: Making an incredibly immobile hero in a game where literally everyone that is worth playing at all has at least some form of mobility. Yea nice idea there Riot, sure can't wait to see Urgot be played just as much as he is now. Unless you break him immensely to make up for what a horrifically bad idea it is, there's always that possibility.
>literally everyone that is worth playing at all has at least some form of mobility. There are loads upon loads of immobile champions who are extremely successful in Diamond-Challenger, Pro-play and in Bronze-Gold almost any champion can be effective if you have basic game knowledge. Unless you are talking about Platinum the lane of 'skillz' one tricks who think they are Boxbox, there is no tier of the game in which you cannot effectively play champions like Ashe or Anivia.
: she's a skirmisher everything about her is a skirmisher, her mobility, her little hard cc, her damage she spikes into late game as her win rate with duration shows it she has all the tools a melee carry needs, she has steroids and heavy damage as you can see in this riven video of skyyart she's just a melee carry like yasuo except that riven brings heavy aoe damage, and yasuo brings anti-ranged champions tools
This is 100% true. She is neither a Diver or Juggernaut who are fighters. She is a Skirmisher who alongside Assassins are Slayers.
: She can outrun a Hecarim She has in her kit, mobility, cc, damage, range, steroid..etc She really doesn't need any buff. Stop asking
>She really doesn't need any buff. Stop asking This post never mentioned this Actually nobody except Rammus and ulted Quinn travels faster from spawn to mid tower than Hecarim without some teleport(TF) or intentional movespeed build. I tested this the other day. Riven only outruns Hec if she leaps over walls, even then it is still slower just skipping an obstacle. >She really doesn't need any buff. Stop asking I actually suggested Riven nerfs two weeks ago. Ah the old list their strengths with no context argument. Garen has mobility, CC, damage, range? steroid, manaless, execute. Sion has CC, 'mobility', damage, shield, slows, AoE knockup, harass, Range? self revive and AS steroid. OP? >She really doesn't need any buff. Stop asking I can't get over this because nobody said this here... ever.
: Dude Raka is cancer! Ok though real talk I like this post. I'm biased as a Riven main but to me she is the most balanced slayer class champion in this game.
The most balanced Slayer in the game is Soraka.
: Tl;DR: Riot, don't give champions you intend to build purely offensive tools that let them get away with building durable as balls.
~~Fuck Fiora and Fizz~~ Ahem. It would be nice if Fiora and Fizz could better be shut down and had to build damage builds. I am pretty sure even most Fizz and Rengar mains would prefer building damage builds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nK07rpiK,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-05-25T02:08:56.712+0000) > >But never have I seen statistics in any tier of play of her building pure tank as the meta build. it wasn't pure tank it was like {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} then other AD item and while the best riven players may didn't use it, CotC riven had 65% win rate on release of CotC before nerfs and was played by a lot of riven mains i crossed in master with riven in their names naturally like i say again i'm not trying to manipulate anyone, it was CotC being overtuned but this still made her going for a "tank build"
Wait, who would build Sterakks on Riven... her base AD sucks. Even that said, a mastery being overtuned resulting in her building slightly more HP than usual and that still not being the most common build, is not her ever having a tank build be meta.
: Yeah but those traits all also make her impossible to balance between low and high elo, and make her snowballing potential(both for her and against her) pretty ridiculous unless the person playing her is a riven main in high diamond or master/challenger
Riven has a 48.15% win rate in bronze scaling up to 52% in diamond where she is largely played by one tricks boosting her performance. Making her one of the most consistent champions across tiers in the games. Riven's potential and counterplay both scale with the skill of the players in the game, so a Bronze Riven has as much chance of beating a Bronze top laner as a Challenger Riven has beating a Challenger top laner.
