: Ever won a game you felt you didn't deserve?
Pretty much what every single meta tank abuser is feeling along with the vayne abusers
hoganftw (NA)
: ITT: We Post #JustTopLaneThings
Enemy tank rushes tabis and doesn’t touch u once but has his jungler who also rushes tabis camp the ever living fuck out of u . Your bot is 0-13 at 10 minutes and ur 0-0-0 pondering your entire purpose in even playing this game. 20 minutes in you’re 1-0 and the game is already over because their bot has 2 items and tabis while u have yet to “scale” like u actually should be “Move on” - riot games
Juice (EUNE)
: Getting lv2 ganked before you even clear the first wave Getting lv3 ganked using the explosive plant at 2:45 Hearing "Enemy got triple kill" while you're playing against a tank that tower hugs and refuses to interact with you Ninja tabis Swain and Vlad Klepto Vayne Botlane rotating top after dominating your bot lane The thing that junglers destroy to see your wards Season 8 Hyperscaling lane bullies Ranged champs
If only a rioter could see this It’s an exact representation of how I feel. Fucking hell
: Am I the only one who thinks Xayah is poorly designed?
I just don’t like her ultimate as a fighter. In a meta where it’s already so hard to get near adcs as a melee fighter not rushing full tank, it doesn’t help that she has that bitch ass ultimate and then in case I get near her when she lands, can flash and still get me stunned from using her e button. Makes no sense But, she’s an adc and riot says they have to be the strongest at all times. Can’t argue with papa riot
: You forgot about not showing your face elsewhere for fifteen minutes and getting farmed, then showing up on the rest of the map and reminding them that you exist. Preferably suddenly, and in the bloodiest manner you can possibly manage. I love my island.
farm for 20 min against ornn as riven, go into a teamfight get insta exhausted and cc chained for 3 seconds and die. lose baron and then game. yeehaw
: Scripting Twitch+Lulu premades are terrorizing diamond+ soloQ again
as long as he doesnt type its going to take a couple of weeks for riot to move a finger. punishment system works btw PS: dealt with the same scripting duo for 2 years in d3+ who kept getting banned after 100+ of ruining games coming back and then doing the exact same thing over again. yeehaw btw
: Why do you press enter in between every sentence? Do you think this makes your post look dramatic? Seriously I`m getting annoyed just looking at this post. You do this in all of your replies as well. It`s really annoying, please stop. Sorry this is off-topic.
It’s just how I like making threads and talking. I put a space in between each thought so I can tell them apart and such.
Pika Fox (NA)
: As someone who has played since Xin release, this is probably the best season so far. 1) Runes are gone. FINALLY. Ive played since Xin release casually, with a few months breaks every so often, and i still didnt have the time to collect all the runes i *needed* to play competatively, as i still needed to buy champs. 2) Im a support main, and the changes actually allow for a lot more variability in the support role, and even in the ADC role. An ADCs job is just to destroy objectives really fast. They arent needed anywhere else. Even if they did 0 damage to champions, they would still be required to play the game as towers and barons are tanky as fuck. The runes benefit other "adc"s like ziggs really well, and i can run support ezreal now if i really wanted to (and our teamcomp allowed for another "adc" type champion. Ezreal has a lot of utility focused builds that works really well in a kiting focused teamcomp, and is low budget enough that klepto support is viable) 3) Things are likely intentionally overtuned. Riot has a philosophy of nerfing things more than buffing. Eventually, you need to change up everything to retune balance to a point where you can get back to nerfing more than buffing. 4) You are capable of coming back from behind. Assuming your team comp is balanced, and you are skilled enough to stall the game out and focus on your strengths, your teamcomp is better late game than your opponents etc, you can always come back by playing better. Just follow the gold income on the map. Unless you/your team threw too much gold and the opponent is strong enough to close out the game, you always have the ability to come back. Even in major pro tournament games there have been massive turn arounds. And this is at the highest level of competitive play.
Could it be because your main champ is pretty overturned atm ? Maybe that’s why you enjoy the game? Try to think of someone playing a fighter top against tanks and ranged champs and see what the difference is
: He said you're turning it into a ranked based discussion. He clearly doesn't think it is and you're skewing it.
It’s fine as long as the boards can relate to this guys elo then facts don’t matter . He’s silver I’m not and i appear to be insulting them (which I’m not) which means downvote time :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: I did not contradict myself. Look: Most of the time the meta is full of tanks jungle and top, no? Right now everyone oneshots everything. No tanks to be seen. And even they pop like balloons (If they are not Ornn). And I like that, because tanks are stupid in my opinion. Currently there is no tank meta. But usually there is. That is what I was saying. I never said currently tanks are everywhere. Currently they are gone. Please read more carefully next time...
