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Failog (NA)
: Yes, okay, dude, please spare me with the advice. I beat him in lane all the time. But last game he was jungle and my idiot team fed him. A champion who is overpowered or broke or who has unhealthy gameplay isn't solved by saying, basically, to just play better. Because you won't always be the one facing him or her, and in team fights you might not be able do what you need to to counter for whatever reason.
Oh wow so Tryndamere found a favorable match-up against your team because you guys didn't have a comp that could deal with him, so he got fed out of control and you guys lost? Tell me more about how that's not fair.
: Sion used to be cute...
NEW SKIN "MOE SION" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Failog (NA)
: Tryndamere.
CC, DoT, camp lane/deny farm, TAKE IGNITE.
: But isn't the game's balance aimed towards platinum elo and higher?
The game is balanced generally around them, but seeing as not many people actually build it except for funsies up there, while down in bronze it was creating a serious problem, they removed it. At least, that's how I see it. Bronzies buy RP too, you know.
: people bitch and cry over MF but they dont realize that {{champion:22}} entire kit counters MF , the slow from ashe stops her passive of strut... she has aoe in W and her single target dps with Q and battle of fervor out damage MF cuz she only gets bonus damage on a new target from love tap and ashe has more range then her on autos , mf has range with double up but its not as reliable and let alone.... ashe ult nullifies and counters mf ult makes it super easy to land as ashe as mf stands still and cant move as she ults
teehee I always ban ashe right now xD
Zuil (NA)
: Why don't people ever learn the good things from worlds?
I noticed that neither the camera nor the shoutcasters really focus on those kind of things. They just talk about stats and wait for plays to happen so they can start shouting and jumping up and down in place whilst frantically shaking their hands about. I only watched the New Player Stream (ft. Phreak!) for about 10 minutes, but I wonder if that stream talks about those things a little more.
: then you cc her ... any disruption to her will stop her ult... she is a sitting duck... dont group and bunch up vs her or fight in tight spots that force you to do that...
Yes this is the actual answer. Almost all of MF's insane teamfight power comes from her ult. Slip her up with a single CC and she loses THOUSANDS of damage for the fight. I can't tell you how many games I lost because I ulted and got countered by nami wave or fiddle crow or rek'sai knock-up, etc.
: Can Sword Of The Occult Return In Season 7?
I'm guessing they wanted to stop the AD noobstomp that kept happening in Bronze/Silver with people picking Rengar/Talon/Pantheon/Darius/Tryndamere and going SotO + lifesteal, never dying and going 30/0/2. It's a fun item, but it's indirectly linked to surviveability (because of how lifesteal works; more damage = more heals) and noobs were getting stomped too hard because of it. At least for Mejai's it only increases damage for the most part.
Totalis (NA)
: It is absolute bullshit that a team can have 6 players to play based on whose playing better
To be fair Blank was utter shit that game. He completely lost it for SKT T1 by himself. They might have gone 3-1 SKT T1 Win if they kept Bengi in instead of switching him out for Blank.
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: So....I know 10 bans might come out. But what if both sides banned 10 marksman?
EmiPetal (NA)
: I keep on losing. T^T
My strategy as Annie, similar to what other people in this thread have already said, is not necessarily to beat your lane opponent, but to be as farmed as possible in the early game. It's really easy to farm as Annie, so when mid-game comes around no one on the enemy team other than your lane opponent realizes just how phat you've made yourself and you just one-shot them all. If you can kill your opponent in lane that's a bonus.
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: You do not have a source for saying queue times are longer. You do not have a point of comparison, so this observation doesn't have a lot of merit. This seems like the easiest problem to address in your post, though. The game is not as fun as previous seasons is an opinion and has no relevancy over the actual gameplay. The change to dynamic queue must be your main reason for posting this? You don't do anything to support this part here except a bunch of loosely related questions afterwards and I can't determine exactly what your point is with them. Yes, Solo/Duo was removed. Ranked Teams are back up on live again, though. The removal of team builder, though? They only integrated it in to the regular draft queues. Essentially it works the same, with just a little less availability of preparation time. League and Overwatch are not mutually exclusive. I have no idea who gross gore is, but you seem to already have painted him as untrustworthy. Do you have a source on Twitch's views on eSports in general? You should instead link specific matches or tournaments and compare them to their previous year's counterparts. Otherwise this claim is also unsubstantiated. So let's be honest here... you don't have anything to back up your claims, though I would be interested to see if you were able to come up with data to support them because several of them do seem plausible. Remember, the burden of proof isn't on the reader and it isn't on the "defendant". You are making a claim, you need to back it up. If you don't, you're just spouting off opinions and hoping people agree with you based on their **feelings**, which will accomplish nothing.
