: Post MSI Gameplay Improvements
Any chance you guys would consider bringing lane Zac back? Was always a fan of that back in the day, but ever since the new Q it just feels like the wave control and trading isn't really there. New Q IS pretty cool and all, but I'd definitely trade it for the ability to lane again.
: New ways to earn Prestige Points
GreenLore (EUW)
: Am I the only one who wants Vlad to be actually a bit comical? I mean don't get me wrong I don't want him to be Kled-level of comical, but I hope that Riot could find a good middleground between comical and serious with his character and its not like his current VO isn't already somewhat on the comical side with all those blood puns. Overall I feel like Vladimir could be a bit narcisstic and flamboyant, but also competent, making it easy to find his antics funny, but still make him creepy and menacing if he gets serious. I feel like if he was played completely seriously, then he'd end up too similar to Elise.
Surprisingly to me, one of the things I associate most with him is the stupid puns. I think he could still be a menacing character with all this kinda stuff, but somehow I really feel like he should still make puns. Doesn't have to be as much as it is now, but without them it would be somehow lacking.
: Yasuo has a lot of tools but actually doesn't suffer from this problem as a whole. His winrate actually goes down in higher ELO play as opponents learn to exploit him. The core combo of being a squishy melee without strong burst leaves a lot of opportunity for opponents to stop him.
I often feel that I'd rather not play League than play it against Yasuo. I'm probably not the only one who's felt this way before. I fail to see how a character can really be considered to "work" if the conversation about their gameplay rests at "well, if you were better, you'd beat him." That's kind of the idea for every character, isn't it? And I don't really like winrates being the be all, end all of this kind of thing. Yeah, it's pretty obviously the most important thing. But if I want to throw my keyboard out the window all lane, eventually I don't really care who wins or loses.
: Visual and Sound Effect Updates: Gragas
I think it would be great if you gave Scuba Gragas the underwater voice filter.
Meddler (NA)
: We're looking to do new VO for MF and Varus at some point, no timeline I know of at the moment though. Won't be an MF general voice update with the skin.
I was under the assumption that getting voice actors/actresses in studio was the major stumbling block to redoing voiceover... so it seems like if there's going to be a skin with new voicework for a champion who really needs new base VO, that would be the time to do it.
Rioter Comments
Reav3 (NA)
: To clarify, this wasn't to say they will get updated VO, just that they are high priority to get new VO. Pure VO updates are not higher priority for us then full VGUs and New Champs so they have to be squeezed in between that stuff. Not sure when and if these will happen, just that if we have time to squeeze and few VO updates in, these 2 are high priority for that.
I'd like to stress, personally, how important this kind of stuff is to me. Yeah, maybe the majority of players don't feel this way, and yeah it's not going to be as high a priority as actual gameplay work - but honestly, if these characters are to be taken seriously as focal points for storytelling I feel that leaving them in a completely unrepresentative state in game is doing them a disservice. The best and most compelling stories ever will really fall flat if they're about an entirely different character than the one we play as in game.
Bultz (NA)
: Does the Varus update mean a Darkin event on the Horizon?
Aatrox is getting updated too but that's not for a while yet. Dunno if I'd say "around the corner" but I could see it being packaged up pretty neatly into something.
Vathriel (NA)
: On the topic of Varus
I think the lore itself is fine, I find his old and new stories roughly even in terms of quality. But the new Varus story with the old Varus voicework is just... what even.
Abibyama (EUW)
: Varus will get a new VO along with Miss fortune
Glad to hear it. It bothers me immensely to have the champions ingame be untrue to their actual characters.
: Varus' Voice Lines Vs. Lore
MF has had this problem for multiple years now, too. It bothers me a lot whenever what the champion is in game is more or less a lie - I don't think that anything should contradict that, and that if we are to have new stories that change a champion away from what they are in game, their voicework should be updated at the same time. I know it's hard, 25 languages and all that, but I really do think it's a necessity.
: >I doubt the Darkins have sexuality deals going on. aww does that mean my Kayn x Rhaast ship is false?
They definitely seem to respect each other, on some level
: PSA: Lux Should be your League Role Model
Master Yi teaches you some good lessons for solo queue. "Do not let your pride blind you." "Never await victory." "A true master is an eternal student."
