Dessim8 (NA)
: Draft could be a testing ground for balance changes. You'll see more bans on bulky fighters like Darius and Garen and some day even Udyr as poke continues to get nerfed perhaps needlessly.
I'm unconvinced that it'd be a viable testing ground either. At best, Riot's balancing cadence for non-SR maps has been once or twice per year. Unless that drastically ramps up, Draft would still hemorrhage players due to lack of variety. Plus, there's the natural bias towards "simpler" queues, as even Summoner's Rift's Draft queue is/was eclipsed by Blind Pick to the point that it was temporarily retired previously.
: The system that I detailed in my initial post wouldn't impede your ability to have every champ in the pool if that was what you wanted. The point I was trying to make was more in observance of Riot's reluctance to permanently introduce general champion pool bans to ARAM and instead offer an alternative. If they are concerned with maintaining champion diversity then leaving it to the players to designate which champions they do not want to play seems like it would be a feasible approach, as each player has different preferences and interests in regards to play styles. Someone who enjoys playing support for instance could choose to remove a number of assassins or marksmen for example. A byproduct of this system would potentially be less people dodging queue due to being stuck with a champion they don't like after exhausting all of their re-rolls. It likely wouldn't be a substantial reduction, but less dodging is always a good thing.
I think personal blacklists suffer from similar problems as regular bans. Riot's reasoning against bans was essentially a) lower champ diversity and b) prevents fans from playing those champs. A blacklist would also lower champ diversity while simultaneously increasing the frequency of playing against annoying champs. As such, I don't see how it'd be an improvement over regular bans or even the current "no bans at all" situation.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Competitive All Mid
I think Competitive ARAM (i.e. Ranked) would work better than ADAM. There simply aren't enough changes to regularly shake up the Draft meta. It'd just devolve into "Pick/Ban these 20-30 champs every game" indefinitely. Additionally, there's significant overlap with Summoner's Rift in terms of skills tested. In contrast, the randomness in ARAM promotes a greater variety of champs. Furthermore, the randomness also tests generalist skills, something that none of the existing ranked options test. Rather than encouraging specialization (e.g. Mid main or Riven OTP), ARAM encourages developing a wide set of skills. By requiring a different skillset, ranks earned are more meaningful. As for addressing the "It'S jUsT rAnDoM cOiNfLiPs" argument, there's several ways to address that. The recent balance changes have apparently already started narrowing the disparity between relative champion strength. Bans would further aid in removing any (perceived) outliers. Going even further, ARAM could draw from card games, another competitive random game, and use a Random Draft in champ select. As with the existing Draft queues, players would take turns picking their champ. However, rather than picking from the entire champ pool, each player would be limited to a handful (say, 3) of random champs. This change would add yet another skill test by including drafting while still respecting the spirit (and benefits) of ARAM.
Saevum (NA)
: There is nothing competitive in running it down in ARAM. it's just a fun game mode.
You're confusing low-effort play with competitive play. It's like saying that there's nothing competitive about Summoner's Rift because Iron-tier Blind Pick is just a clown fiesta.
: Personal Champion Pool Bans in ARAM
>Personally, I feel much more strongly about the character I get than the ones my teammates or enemies get rolled into Complete opposite for me. To me, part of ARAM's appeal is testing how well I can play every champ. To see what my "average" skill level is. As such, what champion I get is vastly less important than what champions my enemies get, since some champions are obnoxiously annoying to face, whether due to their strength or just how commonly they show up.
Mortdog (NA)
: In game if you mouse over the Howling Abyss buff, it will show if your champ has any adjustments. I'd love to get more info in the client/champ select as well, but currently no plans to do so.
While it's probably outside your control, I am a bit ~~amused~~ concerned about the lack of progress in clarity. Way back, Dominion and Twisted Treeline balance adjustments were primarily communicated through a forums post. Now, almost 6 years later, ARAM balance adjustments are still primarily communicated through a Boards post.
Osrus (EUW)
: Okay I have a suggestion; it may not be very practical, but... How about we got both? One Aram with bans, one without. Then after a couple weeks we could see which got played the most, and keep that one.
One without bans would almost certainly win, bolstered by its simplicity. Think of Blind Pick compared to Draft queues. Even with Summoner's Rift, the most populous game mode by far, Riot dropped (or considered dropping) Draft due to its relative lack of playerbase.
