: LFM for some Normals with Discord!
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Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: The truth is {{champion:134}} threw a house at him for teh lulz once.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Click the arrows.
i clicked the arrows. he has no champion tales but he is in zaun from his champion bio.
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Sharjo (EUW)
Is twitch not in zaun anymore? I dont see his pic
Windup (NA)
: ***
the ball did all beating. Orianna took forever to open a cabinet.
: Mordekaiser's clawed Gauntlet; Yay or Nay?
No!!!! that is Veigar's guantlet!!!!! {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}}
: > [{quoted}](name=TheySeeMeWardin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2pLGdZzc,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-03T19:41:25.244+0000) > > {{champion:21}} Miss Fortune (Sara) - MF is in a different position from Janna. While most agreed she was a happy trigger dits, after the Bilgewater event she finally owned up to the name _Bounty Hunter_. This new and improved version of Sara Fortune is the girl I want to see in the game, however that is not the case. Maybe there is a soon to be VO and VU for her to properly incorporate the MF that far surpasses the old one. I disagree on this one. Up until burning tides her persona in public entirely consisted of her flirtatious and provocative attire to lure others into a false sense of security so they didnt think she was ever a threat. This was key for her setting up the coup to dethrone GP. As for now, her current look is based on Captain Fortune lorewise, her classic still represents her as she was.
Thank you! Finally someone who actually reads and UNDERSTANDS the lore.
darkdill (NA)
: Is there any chance of any Evil Demacians? Lucian and Vayne don't really count.
JungHai0 (NA)
: For the Viktor Lore Update
{{champion:112}} is a rival to {{champion:61}} ? I want to know more about that than {{champion:112}} and {{champion:126}} . {{champion:53}} is friends with both of them (and {{champion:33}} somehow).
: i thought the mafia skin is pretty nice
Have you seen the splash art? Almost gave me permanent retinal damage.
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: I've lost to intro bots before. But that one was a troll where 4 of us were like lolol lets ff :P
No trolls in my game. we had the upper advantage until the bots got their ults and did their chain cc+dmg. Feels bad man
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: Which Champions lore is your favorite?
Xeruon (NA)
: My Interpretation of the Ryze login screen.
I think it is a different thing entirely. Its looks like oil. black tentacles. I think it could be from a different plain other than void perhaps the glade or some underwater temple. The only connection I can think of is nautilus. he was dragged and changed by a dark liquid from the sea. black tentacles. I don't really know much. It would be great of Ryze had a connection with any other champions(perhaps nocturne). Riot needs to add more lore too.
: That is not a rework, that's a buff. What we would want in a rework are tweaks to his Boxes so they are usable late game. Maybe a QoL change or two to his ult, like showing items on the clone and not having the ping to stay on the original Shaco after ulting. The HUD should never conter a champion by itself.
It is a buff only in deceiving your enemies which is shaco's niche and ult. It is a rework/QoL change on the ability. His boxes are still relevant late game. it is an Aoe fear trap. box does scale with a lot of ap but are easily killed late game with one aa from an adc or just plain aoe from mages. I also think that the shaco clone not showing items was a bug and its now fixed by riot. I am not sure.
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: The Alternative Option . . . League's Hottest Males?
You didn't include AAtrox who is naked all the time
: @Jaredan Do the 7 houses of Demacia have sayings or quotes?
"The noble houses that reside within the city are the {{champion:37}} Buvelle, {{champion:86}} Crownguard, {{champion:114}} Laurent and {{champion:67}} Vayne. The Royal Palace of House {{champion:59}} Lightshield is the place from which The King of Demacia reigns from. " - LoL wiki you forgot sona and vayne. I don't know if there are 2 other houses. Fiora's crest is almost the same as the guys form High garden in GoT which is a rose. I am also imagining vayne saying " The Night is Dark and Full of terrors!"
Joswaye (NA)
: Ranked club
Ign ; Mimaropa
: looking for some people to dynamic q with low gold
I am unranked but gold last season. my ign ^^^ I play at like 8-10 pm (UTC-7) and random on weekends
: Adc/jungle Lf duo or dynamic to join
add me. im unranked right now. was gold last season
lamort2 (NA)
: you want to GO OUT BRONZE!! so come here :)
I am unranked right now. I just want to get to gold. I can play Top, Mid, Jng, Sup(All AP). Not ADC because I don't have ad runes, Im poor and don't grind much ip. I am using same Ign.
