cufish (EUW)
: If high elo queues are down to ~5min, then how comes I'm having 5-15min queues regularly in gold5? And I'm not even playing ADC or MID...
5 minutes is the mean time. There will be longer times sometimes, especially outside of peak.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Socrates,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=6WuZKauE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-22T18:04:52.023+0000) > > When we first launched new champion select, players were getting their primary role about 70% of the time. As selection behavior changed, this number dropped. We expected players would try and game the system, but we may have underestimated the impact on matchmaking, and there are some particularly bad position combos that result in getting secondary position too frequently. Improving and properly calibrating role selection is also high priority for us. This is really barebones information on a topic that players are very interested in. How popular are the individual roles in champ select and how does that popularity affect queue times? How often does "fill" end up each individual role? Does primary vs. secondary role actually do anything? I understand that if you select Mid/Support you will still get Support more than half the time because of the popularity disparity, but how much of a difference does it make compared to how often Support/Mid would receive Mid?
We do care about primary vs secondary. For actual numbers - it's changing, almost weekly. It's gone from where we were happy with it at launch to where if you put Fill or Support as one of your options... you get Support most of the time.
: To stop wasting everyone in the queue's time. That's why.
Yes this. We're at a point where dodge rates are lower than they were previously, so a lot of the pain is going down now. We can get overall champ selects down lower and waste less time with lock ins.
Retillin (NA)
: So nothing about "Fill" being basically support now?
This is a big problem. That (position selection) and high MMR matchmaking are our two highest priorities.
Shayapig (NA)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions. How do i "redeem" myself?
Keep up your good behavior and you'll become eligible.
: Love it how I reformed, did my chat restriction and yet the system is still punishing me by not giving chests.." No. Players who are chat or ranked restricted or currently banned from play cannot earn or unlock chests through Champion Mastery. Once they’ve reformed, they’ll be eligible for rewards again. " I am neither chat restricted, rank restricted, or currently banned.. Please fix your system.
Hey there, We view champ mastery chests and keys as a reward, as we did with the end of season rewards last year. We're holding players to a higher standard of behavior for rewards than having just completed the specific restrictions they were given. Great job working off your restrictions. If you keep up the good behavior then you'll become eligible for chests and keys soon.
: So yeah just a big group of questions but first: LOVE what i'm seeing so far. I'm not really someone that can dump money into league, and usually only get skins and such as gifts, but now I can just work my way into them :D 1) Will legacy and Legendary skins be eligible? 1.5) and unlikely long-shot, but what about skins from events? (I.E. "Riot" skins or Pax ones) 2) Will it be easier to get low IP champs than higher ones? And when a new champ is released are they automatically also added into the crafting? 3) Can you elaborate a bit on how Essence is earned? I am a little unclear there. 4) It mentions that partying up earns more rewards, will it work similar to community party IP system (like when the Summer Sale happened?) 5) Will you be able to gift chests/keys? 6) last but not least, are Chromas and IP Boosts possibilities for rewards either now or soon(TM)? They may not be the most exciting rewards but a good IP boost has gotten me a few of my now fave champs! Thanks again guys have a great day!
1) Legacy and legendary yes, event skins no. 2) The loot tables don't vary champion probability right now, but they're not final. Let's see how things look on PBE. 3) Essence rarely drops in chests or from disenchanting shards. 4) Chests are when you or a premade gets and S. Keys drop more frequently if you're in a premade. 5) No 6) We built the system to be extendable and flexible. So anything is a possibility for the future, but neither of those items are in for launch.
: HI, hope you doing well. About the total champion mastery level. Is there gonna be a reward for it? Exemple you get a chest every 50 0r 100 level you get?
Would love to do something around this, but not working on it right now.
The Lama PL (EUNE)
: Is there higher propability of getting a drop if you carry your team (system including stuff like kda, damage dealt or turrets destroyed)?
Chests - yes, because you're more likely to get an S grade. Keys - no, they are random based on winning. (Although if you carry, you're more likely to win!)
: When do we even GET Season 6 :(?
