R2D20 (NA)
: Is there a way we can see whether item effects stack (for instance, you can't do double morello) or is that going to continue to be a trial/error thing?
far as i know you can double pretty much any item except "champ counts as x" for synergies
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
Just for my 2 cents, I don't play Blitz much, but I really like this change overall. It's always felt kind of annoying how inconsistent his R passive is, especially when you accidentally take that 1 minion your adc needed to get an item. I like the reward of spending more time punching, also going along with his w having a use besides just a speedup, potentially making people hold it for longer skirmishes. I also like that the damage synergizes with his theme of building mana. My only fear is that blitz is gonna do more damage... he really hurts ><; lol
: I wouldn't say she's necessarily "unbalanced" but more of the Zoe issue from before. Zoe had < 50% win rate and wasn't OP by any means, but it was just SO F*CKING FRUSTRATING to play against her. Akali takes that to another extreme by not even being able to target her with the shroud component. Her win rate is fine, though still maybe overturned for the best Akali players, but definitely leaning more on the side of unfun rather than unbalanced.
Not disagreeing with you, but apparently lee sin q and nidalee mark can still find her in shroud, not sure if that's a bug or not, so there are still options against the shroud
: Poppy's Ragdoll Poppy skin already throws a pillow in place of the shield. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8vIsUjC4jQ
but would be so much less creepy... still not as bad as old lolipoppy, but i really don't like that skin
Aziaal (NA)
: You guys said you would like **map visuals idea**s, and i was just thinking since this is a wacky rules don't apply as much game mode designed for more fun less competing i think that a Bandle city/yordle vibe would work well with it. make it whimsical you know
I would love more lore/info/better look into bandle city, it's the one i've found the least information on. I think this is a great idea!
: Will the tool tip for the buff indicate this when playing Amumu?
Please!! I know they are silly and pointless, but i miss the old lore based buffs
: True that it would need tanks to be rebalanced but perhaps not as much as we think, tankyness is the weakest in late game if we make items that give you % extra defense they would only be late game items anyways. There could also be items that reduce % damage, for example an item that reduces all damage received by 20% or something like that.
Basically, you're talking about stoneplate, the active gives more hp and 40 armor/mr, which is functionally damage reduction, just not as mathmatically useful if you're already very tanky. the thing is, tanks are still very effective lategame, yes a full built adc or apc might be able to chunk through their health, but only because they have built to do so. The best thing tanks can do is live as long as possible to make sure their dps can do as much damage as possible. (plus if anything gave more % hp, all briusers and cho'gath would be completely busted)
Galiö (NA)
: increase Armor and Magic Resistance by 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90. Each time the unit suffers damage, Galio is healed for 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+30% of ability power) (-20% healing for each consecutive hit). This was the most interesting, unique and basis of his strength AND build of pre rework Galio. Also I'm an advocate of getting rid of his DR and giving him back his heal. All of that was lost in the rework :(
I forgot about his old e, that was the one thing i was sad to see gone with the rework, but i still think he's better in the current state. It would be really cool if he could still do that though. Biggest thing was, most people barely ever used it, it was all about that q damage and the flash ult
Malak (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=upj64E0i,comment-id=00290000,timestamp=2018-08-10T17:22:03.257+0000) > > For Runes we&#x27;ll be making it so you pick a stat, or possibly a couple of stats, while picking your Runes. > > Starting items is a space we might revisit at some point, for this particular issue though we think we&#x27;re better off just offering a direct pre game choice, avoid having to make so many different starting items to cover all the possible combinations. I have to say I would really like to see a bunch of different starting items one day. Like, Doran's ring price going down to 300 and having a 10 armor item for 100g that doesn't build into anything for example. I know you guys don't want to overwhelm players but you should give us more credit. Players aren't dumb and certainly don't mind complexity where needed. Plus, the complexity is still there, just outside of the game.