I can't help but laugh when reading this post. Did you seriously just try to claim that "fun" is not a subjective topic, but rather completely based on the objectivity of the quality of gameplay? I don't care what you think about how fun League is. But how fun anything is is up to each person to decide. For me, League is so boring now that I can barely make it through a single game. This is coming from someone who achieved Plat in Season 4, my first ranked season, and has played over 4000 games across all accounts. It might still be fun for you. But you can't claim that "fun" is quantified by "quality of gameplay" and expect people to just blindly accept your claim as truth. Because it really isn't.
: Neither farm nor KDA is that important.
Oh yeah it is. Farm, KDA, wards, towers downed. Those four are huge. I get S rank regularly by focusing on these four things. (About 50% of my games are S rank on my main champs, about 80% S ranks on Garen specifically even when I lose, and on non-mains I can still get S rank regularly when I tryhard)
: someone want to tell me why i got an S in the first of these 3 games but not the others?
2nd game, died too much. not enough farm. 3rd game, not enough farm. Zed is so easy to farm with, I would have expected 300 farm at least in all of those games at 35+ minutes.
: Riot Allow bronze players to redo there provisionals if certain conditions are met please
Sure, redo your provisionals. Your mmr doesn't reset though. Provisionals with bronzies gl hf and gg.
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Terchio (NA)
: Well, because one of them is buying the product, thereby nullifying the need of a shard, and the other option is precisely scrapping the shard for profit. Not like those options had any realistic alternatives. Meanwhile, Riot found a way to implement a trial period for an item they decided not to let you have once you get the trial. Now, there's some logic.
I guess if you don't know Riot all that well you could have been confused. Make no mistake. There's no way they would have given you a free week-long trial of a skin from a chest that you can get every week. (notice how that gives you a trial skin available at all times if you can keep your keys up). Yeah. Not a fuckin chance.
: Hextech "Rental" Needs Clarification or Removal
Every other option also consumes the shard. Why would you think the rental would be different?
: I Have 916 teamwork honours, but somehow i got my ribbon taken away from me.
I have 50 teamwork honors and I have a banner. because I earned them all within 50 games.
: Is it way too hard to get an S rank playing support, or is it just me?
I get S ranks regularly as support. Most of the time I think I get S when I dominate the lane for my ADC. If I stomp in laning phase, I'll still get S rank even if I die four times. However, if I go even or lose in laning phase, I only get S ranks if I have a perfect score AND have a high kill participation (70%+). That's just what I notice. Oh yeah, and if it helps, I buy anywhere from 2 to 9 pink wards throughout the game, depending on how often my pinks get contested. Typically 3-5, but sometimes I'll even sell my 2nd pink because they never bothered to clear my first pink ward and I've already finished 5th item. Damn low elos.
: @Riot, could you stop giving us 3 Air Dragons in a row?
Ayyy can you be my opponent? Thanks. {{champion:9}} {{item:3117}}
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: Old {{item:3046}} was the thing that allowed champions to ignore unit collision permanently. Now it has to be proced by having an enemy near you.
ah fuck you're right. my memory is shit lel
: An idea for champion mastery, accomplishing amazing feats in ranked games
People tend not to like this because it detracts from the most important condition: win the game.
: Boots that Allow Champions to Ignore Unit Collision?
I'm pretty goddamn sure one of the boots used to do this. My memory fails me as to exactly which one though.
: @RIOT - Ever thought about adding a "Baron stolen!" announcement in game for hype??
Does this really need to be done? The players/viewers aren't brain-dead. They'll know whether it's a steal or not.