: sorry but not true at least in high elo during COC meta riven went for full hp with titanic hydra cleaver and other HP items **of course this was COC issue not riven** but i'm just stating a fact {{champion:92}} is probably the reason Xypherous wasn't fired yet. Clear niche clear(melee carry fitting with wombo combo teamcomp) counterplay clear strength First melee carry to be viable while not being feast or famin due to utility+mobility+protection with the AD scaling shield i love riven, i wish i had the skill to play her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ece-7OjHAIA
Not for Adrian, Boxbox, Viper, The Shy, Best Riven NA and others. I also never saw it in the statistics. I did see when CotC first came out she used it and sometimes built one more HP item besides Cleaver, or joke off meta builds that were full tank. But never have I seen statistics in any tier of play of her building pure tank as the meta build.
: With all that said, I still don't like Riven.
I don't like bananas, I hear they are still healthy. https://i.giphy.com/KYNywoibU1PQ4.webp
Rioter Comments
: Please don't tell me you're opening up a flower store. Unless you're parachuting them from your plane while also writing a novel?
I work at a landscaping company. I tend the garden when not in projects. I am studying to become a pilot and writing is a hobby I love.
: who are you glad ISN'T Meta?
{{champion:266}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}}
Ralanr (NA)
: Personally I think it is very different because those skins were more focused on a in joke, a meme that developed from their existence. Ahri in a bikini is not a meme developed by the community. It is just simple fan service. Simple, uncreative (concept wise. I know Riot has the potential to make the skin creative) fan service. I guess what I'm trying to say is that unlike the other two who basically had Riot saying, "Memes are awesome" I feel this skin is Riot saying, "Here's some new fap material that you're probably going to buy" and it is **just something that really wouldn't require much effort to gain a profit because you know there are people who wouldn't mind spending RP to see Ahri in a bikini. Even if the release of it made no sense!** I just think the concept is rather lazy from Riot. I think they can do better with their creativity.
I don't think labeling things as fap material makes it any more or less justified. I liked and bought Pool Party Fiora as a girl because it was a fun and nice looking skin. Not because I wanted to have sex with her. As for it not making sense it does. If everyone coming to my Lawn and Garden store ask for red flowers, we order red flowers more often than blue. Even if we have almost no blue flowers. We still order them every so often for the blue flower fans. Bur our primary concern are red flowers, because not only does it sell but it makes the largest number of customers happy to focus on our popular products. Does it suck that occasionally we don't have a specific blue flower a customer wants? Sure. But we cannot order every type of blue flower on the off chance a customer wants them, bypassing the opportunity to please 15 customers by making sure we have all the red flowers in regularly. So yes. We need skins for unpopular champions. But no amount of skins for Cass is going to please more customers than a skin for Ahri.
Ralanr (NA)
: Personal bias: it's too goddamn easy of a skin concept that really doesn't need much effort to make profit. Logic: you are absolutely right.
It is no different than baker Pantheon or Devil Teemo. Long requested thus easy to sell. I mean I would have prefered a Shyvana skin but there is no entitlement for skins.
Canastus (NA)
: Wanna know what disgusts me the most about that list? The complete and utter lack of a Cassiopeia skin. Seems like they're completely unable to do ANYTHING with her. Also why on earth should Viktor get a skin before Cass while he's still over half a year BEHIND her on the waiting list?
There is no entitlement list. Viktor getting a skin is fine
Ralanr (NA)
: Really? Pool party Ahri?
Sure why not? It is a highly requested skin for years now. I don't understand how releasing it is hurting anything what so ever.
: Fake story, Vayne didn't flame and feed.
There name was Jackyyy and I don't consider that a name and shame because they were and awesome player. I mean early game was rough because Caitlyn/Blitz but they were super nice and came back strong late game.
: yasuo is probably the best matchup i have in top lane, would still perma ban him if i didn't have to ban ivern every game and he is indeed really unfun to play against. the same reason i used to ban cassio, swain and kayle.
{{champion:266}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:103}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:84}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:12}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:32}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:34}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:1}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:22}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:136}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:268}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:432}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:53}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:53}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:63}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:201}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:51}} "Unfun to fight because x" {{champion:164}} "Unfun to fight because x" ...and the list goes on, all the way down the roster.