Players aren't dumb, no, but try taking a new player who has never played a moba before and saying 'here are fifteen items you can start the game with any two but they don't build into anything' most new players barely get the concept of a gank. I've seen plenty of new players be overloaded just by the 'recommended' screen. Not saying one or two more items wouldn't be useful though
La Bello (NA)
: what about items. I noticed nothing in your "things we are going to focus on preseason" post mentioned nothing about Items. I feel like the current state of items is pretty bad across the board. Supports have all their items focused around heals and shields which reflects poorly on class. They are more than just heal/shield slaves for a carry! these guys have aspirations too you know! {{item:3109}} effects are hardly even noticeable btw so at the very least add a visual effect to it so we know when its going off. Juggernauts have no items that let them deal with tanks properly and still rely on Black Cleaver+innate shred/pen abilities which simply in of itself is not enough compared to the dreaded "percent max hp magic damage" and high resist stacking. Yes conqueror is a thing but demanding that an entire class abuse this one rune to win the matchup is a incredibly awful idea. (anyone not running conq is basically in a pre-buff state and bound to lose ALL their ability to fight tanks lies in this ONE rune which is just sad ) Mages all are fettered by {{item:3802}} now which kinda sux but most importantly {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} are still ruling the class with a iron fist and are far overdue for reworks. Lethality is in a questionable state Duskblade is an abomination and everybody wants it gone EVEN assassin players. Edge of Night is boring and NOBODY looks forward to building it. could really use yet ANOTHER rework Yommu's is okay. Not amazing...just okay as in it has a job and it does it well but its effects aren't unique at all (there are TONS of gapclosing options in the item store) {{item:3009}} is living in the shadow of {{item:3111}} and lowkey needs a rework this is anecdotal but I dont remember the last time I saw {{item:3074}} over {{item:3748}} I think Fiora is literally the ONLY champ who buys this anymore and maybe some oldschool Riven players who refuse to embrace glorious Stormrazor Riven. {{item:3100}} feels WAY too good vs structures into the lategame but this is probably mostly because of Rabbadons force multiplier scaling. {{item:3146}} active needs a nerf imo. either the CD increased or damage reduced. I think the active is lowkey crazy good but nobody has caught on. IT does so much on such a low CD {{item:3091}} still pretty worthless compared to {{item:3156}} {{item:3022}} still only ever gets picked up by ranged champs looking to abuse melee's. Nobody melee touches this like ever.... {{item:3155}} feels way too strong into some matchups and it feels like it removes all kill pressure whereas AD champs can still pummel a mage through seekers
I have to disagree with a lot of what you said, deathcap is supposed to be the best way to get more ap, but you trade survivability and high cost, void staff is literally the best thing to build against tanks or anyone stacking Mr. Wanting to fix them for doing what they are supposed to feels like saying IE should be removed because it gives a lot of crit. Lich bane is good against towers because mages now do innate AP damage to towers, and it's double dipping, maybe that could use some tweaking I will give you wit's end and frozen mallet don't seem to have any good uses because they either aren't worth the investment or there are better options. I've never met an assassin player who didn't want duskblade in the game, and with the upcoming change to make it not stack with storm razor I think it's ok. Hydra might need some attention, it was kind of indirectly nerfed with bramble coming out, but more so I think it's fallen back just because there are better options now. I Disagree with swifties, they are possibly more useful now since you can get innate tenacity with precision tree, I've never felt more options to choose other boots since they added that rune Personally edge of night is one of my favorite items, I'm just bad at using it
: I know there's been mention of Wukong needing a rework, but also frustration that the team doesn't know what direction to go in. What role do you think Wukong should be? We've gotten accustomed to the one shot assassin role, but what do you want him to be?
I like him as an offtank initiator, some good damage (not assassin level) but tanky enough to eat a few hits without using w. Imo it's most interesting when used for misdirection, not just an 'oh crap they know I'm here' button. I'm not a fan of his pure damage build
KalaKent (EUW)
: Hey Meddler, are we a patch away from Nunu or can we expect him sooner? Cheers
I don't think it's on the pbe yet, so probably at least 2-3 patches, I'd guess more
BleKz (EUW)
: Please, please make so Zoe doesn't get spells or items from minions, its unecessary, her W does enough, there's no need to get a protobelt/redemption/anything at lc 3 from minions, its just nonsesnse RNG Also remove runes plox, 2 much damage in the game, not just from the domination tree
It's not the fact that runes give too much damage, it's the fact that almost every champ in the game last lost some automatic defenses (armor yellows,hp/lvl, etc) if you don't want to die as fast, you need to get some defenses, otherwise, most trees have at least some defensive options if you use them right
Galiö (NA)
: 'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from complaining about rework Galio babbeee. Give him back his heal please.