: When You Demecia Just Right
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: But then you forgot how dogs get old and will eventually have to die from sickness. Some breeds are more likely to get sick, mixed breeds tend to live longer. Not all dogs are created equal. So in the end they have to get replaced to some shape or form.
If they are truly sick and old and dying, then sure. But take a perfectly healthy dog. A little old, but otherwise expected to live several more years at least. And put it down for no good reason other than "it's not special enough" or "we wanted a nicer dog". That's what Riot is doing for a lot of the reworks. Not all of them, but a lot of them. And you just have to wonder if those reasons are good enough. You already know where I stand on that debate.
: Not an apt comparison. Instead, imagine a pet shop where there's ten dogs. Each dog is the same breed, the same gender, etc. THe only difference is the name and the color of the collar. Naturally, parents keep buying the exact same pet every time they have one. Kelly the dog gets picked every game. Sally the dog is never picked because why get Sally when you could ever pick Kelly? The pet store owner realizes this. So, instead, he gets 10 dogs that are each wildly different. This is the comparison. As a seaosn 1 vet, I'm telling you know that it's about god damn time that Riot is addressing the same-y feel of every single character. It was so bad before that it always boiled down to who was the singular best in that role. It's why Ezreal/Graves/Corki was the holy trinity for like two seasons.
Not an apt comparison. Instead, imagine a pet shop where there's ten dogs. Each dog is the same breed, the same gender, etc. ThE only difference is the name and the color of the collar. Most parents choose Kelly the dog, but some of them fall in love with Sally the dog, even though most people agree that Kelly the dog is a better purchase. The pet store owner figures that there are less people choosing Sally and Freddy, and even less are choosing Max, Spike, and the other dogs. So he switches all of them out. Every last one except for Kelly. The parents who liked Sally come back to the pet store and don't find her there. The pet store owner tells them that he switched them all out including Sally and Freddy, even though there were enough people choosing Sally and Freddy to make up a decent percentage of the purchases. The customers are sad that their personal favorite dog is not there. "Fuck it. What else do you have? Oh cool would you look at that. I'm liking Sam the Iguana. Let's get him." Little does the customer know, the pet owner is planning on switching out Sam the Iguana next month. This is the comparison. Doesn't matter who I am, but trust me when I say that there is little that is more frustrating than finding out that the champions you dedicated your whole League of Legends life to are being changed for whatever reason that has nothing to do with you, and then have Riot target the very thing you liked about the champ, rip it out, and "compensate" the champion with number buffs so that everyone goes "Oh no why are you complaining, X champion is strong now, you should like him!" Fuck being strong. I just want my favorite champion back. You're right though. I'll get over it. I'll find another champion. **And as soon as I find one I truly love, they'll announce a rework for it again. Oh, and again.** It's one thing to have a set schedule for things (like how Standard vs. Wild works in Hearthstone) but searching for a champion, and not knowing whether Riot will completely rehaul a champion next month, or next year, or never... It seems I've developed a punched eye for these kinds of things. You'd only know if you truly loved a champion and lost it. It's soul crushing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mickey Donnerudo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWQHfQHp,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-04T22:40:48.132+0000) > > Imagine a kid growing up with a pet puppy dog. The kid adores the dog and gives it love and care for many years. Then the parents take away the dog and replace it with a different dog of the same breed. > > "Oh it's pretty much the same dog!" They say. "That other dog was getting too old anyway." > > The child tries to hold back tears. "It's not the same... It's not my dog." > > The parents smile weakly and sigh. "You'll get attached to him eventually." > > But the kid doesn't. Every time he sees the new dog he is reminded of his old dog. The familiar dog that was taken away from him before they could live out their lives together. The one that had the quirkiness that he liked. The one that suddenly disappeared forever by the mere whim of his parents. > > Time passes, and the boy is still unhappy with his dog. This dog just doesn't connect with him in the same way. A good friend of his tries to cheer him up. "Hey want to come to my house and play with my cat?" "Sure, I've never played with a cat before." The two boys run off and soon enough they are both grinning ear to ear. > > "Wow I never knew