CppL (EUW)
: How?
like how it make ziggs and enemy champions bounce/knocked up. it will knock the bombs too/move
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FdpTQ0Et,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-13T15:11:10.890+0000) > > Even when comparing void and crystal powers, one thing to remember is that size is not in Skarner's favour; he's at least half Rek'Sai's size, given how he's maybe about the size of a truck and she's as big as a two story house. > > This isn't me calling anything, just an extra detail I wanna throw in there. Yes i agree Reksai does look slight larger in terms of size, which might give her a slight advantage in terms of brute strength, BUT, skarner has intelligence, eons of ancestral knowledge, and magic on his side, Reksai has none of those... which is why in a death match, money is on him.
Riot didn't actually specify that rek sai is dumb. Maybe she just can't speak common tongue(look at her mouth), she communicates by screeching in-game. Besides brute strength, She is as fast as a jet, Can detect anything moving that touches the ground & xer'sai army(maybe?). idk the extend of skarners's crystal powers but I vote for rek'sai
: Cassiopeia almost ended Azir's bloodline forever, with no hope of return. I doubt he'd be able to forgive her.
Azir is pretty ungrateful. If Cass didn't stabbed Sivir, He wouldn't be resurrected in the first place. I would love if Cass uses that for manipulating Azir to do her a favor.
CIocks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rebonack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xQLzQ7XE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-11T15:39:12.024+0000) > > What about Ionia and Targon? Targon - Mountainies Ionia - Asianies
What about kumungu Jungle, Void, The Glade and voodoo lands?
: Honestly. The new Tibbers AI can really suck at times.
You should know by now that R controls tibbers. Ai might be bad but it mostly falls to the player and their knowledge of champ mechanics
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wyrmblade,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=RAuQ3fxW,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-05-08T18:38:33.654+0000) > > She basically got ascended for free. She can't deal with any Ascended. She is super-human but probably weak as fuck compare to Azir.
How? She can make toxic miasmas and turn people into stone with her gaze. how is that weak?
: (yet another) Caitlyn Update concept!
Good job! She finally looks like a actual officer and not just a steampunk girl wearing questionably short skirt.
: {{champion:69}} I always knew my Lady had a good reason. She backstabbed Sivir because she knew the same would happen to her the moment they found the treasure. I mean come on, Sivir is famous for being a backstabbing bitch The younger and less beautiful sibling, always living in the shadow of her renowned sister. She desperately wanted to prove herself worthy to her father and house. Being in the background had its perks; she had an affinity for persuasion and deception. With her refined skills and sharp senses, she ventured out into the world seeking power. Her supposed curse is actually a blessing - in both power and beauty. Beauty that fools cannot comprehend. Yeah you heard me, Cassiopeia is the most beautiful champion in Runeterra. She ascended without even knowing it. Riot I demand an update in Cassiopeia's lore and a 1820 RP skin
This one I like. Cassiopeia's case doesn't seem to be a curse to me. she gained so much power which includes making toxic miasmas, turning people into stone with her gaze and more. the only thing that is mysterious is that in the Azir resurrection video, she just got bit a snake stone statue. described that she was suffering in venom and nothing else about her transformation. she couldn't possibly ran after she opened the tomb. Did xerath rewarded her for his freedom? or did the stone snake acted on its own and gave her powers? or something else/ she deservs atleast a mention in one of the upcoming lores.
JMoormann (EUW)
: Riot was actually right about Karthus
Karthus isn't really exciting to play. He has low playrate but for the few people that play him, hes pretty brutal.
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Judgmant (NA)
: Your whole point was, tyler getting rewarded for being toxic and you getting nothing. Boy you sound jealous as fuck. Your whole argument "as a fellow banned person", like shutup kid. No one cares about your little jealousy fit that someone did something you couldn't. Grow up
Yet another hate comment from a Tyler1 fan. Seriously, you guys haven't grasp what he is saying. This is just another comment that is completely biased and not really acknowledging the other side of an argument. It is like trying to convince the Earth is round to people who believe that it is flat. Extremely pointless.
yeulx (NA)
: i think they should actually bring it back as her death animation like when she dies it still appears ..but no passive attacking just keep it there like a visual thing for a few secconds i mean it shouldnt be to hard to implament it and remove the attacking code for it right?
