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tonektar (NA)
: Pirate Bard skin
As a part-time Bard name with the name I currently have, I need this.
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Dealth (NA)
: I don't see why people like Shyvana. She's just like Skarner. A boring, auto-attack champion that just soaks up damage. edit: downvoted for expressing opinion on an internet forum, sorry I'm not a part of your shyvana circlejerk
People have their cups of tea. I picked up Shyvana when I was low level because her raw power can just help me focus on winning the game and not outplaying my opponents. Having that mindset helped me transition into harder champions, but I still retained my knowledge of Shyvana's powerspikes and power levels. To this day, she's my highest mastery champion. And yes, I find her fun. But I also find Malphite, Sion, and Nasus fun. Call me boring, but at least I wont get bored the minute a champion doesn't dash around a million times or deal %Max Health True damage. Helps me have fun.
: anyone get random lag spikes lately?
: The new Fiora splash artworks look amazing!
I honestly hate Fiora with a burning passion ... but these splashes look great
: Shyvana's ultimate would be more of a farm to 6 jungler, then flash behind the laner and push them to the ally laner. Without this, Shyvana may as well be one of the weakest junglers due to no cc for ganking.
You can buy chilling smite just for that. You may not have CC, but you do have a speed up, a gapcloser, and a hella ton of damage. Besides, shyv should only gank when an opportunity arises. Its hard for her to force ganks, but if an enemy is far enough from tower, her damage could force a flash. People also have to realise that farm junglers CAN EFFECT THE GAME IN OTHER WAYS THAN GANKING. Counterjungling, objective control, split push, those are all options. Last point, I AGREE COMPLETELY THAT THE HITBOX IS WONKY. Im just saying, Shyv isnt a shit jungler because she cant gank as well as others at 6.
: Can we fix Shyvana's Ultimate?
Her ult hit box DOES suck, but think of it as a gap closer or extra damage. Your ult as shyvana should be used to either 1: turn your single target attacks into AoE attacks, 2: add a bit of burst to finish off an opponent or 3: use it as a form of movement. Shyvana's ult's main focus isn't to cc, but it is part of her kit. I agree that there needs to be some fixes to it, but Shyv's ult is ok as it is.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Ivern: Friend of the Forest
Its like braum and maokai made a baby.
: When your friend goes off meta and it works.
Veigar, shaco, and kayle support work so well, tho.
: We need a system to detect inappropriate club tags
I understand that some names take it a bit too far, but if Riot were to implement inappropriate name detecters, the harmless ones get punished. Take my name as an example. It's not racist or degrading, but it IS inappropriate.
: Cmon man, what's not to like about giant sand creatures that eat people? As for Quinn, she just isn't my cup of tea, so-to-speak. Seems like she'd be one of those fitness freaks who can't ever sit still, and she does kind of have a bird following her everywhere.
Drugoth (NA)
: I just like picking champions that his windwall will have no effect on. Muhahahaha!
: That awkward moment when...
Everyone knows that LolHentai is a .net kappa
: So why are Silvers allowed to play against Platinums again? I thought we removed this.
I'm in silver 1, but I've been consistently olaying with Golds and Plats. Feelsbadman
cllara (NA)
: Soraka snow skin
why didnt you FUCKING CALL IT SNOW-RAKA?!?
: If you agree to boost people...
Me and my friends are all in Silver, but I'm in silver 1 while all everyone else is silver 4-3. Sometimes, when I duo with one of them, I like to joke around that I'm boostin their ass.
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: All games are normals... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
The only difference between a ranked win and a normal win is that one gets you elo.
: Not that I hate Shen just that he is being picked in 90% of games so there is clearly something wrong. If it makes you feel better I hate Gnar 50x more
90% of your games? Really? The only time I ever encounter a Shen is when I play him. I haven't seen one on my team or my enemy's team for quite a while.
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: 25 second cd isn't enough of a consequence? yasuo isn't op at all. All yasuo is good at is outplaying his opponent. Literally every champion with high outplay potential is hated, it's nothing new. Seriously, just learn to play
Yas outplays by useing unhealthy mechanics. His shield may have a long CD, but the reward it gives just by placing it in an ALRIGHT location and time is to high. Outplaying is fine, but when a new Yas player can just press W to negate a whole kits worth of damage, it needs a little tweaks. Honestly, your reply of "git gud" doesn't help anyone. What I'm suggesting may nerf Yasuo, yeah, but it nerfs his problem area. Once that is addressed, people wont bitch about him as much.