cats were so cool!" exclaims the boy. The good friend smiles. "You're free to come and play with him every day." "Yes!!! I could play with him all day," the boy screams with joy. As dusk approaches, he runs home, excited to come back tomorrow and play with the cat again. > > But that was not to be. The next day, the boy runs to his good friend's house only to find him crying on the porch. > > "What happened?!" the boy was distraught at the scene. > > The good friend tried to speak between his coughing and sniffling. "M-bgh-my paren-parents took the cat-*(sniff)*-to-to the pound! They said they'd g-get me a better cat, *(sniff)* but THAT'S WHAT THEY SAID LAST TIME! waaaanhhh!" > > The good friend wailed loudly, but both of the kids jumped when they heard a deafening screech next door. A young girl could be heard from inside the house. "WHERE IS MR. BANKS?! WHERE DID YOU TAKE HIM?" she screamed. "Oh Irene! We got you a new rabbit. His name is Mr. Banks too! I'm sure you'll be very happy together." "THAT'S NOT MR. BANKS!" > > For a brief moment, the boys tuned in to silence. "You'll get attached to him eventually," one of the parents finally said. > ----- {{champion:133}} Basically me and this bitch. Quinn. The Bird-Abuser. Before, she was "Quinn & Valor, The Wings of Demacia", a badass girl that raised a nearly-dead bird back to full health and made it a war animal that's loyal only to her. Now, she's "Quinn", the Bird-Abuser. Valor is now a taxi-cab and a throwing dummy. She might as well shout "Shoo, Valor!" every time her passive triggers.
LOL thank you for that. You made me laugh. I forgot about the Quinn rework to be honest. But that is a very good example of a champ that didn't need a rework but got one anyway. Not sure why.
: So lets talk about the last and upcoming reworks Poppy, a feast or famine type champ, who would ult the support, kill the carries, then win the game. Very linear, very boring, horrible visuals (Lollipoppy anyone?) Taric, He was not reworked cause he was bad, but because players didn't like playing him because he didn't feel like he had an impact, the armor reduction/armor buff to your enemy/team was not noticeable, the heals were eh, and the stun was the only real part of the kit noticeable. Now look at him, EVERYTHING is flashy as hell when you play him. Thus riot kept the character intact, improving it, and making him more fair to play Now lets look at the next two champs being reworked. Ryze and Yorick Ryze, who has been changed so many times, needs to be gutted and built back up. He is the epitome of a mage, who knows all magic on runeterra. Yet he is simply a lockdown interval burst mage. Unappealing and unsatisfactory kit. Yorick, should be self explanitory, perma nerfed state, kicked out of free champ rotation, etc.
I'm not saying reworks are bad in and of themselves. In fact, I even mention that some reworks are good changes and/or buffs. That's not the issue. The issue is when Riot tries to rework EVERYTHING all within a relatively short time frame. Or rework things that aren't really broken. Or rework things in too big of a rush and fuck things up. People have invested a huge portion of time to these champs. There are big consequences to doing reworks, and they should think thrice about whether a champion actually needs one. But yeah, good job dude. You can identify champs that weren't looking too hot. I'm proud.
: Shorter duration, but damage reduction instead of armor/mr.
It's official. {{champion:86}} is secretly {{champion:1}}'s dad.
: Here's a little thing: you don't own any of the champions. Riot does. Additionally, reworks and changes are required to keep older champions up to date and strong. Or do you still want old Taric who was pretty much useless except for a single stun?
Kids don't own the household pets either. Doesn't mean they can't get incredibly attached to them. I'm just sayin. Riot is treading dangerous waters by doing frequent revamps of many champions. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is going to lose the thing they love about their favorite champion, and eventually it will cause players to leave the game for good. It doesn't matter if the champion is more balanced, or more fun for "more people". Let me repeat that. It does not matter one bit if my main gets "buffed". If you are a main of a champion, and the fun portion gets taken away from that champion, then you will be utterly disappointed. And with constant reworks, they are bound to disappoint a lot of people. I know, the story doesn't explain much. But I'd rather they stick with what they got until they have a very good idea of what they want to do. Champs like Skarner and Cass shouldn't be guinea pig champions that get reworked over and over again. There are people who loved those champions. And it doesn't feel good to have them taken away and then dumpstered for years before being recovered. I would know. Because I've had it happen to me.
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Meddler (NA)
: Which bits in particular? Now's a great time to discuss what parts of Warwick really resonate with people.