Tank supports and tank top and tank junglers are VERY common right now. Leona blitzcrank and alistar are VERY strong The entire tank roster top is strong More than 70 percent of the tank roster for junglers are viable and decent Trust me when I say it’s a tank/adc meta with supports also being tanks
Rismosch (EUW)
: Honestly this is the best meta in my opinion. As long as tanks are out of the meta, I am happy. But sadly, most of the time Top and Jungle is full of tanks. So this is pretty refreshing to not have tanks in the game.
The amount of times you contradicted yourself bothers me. You claim the meta isn’t full of tanks and and then say “sadly top and jungle have tank meta” but “I’m glad to not have tanks in the game” The meta is tanks/support/adc right now
: Fiddlesticks mid is a whole other story...
: > [{quoted}](name=vgamedude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EeJn4vmf,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-16T04:46:18.252+0000) > > ADC mains. The entire game revolves around them they're probably ecstatic as usual. Lol? ADC fucking sucks in this meta literally everything 1 shots you or can 1v1 you if you mess up at all and you have to build relic to do anything solo
: To the people who claimed it was normal for the game to be unbalanced in preseason...
Waiting for riot to give them another skin so they can claim “wait for mid season for the game to be fixed like DUHHHH so impatient 😂😂😂😂”
: Nearly all of leagues population is silver. Don't say that everyone hates the game then claim a reason someone doesn't hate the game is only because he's silver.
I mainly claimed it’s becuase he plays support when not in Aram/poro king meaning that he doesn’t know how bad the non meta roles feel. Good job buddy .
: I enjoy the current meta, since you asked.
You mostly play Aram and normals with silvers. Not rank shaming just letting you know when you’re not in Aram and poro king ur on support in normals. U have yet to play a role that isn’t in the meta to know how bad it feels
: Dynamic que was season 6.
banlun (NA)
: you can't compare high elo streamers complaining about balance when you're in silver. the games are different.
: You do understand that the people complaining about balance on the boards and Reddit represent a minuscule minority of people playing this game?
you do understand that by you saying this game is in a decent state makes it so everyone around you knows that you do in fact not knwo anything about how this game works?
: According to you.
according to me this game has been getting worse? have you seen the forums or reddit recently? have u played this game recently?
: > [{quoted}](name=Milton Fletcher,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EeJn4vmf,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-16T01:09:20.032+0000) > > remember when asking for your role to be buffed DIDNT mean for them to become busted as fuck for the next year and a half? > > i dont > > adcs being "weak" didnt mean they should be like this now. Wasnt my point at all, im just saying that fluidity is a feature of this game. It'll change very soon, and probably very dramatically. People are freakin out all over forums as if riot does major changes through hot fixes just every week. I for one dont even think the current state of the game is near as bad as I've seen it. But there's no real way to judge the game off the preseason, when no ones really even try harding yet to climb.
? LOL "riot hotfixes just about every week" adcs have been overbearing for maybe 400 days now. dont even try to bullshit please!!! they havent done shit but ruin the game even more all of preseason what a joke. to say that when u went through the ardent censor meta LMFAO.
: Does no one remember the beginning of last season? When being an ADC was just about completely pointless because half the champions in the game could erase you from existence by looking at you? This game... changes... alot, at least give it till the season ACTUALLY STARTS to start making overly dramatic posts about the "meta" lol.
remember when asking for your role to be buffed DIDNT mean for them to become busted as fuck for the next year and a half? i dont adcs being "weak" didnt mean they should be like this now.
Ryisum (NA)
: if you don't find it fun nobody's forcing you to play the game, it might be a rough preseason but people are still enjoying the game
this game has been getting worse since s5 dynamic queue. literally a downslide. ive been quitting every nwo and then hoping the balance team gets off their ass and yet nothing has been done. shits disgusting.
Rioter Comments
: I'm a toplane main. And instead of going into the new season practicing my mains...
im not even playing ranked until bruisers get fixed. if riot makes another bullshit excuse and says they need to wait, im not playing ranked at all. fuicking biased cockroaches have left this role to rot for years now while buffing the ever living fuck out of adcs DISGUSTING
Hópe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Milton Fletcher,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mKE0AEqs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-15T23:29:59.170+0000) > > relax bro riots balance team needs to take this one REAL slow before fixing her. > > > as for bruisers, gotta wait another 7 months for more "gameplay thoughts" by meddler because thats all bruisers need, some thoughts by an idiot. Nerfing her ult ad..? thats hardly a nerf
wont fix her passive from having 0 counterplay
Hópe (NA)
: Vayne has a 55% win rate in diamond.
relax bro riots balance team needs to take this one REAL slow before fixing her. as for bruisers, gotta wait another 7 months for more "gameplay thoughts" by meddler because thats all bruisers need, some thoughts by an idiot.