Season 6 is really soon, should be announcing that any day. The Hextech Crafting system will be going to PBE today and live regions after that.
: It's still not clear to me, do I have to get S class or it's enought if any of my teammate get it, will I still get chest?
You or someone in your premade.
: How exactly do we get essences to upgrade our shards into permanent items? Do we also get them from chests? Also, will there be a way to track if we have earned a chest for a champion?
Essence sometimes drops in chests, or you can disenchant champion shards to get champion essence and cosmetic items to get cosmetic essence. Yes, you'll be able to see in your champion page which champions you've earned a chest for. We'd like to get that into champ select soon.
: So are permanent rewards only champions, or can you earn skins permanently?
You can get permanent skins. Skin shards can either be upgraded to the permanent skin, or you can reroll three skin shards into a new permanent skin.
: Are included ALL the legacy skins like Black Alistar or PAX Twisted Fate?
No, those are Limited skins, not Legacy, so they're not in there.
Vanillite (EUW)
: I don't know if this question is totally relevant: **how does the system decide which rank we get? **(since we have to get an S rank for those crafting and loot rewards) I played a game a week ago where I ended 3/1/12 as Bard {{champion:432}} support. I actually make some insane outplays and won the game, but I got ranked B...
The most important piece is that you're being compared against all the other players on your region in that Champion and Position combination (e.g. Bard support). We then look at some key metrics which map really well to good performance. We don't call those out explicitly because we don't want people to play weirdly trying to min/max it, but I'm pretty confident you wouldn't be surprised if you saw them.
roguespy (EUW)
: is this pay to win/ a system designed purely to earn more money, making the game worse as a whole and frustrating for people who dont want to spend so much?
If you spend zero dollars and earn chests and keys then you will be able to get skins and other cosmetic items that you could never get before without spending money.
Bat8122 (NA)
: Is it possible to get any harrowing skins?
Skyrish (EUW)
: ''When you or someone in your premade party earns any S rank, you’ll acquire a chest.'' Does that mean that all 5 players will 100% get a chest if 1 premade guy gets an S?
yes, provided - 1) they have a chest slot unlocked (you have four, they lock when you get a chest, one unlocks per week) 2) each player hasn't already gotten a chest on that champion that season
: can you only get shards from the chests?
Chests are the only way you can get shards. Chests can also contain essence, and may contain other items in future.
: With this new system, is there any way to disenchant old skins that one does not use into shard/keys/boxes for new skins that we may want? That would be quite helpful for people who may have gotten something previous, either bought themselves or gifted via. random source, that'd like to make them into better skins that they DO want.
Generally, no - when skins go from the Crafting system into your summoner inventory, that's a one-way thing. However, you get 3 refund tokens per account, so you could refund up to three things and spend that RP on chests and keys.
: So here´s my point: I have 4 champs with Masterie Level 5 , and i usually play them a, imagine that i get a very good rank (S/S-)...what are the probailities of me getting a skin for that specific champion? ( I just wanted Project:{{champion:11}} and maybe High Noon{{champion:157}} ( Shockblade{{champion:238}} too :D ))
You can get skin shards for any champion, including ones you don't own. If there are specific skins that you want, you're probably best getting them from the store, as there are so many different skins that you can get from Loot that you're unlikely to get them. Chests will give you a really wide range of stuff, you'll probably be getting cool skins and champions that you may not have even thought of buying, but end up really enjoying.
ØutpIay (EUW)
: Does it cost money?
You don't have to spend. You can earn chests and keys. You can also buy them if you wish.
: How exactly do these drops work? Do you get them on kill,assist,ect. Will wining the game net you a chance of getting a drop? Also, are these drops going to be rare or a fairly common thing(I'm guessing your going to have to play alot to get a lot of drops as to not make it too easy but i do not want it to be so hard that we have to grind to get it).
Chests drop if you get an S, or if someone in your premade gets an S, capped to once per champion per season. Keys drop randomly when you win a game. We'll be tuning the drop rates on PBE and future patches to look to balance it in the way you described.