: > [{quoted}](name=LøKı,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aGEgjlaR,comment-id=000400010001000000000000000000010001,timestamp=2019-04-17T15:33:24.649+0000) > > Do you actually believe that you can't get better at playing 5v5 team fights, which ARAM is, at it's core? Team fights in ARAM are massively different from how team fights usually look on SR. Both the fact that the team fights are almost always 5v5 and not several skirmishes happening alongside each other like it often happens on SR and the fact that the space you have to fight in is so restrictive ALONG the obvious truth that both the teams are made out of more or less random champions every time, makes ARAM so much different than SR that, if anything, you can learn how to get better at ARAM TEAM FIGHTS, but rarely ever learn anything that would then be useful in a regular SR team fight.
The person you're replying to is responding to a comment that seems to be saying "You can't get better at ARAM because it's random." As such, "getting better at ARAM team fights" seems to be the entire point. SR is unrelated here.
Terozu (NA)
: I had no initial points. I had a statement. This was an event. It was an event. I'm done talking to you I do not care. Stop trying to make and start arguments. You have no idea what my opinion on bans actually is. Aram is a for fun mode. Always has been. It started a custom game mode like hide and seek. That's a second factual statement. Just because some people take it overly seriously doesn't make it not a for fun mode. Because it is factually a for fun mode. And it's an event, they test new features for Aram in events all the time. Where do you think snowball came from!?
>Aram is a for fun mode. Always has been. It started a custom game mode like hide and seek. That's a second factual statement. Didn't Summoner's Rift and the entire MOBA genre start as a for-fun custom game mode? "ARAM originally was a mode just meant for shits and giggles" would be a fact. "ARAM *is* a mode just meant for shits and giggles" is an opinion rather than a fact. Unless you're going with the "League itself is for-fun because most players aren't making a living around it" route, then, sure, that's at least consistent.
Saianna (EUNE)
: If it was fun for huge audience, it'd stay along with SR and TT. But truth be told It hardly had any fanbase. It was even worse than TT, which is already sad to begin with. It could be used as LTM, but I can tell you now that quite a few people would be angry, feel betrayed, by Riot implementing dominion for LTM than actual "fun mode".
Part of the problem with Dominion as a time-limited mode is that it's a relatively complicated game mode. A lot of the challenge and appeal isn't immediately noticeable. As such, it wouldn't really work as an RGM mode, which tend to be straight-forward and easily approached. Coincidentally, this also caused Dom issues as a permanent mode, since Riot provided absolutely no motivation for players to actually give the mode a chance. It'd sort of be like introducing Summoner's Rift as time-limited or without ranked. It's *okay*, but generally too complicated and involved to really bother putting time into it when you could instead play something more familiar or rewarding. Definitely Not Dominion attempted to make Dominion more approachable by simplifying the mode. However, it also ended up removing most of classic Dom's challenge and appeal.
: Very popular opinion regarding TT
I'd kinda prefer if Support meta remained viable rather than being entirely removed. Nerfs are one thing, but simply having that sort of teamcomp be an option provides some nice variety. Sadly, I'm not familiar enough with 3s to come up with a solution here. Maybe have the Monster Hunter debuff apply to XP gain as well? I dunno.
: Instead of allowing us to ban in ARAM
I'd personally take bans over that personal blacklist suggestion. I don't really have any issues playing any particular champ in ARAM. After all, part of the fun in ARAM is testing your skill with every champ. However, some champs are annoying to play against, whether due to the champ's strength or just due to how often that champ shows up. Also, unless Riot's changed it, you can submit a Support ticket asking for content to be removed from your account. This includes champions. Keep in mind that it's a removal, not a refund, so you won't get anything back in return.
: sadly from what I heard the player base for that game mode was rather thin and Riot saw that it wasn't really enough to keep the game mode running. now to be fair there is (or was) a rotating game mode called *Definitely Not Dominion* I haven't seen it at all so there is no telling if (or when) they will add it back into the actual pool of rotating game modes
The situation was definitely more nuanced, even from a player's perspective, but you've mostly got it. The main difference I'd point out is that Riot had already essentially abandoned the game mode before then (arguably as soon as the mode launched). Shutting down the mode just made it official. Furthermore, Definitely Not Dominion generally didn't play like classic Dominion. One comparison would be taking Summoner's Rift, completely removing the jungle, and then trying to pass that off as classic SR. That is, the "Definitely Not" part of the title wasn't just a joke. Even among former Dominion veterans, DefNotDom was divisive. Some players liked the changes; others hated them.