: I'm going to destroy the ENTIRE board with a single thread
Upvoted this was fucking delicious you wreck those fucking boards Rubick. Hear, lemme downvote you just so I can upvote you a-fucking-gain. Holy fuck this was an amazing post, and I appreciate its creation. Good night and good life to you!
Nsane (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=4HHR0ibm,comment-id=0005000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-22T22:11:17.571+0000) > > Back on the old boards visibility was not determined by votes. Exactly, which is why it should have never changed in the first place. Having votes determine visibility is a stupid idea.
Well yeh. That is exactly what I want lol.
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Vayne even 1v9 carried. Such a glowing angel she was.
Nsane (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=4HHR0ibm,comment-id=00050000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-22T21:24:22.477+0000) > > Votes are not meant to be agree or disagree. That's how they've been used since Season 2 when I first joined the forums. . .
Back on the old boards visibility was not determined by votes.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Too bad they're removing AD Malz gameplay entirely :/ It's PBE so hopefully they reconsider.
Lets get AP Malz functional again before we concern ourserves with supporting his off meta build like the *genius* rework did.
: This reminds me what a dark place our world is, sometimes I wonder if people know wtf Braum's kit is.
Memelon (NA)
: no because then that would be another lee sin buff we dont need anymore lee sin buffs
Let's not add a useful feature for many champions because you don't like one.
: On champions with a dash-to-ally abilities...
Sent this to my friend who mains Kat.
: Yeah, but we all know those don't actually exist. Every Riven player falls into the classic stereotype, every time!
The confirmation bias is strong with this one. ;P
: How can an opinion not exist? Just because it has a negative vote count doesn't mean it doesn't exist It just means more people disagreed than agrees.
Votes are not meant to be agree or disagree. A boards mod clearly stated before upvotes are for if you feel it is an on topic or valid discussion and downvotes are for if it is off topic or presented in a bad manner. A negative vote count around here often just means the first couple board prowlers or headline readers who saw it did not want it visible because they either want to surpress the opinion or person, so they downvoted it. Which not only lowers visibility of a potentially perfectly valid topic, but creates a negative disposition for anybody new coming along. People see a negative or positive vote and decide before potentially even reading that it deserved downvotes/upvotes. Especially if the viewpoint or person is attached at all to existing boards drama. I have several people who upvote or downvote me just based on knowing me. Which is why votes should take second place to discussion, if have any relevancy at all.
: Rek'Sai ult update
I agree it kinda stunk. I would attach a micro fear where they tremble in place for jist a very very bried moment. Even if that required some tuning on the damage numbers.
Rioter Comments
: https://img.memesuper.com/98fb6f197bccae75a933705dc91b3c68_this-is-why-we-cant-have-nice-things-by-darkspiritborameer-meme-tyrannosaurus-rekt-meme_550-168.jpeg
So if you play Tahm Kench bot lane. Is your ADC always feeding? http://pix.iemoji.com/images/emoji/apple/ios-9/256/thinking-face.png
: So, almost as common as unicorns and non-feeding bot lanes?
Almost as rare as Mordekaiser ;P
: Last time I played Minecraft was almost 6 years ago.
: I was 1/2/0 in the mid lane, losing in CS, extremely tilted
I had a bad Sona game the other day. My Vayne basically told the salty jungler to stop raging at me because she needed me then took blame for the state of our lane even if it was clearly my fault. That made me untilt and play a lot better late game. I also became solidly dedicated to protecting that Vayne in team fights. Positive attitudes do a lot.
: Kek? I assume you don't exist in the work world. Ever heard of the saying "you can please half the people all of the time or all the people half of the time but not both" You will NEVER find ANYWHERE that's a open and friendly place for EVERYONE. There is simply to many differing opinions for that.