TacoBrain (EUW)
: A few questions: 1) Is the 1 champion-crate per season a decision set in stone? It seems like a good way to ensure that people continue experimenting with different champions and rewards that type of player. However, a season is roughly a year. Don't you feel this may be too big of a "cooldown" period? 2) Are there any plans on any sort of trading system where we can exchange loot with other players? 3) Do you guys feel like confident about this launch? I'm assuming it's the first time Riot itself has ever experimented with this sort of reward system. Isn't it, for the most part, uncharted territory? 4) Did you look into other games with similar features (CS:GO, TF2) while designing this? Specifically, were the limitations you've imposed born out of mere foresight or actual problems other games have already faced? Thanks for this. Best of luck with this launch!
1) It's not set in stone - we'll see how we go on PBE, and we if we don't change it there we'll see how it plays out over the course of 2016 season. 2) We're not planning on a trading system. It adds a huge amount of complexity that would have really slowed down how we could ship the system. It's not ruled out, but not currently planned. 3) We feel great about the launch in that we're really excited about the system and can't wait for players to use it and give us feedback. You're right that this is the first time we've had skins be earnable in this sort of way. That's why we'll be going to PBE for a longer than usual amount of time, and will do a beta in one region before we roll out everywhere else. 4) All of the team play a ton of games so between us we're familiar with similar systems elsewhere. We definitely tried to look at those systems and see what works and what doesn't, as well as considering what sort of crafting system League needs. For example, we didn't want to do something that adds a ton of overhead between each game, because after a great game, you generally just want to roll into the next game.
: 1) There is a maximum number of chests you can get in a certain period. Is there also a maximum number of keys that you can get? 2) Is a key randomly given each game, or only one in a few number of games? 3) Is it possible that more tan one person gets a key in the same game? 4) The chests you get because other person gets an S are linked to the champion you have or to the one they have? (This is about the 'one chest per champion' rule) Thanks in advance, I'm really into this new update.
1) You start with 4 chest slots open. When you use one, it locks. After a week, you unlock one of those slots. 2) There is no max on keys. 3) Yes 4) The champion you are playing.
: When are you gonna launch the test in pbe and in the public servers?
PBE today. We're a couple of weeks from live and we'll probably do a beta in one region.
Phaazoid (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Mirross,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cuuOtBkZ,comment-id=00210002,timestamp=2016-01-13T19:34:38.566+0000) > > This is cool :) > > Don't think we can do animated summoner icons in the current client, but having a way to unlock something specific to those champions is something we'd love to add in future. Current client... Is this a hint for the newww client!?!?
get [hyped](
: Will this be unlocked for all levels or only at level 30?
Not finalized, but not limited to level 30's. We want this to unlock as part of the 1-30 experience - probably somewhere between 5 and 10.
vG Havoc (EUW)
: I already own every champion in the game, does that mean that I would only be able to get skin shards for champions and wards? Cos it wouldnt make sense for me to get champion shards as it would be a waste of loot
Agreed. We've not put a solution in for this yet but earning shards that you can't use is something we want to avoid.
Corza (NA)
: "To unlock your chests, you have a chance to randomly pick up a key each time you win any matchmade game and winning with friends results in finding more keys than going solo." How frequent do keys drop? o.o
We're not going into specifics of the drop formula, but our goal is that it feels like a healthy drop rate. This is one of the things we'll tune on PBE.
SKP23en (EUW)
: OK, lets go: 1- To get in deep with the keys: can you specify more the way of getting them? Will be mandatory be on a premade team to get them, or that will only raise the positibilities? 2- Only 4 chests per month? Does that mean that for exemple, I get a chest for getting a +S with Sona and Veigar. Then i was playing Hecarim and Ahri, though I have no mastery level with them, my teammates get an S and I win two chests with both. Is this scenario plausible? If I understand it correctly, I can't win another chest until next month and I can't win another chest with Sona, Veigar, Hecarim and Ahri until the next season. That's correct? 3- Can you put examples on the quantity of essences we will get from the chests? What's the minimum / maximum? 4- Is there a limit of how many chests /keys can you buy with RP? Have you considered making them available with IP? 5- Will chromas be part of the chests' loot in the near future? 6- Related to the mastery of champions, when will we be able to get points from another gamemodes? ARAM, TT and Dominion?