Psi21 (NA)
: Banning Champs? What part of all random doesn't include all champs (not just the ones not banned). Some ppl play ARAM to get away from the fail mode they call draft/ranked. And before you say "Oh you are just a smurf account that hates the changes because you were exploiting them. Because there couldn't possibly be anyone unhappy with the changes." Check out my Summoner Icon... and read up on how you get it.
Even without bans, ARAM currently doesn't include all champs. Players are still limited to owned+free champs. Bans simply apply an additional global blacklist on top of the existing personal soft-whitelists (via only buying some champs).
: ARAM Bans are toxic for the gamemode.
I think bans should be a permanent addition to ARAM, but specifically limited to a new Ranked ARAM queue. ARAM suffers heavily from only having one queue. In the current situation, full tryhards with ARAM-optimized accounts, full casuals who only want to goof off, and everyone in-between get forced into the same queue. Some players just want to jump into games and not deal with much else; other players would enjoy a bit more strategy via bans. Some people absolutely detest playing champs they don't like, and other people want Riot to enable all champs for more variety. None of these perspectives are necessarily wrong. Problems just arise when conflicting perspectives get forced together into the same games (more or less, considering MMR). Thus, Ranked ARAM. Long-requested features like bans and full champ rosters can be added without affecting the experience of the existing ARAM queue. Ranked rewards are there to reward the increased difficulty and avoid the "Blind Pick vs. Draft" popularity issue. Furthermore, the new queue can have higher requirements (e.g. summoner level, champs owned) to mitigate the possibility that players take advantage of the free champ availability to stop buying champs. Finally, to address the "randomness can't be ranked" argument, take a cue from card games and turn champ select into Random Draft (i.e. "Here's <3> random champs. Pick one to play. Next player's turn.") to add more strategy and skill.
: Can we stop with the missions that force you to play other game modes?
Do you have a similar problem with Missions that require you to play Summoner's Rift (e.g. "Kill a dragon." "Place a ward")? Because if you're complaining about any Mission that's limited to specific game modes, then that's pretty reasonable. It's irritating to feel like you're ~~forced~~ "encouraged" to play a mode that you aren't interested in. However, if you're just complaining about non-SR Missions, such as these ARAM Missions, then that's very much *unreasonable*. If some Missions are going to cater to Rift, then it's only fair for other Missions to cater to other game modes.
: Twisted Treeline 9.7 Ghost Poro Changes
While I certainly agree that Ghost Poro's rework is a significant change to TT's meta, I don't quite understand how it's necessarily a bad thing. Players seemed to be okay with the lack of vision prior to Ghost Poro's introduction last season. Before that, Quill Coat was the only other ward-esque thing to exist on the map, and that seemed like it was universally disliked.
: Source?
Person you're replying to is incorrect. It's 3 weeks of free rotation, meaning 42 free champs. Change was made [back in patch 8.11]( in May 2018.
: Where are you getting 5 weeks of free rotation? It's only 1... so it's only 14 champions available... and there is potential overlap with that. Even so there is always a chance of getting good champs and bad champs with a free rotation.
It's 3 weeks, actually, [as of patch 8.11]( back in May 2018. So 42 champs in ARAM's free rotation.
: this map always has had visual bug, especially with poro toss. Try colorblind mode if it helps,
Not OP, but I've been using colorblind mode. It's still pretty difficult, though not as bad as I remember from the last time this map was around.
: Butcher's Bridge is so much better than Howling Abyss. This is for one simple reason that is not an opinion. Butcher's Bridge color scheme doesn't just destroy my retinas.
It might not be an opinion, but it's also not universal. Butcher's Bridge color scheme, not Howling Abyss's, is the one destroying my retinas.
: They planned to buff this rune for aram... so that's why i thought it's weird. Why buff if you disabled it in aram? Maybe they didn't buff it at the end, but i can't find any info except that i already linked in my post.
Looks like an oversight in Riot team communication. Modes team buffed Ghost Poro, but the Summoner's Rift team [reworked Ghost Poro]( in the same patch. Maybe the ARAM changelist got locked in before the SR changes did. So not a bug, though I do agree that Mort or someone else should've gone back to clear up the ARAM changes.
