce the mana cost by X%/amount per hit, stacking up to X times. Additionally, each stack boosts the effectiveness of her poisons for X seconds, enhancing poison damage on the target. Solves some of her mana issues late game. I believe that if they make the Noxious Blast and Miasma have lower mana costs at early levels (based on point ranks) and the same if not higher mana costs late game, it would account for the loss of mana sustain in lane with the refund mechanic as well as keeping her early harass "capped." I personally don't know what to think about her passive overall. I have to agree with the masses on this one and say it doesn't feel as good as it probably should, and this is true with all stat-based passives. Invisible power isn't appreciated as much, and although her passive is more visual then others, it still seems lacking even though it has incredible strength.
Stez007 (NA)
: Click on my profile and look at my posts on the matter. I explained in great detail why her kit cannot be "fixed" out of lane bully status and I don't feel like typing it several times more in this thread.
Hmm... well if she **actually manages** to become a late game hyper carry with little changes to her core kit, then you'll feel awkward :3 In all seriousness I feel you make a strong and compelling argument, and I agree with many of the points you make.
: This is going to get lost but... The choppy movement isn't going to go away just because you increase the cooldown on Twin Fangs a bit. A better solution would be to program it the same way you did Nami's cast animation on Ebb and Flow, she stops to cast, and then continues her movement command without further input.
this is a wonderful idea, wonder how it feels in game...
Finnical (NA)
: I think Stashu may be getting close to a balanced rework. But I have to agree I cannot see the point of this passive. What is the intended goal of changing from her old passive which encouraged spell-comboing to her new passive which gives her a long-term passive stacking mechanic? I think if I understand correctly the goal is to tie her more closely with Shurima and Ascension but I think many feel this is not an appropriate direction for Cass to be taken. Further, if so many are displeased with the passive, why are great lengths being taken to retain it? These aren't intended as digs at Stashu, I'm actually quite pleased with his recent efforts, I'm just genuinely confused.
I did love old Cass more so then the current iteration, but I believe the old passive did not encourage "spell comboing" as much as it encouraged straight up spamming. I feel this should be the mechanic in her new twin fangs exclusively while removing the mana refund.
Thryale (NA)
: It's definitely a step in the right direction, but the road to recovery is still a very long and bumpy one. And we will be satisfied with no less than the absolute best. (I still wish you chose the aoe siege playstyle over the single target dps style when doing her rework. :/ )
I loved Pre-Rework Cass, but I admit that siege style was annoying to say the least.
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