Sorry, I'm not too familiar with galios history, when did he have a heal? And I think his Dr+ shield is plenty myself
La Bello (NA)
: thats a TERRIBLE nitpick. 1. Pyke literally is not allowed to stack HP due to his passive so having obscene resist is the only way he can last longer than a sneeze 2. Garen has panic button that gives him SIXTY (60!) percent damage reduction on a whim instantly. You can literally HALVE all incoming damage at a moments notice. 3. Pyke is made to set up kills or sneak in and finish off weak targets. Garen is a brick shithouse that decimates anything that gets close to him with his massive Q and E damage (assuming you actually built correctly and did not fall for the tank Garen meme). having a champ with low damage be slightly tanky is okay. Having a champ with HIGH damage ALSO be extremely hard to kill can be frustrating to play against sometimes.
> [{quoted}](name=Sunibee,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=upj64E0i,comment-id=004f00020000,timestamp=2018-08-11T02:25:58.233+0000) > > having a champ with low damage be slightly tanky is okay. Having a champ with HIGH damage ALSO be extremely hard to kill can be frustrating to play against sometimes. This is why I almost always ban Darius if I'm top lane, call me bad if you want, but I find him the most info Unfun, painful experience to lane against and have literally never beaten him, can't build damage because he kills you to fast, can't build tanky because you can't kill him. I'd rather lane against tahm kench (barely)
: Not a perfect solution, but a work-around I use for now: When I change my mind, I ping OMW 2-3 times my new destination to make it clear to the laner that I finally I won't come.
My issue is people don't usually look outside their lane, so if you ping 'omw' elsewhere, they aren't likely to see it, same thing with pinging Mia for your own lane, I miss that all the time when other people do it unless they also ping danger, I often just miss the sound of the Mia ping
: Is the time frame between champion releases and vgu usually about the same? I'm excited that kayle/morg finally got revealed as Jinxylord said he would look into helping nidalee after his current champion work was finished.
Not really, they do them in whatever order they feel is most pertinent at the time, it also depends on the scope (ezereal just getting a new w probably) and also how things work out in testing, riot has cancelled reworks and entire champions before because they felt they couldn't get it all to work right. Don't want to stomp your hopes, but it really depends on what champ he is working on, some champs take 4 or 5 years to finish, but I don't think it will be that long for nid
: Hey meddler i remember in the last post you mentioned someting abt your trees not dictating whixh stat you recieve, with this in mind would be getting a way to trade off say ad/ap for a more niche stat like move speed that was a bit hard to get due to celerity being too accessable to everyone.
I think they want to avoid movespeed specifically, it's arguably one of the most powerful stats in the game as a whole, we kind of saw that with boot enchantments imo
: About Zoe, has there been consideration into locking her W behind lv 1-18 or behind skill rank 1-5? For **example** rank 1 W only gives her cleanse, and flash through minions with no AP scaling, but at rank 5 she gets access to all SS and current item actives with current ap scaling? It doesn't have to be that but I feel like locking the SS and especially items behind a level or rank wall will help make it feel better to play against.
I'm not very good with Zoe, but I think this is a cool idea overall, make the drops from minions scale up a bit instead of all available early
WarWork (NA)
: I think Annie got weak because they are too reluctant to move her from her simple playstyle, she when she's weak she can't do anything and when ahead, she is obnoxus
Similar to garen, there's no harm in a handful of champs being simple, some people don't like to play super complicated thanks Champs, they are also great for new players as there is less complicated stuff going on, so they can learn more about the rest of the game
: Would the bonus minion damage on Yi's alpha strike get added back? It is massively hurting Yi while splitpushing or laning. I see now that there's absolutely no reason to keep the nerf that was implemented because of people exploiting gold funneling now that it is good as dead. Me as a 900k mastery points Plat 2 Yi main, along with the rest of the community of Yi mains would be very happy if Riot didn't repeat the same mistake of not reverting unnecessary Yi nerfs (For example the highlander nerfs and wuju style nerfs that was implemented because of devourer but for some reason was kept after devourer was removed)
I don't play yi too much, but for me, he still pushes Lanes pretty quick once you just get some ad/as, he just can't instant clear as early
lokiemoorM (EUNE)
: "where his ult was getting outdamaged by one of his auto attacks (some bad feels)" Poor yasuo. That is when his auto does half your hp. Yasuo is the most banned champion in the game. People hate him and you should focus on changing his kit. His windwall for example.