Bertle (NA)
: Dear Riot, please keep Butchers Bridge permanent
Please no. There were some major clarity issues the last time Butcher's Bridge was around (e.g. the orange-skinned Mark was almost invisible). Howling Abyss has its own set of clarity problems, but not nearly to the same extent.
: Anybody remember a while back when Rito made the dodge timer stick at 5 mins no matter how many times you dodged it would never increase. That made aram legit terrible, way more dodges than normal.
There's also the classic example of Draft Dominion. Way way back, a "no dodge penalty" bug was floating around. Riot fixed it for Summoner's Rift, but ~~forgot~~ overlooked it in Draft Dom for months. As a result, people kept dodging, and games wouldn't start. Everyone swapped over to Blind Pick instead, so the Draft queue completely died. That is, "12-hour queue times and still no pop" dead.
: Riot and Missions
Although certainly irritating, the 5-man premade thing's not nearly as blatantly questionable as Riot's previous Missions messaging. **[2017 Missions update](** Riot: Forcing players to play game modes they don't want to play is bad. **Literally the next paragraph** Riot: So we're going to force players to play Summoner's Rift.
: > [{quoted}](name=Farmer Po,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=sgddxKjb,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-03-28T06:45:03.094+0000) > > I have 200 Co-op vs AI wins and 0 losses, are you telling me i'm forced to ruin this W/L ration just to get the Platinum Icon...? That's so not cool :( as if you could actually realistically lost to AI lol I had my entire team disconnect vs intermediate bots back in the bad server days and still won 1v5 vs bots its not even a challenge lol
It's not unrealistic to lose to the AI. I've lost Co-Op games before because the rest of my team got smashed and forced surrenders on me. In other games, I couldn't snowball fast enough to match the bots' snowballing. Plus, back in the old Dominion days, it was physically impossible to 1v5 Co-Op unless you were playing specific champs that could cheese the AI (e.g. Heimer, Teemo). Bots would simply cap points faster than you could.
Mortdog (NA)
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
Although it's certainly nice to have ARAM Missions and objectives (instead of more Rift stuff), how about some love for Twisted Treeline? One of the main Missions and two of the bonus ones are impossible to complete on TT.
: Ranked 2v2
If Riot does add a new ranked queue, 5v5 ARAM should be first. ARAM's had an unranked queue for years, with a proven playerbase. It'd be great to finally be recognized for skill and dedication. Any discussions about Ranked 2v2 should only come afterwards. However, I feel like an unranked trial queue to test player engagement should be considered first, especially since the previous attempt at 1v1/2v2 (i.e. Snowdown Showdown) performed poorly.
: Does twisted treeline count for ranked split rewards points?
Yes. As mentioned in the [official support article](, >Victory in Summoner's Rift ranked (Flex or Solo/Duo): >* 20 points for playing your primary or secondary >* 25 points for voluntarily playing Fill >* 30 points if you're autofilled >Winning a Twisted Treeline ranked match nets you 10 split points.
Quepha (NA)
: Pure ARAM accounts about to get stronger
>Never have your pool damaged by free week champs ever again! There's 42 champs (triple the normal 14) in the ARAM free rotation. While there's certainly a concern that ARAM-optimized accounts will just shift to the next-strongest champs, hopefully the buffs and nerfs will make relative champion power disparity less drastic.
: Weren't Refer-a-Friend items removed before? Grez's Spectral Lantern was a refer-a-friend item and IIRC Wriggle's Lantern was as well, and neither item exists anymore.
Yeah, 2 of the 9 RAF items [listed on the wiki]( are gone. Funny enough, Grez was apparently the first to hit that milestone, and the forums post congratulating him [still exists](
Eedat (NA)
: They needed to nerf the shield, not the healing tbh
Mort addressed that [on the ARAM subreddit]( >Sona...yeah I'm pretty worried she's still too strong. Didn't have a lever to nerf the shield, which was also my first choice. If it continues to be an issue (65%+ win rate), will very quickly adjust.
: I voted yes. The better question is "why not?".
Riot [previously addressed]( the lack of /remake in ARAM. Their concern was that /remake would encourage more people to ditch after seeing unfavorable team comps, whether leaving themselves or trying to convince someone else to leave. Essentially, "We can't have nice things because some people will abuse it."
Drummel (NA)
: urfwick during urf?
