: Caitlyn in general needs a model update, basically the Ezreal treatment. Her skins should get updated along with it. Another skin of hers heavily in need of a rework: Resistance Caitlyn With the introduction of Resistance Illaoi, they implemented these skins now in the Battlecast universe and they are representing the surviving humans fighting Viktor's mechanical horrors. But Caitlyn's skin doesn't represent this fantasy at all. Illaoi looks like a rebel in a dystopian future. Caitlyn just looks like in any ordinary military uniform.
EXACTLY! She needs a whole visual update, she's fun, but looks so boring..
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: Sylas available now!
Finally, Karthus can have a taste of his own medicine
: Patch 9.2 notes
Can’t wait for all the first time Sylas players in ranked lol.

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