Also make her scream in plant form louder for certain purposes.
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SikhRS (NA)
: I completely agree with you. IT'S FREE >.> If you're spending RP on it, you should realize that there is a chance you won't get exactly what you want. Hextech is similar to mystery gifts; you're agreeing to get something random. If you want a specific skin, JUST BUY IT FROM THE STORE jeeeeeez. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Hextech is great for the players who can't spare some money on much or any RP to enjoy some stuff from the shop.
Where can I find people like you nowadays? {{summoner:3}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Mimaropa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H4ybh6Uy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-31T21:00:58.048+0000) > > "I was banned and I can't use Hextech boxes" - said by a toxic person and who is now going to post things on boards about it. > Its a good way for Riot to punish toxic challenjour players. I feel blessed and happy. "I was banned just once a long time ago, I don't deserve this!" - Once you joined the dark side you cant go back. I was with you until I got here. I've never been banned or chat restricted, but this is bullshit. Players who were toxic already paid for it by being chat restricted or being banned. Why are they being punished after serving their sentence? To give people like you someone to look down on? "Once you joined the dark side you cant go back", lol, this stupid bullshit statement really demonstrates how self-righteous and petty people like you are, and how bullshit America's legal system is. Grow up kid. You're not special.
"No. Players who are chat or ranked restricted or currently banned from play cannot earn orunlock chests through Champion Mastery. We want to be sure players punished by our systems are making genuine efforts to reform, so the period of ineligibility can extend beyond the duration of the chat restrictions or suspensions received. If they make significant progress, the rewards will start to appear after games once more." - Rioter - [](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/hextech-crafting-now-live-na) I didn't say I was anything self righteous or special. I was just trying to make a joke to keep it interesting. I also said in the end that i am not good in English and it maybe represented. I was trying to imply that "dark side" as a bad habit that is hard to erase. Also for clarity if you skipped the quote. It is not permanent. People only get the rewards when they are finally not toxic. In my perspective, Hextech crafting is more of a Rehabilitation Center than a prison since you are not forced out of the game, just your privilege for A bonus/free stuff. In this Riot's way, They are enforcing non-toxicity( I do not know what is the opposite of toxic. cleanliness?) via incentives. Regarding America's Legal system, I do not know where the hate is coming from and relevance to this post. i do not sense any bullshit.
Sarutobi (NA)
: While i do agree that majority of these people complaining really have no reason to, in defense of the people who own all the champions (as someone who does own all the champions) it does suck that one of the feature on this is basically not being used. We can only save them for the eventual new champion and even then we should only need 3. The rest will basically just sit in our stash (what ever its called) and is basically wasted. We cant disenchant it because it will only give us Essence that can get Champion. In my opinion there should have just been one type of Essence to unlock either a skins or champions. But aside from that. im not sure what they can do for people like me who own all the champions (and to the same extent people who own all skins) but i do feel like they should do something.
This comment made me feel a bit good being perpetually broke. i remember seeing a rioter said that they are thinking of other ways to spend champion shards and blue shards. They are still testing anyways(available only in NA), probably more goodies in the future.
LazyW0lf (NA)
: I think paying for RNG is just stupid as a concept, especially when you're not guaranteed something you don't have. As an example, if I payed for a Crate and and Key, then got a Tristana champion shard, a champion who costs minimal IP and is available for free with Riots program, I would be very upset, regardless if I owned her or not. Not only that, Hextech chests will unlock you a skin for a champ you don't own, forcing you do wait until you've unlocked that champ (basically funneling you towards a champ you might not even want to try, just because you unlocked a skin) instead of giving you a skin you can use and experience _now_.
i do agree that is its stupid. Seeing it from a company's perspective, This will generate them decent money. I have seen a lot of unboxing videos on youtube(did not watch, just saw the thumbnails+titles). There seems to be a trend for it (ex: hearthstone). Also considering that a box and key price cost less(free in my case since i am poor) than a rare skin it is sometimes worth it. My alt account got heartseeker ashe for free. i cried with joy. Anyways, Sorry man for the bad luck.
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: gold 5 adc lf support duo or 5 stack to plat
: Looking for ...
add me if you need a support.
Most of them are really good except Annie's.(too much kawaii) But damn, look at that nightraven fiora tho
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