The URFWick skin is available for 150k BE through the twice-yearly [Essence Emporium]( Last year, the shop was around for pre-season and mid-season. Assuming Riot keeps that same pattern, it should be back sometime in April. ARURF's availability is unrelated to the skin.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 15
If SR balance is going to be relatively stable for a while, could we get some discussion about (and hopefully work on) Twisted Treeline and ARAM? It's been a long time since either map (TT in particular) has gotten balance work. Moreover, both maps have recently been overshadowed by Nexus Blitz and ARURF. For instance, the Monster Hunter and bounty changes have apparently addressed funneling in SR. However, funneling (aka Hypercarry/Support) still seems dominant in TT. Are there any follow-ups previously considered for SR funneling that could now be adapted for TT?
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BLACK REALM GOD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9zObB9HA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-11T07:02:10.447+0000) > > you mean like they did with dominion? well yeah no one even plays twisted treeline, I tried getting into a casual game of treeline just to see what it's like, waited for 20 minutes without any matches appearing.
What time did you queue up? Solo or premade? As far as I can tell, I'm higher MMR than you in Treeline, yet the last few times I've played, the queue's popped long before 20 minutes.
: If you think Rek'Sai is absurd on Summoners Rift, she completely ruins Twisted Treeline
It's honestly kinda refreshing to hear someone complaining about a jungler being strong in TT. For ages, almost all complaints I've seen have been about Support meta and hypercarries. Makes for a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, I don't have any tips against Rek'Sai for you, as it's been so long since I've seen one.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That just means it takes a bit longer to get to your actual rank, but i don't think in the long run it really matters unless you play a very small amount of ranked games, like some tend to play 10 games just to have a rank.
Almost doubling (or more) the time required seems more substantial than just "a bit longer." While you're right that it'd matter less to someone who's grinding out a large number of games, how many players actually go through hundreds of games a season? Moot point now though, since position ranks are being removed.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Sorry for being late, i noticed this whole thread pretty late, but i really wanted to talk about this: > Yeah, being able to show off ranks in everything was the only positive I could come up with, but that's balanced out by the fact that **you'd probably be higher ranked if everything went towards one single rank. ** That's not true if you look at Reddit or here in boards a common suggestion to climb faster is to have as small champion pool as possible, like 1 champion for each role and at least 2 in your main(or straight up one-trick), as well as getting a main role. The reason this is suggested is that you learn and improve at the game the fastest. The more roles/champions you play the more games you will need to climb and improve. You won't climb faster just because only 1 rank is visible. Of course to be fair, for smurfs it is true, for them it's faster to climb with one rank only.
You make a fair point. However, in the context of my remarks, "being able to show off multiple ranks" implies that someone is comparably proficient at more than one position (unless they're going for a weird "I'm Plat Mid, but Iron everything else" thing). Having only one rank thus means that they don't have to grind through the same division/tier multiple times and thus avoid "wasting" LP. The current LP splashing sorta mitigates this waste, but not nearly enough to offset the increased grind. For instance, at least based on my personal numbers, ranking two positions roughly doubles the total LP required, but splashing only increases total LP gain by about 16% (+24/win, +4 from splash). Essentially, you're correct for players whose rank already matches their skill. My argument was that positional ranks vastly increase the time it takes to get to that point.
: Wait didn't the League Community demands URF be a permanent game mode? Now I see the longest run of URF with "balance changes" and how does the community respond. Cry that Twisted Treeline isn't fun... Are you ppl serious?
First off, the League community *didn't* demand URF be a permanent mode. Only part of the community wanted URF to be permanent. A different part argued that URF shouldn't be permanent. In this particular case, people (generally) aren't complaining about ARURF getting attention, but that Twisted Treeline *isn't* getting attention. They're pointing out that a temporary game mode has gotten more balance changes in a month or two than a permanent game mode, especially one with a ranked queue, has gotten in several years. Additionally, this topic seems to be the most appropriate place to make this argument, as Mortdog is the current Lead Designer of the Modes Team, which presumably is in charge of all maps that aren't Summoner's Rift. Essentially, people aren't complaining about URF getting some love. They're wondering why TT doesn't get any. At all. Ever. Seriously, it's been years.
: please make a 1 vs 1 ranked queue
If anyone's getting a ranked queue, it should be ARAM. ARAM players have been asking for ranked for years. Meanwhile, there hasn't even been a 1v1 RGM mode in years because of the overwhelming lack of interest the last time it showed up.