I don't mind wind wall, sure it feels bad when he blocks some powerful stuff, but I think it's a cool way for a melee to combat general range advantage. What I'm not as fond of is that wind wall starts behind him, making blocking by reflex almost free instead of feeling more skill based. I'm also just not a fan of one of the highest damage melee champions also having some of the best mobility in the game along with wind wall. I'm fine with some of his unique things, it just feels like there is no counter play if he gets any sort of early lead, especially since his ult comes up before you can get back to lane, meaning he can use it anytime he wants and still have it up for a team fight/teammate set up
: MY IDEA: I would suggest making multiplier items, like ad has, crit, attack speed, armor pen. In the same way but not to such a high degree tankiness should also multiply, for example make an items that gives you +30% total health +30% total armor, these items would only be worth it for true tanks that buy a lot of defenses. This way those who build high defenses can scale with them into late game instead of being deleted too fast if the game goes long.
It's an interesting idea, but I think it would require every tank to be rebalanced around the item, there was initially a huge issue with the jungle enchant giving % more hp, and some tanks can hit 150 armor/Mr without items, or pretty close. I think, just as a simple stat booster, it would just end up being a 'must buy' that would require most tanks to be nerfed, like will of the ancients for Vlad and akali
Skorch (NA)
: No idea if you will see this since its a bit late but, these are the kinds of changes i like, instead of broad classwide changes that we have 8.9-8.11 or whatever. Buffs to a large class based on their strengths and weaknesses. Although a 28sec cd is insane for kench, and also hurts his W poke so not too much better for offense as well.
I 'think' eating a minion counts as 'enemy cast' so arguably this is a bit of a buff to his poke, but I could be wrong
Sw4de (OCE)
: it feels like riot's only purpose in life is to make the lowest level of counterplay stat balls, unfun, cancerous kits to be the strongest and most viable at all times, what other purpose do they have to keep buffing these champions who actually wants to play skarner rammus maokai malzahar TK Nautius amumu garen vlad morgana janna lulu, why do they get buffed until we are forced to play them because they are so broken, nobody wants to play this shit or play against this shit, i really really want to know the thought process behind these changes
I honestly find mumu,Lulu, and Morg fun to play, though half of that list wasn't mentioned here at all, dial it back a bit, I don't think most of these changes are going to put games back into 'tank only' status, and mostly just moved some numbers around to make them more unique, mumu good at taking lots of small hits, Leona having a good initiation, but weak when it's not available, was
: Tank changes for 8.16
Generally I like the changes overall, I like how they are tailored to the specific unit. I see some people talking about naut jungle, but I think it should so l still be fine, since you're only losing about 5 hp early and it will be up more often to start a camp. I am confused about tahm though. I thought his whole thing was to be able to save teammates, if the objective of these changes is to embrace some of their uniqueness, then I feel like tahm is being punished for saving an ally because the cooldown is so long at level 1. Maybe 20/19>>16, only getting 30% of the CD back on enemy eat? I completely understand he shouldn't be able to save someone from everything, but I would rather see him lose a bit more damage and still be able to save people a bit more often.
: Said nothing for Poppy.
I think she is in a pretty ok place at the moment, but I really would prefer the qol change about her shield returning if the target died mid flight be restored. Always sad when greedy p teammates farm minions while you are tower diving and kill you because you were going to get a shield off that one minion. Otherwise, what do you think she needs?
Capi974 (EUW)
: Quinn Origami concept art LoL skin ingame, Gary Vanaka
the style is really weird... but i really like it
: How is the new Infinity Edge going to sync with {{champion:22}} ? Specifically I'm looking at her passive, will every hit deal true damage or just the "crits". Will the same portion of a "crit" be converted to true damage, or maybe is she just gonna get left behind and not deal any true damage? As a long time Ashe player I must know these things.
I believe "this is still in testing" was the last thing we heard
Keshaun (NA)
: Really wish they stopped adding more true damage. Building little armor doesn’t really help against conquerer/infinity edge anymore since that is like 40% true damage or something if they stack. Since critical strikes do not deal more damage, the % converted to true isn’t that big of a deal anymore, but when facing those infinity edge & conquerer users, tabis isn’t even useful at that point for a carry like champ. I do like that they’re nerfing the price on zeal items though so it takes a bit longer to spike.
