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: Hey there, I totally follow the Diana subreddit and all the suggestions and ideas that get thrown in there. Did you have a specific example of the one you mentioned offhand? I really don't want to change her pattern too much as a whole, but just provide a better play experience when it comes to reliance of AP and Spell casts.
How about Leaving Her Alone or buff her.
: > She needs more survivability. Having a Zhonyas that heals as an ult plus your own Zhonyas not enough survivability for you?
It takes a lot more to survive as liss early game, yes late game she becomes a tank but still you do realize her sustain and overall damage comes from her ult and q? which are easily mitigated? If her w granted a shield for her then it would aid in early game survival.
: No, screw that champ. Low-risk high reward CC burst mage with a 1000units gap closer and point and click stun. No one likes to play against her.
> [{quoted}](name=HungryAngry2SPP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5pHebyQJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-03T16:16:22.110+0000) > > No, screw that champ. Low-risk high reward CC burst mage with a 1000units gap closer and point and click stun. No one likes to play against her. You do realize theres other champions with a point and click cc right? Lissandra is a high risk high reward chap, the gap closer is only useful if you have a competent team which really isn't there these days.
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wildfox99 (EUW)
: if he can do that either you (i mean any player) and your team is playing bad or he's really fed when he ult a target he will appear behind him (relatively to his initial position,if he was exactly on your right he will appear on your left),with the right timing you can throw your CCs here and stun him before he can do anything also one of your teammates could get between you and him,heavily reducing his Q damage (it'll deal less than half damage) if he goes away without consequences it means you either got too near and he ulted you without using his W as gap closer (so he used it as escape) or that you and your team got juked and missed everything ____ so returning on the original topic: >now I know I'm going to get barraged by "git guds" and other sorts of insults but I'm willing to say it. Zed is an issue.Zed is a major issue with us in the lower ranks and levels, especially with Smurf accounts using him against the low leveled players who are still trying to learn the game. you can't blame a champion because you don't know how to play against him,also you talk about smurfs and in this case i have to say it it's a big issue,but the problem it's not zed but the fact that the player is smufing (so he's way better than you),they would be an issue with **any** champion also making him a free target it's an absurd idea and it doesn't matter how strong he is it would make him unplayable and he would need inane compensations buffs that would make him even more a low elo stomper and even more useless in high elo if he really need to be weaker at low ranks they should nerf his kit buff giving him compensations buffs that would affect him only in higher elos (stronger in high elo and weaker in low),your idea instead would do the contrary making him stronger in low elo (because all the compensations buff he'd need for this change) but weaker in high also he would become unfun to play for his players because it would remove their outplay potential and instead make them a free target it's not an healty change for both sides,making an ability countering the player that is using it is a bad concept
Im not a game balancer, I'm just throwing out the idea because with Zed, he has been unbalanced throughout the entirety of League, he is an issue. In both competitive and casual and out of 141 characters he is the 15th most picked character, sports a 50% win rate and has a 60% ban rate second to Yasuo. He's really strong and the amount outplay potential or skill shouldn't dictate his damage output. However Zed is easy to play, But it also means that you can **NEVER** attack him, you'd always have to wait for him to screw up and play defensively. If you have the compensation buffs for his kit its going to make the smurfs even stronger. Also with his shadows, they give him a high reward at a little to no risk. He can Harass you from afar with his shuriken throw and spin then he can choose to not dive in on you or to just harass you with a high amount of damage. Overall, Zed is a consistent issue and I understand that people do like him and have skill with him. But even with those points in mind, he still remains a consistent unbalanced issue for the game.
: Season 9 is the last chance to stay relevant; League cannot afford another Colossal Cock Up Cascade!
If anything, League is going in a direction where its practically going to implode on itself. It seems most of the changes are made more for the High ELO, those who have 50 accounts holding the top 50 in a country and the professional E-Sports players. It's never what the general player base wants, us the casuals, the lower to mid ELOs.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: so basically giving your enemies a free stun or damage on an immobile shadow? you could as well asking for removing this champion at this point...
It is justified because lets be real, he's way too powerful, you can use all the CC even have your team dog pile him under the tower and he'll still manage to either kill everyone or just get away without any consequences. His kit is over bloated and lets him practically win any team fight.
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