: I still GREATLY miss Nexus Blitz
>ARAM feels like a compromised lesser version of Nexus Blitz I feel the opposite. Nexus Blitz felt like it took the most frustrating and/or least interesting aspects of all the other game modes and jammed them together: SR's laning, TT's snowballing, Dominion's non-intuitiveness, and ARAM's coinflips. Despite that, Blitz somehow wasn't terrible, yet it still wasn't particularly appealing.
: Could we get any love for Twisted Treeline?
>i haven't seen a change or balance note on any of the patch notes for at least a couple months now if not more I think it's been at least a year? I honestly can't remember off-hand what the last change was. Actually, yeah. I just skimmed through patch notes, and aside from changes to Support items to match their SR counterparts (v8.6 in March 2018), the last Treeline balance change I found was nerfing super minions in v7.10 in May 2017. So "a couple years" seems like it'd be more accurate than "a couple months."
: If you are a player who only plays one thing, theres basically no reason it's better but none that it's worse other than maybe feeling bad that off role wins/losses dont count fully towards your progress. However for players that dont focus on one role or enjoy playing everything, it's fun to see the progress in all your roles differently.
Yeah, being able to show off ranks in everything was the only positive I could come up with, but that's balanced out by the fact that you'd probably be higher ranked if everything went towards one single rank. I mean, I'm a generalist player too, and the separate ranks feel constraining to me. I used to be able to swap positions based on mood/meta/whatever, but I can't do that anymore. Well, I can, but at the cost of several times the grind.
: basically like instead of choosing between Precision, Resolve, Inspiration, ect. there's just one category for ARAM for everyone and that's the only one you make choices from
Sounds neat, though potentially confusing. On one hand, it'd help with removing underwhelming runes. On the other hand, you'd still have to adjust pages depending on champ, though it might make spare rune pages actually be more useful.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot SapMagic,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=voxV8l2u,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-01T17:46:13.930+0000) > > Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment. :D Please don't remove it just because it's not perfect immediately. It's so much better than single rank, I'd hate it to be removed so fast just because people complained at change like they always will.
How are position ranks better than a single rank? I'm honestly curious because I still don't see how it's an improvement, whether practically or even theoretically.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So you are saying for example if your team has a first time kayn its the same as having someone with 100k mastery on the champ? Champs are all strong as long as the person playing them is adept at the champion and knows the champ's limit. For example, someone that has all champions at mastery 5+ will win more games because they know how to play all the champions. And someone that has champions in their roster that are mastery 1-3 is more likely to get a champ that they can't get the most out of. I have seen Udyrs be absolute garbage and I have seen udyrs solocarry games in ARAM. It all boils down to how many champs can you play at above average level (for the aram bracket you are playing in) There are no comps that consist of "nothing spectacular" these days, especially with rerolls and these runes that can turn any champion to a pretty good damage dealer. What I think Aram needs is 20 seconds after picks are locked where both teams can check what the enmy is playing (not allowed to swap picks) but are allowed to swap runes around.
>What I think Aram needs is 20 seconds after picks are locked where both teams can check what the enmy is playing (not allowed to swap picks) but are allowed to swap runes around. Although this would be great for strategizing, I feel like it'd just be ruined by people going "gg enemy team has < *perceived OP champ* >. Time to dodge!"
: Can we have an ARAM runepage/runeset?
I'm confused. Is TC asking for a separate, dedicated ARAM runepage or an entirely new set of runes (e.g. Precision, Resolve, Inspiration) specifically meant for ARAM?
ParkerrrJ (EUW)
: Mastery token
As mentioned on the [official support article]( (and only on the official support article), Champion Mastery tokens are only available from classic Summoner's Rift games. No ARAM, Twisted Treeline, URF, Nexus Blitz, or anything like that. Maybe if enough people try [asking Riot]( about it, then they'll finally change it.
: Putting mastery tokens only in ranked queues would encourage everyone to play ranked, even the casual players, and we DO NOT want that.
Sure, I don't want that either. Turning Champion Mastery into a pseudo ranked reward would be weird, but it's the primary way to be consistent with Riot's given explanation. High Mastery requires high competitive standards; only ranked has high competitive expectations; thus, high Mastery should only be achievable in ranked. Like I said, the much more palatable option would be to just enable Champ Mastery tokens everywhere. It drops the contradictory nonsense while also making the system significantly more intuitive. I can't even come up with a downside here.
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