Sandixcx (NA)
: Heres some counterplay: Go around the windwall.
Yas can easily repostion himself while I do that. While I have to move around, not being able to retaliate since his Wall negates all damage, he can just walk up to me and slash. His W removes the only weakness that melees can have earlygame, their range. With it, he can close the range with almost no consequences.
: how about you learn how to play
How about you actually argue instead of being an asshole. I suggested this because Yas's W is easily the most difficult thing to play against in his kit. It's only downside is the CD. Yasuo can easily reposition himself to make use of it. While his opponent tries to reposition himself, yas can easily repostion faster. If you give Yas's W some consequences, it'll make him less of a pain to play against. That way, people wont complain about so damn much, and your fucking Main wont be touched for a while.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=dxQ9NQIG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-21T13:20:53.611+0000) > > It should be, but even tanks die rather quickly these days... > > FeelsBadMan No they don't. tanks shouldn't be able to survive 1v5 for even a short amount of time
It honestly depends on the comp of the enemy team. If they have some ways of tank shred, then sure a tank will die within seconds. If their damage dealers DONT have tank shred, then a tank with a decent amount of items could survive around 5-6 seconds. This mindset is lategame and everyone is even in items, mind you. There are situation when a tank gets very far ahead and is basically unkillable. He could easily stand in the middle of an enemy team for like 10 or even 15 seconds.
: grosssssss
You know, there was a point in Malz's life where he wasn't perma banned and overtuned. Believe it or not, he DIDN'T use to have a free banshees or a small fuckin platoon of voidlings.
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: Galio's kit makes total sense. He is a tanky support that just happens to be a niche laner vs ap. He's got an AOE slow, an AOE move speed buff, a decent shield (that doesn't seem to work with new athenes :/) and best of all an AOE taunt that makes him great at protecting teammates from assassins since once they jump in they don't jump out. I just wish his mana costs weren't so restrictive so I can make a jungler out of him.
Jungling with him isnt that bad, actually. You can't really gank well till six, but if you use your W the right ways, you can stay in jungle for quite a while. I suggest Machete and Refill for your first items. Machete since you'll be autoing a lot more than Qing and Refill since your W sustain keeps you relatively healthy. Once I can afford it, I like going cinderhulk, since I need help in my clears and it makes me tanky. The only problem with Galio jg is, like you said, his mana costs get kinda high. The way I did my skills, though, kinda helped. I leveled Q-W-E. Since I'm not going a burst mage route, I only used E for engages or disengages. Q was for the clear and W was for the sustain and the psuedo-buff to my AP.
Eedat (NA)
: So..........why is Galio melee again?
Isnt galio a tank? He's like malphite or maokai. He's supposed to be his teams meatshield. Galio is a mage, yea, but you're supposed to play him as a frontline tank.
1v1s in league can be completely one-sided depending on the champion you use, though.
BIue Monk (EUW)
: Thanks for the meta post ! I am trying to explain an observation. People don't even negate the explanation, they negate the observation, so... I just wanted to avoid these people. Do you have something more SQ/DQ oriented to say ?
I understand both sides on the DQ vs SQ. Without all the boosting, a proper DQ premade is fun to play in since the stress of ranked is lessened when you're playing with your buddies. But since not everyone likes or has premades, they feel cheated when a they go solo against such a well coordinated team. Riot is right on some aspects. A good team is very rewarding to play with, yeah, but they shouldn't shoe horn a major chunk of their playerbase into an uncomfortable situation. There's another layer to this DQ debacle, however. Riot handled the PR around this issue very poorly. They lied to the playerbase about soloque coming out, then basically said "you don't know what you want, we know what you want", when clearly, they don't. Many people are angry that DQ is a bad experience for solo players, but their anger is intensified since they feel cheated by Riot. Having a bad mechanic in a game is one thing, having a bad experience with a game company is another. Just look at EA.