My favorite part about Warwick is honestly his simplicity. I am a player who loves to focus on objective control and "macro" (as opposed to dueling/outplays and "micro"). I love that his kit doesn't require much action. He's one of the only champions left that I can play and still type "care, lb coming from top" DURING a teamfight. Yes, people say he's boring as a champ. But that's because they're just not playing him optimally. It's maybe not such a massive deal in higher elos, but in lower elo, players are incredibly unorganized. I like being the organizer (a.k.a. ~~shotcaller~~ shotsuggester) of the team. It really helps to make sure that everyone is being productive and that things don't slip through our fingers. {{champion:19}} : Peel for adc {{champion:19}} : MAOKAI TOP GO HAM {{champion:19}} : good work team what's our next objective? *team pings various objectives and agrees to take mid tower and inhib as the teamfight comes to an end* Imagine if a different champion tried to type all that in the middle of heated battle. That's just not happening without taking a huge hit to your DPS. Not all champions need to have engaging kits to be fun. That's just my two cents.
Jbels (NA)
: I would be fine with Shaco top in a normal. But ranked is supposed to be serious. You bring your best, or you get wrecked.
I have over 400k mastery on Garen and I have gotten shrekt by a Shaco top before. If you know your champion, you can make even weird things work.
: PSA to everyone from a support main.
Really? That's my favorite time. Eventually I get tired of watching the ADC get 5 cs / min for over 10 minutes straight. I'd rather just farm myself up so I can buy items and make myself useful. It's especially funny to see myself at 70 cs at 16 minutes and the ADC is at 80 farm at 16 minutes. And I haven't even been stealing his farm. Just taking it when he's not there.
Bârd (NA)
: PSA to ADC players: If an enemy is instagibbing you, get a fucking defensive item.
I disagree. Core items are more important than any other item no matter what, and not getting them first is the most damaging item decision you could make. They are what make you strong, and allow you to do the job you were assigned to do. Taking a defensive 2nd or 3rd item, sure. But taking defensive item first as ADC is pretty much building your own grave when the teamfights come. Imagine a {{champion:15}} with only {{item:3143}} {{item:1001}} {{item:2010}} {{item:3340}} . She would deal no damage whatsoever. You could probably ignore her with no problem. I would rather see the ADC build a {{item:3508}} or {{item:3031}} and stay back until she sees an opportunity to go in and turn the tide with some decisive autos. A tank ADC would just go in and deal 80 damage an auto and be overall useless. No one wants to see that. **Granted, you never said to build defensive first item, but I just wanted to point this out. It's not always best to start defensively, especially within the realm of ADCs.**
: I Need Advice Playing Against Renekton
I am not high elo or anything, but I play top a lot. Whenever I face a Renekton, I make sure to do these things: Don't let him harass with his Q (spin attack), especially when he has a red rage bar. It'll heal him a lot and it'll hurt you even more. And it doesn't cost him anything. Be wary of his dash range and make sure to respect him. He can dash twice only if his first dash hits something, so be extra careful around your minions or teammates. Don't die to him even once. Wait for ganks or abuse his cooldowns. I'm going to say it twice, but make sure to respect him in lane. If he is threatening you, don't CS. Just gather exp and wait for him to push. If you can get a gank, then that's great. But otherwise make sure you get all the minions you can under tower *without* getting chunked out of lane (remember his Q). Remember to ward. If he leaves lane to gank or counterjungle, then you need to be able to let your team know. Especially if he is farmed up or fed. Get blue trinket ASAP, and most of all remember not to get caught out. Easier said than done. I would recommend warding river whenever he's busy freezing lane (so you can still keep an eye on him while you roam around). **The biggest thing** - The early game isn't the whole game. But it can affect the whole game greatly if you let it get out of hand. Make sure you don't fall too far behind in exp, and do your best not do die. You'll get your chance to beat him after the laning phase ends.