1) They drop randomly when you win games. It's not mandatory to be in a premade but it does increase the drop rate a little. 2) Your scenario is correct, although it's premade not just teammates. If someone in your premade gets an S (S-, S or S+) and you haven't already earned a chest on the champion you're playing, you get the chest. 3) We've got some numbers on this for the PBE deploy but it's definitely something we'll be tuning as we get the system ready for launch. Typically you'll be getting a shard in a chest, sometimes with essence. you can also disenchant shards you don't want for essence. 4) There will be a daily limit on chests. We've considered IP purchase but it won't be there initiatlly. 5) We've built Hextech Crafting as a really flexible system and we expect that we'll be able to add new types of content in future. That said, we don't have immediate plans to add Chromas. 6) We're exploring adding Mastery to other queues - definitely for keys, maybe for grades and chests. It's most likely to be in modes that you choose your champion though.
: Can you get animated summoner icons for lvl 5 + champs? Like the one Zed got with the Jhin teaser :D Would be cool
This is cool :) Don't think we can do animated summoner icons in the current client, but having a way to unlock something specific to those champions is something we'd love to add in future.
LoZfan03 (NA)
: Looks like a really cool system, and I'm looking forward to it. Got a couple questions on details. 1. It was mentioned that rerolling shards into permanents guarantees you'll unlock something you don't already own. Is there a similar guarantee on shards themselves? I.E. can I get a Garen champion shard even though I have him unlocked? 2. Has there been any consideration into gifting through the crafting system? It'd be nice to pass on skins I know friends would appreciate more than me. If not gifting, perhaps trading at the shard level?
1) You can get a Garen champion shard. If that happens, you could disenchant it for Champion Essence, or wait for three champion shards, to reroll them for a champion you don't own 2) It's something we've thought about but aren't doing in the short term. It adds a lot of complexity and we wanted to get the first version of the system out as quickly as possible.
: Can you elaborate on this part: " and each champion you play can earn you one chest per season." ,does this mean i have to play with 4 different champions each month and get S ranks on them in order to get a chest?
Yes, but you can also be in a premade with someone who gets an S grade to earn the chest for your champions.
: If we already got to Mastery 5 on a champion, will we get the two keys we would've win or that's lost?
That's not how keys work - keys drop randomly when games, not tied specifically to Mastery levels.
  Rioter Comments
: ._. I hope the Victorious Skin is not Vayne because I would be dissapointed.
It's going to be an adc. We need an adc! What do you guys think of Urgot?
Sam Med (EUW)
: Why can't we have a category for mastered (more than 3) champs in our profile?
Heya, This is a great idea, I'm excited that you've reached the point where you've mastered 3+ champions and want to have a record of them. We're working on some new things for the champ mastery system, so please let me know the things that you like and don't like about the system. At a high level, we'd like to evolve the system so that - * It continues to give you and feedback on the champions that you've really spent time on and have a mastery level over. We'll be unlocking additional levels for champions in due course. * You have additional goals around leveling up lots of your champions. I think this is the itch you're looking to scratch here - we want to recognize players that have really deep champion pools because that's a valuable achievement. * We have cool rewards tied to doing really well with the champions you love. We've established the grading system at end of game as a baseline language for how well you're doing in a game. It would be cool if we could reward you in a way that reflects your performance over one or multiple games.
: Once you go through your placements though, if they do come out inaccurate you will have to go through more promos in order to climb to where you otherwise would be if your placements were more accurate. I thing the frustrating nature of promos in general creates a desire for having more accurate placements.
Promos have some pain around them, i totally agree. We have some plans to address that for next season.
: Please tell me how Placements "accurately" decide where I should be?
We don't think placements can identify exactly where you should be, but we have to start you somewhere. We could have you play 50 or 100 games, but that lack of visibility would be really frustrating. Think of Promos as the starting point, and then set yourself a goal for when you want to be this season.
