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Gilgayu (NA)
: Who is your favorite champion?
{{champion:92}} The 3 part story for her and {{champion:157}} was sooo good
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
I'd love to see more comics associated to these skins. I think an aspect of what I enjoy ends up being related to how I learn. I am very much a visual learner, so these kinds of visual aspects ingrains a deeper impression for me. As for skin lines, I want more Eclipse/Coven.
: Always a pleasure, Warlord Dienekes. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I started writing all sorts of nonsense to Zero, but the tl;dr is - given the choice, _I_ would wear the proven, cutting edge of armor technology, safest possible plate armor, and that is absolutely not the individual-cup type boob plate. Risking my life for anything else seems dumb. There is some good point here
: E S S E N C E. F L A R E. D O E S. N O T. W O R K. A N D. W I L L. N E V E R W O R K. O R. B E. B A L A N C E D How many months will take for you guys realize that this effect is way too niche and strong for a game like League? Will this be the next Ardent fiasco?
Does have to be for ADC moron
Falrein (EUW)
: Nations of Runeterra- popularity contest
Frankly it was hard to chose I like Targon, the lore for {{champion:131}} and {{champion:89}} were really good But Ionia is currently home of my first champion {{champion:92}} and with {{champion:103}} and {{champion:84}} being there, it was a little easier to make that decision Though my main is {{champion:28}} and I love her lore. Ionia would be a great place for her to get a meal.
: Champions whose lore you love but can't play?
{{champion:92}} I love her entire concept, from game play to lore. She has it all in my opinion (Recent Story with Yasou was brilliant.) But, I can't animation to save my life, litterally. Feed Fest all day lol.
l MrD l (NA)
: Can we change GA back to being a pure defensive item?
I would agree if {{item:3157}} is turned that way as well. If not Fuck 'em
: "I love Evelynn" appreciation post/comments/suggestions and all that stuff.
She has it all. Her Kit, her lore, her looks. I feel like she is what every champion should end up being. The total package when it comes to everything just clicking.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
What about Assassins. Buy nerfing these changes we are going to be back in a bad spot again.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Zoe - is NOT the benchmark for what a mage should be...
I honestly tired of seeing this bullshit complaint every time I come to the boards. Get good is all I have to say. Look you do not need to play these champions to excel at your role. There a numerous OTPs that actually can accel on the very champions that you say suck. Not to mention some of the actual meta mages such as {{champion:63}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:143}}{{champion:136}} {{champion:50}} also lack mobility as well. All of which have better win rates than her. I would be more incline to agree with you if you said that she is frustrating to play against. But she isn't holding any champion back.
ADC Bard (NA)
: Best Girl in each of their respective anime
Fight Me
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Fasmodey (EUW)
: Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper
So he is a better Evelynn...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 4
Good Morning, How will gold redistribution going to work? I feel there are 2 points that need to be addressed Shut down gold, tower gold, first blood gold, and even baron gold Then gold and exp for killing a weak opponent.
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: Make shields...shields again. (Shield Duration is actually ridiculous)
This and shield stacking needs to outright go. It bullshit to see a Cait who has almost 4k effective health for 5 seconds. That is just plain wrong,
: while I agree that shields shouldn't last as long the comparison with riven isn't fair since her shield is low cd and it is free
The shields on the supports as of right now are also freaking free with the shit ton of Mana Regen that is built into itemization.
: Assassins shouldn't be able to just 1v2 freely. Stop asking for it.
I call bullshit on this theory too. With the current model there is ALWAYS a safe point for the carry in the game because there is 0 downtime on support/support style utility. There ARENT any windows for assassins to do anything. This is the problem. If a support used a shield, it shouldn't be available in 3 secs. Assassins already of a long window in which they have to reset to try again. This needs to be matched on the support side.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Thanks guys, {{champion:28}} is just going to get shit on even harder..... And I'm not the only one who thinks this
: What stories/comics would you like to read/see?
Now that we have the Aspects {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:142}} assembled, what is going on?
: Disagree. Riven still represents the best of what Noxus is and could be. Currently she is being _tempered_ and reforged by Ionia.
So there is going to be more for Riven then? From what I see, everything is kinda resolved She accepts her past Starts to makes amends with it And finds family and in essence a place to call home. So unless she gets recruited in with one of the Ionian factions, or defends her new village from bandits. I don;t see picking up her sword again and let alone fight to restore Noxus to it's "ideals"
: true but it looks more Demacian.
That's because it technically is. Riven was originally going to be Demacian and exiled due to the harshness of Demacian law. The model and skin were set to go, however they changed her to Noxian and as a result kept and repurposed those assets for her alternative skin.
: Fiddlesticks Login Screen Character Tutorial + Motion Graphics Channel
: Do I cease to be British just because I live in California? ;-) My accent suggests otherwise...
But don't also you become American if you choose to be nationalized?...coming from somekne whos grand parents were imigrants
: Totally agree. She will continue living in Ionia. It is even shown that she found a family in that land to take care of. It feels like she should become an officially Ionian champion with that story, just like they changed Ziggs to be a Zaunite instead of Piltovian with his comic. Which would mean the Ionian champion roster would have 19 champions then.... Hell, Riot really should take some years of a break from Ionia.
: Was coming here to drop a comment about that :) Well predicted!
: Riot, We Need More Stories Like This
: Confessions of a Broken Blade: Part 3 - Universe of League of Legends
: The Death of the Elder was an accident.
GenoXx (NA)
: I think Riven is being framed tbh
I think it was an accident actually.