Bârd (NA)
: The next champion release should be a tank
Imagine it though .... A "tank" as an offensive support. As an ult, this tank character can have an ADC ride it, and now that ADC would enjoy boosted range and damage as well as durability for a short while.
BIue Monk (EUW)
: Well, if you take an apple and drop it, it falls on the ground : no need to argue, it's obvious. Why would I argue ? A bit more : I am also trying to check why there is a board with "League of Legends" written everywhere but with nobody from Riot reading or saying anything on subjects that actually matters i.e. why the game is in its terminal cancer phase. Either they dont take people on the boards seriously or they don't accept their cancer, in both cases it's pretty bad because radiology is formal and cancer is there for sure ! More of more : But just with pure logic, why would you allow people to reach an elo as duo/trio/+, and then let them play into the same elo, but alone ? It does really makes no sense at all. Bye.
The subject of an apple falling to the ground is actually a very debatable topic due to the force behind it: Gravity. Some people believe the Apple is pulled to the ground by Earth's gravity. Others, like Einstein for instance, believe that no force pulls anything close to it, therefore the Apple is pushed to the ground by Gravity. Both sides have an agrument, and both sides believe they're view is the one that is right. The point of me pointing this totally trivial fact is that you say that we shouldn't debate such simple things as gravity or dynamic queue's effectiveness, but in reality, if we do, we can be a step closer to really understanding how this world can work for us. Oh wait, this is the boards. Um ... Uhh "STFU NURD UR OPONION SUX"
: I'm sorry, but Brofresco gets on my nerves sometimes. Occasionally he catches a funny bug or two, but he doesn't offer anything interesting other LoL youtubers don't do better, and sometimes it feels like he's trying to be a bad European Dunkey in almost every video.
You cant be dunkey until you can beat Sky in smash. Oh wait... By that logic, everyone can be dunkey
: Dear Riot...
Heres a TL;DR for you lazy folks out there. I do hope you at least attempted to read the whole thing. -New player experience bad -Add place in client to access guides -Balance needs work -Some champions feel too powerful to not ban -Dynamic Queue bad -Premades VS Solo -Player Fidelity is broken -Pancakes or Waffles?
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: This is probably easy but... {{champion:111}}
: How to trigger ADC mains
How to trigger everyone else as an ADC
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: I've Decided Not To Play Jhin Any Longer
So, you wont play Jhin FOUR any longer? You're gonna stop playing jhin beFOUR you reach mastery 5? But, without jhin in your roster, I see a FOURcast of losses. You have been FOURwarned!
: anarchy and dank memes
: I mean it's not like they're a company that earns 1.6 billion dollars a year or anything.
Did you read the reponse? Its not a matter of money, its a matter of work. As the reply said, to have the option to flip the camera would mean that the side that wasnt facing the camera would now have to be worked on to be on-par with the other side. If you look closely at some parts of SR, there are graphically holes since no one usually sees them. The only time you WOULD see them if you use 3rd party software to modify the camera angle either in game or in a replay. Riot can definetly make the option to flip the camera a thing, just as they have the option to buy everyone in America a McDonalds burger. They have the money, but the logistics and time would be a hassle that takes attention away from other matters.
JerulEon (NA)
: Sketches and links to their full lore stories, and I'm satisfied :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Glitterfart,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oY7klXns,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-09T05:39:46.230+0000) > > The sun cam actually freeze you. Look if up. On some parts, the area is so hot, it takes your heat from you. Idk tho, I may be spewin shit. Look it up. You're spewing shit, lol. The laws of entropy tell us that it would be literally impossible for an object to absorb heat from anything colder than it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Glitterfart,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oY7klXns,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-05-08T23:12:46.193+0000) > > How can a blind man shoot SOUND POWER then FLY TO YOU. > > How can a relatively average sized girl carry 200 POUND GAUNLETS IN EACH HAND and punch em with enough force TO PULL HERSELF FOWARD. > > HOW THE FUCK YORDLES? Those still are more possible than extremely hot objects causing freezing.
The sun cam actually freeze you. Look if up. On some parts, the area is so hot, it takes your heat from you. Idk tho, I may be spewin shit. Look it up.
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