I do agree, i understand they are trying to implement ways to combat tanks, but true damage just feels bad, since there's nothing you can really do against it and all your gold building defensive stats is just kind of useless
: You need to drop the crit chance on all finished crit items by 5% and shift that power elsewhere in each of those items. The current options do not allow for 100% crit chance builds without going over and wasting gold, and so there will be no net change in the frequency of RNG-sucess crit builds. IE + Crit Item + Crit Item = 100% crit chance needs to be an option. It isn't now with all the 30% crit items. Currently your only options are IE + Crit Item + Crit Item = 120% crit chance, or IE + Crit Item + Stormrazor or Essence Reaver = 60% crit chance, which does absolutely nothing to change the status quo or the problem of overly frontloaded ADC damage. Give us a 20% crit chance item, or make the 30% crit chance items only provide 25% crit chance, so 100% crit chance slots neatly into builds. Otherwise, nobody is going to waste gold on that extra unused 20% crit chance by building IE + 2 crit chance items, which means RNG Crits still decide way too much.
Just a point, essence reaver doesn't give crit anymore, but I do agree wasting the 20% crit does feel a bit bad
: tbh after looking at the patch notes some things like getting rid of any crit on ie is bad ideas like that's one of the oldest items with best stats and the reasoning to use it for for the crit advantage now we have to build something alot less awesome just to get by seems legit.....
to be honest, IE first item has been pretty bad for a while on most adc. Caitlyn is a perfect example, you're much better off at least getting zeal before finishing IE to get better effectiveness.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mishli,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2ykqAkNa,comment-id=01860000,timestamp=2018-05-01T15:59:49.052+0000) > > I hate to be the bringer of bad news, especially since I play support as well, but I think the general consensus is that supports are too strong, least that&#x27;s what I&#x27;ve been hearing. Personally I think people are just saying that since the sight stone changes, a lot more people are tolerating playing support now I know thats what a lot of ppl saying - and i'm sure the majority of them dont even play at botlane, but are some midlane mains that cry about sups beeing to strong cause a sup dared to reject them their penta. Besides not beeing a fan of the new run system at all (more ways to express your playstyle? *lol*), League incl. sup-roll was in a fine state until 8.6, when suddenly all this assassin and oneshot-bs was forced by riot. Now in 90% of the games, it's just the question of "will my Yi snowball first, or their Zed, Kata etc." The real problem I think is, that riot still haven't found a way to balance the game in a way that it's both good for coordinated pro-play and low to mid ELO (where 90% of the playerbase is ranked in).
It's not exactly an easy thing, perfect example is all of the mana changes happening. Pretty much in any elow below (at least) gold, mid laners never get blue buff. How can they balance around some mages getting infinite mana and some getting none? Far as I can tell, there is NO WAY to perfectly balance around both pro and casual play without having two completely separate versions of the game, and that wouldn't be fun for anyone. Personally, the new runes has been one of my favorite changes league has made in years. I like all of the difference in kind and often find myself going "do i want permanent attack speed, or heal returns on kill" or other such debates
: Are supports too strong? Yes. Are they the reason ADC are broken? No, not even close. Supports and ADCs have their own issues. Stop blaming one for the sins of the other.
I'm a little confused, my comment was on being concerned about having more true damage in the game, and a question whether or not Randuins would get a rework. I didn't call anyone op or even bring supports into the equation
Nombae (NA)
: I would argue there is a significant difference between the RNG of a critical strike and dragon/plants. Plants/Dragons can be planned around and have strategic choices. Trading, getting a critical strike and going all-in because of it is not a strategic choice at all. This point is exacerbated when the ADC has an AA modifier. The point you mentioned "innate RNG" was exactly the same reason why they removed Ninja Tabi (12% chance to dodge) the problem is ultimately the same: "feels great when it procs at important times" "feels bad when it procs against you at important times". There is no expression of intelligent decision making with respect to these.