: The "Speech Meta" of this game has made giving constructive criticism almost impossible
http://prntscr.com/i0y550 ask why the jinx is continuing to get caught and is fucking us over, her duo e boyfriend and the rest of the team bombard me with "you're toxic" and "toxicity is whats losing us the game" when these comments were made AFTER the enemy team made it to our nexus. god bless the behavior team for what they turned this playerbase into. a bunch of sensitive players who think they can feed and feed and waste everyones time and everyones just going to hold hands and sing kumbayah
: Tahm Top is pretty much trash now... Perhaps it is time to Unbench the Kench top?
grasp with tahm against any melee bruiser is utter onesided cancer. just stop. please.
Furión (NA)
: There should be some kind of performance detection for demotions
i got demoted in a 6 minute ranked game where our jungler dced after the remake timer ended and they all opened while i was trying to play. forgot to mention i was autofilled into support as well so riot made sure to double fuck me before demoting. woot !
DaCurtis (OCE)
: Yeah, let's make the game even more snowbally. If you're upset about other items being cheaper -- which is only the case with adc items and support atm, (although support is justified), then you should be requesting all items be bumped up to the 3000g~ margin, not all items be dropped to the 2800g~ margin. Reducing their cost will just disrupt the game.
"~~Reducing their cost will just disrupt the game~~." "fix bruisers and allow another class to have fun" fixed that for you
: ARAM with mostly melee is SO fun
but riot said ranged adcs sitting in the back and poking eachother and sustaining is more fun than actually having to be in melee range to do damage! hence the adcs getting left broken as fuck while melee fighters are in the dumpster! riot knows best!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=SpiritOfOdysseus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NMAbRRA5,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-01-14T23:55:49.189+0000) > > And yet those tanks are where? > I can tell you they aren't jungle, mid, or bot unless it's a support tank. > Theyre all up top, where bruisers are forced to go. > > **Why are they forced to go there you ask?** > _**They cant go bot:**_ They are outranged, outpeeled, forced to get into a completely passive-backline position, harassed, and starved. > > _**They cant go jung:**_ Their waveclear is typically poor, with low mobility and low cc that just makes ganking impossible. > > _**They cant go mid:**_ Their waveclear is poor, with low mobility and no range, they get harassed without any way of returning fire which means theyre forced to give up 90% of their cs in order to survive. ~~Theyre also much more of a gank liability because of no cc or mobility~~ > > So where do they go? Top where champions(tanks) trade range and damage for meat mounds, armor, magic resist, and base ability damage. > But the problem is that melee champs that are NOT tanks, assassins, mages, pseudo-adcs, or any mix of those 4 are not compensated for their **melee disadvantages**. On what planet are fighters unable to jg?
when the enemy comp has janna/lulu and any adc with self peel making it impossible to gank bot as well as do anything in fights.
Mimr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anags,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NMAbRRA5,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-01-14T22:48:30.666+0000) > > Are you high? Go check the enemy teams on your last 5 games. There is no more than 1 tank on any of the opposing teams you played. > > These comments on the boards are so hilarious. > > Do you even pay attention to the games you are playing? That's because "ZOMG I AM DA 1V5MASTER ZOMG" mentality of most players below diamond level. They want to play their precious Riven and Yasuo top even if it makes no bloody sense at all in your teamcomp.
"the enemy picked a tank/ranged champ" "lol u gave yourself the disadvantage by picking riven" "checks meta" "lol riven player "
Rioter Comments
Troxic (NA)
: What is Riots goal when balancing?
"how will this cater to the newer players" this is how they wanted the game to be. so that a beginner could pick a meta champ and shit on an experienced one trick that uses a champ not in the meta. thats what riot wants. for more beginners to enjoy this game while the rest sit on their thumbs and fuck themselves
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Kavren2055,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G9hkpIIW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-12T05:00:38.217+0000) > **ADC top is a problem ** > > You don't see it much. I've noticed that every single time I do get a draven or tristana top they completely rekt me. It's not a git gud thing. it's an issue No, the problem is that you don't know how to play against ranged tops, which may look similar, but is a completely separate problem entirely. It is however a fortunate thing in that this difference means it is a problem that you are able to fix.
Please explain to me how u can deal with a vayne top that rushes tabis when you’re a melee fighter without asking me to wait for a gank. I’ll wait. Until u actually go through these kinds of matchups don’t speak on them and tell others to “fix it”
: People Complain All the Time But
bruisers still suck top is a joke adcs still busted beyond belief tanks are disgusting just as well games end too quick and are not satisfying. 5/6 games are onesided.
: Riot has already stated that 8.1 was supposed to be a small patch
true lol. the balance team needed some time off for the holidays. after {{item:3504}} and such they must have been so exhausted doing absolutely nothing but ruin the game with unnecessary changes for the next couple of months. a good nights sleep will fix that.

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