: interesting theory. Would certainly add a new depth to the story
Thanks, I other piece of evidence may be hidden in the recent 1 page comic bio. Notice the panel where it states she shattered her blade. The floor she is kneeling on is man made. So she was in a building somewhere.
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: I agree. Bursting the damage threat of the other team down, for them to then get 2-4 shields that are as much or more then an off tank is a problem. Alot of people thing the entire games number one issue is damage creep, but in my opinion it's everything creep. I've only been playing for 2 seasons, but even in that time everything has gotten bigger. Healing shields and damage. It's all gotten bigger.
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: Music AoE sounds dope. They should base Shaco's stealth around audio queues. Sounds like a cool mechanic. Half the problem with Shaco for me tho is that even if you know he's coming, that blink is too damn fast to react to in time (without flash or a dash).
Problem is there is a large deaf community who do play this game. Unfortunately, "audio" only cues would not work for this.
: Christmas Eve Idea By JessiBeans Definitely gaining popularity
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: *Preface that I wasn't on the pod who developed her, but I have a bit of context on the changes.* **Give us white hair, many of the other Blood Moon skins have it.** This was something that was trialed during development; it didn't work out. Blood Moon Evelynn shows a lot more skin than other Blood Moon skins do, making a good portion of her model a light color. Adding white hair to this would have caused her model to be a blur when in motion and it'd be hard to pick apart exactly what you were looking it. From game height, we aim for larger shapes (also why models aren't insanely detailed when in game versus the splash - the textures are 512 x 512). **The skin looks like Lunar Wraith, not Blood Moon.** That's feedback the team agreed with. There was *a lot of blue*, a color not generally associated with Blood Moon. The team took that feedback to heart and removed some of the blue, making her horns resemble the blue/gold gradient found on Blood Moon Else. The hair was also changed from a hotter pink to something more red, again, to align better with Blood Moon. The hotter pink was definitely trailing into Lunar Wraith Caitlyn's territory. **Is it due to the ego of the skin artist? ** Fair question, but no. The concept artist was working on paint overs/going through feedback loops for a good portion of yesterday afternoon. He made 4-5 paint overs of different hair and horn colors to see what could be pushed to make it feel Blood Moon. This was all based on feedback that Riot KiWiKiD had delivered to the team, coming from the boards, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Once the team agreed on the changes, both the character artist and splash artist spent the rest of the afternoon applying the changes and then Riot KiWiKiD testing them. **Delay it.** We have a release cadence and making larger scope changes on something we've planned x things for means taking away time from another skin's development - it's a slippery slope. It's why we can't 'just add sleeves' to something, for example. It's not simply adding sleeves, but also changing the rig entirely, changing all of her animations so the sleeves don't clip, and adjusting the splash to accommodate the in-game visual changes. Changing an animation kit can take several days, especially on newer characters, like Eve. Tied into all of this is testing, which means testing the skin again in its entirety, which is another large task that takes several (+) days. **Scrap it.** I think this has become a go-to for when someone either doesn't like something, and it's the easiest way for them to communicate it versus constructive feedback .We'd done it once with Sewn Chaos and because it'd been done once, it's a matter of why not do it again? To be honest, we struggled with the Sewn Chaos skins and the confidence we had with them. They were cute, but didn't hit our quality bar, or the fantasy that they should have, and it was something we should have ice boxed way sooner than PBE. **TL;DR**: We hear you! I know it's hard to believe sometimes when high scope changes are requested and they aren't applied. If you aren't sure why something is/isn't done, please ask (preferable on PBE 'cause the SME for the skin usually writes the post!) We have craft/design reasoning behind the choices we make as a team.
Why not change her skin tone to allow her hair to be white and to allow here horns to be red.....
: Blood Moon Evelynn Edit
My man. love this Idea. Love the skin coloring change
Fucking hypocrites, "Another thing we wanted to maintain about her kit was her dual scaling," Really {{champion:28}} ?
: Oh, so you're the reason we keep getting 1350 skins that really don't need to be 1350 skins. Got it.
Not the only one who feels that way bud, if you bothered to follow the link...subreddit is currently filled with these. And for a character that has 5 975 or lower tier skins, I think having 1 above isn't going to break the bank.
: So all mages are getting nerfed hard on the PBE
Nerfing mages opens the doors for assassins to do their job and kill ADCs. It's a hole food chain issue over again. It impacts shield generators and freaking wave clear allowing us to finally roam and get our kill.
Vizulix (NA)
: Dear Riot: Please Do Not Let These Mage Changes Go Through
Finally happy assassins will actually be able to do their fucking job for once and keep ADCs in check. Mages might have a use for wave clear, but that shit is really fucking boring.
: It has to be 975 because of her other skins.
All over her skins are 975.. or lower so... not sure what you are getting at.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mirage Night,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=u1PA1JiO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T07:06:18.277+0000) > > Speaking of which, you guys have something in the works for our infamous invisible naked blue chick? > > > People want to know > > Funny you should ask, yes! Does [Blood Moon Eve]( work for you? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Actually a bit disappointed. It's nice we get a skin, but the fact it is kind a meh and only a 975 skin tier makes me wonder if you guys are putting any effort into something like this. Sorry, I am glad someone looked at her, but it kinda feel like what you guys did with safe cracker eve as a tie over.... Not the only one feeling that way
: > [{quoted}](name=Supreme Senpai69,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=u1PA1JiO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-17T00:30:05.780+0000) > > Don't beat yourself up over that one. You only missed it because she's invisible. ಠ_ಠ
Speaking of which, you guys have something in the works for our infamous invisible naked blue chick? People want to know
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