You aren't wrong, crits are much more impactful than dragons in almost every situation, but it's the same idea. You can plan around your opponent gettin some early crit, such as getting some early armor or playing safer, the issue is when they can just walk back into lane and basically bully you out with 1 auto after an early purchase, which it sounds like they might be raising the cost of early crit, or giving lower crit chances early, which will hopefully help with that issue. Considering how powerful crits are once fully invested, I am completely alright with there being some inconsistancy. Personally I think the game, overall is much better for having crits. Just like Yasuo or Teemo, yes they can be annoying sometimes, but it'd be a lot more boring without them
Slushie (NA)
: I think overall my big worry with Stormrazor is that unless you disincentivize the item from being a first buy I can see scenario's where you just CAN'T take early-mid game trades in lane as a adc because they just hit you with the guaranteed crit and walk away or walk into you, either way causing a huge gap in trading potential, which it seems like you're leaning TOWARDS wanting to happen.
I am somewhat concerned about this as well. They are "lowering Early impact of crit" but then adding an item that grantees it?. I'd like to see the item before I say 'op' though
: Feedback: If you make this changes some champs may fall to the ground like jhin etc so you need to buff them or not make changes
I feel like, with 2 guaranteed crits that do true damage, I don't think jhin will be that bad off
Teahyun (EUW)
: I think these changes might be justified YET the core issue still remains. Lulu and Janna are the biggest problem supports when people complain about unkillable demi god adcs snowballing. These have to be nerfd BEFORE working in adcs, as any changes to them will have already make a significant change in perception of how people feel about adcs. Ardent should also get nerfed or removed entirely. The item itself is too cost efficient without requiring any skill to use (esp with the champions just mentioned). After these changes gone through you can start to look at the adc issue. I am actually heavily in favor of removing crit entirely, and reducing the sustain in botlane in order to make trading meaningful. But that doesnt change the biggest problem FOR adcs: Agency. ADcs have none. Whilst having the biggest impact in the game when ahead. The adc himself has little to no control over how and when he gets ahead or how the game progresses. Even trading in lane is almost a 10/90 distribution towards the support. ADCs need more agency in their lane and since you cant just randomly buff adcs you HAVE to nerf supports. Reduce their base values and the cheap items + gold gen. Otherwise whats gonna end up happening is another poke/mage support meta arising, dominating and deciding every laning phase by themselves. Botlane cannot be looked at by single role only. You cant buff or nerf a single role without indirectly effecting the other.
He said they are getting too supports too, but they feel that adcs need some attention too. I will not disagree that Lulu and Janna are very frustrating, but I don't think that means Nerf supports as a whole
Nombae (NA)
: "You'll see fewer critical strike chance items early, meaning the impact of crit in lane is lower and lucky rolls won't determine the outcome of trades as often" -> this means you can be even more frustrated when it does happen with an unfortunate outcome for you. Isn't this exactly the problem? It does not feel good to play with or against critical strike. The same way it wasn't good to play with or against the old version of Ninja Tabi. Isn't it much better to be able to calculate as a player "ok, I do 250 damage an auto attack" versus "I do 375 damage sometimes or 150 damage other times". This thought process is even worse with additional modifiers like Caitlyn's AA modifier passive, Lucian's, Jinx Rocket Q, etc. etc. I'm trying to understand why we are being so lazy/sloppy with marksmen design, sticking with a damage modifier that can often be the difference between won fights/kills or not. I am 100% sure there is a formulaic way of expressing critical strike in a smoother/less spiky+luck based way. Perhaps you call it critical damage, perhaps you call it critical time frames (geometric/exponential damage increases over longer fight windows), it doesn't really matter. Perhaps, critical strike chance gives you a % chance to proc an effect that "increases AA damage by % or by x flat amount for 3 seconds". I personally like that last one since it gives your opponent an understanding that they will do more damage unless you have it as well and it allows you to understand that you will be stronger for that duration. There are a LOT of ways to work around this and when the devs have time (probably next pre-season) at least attempt moving away from this outdated statistic. Please think of a way to move AWAY from critical strike chance. You can already see that you guys think it is a problem as well, but instead you're trying to bend the game's rules/designs to a faulty mechanic that has no place in a game like this. Please don't do this :/
As far as I understand, the whole design ideas behind crit is that there is some innate rng to the system, that's partially The definition of a crit. Of course league is a game with lots of skill, but some rng is not a bad thing (read the old posts about multiple dragons and plants). They are not planning to remove crit at all, just hopefully tone down the potential chance of one or two early crits making someone unable to lane for ten minutes.
