Investa (NA)
: Not that I'm against pride month specifically, I dislike any of these "celebration" months for identity we have no control over. Just seems superfluous, as why would you restrict being proud of who you are to a single month? Or for that matter, why take pride in it at all and just take pride in your accomplishments that may or may not have to do with your sexuality/race/etc. Plus, in Western society, people are celebrated at a far greater rate than those who persecute them. The irony is the true minorities are those who hate these "marginalized" people. It's pretty much normalized here. Now, I have to give huge respect to those with the courage to have pride in things like this in a country in the middle east or Africa. Or China, or North Korea or Vietnam or...Yeah, the rest of the world has a long way to go.
Being accepted for being gay IS an accomplishment. Stop crying about something that is literally helping people all over the world (regardless of how slow) through awareness.
mvmlego (NA)
: IKR. One doesn't have to be a homophobe (or even be straight) to realize that it's absurd to take pride in who you're sexually attracted to.
There's nothing wrong with taking pride in what your demographic (so to speak) has accomplished. Far too many people have been shamed for things they can't control and this movement is them say "I shouldn't be ashamed, I should be proud". Minimizing it like you are is problematic. No one stopped straight people from doing things simply because they were straight. Let people move from shame to pride to "just am" as straight people "are" and quit your bellyaching because it's doing nothing but trying to steal the spotlight like a child who got upset about not being the centre of attention.
: Can't we keep political issues out of our video games? I don't care what someone else is. They are free to be who they want. But don't shove it in our faces. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Why are you getting political in the comments? Stop shoving your opinion down everyone else's throats.
: *Cough Cough* Marxism; the doctrine that the state throughout history has been a device for the exploitation of the masses by a dominant class, that class struggle has been the main agency of historical change, after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, be superseded by utilizing socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society. Because undermining what has continued the survival of the human race, for the sake of screwy egotistical minorities is such a wholesome idea huh. Why does being in a relationship warrant it's own holiday (valentines)? What about the singles then? There's always been a subtle stigma against straights that aren't in a relationship, whether it be drifters/partyers/unstable employment, yet you don't see them trying to drastically shift society for attention.
You clearly haven't heard of Singles Awareness Day. Also, don't compare sexuality (not your choice) vs being in a relationship (hopefully of your choice). People ARE trying to shift society in many ways beyond sexuality and that includes all those other examples - especially since those primarily affect women (especially single ones) and minorities. Nice try, but you might want to stop arguing in your echo chamber.
: Warwick death sounds insanely loud
I honestly thought there was something wrong with my computer. Yeah, it's way too loud. Like glass crunching then a thump that comes right out of your computer no matter what your sfx volume is set to.
: Hextech Crafting Bug
You're not supposed to get the skin back. If you have the champ it automatically adds the skin to your collection - that's what the reroll risks. If you don't have the champ, the skin stays in hextech crafting.
: LF Gold+ Support for Clash
Sqwanch (NA)
: LF CLASH PLAYERS - Join the Rowdy Roosters
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: About your SPOOKY orbs
Zilean IS a support. I'm more upset that I got Shen in my spooky support orb because I almost never see him in a support role.
It was patched. That method won't work now.
Rioter Comments
: LF 2 Aug
Need 1 more
Rioter Comments
: LF 3 people for all yasuo mission
IGNSlays (NA)
: Odyssey 5 Yasuo mission
: Patch 8.18 Notes
I'm 99.99999% certain someone on the skins team has read Starfighter cause giving "Kayn" a skin would be such a coincidence otherwise. Definitely no complaints regardless because it's sleek and I'm glad we get to hear more from his voice actor, too.
: Let's group and play together! :D
I sent a request if you still need people. I need to play pvp and get baron for mine.
Saijax (EUNE)
: I need a player lower than level 15 for a quest :D
: I'm somewhat disappointed with Varus' new lore
I agree. If they wanted that lore specifically, just give us another character. I was really excited to see how they'd add to his lore with the Darkin stuff but unfortunately they just ruined him. I really loved (well, as much as you can) the tragedy behind his story. Now we just have more edgy lore without any heart. Varus just isn't Varus without his broken bow, his broken family, and his broken heart.
: Added
And you removed me for my pee break even though we were waiting for a friend of yours anyway. Ok, cool...
: LF Onslaught Players
9753410 (EUW)
: Star Guardian mode is bad! dont push it on us!
They're not making you do anything. Ignore the mission if you don't like it.
: Looking for "A Guardian's Trial" team
I need that mission, too. Add me. <3
: Does URF count as Summoner Rift games?
: How could i win icons how many tickets it would be? and how do i know how many ticket i do have?
You can see your tickets in your loot.
Kissie (NA)
: ***
I want to know this as well. It shows that there should be a daily quest right here but I haven't gotten one in game since the first day.
: Patch 7.15 notes
I'd love to have the item slots in the HUD and the item slots in the shop be "integrated" with each other (when the shop window is open). As in, I want to reorder items in both sections, click on an item in the HUD and have it show up in the shop (so I can click on its item build), etc. Am I the only one still trying to drag and drop items in the shop window?
Zafkie1 (NA)
: Wait if you surrender does that count towards the skin?

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