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
I would personally really enjoy a bruiser-centric keystone in the resolve tree. Grasp is nice, but there are times when you can't really expect to get much out of the health bonus in lane (vs. ranged matchups) and some bruisers can't proc Aftershock at all.
Kythers (NA)
: I can't even log in
Same Saw the login queue for the first time on the new client and felt oddly nostalgic
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Itemisation Context #2
I legitimately wonder sometimes why Luden's even exists. It feels like a superior damage option in almost every case to Deathcap, and as a result it ends up creating more "tacked on" stats that almost every midlaner is going to be packing at some point, along with GW from Morello's. Seems to me like the "more damage" space should probably be the territory of Deathcap and Void Staff... Maybe if Luden's could be pushed more as an early roam and snowball sort of thing? Rather than just being a big NLR item that cranks up virtually every midlaner's movespeed and gives them the proc.
: Few months ago, people complained that he was the weakest top laner in the game.
For what it's worth, he's gotten several pretty extensive suites of buffs since then.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 22
Can I ask your thoughts on Veigar? I recall hearing it's likely he's going to be getting some small buffs soon, but I've personally been finding him really obnoxious with his ability to build Abyssal Mask and so forth while still having pretty high damage because of his passive and execute ultimate. Is this kind of thing considered a problem, or do you guys consider it just a consequence of his shorter range?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
I'm a little conflicted on the runes and masteries stuff. I actually really like the direction masteries have gone in, with keystones and such... Perhaps the five point ones could use a little fixing, but the general system itself I really like. Now runes on the other hand, I could definitely just live without in general. The optimization options are KIND OF interesting, but, it's just such a pain and there are times when I feel like I don't have the right combination that I want. I'd definitely like runes to be rethought, but I hope that masteries don't change too much.
Raiyza (NA)
: I'm.....disappointed.
I definitely thought the same at first, though I gotta say I'm in the opposite boat - I HATE playing against Vlad possibly more than any other champion in the game. However, I played around with him a bit on PBE, and doing so gave me some things to reconsider. Yeah, his Q is the same cast paradigm. But there is actually a little thoughtfulness to it now - the empowered one is the one you really want to land on them. And they can see and know when it's coming, and they have the chance to back away. Yeah, it has a haste but the window of availability is really short and really telegraphed. Further, the new Tides of Blood is just a lot more interesting. No more spellvamp means he can't just brainlessly heal off of whole creep waves with it anymore, and the "volley" factor actually gives you some play against it - Furthermore, if he charges it up fully and whiffs it, he's taken a LOT of health to do that. A lot. It's a riskier move, and yeah he can just kinda fast tap it to drop a rylai's or a little bit of damage on you, but it has lost a lot of what made the old one so unlikable. He won't just hit you with it as a melee champion if you're farming anymore, you can position against it.
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
The divisions themselves make a lot of sense to me. Some of the names are still a little awkward, though. Slayer's pretty cool, but Controller is just weird.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
I know it's probably one of the most iconic "Brand" things, but I honestly have no attachment whatsoever to his ult and would have zero problem with it being completely removed and replaced with something different. It's just not compelling at all to me. A big bouncing fireball? Why would a fireball bounce anyway? And it's annoyingly RNG sometimes too. I always thought that Brand's ultimate should be like, some huge ass aoe fire that he starts that really encapsulates "set the world on fire". Dunno what I would have it do really, but it would be flipping huge and hella metal and we can run from there.
Statikk (NA)
: [INTRO] James "Statikk" Bach - Champion Update Design Lead
We know about Taric, Yorick and co. being either lined up for, or generally agreed upon as needing, large scale reworks. We also know of some champions whose work will likely be held off on until an entire class gets worked on. But I'm wondering about what champions you guys are considering smaller scale work on in the interim? We pretty much only know of Shen right now and there haven't been many details on him yet. Is there anyone else that we can look forward to in the shorter term?
Meddler (NA)
: [INTRO] Andrei “Meddler” van Roon - Lead Gameplay Designer
I'm wondering what your thoughts on stealth are at present. Right now, there's no real way to "reveal" champions when you're at full build, and can't carry around pinks, while the red trinket can sort of show you where they are. But you're unable to autoattack them or use targetted abilities - Is this intended to just be the actualization of stealth in the lategame? And even if it is, is it really good gameplay that it can be denied from you so easily up until you have six items? It just all seems kind of arbitrary to me, though I guess the alternative of it being a completely binary mechanic isn't exactly great either... but eh.