: > (As an aside, we've heard questions about the level of influence supports have on the game. The marksman issues outlined above need to be addressed regardless of the state of supports, though.) Sure, you should look into supports, too. ATM, it's pretty underwelming to play support - and I'm a sup-main who loves this position. The general problem is, there are no support-stats. You nervt tanks-sups to the ground, you nerved tank-sup-items cause other laners misused them. you buffed assassins a lot, so as janna, nami, lulu etc., you will get oneshoot all the time with no counterplay - and your adc too. cause you cant protect him. The gold income is so low on everything other than coin, that you're not able to place an apropirate amount of wards up to 15-20 min into the game, which leads to even less protection for you and your adc VS assassins (and roaming midlaners or TP-toplaners). And since you deleted catch up experience (instead of just changing it), you are utter useless as a sup once you fall behind. But looking forward to assassins getting even stronger after that changes go live. It's a lot of fun to get perma-oneshotted as soon as an Yi, Zed etc. got 1-2 kills... Would like to snowball as hard when I as a sup get 1-2 assissts though. :D
I hate to be the bringer of bad news, especially since I play support as well, but I think the general consensus is that supports are too strong, least that's what I've been hearing. Personally I think people are just saying that since the sight stone changes, a lot more people are tolerating playing support now
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
As a top lane/ dominantly tank player, I'm really concerned with functionally every champion getting access to more true damage. It still feels quite unbalanced to me that true damage can be enhanced with runes or items, but not mitigated in any way, which is the whole point of a tank. As for the new infinity edge, does this mean randuins omen will be getting reworked? You can't reduce 10% from true damage
: So {{champion:14}} "Sion doesn't currently sacrifice much damage in order to max E - Roar of the Slayer instead of Q - Decimating Smash." they are complaining about his E, but nerf his Q ? So maxing E doesnt lose you dmg and makes maxing E better ???
They're saying "we want e max to be an option, but if he's gonna max it, he's gonna lose out on a lot of damage from his q to do it"
: Oh wow 6-7 damage off Janna's W (passive gives her W extra damage based on her movement speed) and 5 less movement speed. Really killing Janna there with that massive nerf. If you're going to nerf a champion just nerf a champion don't throw out a "nerf" that changes nothing.
there is such a thing as restraint, they didn't want to gut her, just dial it back a tiny bit
: Why did they completely remove {{champion:103}} healing's ap scaling?
"If Ahri earns 9 spell hits (max 3 per cast), she gains Essence Theft, causing her next Q cast that lands to restore 3/5/9/18 (at levels 1/6/11/16) (+9% ABILITY POWER) health for each enemy hit."
: > Fixed a bug that was causing gemstones to drop 5% more often than intended. Ah, now I know why I finally have more than 2 gemstones. Guess I'm back to not getting any gemstones again. I really hate that this system punishes you for one-tricking.
i have had over 40 chests and still have never seen a gemstone
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
As it currently stands, I don't feel like the 'vision score' stat should be on the scoreboard. Besides just pointing out who doesn't Ward enough, which isn't hard to see. I feel like, currently, the number is quite arbitrary and doesn't mean enough right now. When someone sees kda, they know exactly what that means, "vision score" is a really vague term that doesn't really mean anything specific
: > [{quoted}](name=Zetasaurus,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=rBEuvwxg,comment-id=007c,timestamp=2018-01-12T21:00:10.071+0000) > > Has there been consideration about making a FotM style item that doesn&#x27;t require targeting? While I don&#x27;t have numbers to back this up, my initial impression would be that because Frost Queen&#x27;s and Talisman both have a lower skill barrier in just pressing a button, it might be that it sees lower overall use because the other two are just simpler. That would be called Iron Locket if the Solari for Non target shielding. It’s useful, but other roles or supports are tied to some of the actives on those two, while FotM is more for the 500 health, then 500 more from Ruby Sightstone. My only hope is they add in another cheap source of health for supports
I believe all the support items are getting a Ruby Crystal added to the stage 2 recipy, so hopefully that helps
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Just my two cents, I know this isn't high in priority, but I would love if the basic quest effects were still available on the items in some way. Maybe a2 part quest, where you get sight Stone at 500 gold and the targon passive shield at 900. Or only available at stage 3. Besides coin, I really loved hitting the quests when I played support, the extra movement speed really helped nami and karma feel good to play, since it helped them skirt around the edges of combat. The shield too felt really good to get, since, even though you didn't get as much money to spend on tank items, you could still be tanky Is there any chance of these effects sticking around in some way?