Niyumi (NA)
: Have you seen ANYTHING I write on these forums? Most high-tier players are just as bad as any bronzie -- they just get carried by absurd comps / broken champs. Watching master / challenger / diamond games... they make the same mistakes I see in low silver. They just win by virtue of how much CC they have, and how braindead their damage is. ^^
Your name is not really worth remembering because as far as I'm aware you haven't made any posts worth remembering. So maybe. But I wouldn't know. Of course though, you're right. High-elo players just carry themselves using freelo. And that's why you're not even Gold yet.
Niyumi (NA)
: He's like Singed, where he doesn't have a real defined role, rather he can do a bit of everything if built right. And, if you think his ult is weak... well, you need more practice. ^^ Easily one of the most ridiculous ults I've ever used, and has netted me so many kills / prevented so many deaths.
I like how you're telling a two-time master player to practice his champion more.
: Was teamed up with a trio que yesterday while I was solo Q. They had Mid/ adc / supp roles taken. Went with Yasuo adc. While we did well and actually won the game pretty easily, it wasn't fun , they weren't great teamates ( I asked them to check red for me or ward it at the start simple reply was "No " ) It wasn't a game I enjoyed playing , Not sure if they were higher elo smurfs and trolling around or what it was, but I often feel like elo is so random and climbing is very lucky this season. Yasuo adc at Gold 2 seems a little strange.
Have you also been noticing Yasuos nowadays building {{item:3046}} {{item:3078}} instead of {{item:3087}} ? What's up with that? I saw two different Yasuos the other day. Both of them built {{item:3046}} {{item:3078}} and straight up fed (unlike your Yasuo top kek) But back to the topic at hand. Yeah, I really feel that Riot is ignoring a large part of the "game feel" portion of the game right now. Cause there are a bunch of things that don't feel good about League of Legends.
Dengeden (EUW)
: What exactly do those premades do differently though? I can see they might help lower the winrate of certain champions with a "camp me camp me" sign over their head *ahem acough {{champion:157}}*. I can see they might make more decisive baron calls or tower pushes but what else is there to them? No premade can make you CS better, no premade can make the jungler keep up in farm and pressure.
Yes, that is exactly it. Good premades are more decisive. And that's exactly what wins games. They all back off together, they engage together, they look out for each other. They collaborate to determine the best next objective, and they make sure that things are getting done. Bad premades also do things together, like chase together, split together, farm separately together, sit back and not push together, and feed together. It's not an exaggeration when I say I regularly see premades go 0/20+/5- as a whole in my games. And that's just duo premades. I can be 8/0 with 180 farm at 20 minutes but I'm still not about to win when each person in my premade feeds 0/7/1, 0/9/2, and 0/11/0. Those scores are really not acceptable. These are signs of premades who are either being toxic and tilting each other (aka "reasons why I hate playing ranked with 'friends'") or just straight up don't give one shit about actually improving. It's especially hard because bad premades tend to feed EARLY. I'm talking going 0/6/0 and 0/4/0 with the cocky bot lane duo at 8 minutes, with the jungler at 0/0/0 with 21 cs and mid laner at 3/4/0 (with most of those kills coming from my top ganks). And then all of a sudden I get a surprise triple kill at mid and we have a chance to 4v2 push mid lane (jungler is at krugs and about to empty bot lane). I ping and type "we can push mid" and then one person goes off solo dragon without jungler, two of them decide top is a better push, and I'm just at mid by myself trying to push wave into the tower 1v1 with no cooldowns. By the time the other people are back up, top tower doesn't even take any damage, jungler gets caught out at enemy blue, and dragon gets stolen. I wish this were all a lie. And yes, I know, my farm is not perfect, and my score COULD be better, and I could have gotten more towers in less time, but come on. I am trying to get to Gold (and subsequently plat). I should not have to play like a supercomputer AI in order to get to Gold. And no, I'm not saying I'm super pro and good and deserve diamond RIGHT NOW (I feed some games too), but please. I try really hard to improve and win, and seeing my teammates go 0/20 on a regular basis does not help. EDIT: Oops I ranted. And about the wrong portion of the topic. Oh well. Premades aren't fun. My point still stands.
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: Let's say you have the ability to BUFF 5 champions of your choice!
{{champion:203}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} Kappa
Lutice (NA)
: LF Diamond 3+ Irelia Main That Will Be Able To Coach Me.
Too bad Gbay99 can't teach you! #ROADTODIAMOND
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