: [INTRO] Greg “Riot Ghostcrawler” Street - Game Design Director
What do you think of Vlad? He's been a champion that's really stuck in my craw pretty much the entire time I've played League... One of my least favorites to see that I'm stuck going up against. Very annoying to lane against, and he certainly gives this semblance of "thoughtlessness" with how he just kind of Qs whenever it's available, it's always the right move for him. No mana and the ability to sustain forever from range, and he can make for some annoying top lane matchups. He just comes off as crazy binary, he wins hard but he can get behind and be really useless too. I've never really heard of any talks of reworks for him, though I've heard a lot about how he probably should have never been made, that kind of thing. Any plans for him or thoughts on him?
Riot Jag (NA)
: RH is pretty durable, but getting the Eye Backstab proc off is a huge amount of damage, so taking it solo is considerably harder than duoing. It should be questionable in terms of trading for Dragon, depending on your team comp and win style (if you're an early game push team then RH will obviously be better). More details on the reward here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/z44jEiXG-rift-herald-pbe-feedback-thread I don't think the top laner solo jungle start will work anymore since camps only give you level 2 if you have a jungle item. That'll push Ignite/Exhaust viability up a lot, along with the TP CD nerfs we have in.
Goodness I'm very pleased to hear that. I really like the idea of it actually being possible to kill someone because they take teleport and you have Exhaust/Ignite/whatever have you. Before even if you did take one of those, their ability to teleport would allow them to have a level advantage pretty much forever it always felt like. Really sounds like an interesting change for the top half of the map in general. Not only is there something team-based to be involved with, but you also get to show your stuff and actually fight meaningfully. Rather than just teleporting back to lane if anything bad happens. Really high hopes for this top lane stuff.
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
So exactly how powerful is this Rift Herald? I've heard it mentioned as being an incentive to not teleport away from top lane so eagerly. But what exactly does it take to fight it? Can the average top laner solo it if he's left unchecked? Or does the jungler need to be called in as well? Is it worth trading for Dragon, generally speaking? And I'm curious about what it grants you, too - I believe it was mentioned as something to help push down your lane, but I'm just generally very interested to know what kind of advantages you pick up by grabbing that thing even if you're leaving your bottom half of the map out to dry. And further on the whole top lane/teleport thing, do you expect that we'll still see top laners starting at jungle camps and teleporting to lane, or double jungling, things of that nature, as a dominant strategy? Because frankly I've had about enough of that stuff. Of course, with Teleport being nerfed and Ignite/Exhaust being lauded as more viable for top laners to choose if they should want them, maybe that sort of thing falls out of favor entirely. But in the case that I do still take Teleport, is it still an option? Or has there been some kind of spawn timer adjustment or something else of that sort that takes it off the table?
: Body-Builder Sion would be wonderful- really anything to get a full Ahnold-style VO for him again. ;~; Old {{champion:14}} player here, the nostalgia would be too good
> [{quoted}](name=xXPlasmidXx,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=aGQqyZ8n,comment-id=00000008,timestamp=2015-08-31T20:49:37.681+0000) > > Body-Builder Sion would be wonderful- really anything to get a full Ahnold-style VO for him again. ;~; > > Old {{champion:14}} player here, the nostalgia would be too good Yes, I've wanted this ever since he didn't get a Traditional skin. It would be really, really good.
Rioter Comments
: Just to be clear. You're upset that rito is giving you an awesome free skin and it took us longer than we intended to get it out. So we should never, ever do that again. Well ok..... Feedback noted.
I do think that's a little unfair. While I enjoyed the lore quite a bit and appreciate that it's a cool way of handling the whole thing - and I LOVE that there is an actual visible impact on Gangplank moving forward, something that most other events have been missing - I think it's completely understandable for someone to be upset that a champion has been disabled for solely lore reasons for so long. It was cool for a little bit, but people do make their livelihoods with this game and they ought not be barred from practicing something that's available in competitive for so long.