: No matter how much you downvote me, I believe in elo hell (Warning a salty post)
Ranked sucks when you get on a bad run of games, I hear you. When things are going bad, I try to remember that I'm only 1 of 10 people in the game. I can't take all the credit when we win, and I can't take all the blame when I lose. I try to look at a game and ask what I could have done differently to help us win. I've seen some great suggestions on this over the years, a few of my favorites are - Did things get salty? Could I have helped steer us to a happy place? Reminding people to focus on the game, calling out good plays. Some games you're going to lose, but when you're mid has a bad start and is low on confidence, helping him or her keep their focus on the game can really turn things around. How was the pick / ban phase? Did i learn anything about the matchup, and what would I do differently next time? How was our shotcalling? Did i shotcall? SHOULD I have been shotcalling? I feel like a lot of games that I lose we could have won if we'd had someone seize the game and get everyone grouped for an objective? Did we stay too long at their tower after a kill and get punished? Did i buy enough wards? :) Last, you do need to play enough games to get to the right spot. Each season we do a soft reset on everyone, to give you a challenge in climbing back to where you deserve to be. Good luck!
  Rioter Comments
: It doesn't recognize the role you play, only the primary role of the champion. So Teemo, Kayle, and Kog'Maw can't be mages. Leona, Morgana, and Zyra can't be supports. Twisted Fate, Gnar, and Kennen can't be marksmen. Thresh, Taric, and Braum can't be tanks. Nocturne, Urgot, and Jarvan IV can't be fighters. They said that it would recognize your role, but not even team builder makes it do that.
We do recognize your position for Grades. We give you the primary role for each champion for Titles, because people will typically play champions in a large number of different roles, and it's not straightforward for us to map an entire set of games to a single lore role
: How do you guys determine what role a champion is being played in? Is it purely by item builds, or are there some super sneaky ways the game can tell what role you were trying to fulfill as your character?
Super-sneaky ways. A bunch of metrics (it's a machine-learned model) but suffice to say if you're taking a large proportion of CS in a lane then we won't consider you a support.
: Champion Mastery and Dark Horse Roles
Hey there, The system does compare you against other Ekko Supports, we're not comparing you to mid-lane Ekkos. Everyone is new to the champion so the standards for Ekko supports may be a little high at the minute! Some of the other comments in the thread are saying that it only uses default role, but that's incorrect. We use default role for the Titles (Grunt, etc). Grades look at the position you played in that game.
: How often does this happen to you?
You should still have gotten points for this. Sorry that the grade didn't load! If this happens again send me the match history and we'll take a look.
A Ocean (EUW)
: Champion mastery too affected by outcome?
Hey there, Totally understand that there's some dissonance here when you get back to back results like this. When we're working on design and balance here we have a range of factors. Most importantly, we want games to stay healthy competitive environments where everyone is trying to do the same thing (namely: win.) We don't want people off farming lanes while the team is doing Baron, or trying to steal kills, or any other weird behavior that's focusing on min-maxing Champ Mastery rather than winning the game. For this reason, your champion points are based on your overall team's performance. We'll keep looking at the specific balancing and see if it needs tweaking. We also want to be able to give you feedback on how well you're doing, and that's what we have the performance grades for - S through D. They compare how well you did in the game with everyone else in your region on that Champion and position (e.g. Rek'Sai jungle). Giving goals and feedback based on individual performance is a really interesting space that we may well move in to in future - we just have to be really careful about how we do it. Suggestions are welcome! :)
: Champion Mastery
Hey there, Other players can't see your grade in champ mastery. Is that your concern?
: Champion Mastery Thing
Hey there! Champion Mastery has been on PBE and in beta in Brazil for a few weeks now. We're planning to roll out to more regions soon. Look for an update next week! Here are more details on the system from the PBE launch.
DropFill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=arcinex,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=4qPEKEhf,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-03-30T19:31:40.722+0000) > > Wait no. It is only out for PBE At least in brazil ( my server ) I already have it. I am pretty sure
We're in beta phase in Brazil and will be for at least 3 more weeks. As soon as we're ready, we'll be rolling it out to other regions!
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