: Let's Discuss: Pre-Season 2017 - Blue Essence & Content Pricing
I know that a lot has been said about blue essence, but i wanted to give my 2 cents. the lack of blue essence available feels VERY disappointing. It always took some time to get IP, but now it feels painfully slow, and that's not including the extra step of "open box... oh look at all these champ shards... for stuff i already have... guess i'll just throw them into the grinder" one huge disappointment is simply having to constantly open chests for content i already have. I know it's functionally the same as being given the IP, but champ chests as a whole are just a huge disappointment for me. It's like going to an arcade and every day you get a free spin for a prize... but every single day you always get a prize you already have, even though you can take it to the counter to trade it in for some points to get a different prize, it's still really disappointing to keep getting prizes you already have. and it feels even worse when you get champ shards out of S boxes. "cool, you managed to get a really good score here's a reward for all your hard work... JUST KIDDING!! it's something you can't even throw in the trash" at least with skin shards for champs i don't play, i can break those down into orange essence... but getting champ shards out of a box i got for managing to squeak out an S? that feels like a slap in the face. (i know some people can do it 'easy' but it's really hard for me to get an s and almost impossible for others) I don't really understand why we can't at least get some Blue Essence from beating games, the amount tacked on to the daily win just feels kind of pointless. But i think my biggest issue is that, i was kind of hoping blue essense would have a point of some kind after the redesign. I know it wasn't really promised, but as someone who has every single champ, my options are... buy urfwick... or a bunch of intentionally overpriced emotes, which i'm not a big fan of anyway. As someone who has been playing the game for > 5 years... that feels more like a slap in the face than a reward. And now every time i level up i just keep seeing shards for stuff i already have, and just throw them into the grinder again, honestly opening champ chests has become more depressing than rewarding. I would really like something for us veterans who have been with the game a long time... I'm not really sure what that would be, but just saying "here, buy this overpriced emote so you can feel slightly justified about having way too much IP before the change" does not feel like a reward to me, urfwick is cool... but feels like you're charging 100 bucks just to help people not have an inflated essence amount As much as i'd like the legacy content... i don't think i can bring myself to buy it just for the sake of "nothing else to do with my essence"
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: A couple of things to point out. First look at the "AD" trees. Too many things scale. 12% damage here, 10% there. Then if need burst here is some and there is some. If you can cover ANY of the weaknesses. If you have trouble early game take some extra poke. Worried about mages here is a shield. Its like they had AD and assassins in mind when they made them. The tank ones seem great but they couldn't let me be power like the AD ones out of the gate. (not really scaling like the damage runes.) Mage tree wtf. two of the three are kinda the same. (couldn't really think of anything different come on.) then the last one what is your mage has a defensive spell.... hard to proc it... Then it seem they are MORE POWER ON NONE AP champs than ap. Its like we need to combine mages and ap support. Support one is more free things and niche items. Support will take mage or tank then maybe this. The ratio of AD to AP on champs is not funny. AD has more in many case unless you go only damage. Which if you do a sneeze your direction take 50% of your hp. You buff all AD then made the new system "Best" for AD. Armor pen is easier than AC to build. MR is easier than AP pen to build. So this leaves use were we are kinda at. What blows my mind is you make ad into a lot of subclass. fighters bruisers divers carries etc. But all AP users are mages....... maybe this is the problem. If you would have divided them equally and see not all mages are burst we wouldn't be having this issue today. instead all mages are burst. Why give a mana option in the mage tree if every burst mage builds {{item:3165}} We cant go farther until you can realize all tank aren't {{champion:3}} and all mages aren't {{champion:134}}
I can't remember the fancy terms riot uses for sublasses, but there are buffing supports, burst mages, zone control, poke mages, there are also carries, though that name is kind of arbitrary, mages also usually have a lot more cc than ad focused champs. "mage' is a catch all, yes, but I think you're being far too limited in your interpretation. The mana rune is still useful for mage supports who don't have the luxury of building nomicon, or on tanks who go the mage tree second to help offset some of their higher mana costs. I think honestly the issue is that you're being far too picky with your definition of 'mage' tree. Since several things in the domination (what you call an 'ad tree' can also be used by mages. It's not uncommon for kat, ekko, or other champs to go thunderbolt. I've seen viktor and ryze do it too. I think you are being too limiting with you definition of 'mage'
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