Meddler (NA)
: No bug, everything seemed fine up until the point he died. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/bilgewater/#story-3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss0kFNUP4P4 We hardly knew ya
: You're too late. Trundle went from a martyr for his race to an ice troll bully. Xerath went from a mage willing to give up everything in his pursuit of knowledge to Jafar Villain #47. Sivir went from capable and confident mercenary to inept buffoon. ... Yeah, Riot is taking FANTASTIC CARE with their characters.
Trundle was never much of a martyr. In his judgment he learns that by keeping the disease all to himself he's actually dooming his entire clan, as it was augmenting their regenerative abilities and without it they will soon die. The summoner guy in charge of his judgment offers to reverse the process and return the plague to them - Trundle tells him not to, saying something to the effect of keeping what they so kindly gave him. He knowingly and willingly sentences his people to death out of spite for how they treated him. That is no martyr. Better character than what we have now? Yeah probably. The new Trundle hasn't really done anything at all yet because RIP lore. But it really hacks me off when people who get trumped on on the Trundle thing don't even have his original lore straight. He was no martyr, and his attitude transcends "bully" - He accepted a great deal of physical suffering and agony onto himself to passively commit the genocide of his people. I'll give you the other two though.
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
If it looks as cool as it sounds, I'm gonna be willing to pay this money for it as a map skin to use any time.
sjw (EUW)
: How/why would she CC someone though? She is the most expert fencer/duelist in Demacia, I think Fiora would want to fight someone at their best, one on one. I like how, instead of slowing her opponent, Fiora herself moves and attacks faster as she fights. Fiora is arrogant, she's all about her own skill and ability. It's all about her. Consider how champions CCs fit into their characters.. Darius hamstrings you because he's brutal and he doesn't play by the rules, he just wants to crush you. Ahri charms you because she uses her beauty to steal people's essences. Fiddle is frightening and makes you flee in terror. Fiora... Fiora should just want to defeat you honourably. CC doesn't fit into her archetype imo.
A small stun doesn't seem out of place at all for a fencer type champion. I'd think of it as something similar to knocking them so hard that they stagger for a second, creating an opening, and taking that chance to strike. Seems like something you might get off of a successful riposte, maybe. I don't think she'd get like a real serious business dedicated stun ability, and I wouldn't want to see it be a long duration stun either. That would just be silly for a melee DPS character.
Meddler (NA)
: I'm not sure we've ever mocked that one up for internal playtest use. Something we do have for testing purposes though is the ability to change which team you're on with a cheat command on the special versions of the game we use for development purposes. Leads to the occasional playtest where, after we've tested everything we need to, there's a sudden team swap and killing spree against one's former allies :).
When can we expect to see League of Legends: Diplomacy in the featured mode rotation?
Rioter Comments
: @Stashu - Cassiopeia still isn't where she needs to be.
Give her some poison on the E or something idk. I couldn't care less about the whole poison mage thing but apparently it means a lot to some people. But I've really enjoyed actually playing Cassiopeia since the rework. I'd much rather have the way the abilities of the champion work change than the actual gameplay patterns, I really like them.
: Can we rename Galio's "taunt" to a special kind of cc?
I think it's fine in that the effect is reapplied over the duration, and that's how it always shoulda been. Like the slow on Nunu ultimate.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
This largely corroborates what I'm seeing, from other people, but still. I think the humorous side of Taric should be largely something that is constricted to his emotes and such. He's a funny champion but that mostly comes across through the way he acts and talks and a lot of fan-based shenanigans, and I think devoting him to being that kind of character would kill the charm of that. It's something that should be there, just not the meat and potatoes of Taric. Really liked the point about Taric being a support that stands alongside you, rather than in front of you.
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
So this definitely seemed like THE biggest champion update so far. Whole lot of stuff going on with Sion, and the overall quality he brings to the game in pretty much every area is enhanced a lot. Are there any other champions out there who you guys foresee requiring a similar amount of work to bring up to speed? Poppy, perhaps?
: While Jag is out, I think we're exploring lighter changes to give her more directionally-relevant strength while potentially giving her just a bit more opportunity for counterplay. That said, Akali's a tough gal to strike the right balance. Her effective all-in and reset mechanics are a very big part of her core identity, which gets really weird because that's pretty anti-counterplay.