My definition of open and friendly is all those differing opinions being allowed to exist. And whether that is impossible or not doesn't mean it shouldn't be the goal.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Caitlyn is still an abomination and I don't understand how she can still exist in her state
See. This is why I have no reason to post complaints. Most of the complaints I could make are already made by somebody else. I hate Caitlyn, I think she is unfair and frustrating to fight so upvoted.
Wuks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=4HHR0ibm,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-05-22T12:26:37.295+0000) > > Exactly why this is being ~~fixed~~ **discussed**. Fixed that for ya. Just wanted to clarify again that this is the list of ideas that people brought forward and that we still need to look into each of these points to move forward with and how. Additionally, with just the first point, "Hot" view will still be a thing. Putting "?"s for the first two hours will allow the post to be voted upon without biases that will make or break the post.
Changed the wording for you. I personally will be retiring from the boards mostly once I feel it is an open and friendly discussion community for everyone regardless of what they main, what classes they like or what memelords like or dislike them. So I look forward to these changes.
: ITT: computer illiterate children tell me, a Computer Science major with decades of experience in the field, what a bug is and isn't. **lawl**
My dad works at Nasa and Riot and told me it is fine.
: You and your kind can hide behind the semantics, but it's exploiting a bug; end of story.
You are the one obsessing over semantics and 'literal definitions'. It is something that added to the champions design. A champion with only a 3.4% ban rate despite being too strong this patch. And fairly well balanced since S3 only needing minor changes. Whether it was 'literaly by definition' a bug or not it works and Riven is fine.
: Factually by definition an exploit of a bug. Riot left it in because they'd have to rework the entire champion to bugfix it. They won't do that.
>A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. No longer is it the incorrect or unexpected result. And with the fact that they recently refned the functionality of it, it is behaving exactly in the ways they intend. The factual definition of not a bug.
: I feel quite happy to know that I will never have to face a riven ever again in any of my games, though. Win-win, I suppose?
The glory of 10 bans is everyone gets what they want and a shorter champion select.
: When you can't take this lane anymore so you type /kill in chat to die...
Do you minecraft? I run a dedicated server for a small group of people
: I bet you don't see it. You can't, I'm sure.
Oh the typo. Yeh. I can fix it. I just won't ;)
: her popularity and win rate have spiked recently. I've had her as a permaban for months now, any knowledgable darius main would.
Still she is banned in 3.4% of all LoL games so far from permaban. 2.8% in high tier. If I was a Darius or Vlad main I'd ban her too tho.
: If we were back in S3, she'd make the chopping block. Nowadays there's no reason to really.
Well in S3 she had higher damage, more tankiness and fewer counters. Whole different ball game after multiple nerfs and changes to the game. Though she is strong and played a lot right now, so say if you play Vlad top you might ban her for the sake of better laning.
: > Illoai COULD YOU LIKE...?! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Unfortunately those are the statistics.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NviE4FxU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-22T12:53:57.671+0000) > > Camille > Hold the fuck on, since when do people ban her now that she doesn`t auto win every trade.
: what exploit?
A common coding issue in games is the ability to cancel portions of ability animations or combo them together with buffering of commands due to how they are coded. No LoL champion does this more than Riven, she is the most, somebody has to be the most. These are known as Animation Canceling and Command/Ability Buffering. Extemely common in gaming in general. Riven does this enough that she is balanced with it in mind. So by technicality she is balanced around what originally was a coding anomaly. Riot embraced this as a gameplay feature similar to fighting games. It allows a good Riven to do a 4-5 second combo in 2-3 seconds for example and to chain abilities vs getting self supressed by the animations of W, AAs, R1/R2 and Tiamat. That is what he refers to.
: Button mashing trash champ who needs an exploit to remain relevant. Delete it.
And this ladies and gentleman is where I always lose faith in civil conversation on the boards.
: Why, thank you, good sir. And that is a mighty fine upvote you have bequeathed on me, as well.
I like you. You focus more on fun less on QQ. A true memelord.
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