Speaking of, is Akali still slated for a rework somewhere down the road? I recall her being talked about a lot but other champions have kinda pushed her to the wayside. She definitely seems like a good candidate, but maybe some small changes can get her into a better spot?
Rioter Comments
: Its a cool idea, but it would give away baron timer to teams that don't have it and who haven't checked the baron pit since it was last killed.
How about if it's only the first time? Since everybody knows it spawns at 15 minutes anyway. Well, most people.
Rioter Comments
RiotSeb (NA)
: Champion Update...Update - 4.9 & 4.10
Are these changes gonna be up on PBE today? I noticed in the threads the posts said "is on PBE" rather than "will be on PBE".
: Undying rage prevents Tryndamere from casting abilities, but lasts 8.5 seconds.
Doesn't sound unreasonable. I do agree Tryndamere's general self and existence could use some work, while I can't say whether this is the answer or not there's probably plenty to discuss there.
: Not sure how many people would get that. I did add an interaction with silver bolts tho ;)
Morello (NA)
: [Skarner follow-up] New passive direction - what are your thoughts?
I like direction 1 even if only because it sounds badass to stab people with his stinger and stun them.
Statikk (NA)
: Thanks for the quick and thorough responses guys. I'll present you guys with our current perspective on Lulu. Firstly, we genuinely think she's still very much a viable Bot Lane Support champion. Through both internal tests and external monitoring of the Live and Competitive game, we think she still brings a lot to the table. Admittedly, we've probably significantly weakened Support Lulu players who maxed E first instead of Q, and maxing Q will probably the way to go right now (not sure on this, only theoretical). Unfortunately, we still fundamentally believe that her E damage pattern doesn't present any compelling gameplay which is why we went forward with that change. At the end of the day, we'd prefer if Support Lulu's who max E first are doing it primarily for its defensive shielding capabilities. Secondly, Lulu is probably still stronger as a Mid champion in the current game landscape than she is a Bot Lane Support. We're honestly a little torn here on this one. In past situations, we'd take a huge hammer swing to ensure that she was a stronger Support rather than a Mid, but when we do that we are essentially "enforcing the meta" so to speak. More importantly than being a really catchy phrase, "enforcing the meta" reduces experimentation and discovery of new things in the game and it honestly sucks when we have to do so in order to maintain the integrity of the game (but we have and will continue to do so when necessary). Ultimately, we think that this is a pretty important aspect of LoL - to provide you guys with a never-ending path of discovery and mastery in the game. So instead in this case, we've decided to instead to ensure that Mid Lulu wasn't overly dominant, rather than just destroy her viability in the solo lane. Unfortunately, this does mean that we need to take into account more factors whenever we make any changes to her now if we want to preserve both playstyles. I will say, if we do make changes again to address her power level in Mid Lane, we will most definitely have to compensate her in Bot Lane. The most interesting part of Lulu's kit is the offensive / defensive use cases for each of her spells, but they become problematic when she's not actually making any tradeoffs when she chooses one over the other. One idea we've thrown around are putting some damage incentives back into offensive Whimsy - for example Polymorphed targets take additional damage or have reduced Armor/MR. This means that a Lulu who wants her full damage combo has to risk committing forward rather than being able to safely hold onto her defensive W to easily initiate or escape at will. As it currently stands, we have no plans for further changes to Lulu at the moment since we'd like to continue to see how she trends in the following patches. We are always working on tons of projects an you guys can get a glimpse of our current focuses in the 4.7 Patch Forecast (http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/POLbQ0Nl-47-patch-forecast). Sorry if this is ultimately disappointing news for you guys, but I appreciate the time you guys took to bring this up.
This honestly makes me pretty happy. I tend to agree Lulu's still pretty strong in the bottom lane, and I'm glad y'all are committing to this sort of thing. Though Lulu is a bit obnoxious in solo lanes, I really like the idea that there's finally being an active effort to allow support champions to be balanced for other roles. They do tend to be pretty abusive and some things could stand to be changed if this is poularized (Janna oneshotting every creep wave from like Level 5 onward comes to mind) but it's also something I think a team should be able to invest into. I'm a big fan of champions like Taric or Alistar being able to more comfortably man the toplane someday - it feels a very natural thing for them, perhaps moreso than support.
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