: He _can_ save his lane partner, you're just supposed to save them by grabbing them and then having them pop right back out to turn, or at least safely get away. That's the extent of his ability to function as a support right now. You're not meant to be aggressive, you're not meant to look to eat your opponents or do anything except devour allies or bring them in for a gank with your ult — you have two relevant skills for the majority of the game. The ability to mitigate pick CC or otherwise deny engage attempts on key allies is incredibly powerful when it's not _significantly_ limited, especially when you also have an ultimate like he does, and a self-shielding ability like he does — there's too much going on that lets him dominate in high-tier and competitive in particular, thus he doesn't get to exist anywhere else without having something taken away. Same situation faced historically by champions like Azir, Kalista, Ryze… And it's been confirmed that [he's on the list for an eventual rework/gameplay update](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/ohiz5q1U-quick-gameplay-thoughts-february-7?comment=002e0000) to try to shift him away from this state.
That's saddening. I understand that he was really strong before his nerfs, but some of the decisions they made for him are also questionable. My issue with his ult is that pre-11 it's pretty garbage. It's range is only from fountain to just inside the walls of your base, or in lane from your alcove bush to just inside theirs meaning gank potential is also lost early game. I will say his ult at 11 is much better and I've never had a game last to level 16 with him to see how that works now. But I guess that's part of Riot's way to "balance" league.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Miss Lilianae,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V5h1Terg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-02-21T04:18:59.373+0000) > Riot does their best, and that's all we can ask for, at the end of the day they're just a company trying to make decisions that they think are best with what information they have. Sorry, but that's absolutely false. You yourself just posted abot Tahm, and the way they killed him months (couple of years maybe?) ago, has no explanation in "we are trying to balance the game the best we can". Of course they're "not the best" coders, designers and so on in the world. That's self-evident. But you can't consider failing on Sett, Aphelios, Senna all in a row as "trying their best". Also, making new champs that fast? With their own game being in such a bad and unbalanced state? Of course they aren't doing their best, they have other goals. Or Yuumi: failed again about her design, then killed her. And now they re-buffed her, after months, just with a great timing for her new St. Valentine skin. And then there are Ekko and Diana. But they nerf Singed and Sona; she was a problem toplane? probably it's not the champ, sitting around 50% wr in her **supposed** role. Same mistake about the Yi-Taric funneling: they nerfed Taric's ult. So, they don't even learn. And so on, the list is actually too long :P
I feel like you didn't read the TL;DR of my post but that's fine. I will agree that saying Riot does their best is a strong assumption. More like "Makes an attempt, even if it's a bad one." I don't know, I've only done design for small time games that are 99.9% single player, which is far easier to balance than a multiplayer game. When you remove the human aspect games get much easier to design.
: Jelly of what? I've never been banned, so I've never had to lie about being unbanned.
I don't know then, maybe it was a 14d ban and he was confused? Here's every detail I know about what happened: He used to play on account A, then he made a brand new account B. When I asked why he said he got permabanned. After playing on that account for 2 days he comes back on account A and when I asked how he's back on account A if it got permabanned he said he messaged Riot asking to be unbanned for the reasons I originally posted about being a 1/100 thing. He now plays on account A without issue (other than being hacked shortly after, he sent me a link to a porn site via the messenger and he'd been happily married for a few months at that point so I thought it was strange. Texted him and he told me he'd been locked out of the account. It's fixed now.)
: Nope, if Tahm Kench were usable then assassins would be less good and we can't have that. We need unfed Diana jungle clearing jungle faster than anyone while one shotting entire teams with just jungle item. If Tahm Kench were usable then champions like her would only be able to AOE one shot four people and would then have to actually work for the fifth kill.
I can tell where you're coming from. I appreciate the insight, don't appreciate the hijacking to spew about Diana. Yeah she's strong right now. Totally in agreement there, but didn't even mention her in this post.
: Could we implement a feature so that Bronze players cannot use chat until reaching at least Silver.
Unranked player chiming in here: I don't play Ranked mode because I don't like the stress of it. Too many people spewing toxicity for small things. "Blitz you cost us the game because you missed that hook." "Garen you suck, how can you go 0/3 against a Mordekaiser!?" Things like this aggravate me because you can't tell if they had a bad game, so I avoid ranked. Suffice to say that when I do play on my own I have mixed games, some wins, some losses. I would rate myself somewhere in low bronze/upper iron (in the last few seasons I've done ranked enough to get challenges done this is confirmed). Yet, when I go into games with a platinum friend of mine I can keep up with him just fine: Warding, Callouts, Knowledge of objectives and lane pressures. I can usually predict what he'll tell me to do next as his lane partner and we can work with it. Bear in mind I play with this guy maybe once or twice every few months. I'm not by any means saying that I'm as good as platinum player, far from it, but the fact that I can know what a platinum player is thinking, yet I'm in Bronze myself should tell you that not all Bronze players are garbage and just have big egos. TL;DR Punishing players for being bad is a terrible, very toxic idea. Losing games is already a bad feeling, losing because you can't communicate with your team (even if most abuse it) is also bad. Pings are great, but there are some situations where pings don't convey what you're trying to say.
: No they did not.
I've never known him to lie for anything like that. You can choose to not believe me but he did get his account unbanned. Edit: I don't mean to say those were their exact words. I imagine it was more professional sounding than what I put in my post. But the idea is the same, he got his account back on a probationary basis.
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: Maybe balancing the game for the 0.1% is not such a good idea
To be fair, there's no "correct" answer to game balance. Riot does their best, and that's all we can ask for, at the end of the day they're just a company trying to make decisions that they think are best with what information they have. How's it their fault if two players who spend **literally their entire work day with each other** come up with hairbrained ideas like Taric+Sona in the bot lane and find it works way better than expected. You can't balance a game for the masses, because then people with natural talent, good insight, or a head for mechanics can look at your game and abuse the loopholes. One game that tries to do this is Paladins, when I used to play there were patches upon patches for the same character. Instead of waiting a few months to see if their changes were effective they would look solely at pick and win rates and say "This character must be OP. They're picked 30% of the time for their role and win 60% of those games. We need to nerf them." Then they'd gut the character, then a few weeks later they'd "Hotfix" the character back to being stronger than before. On the other side you can't balance a game solely for the competitive scene otherwise you drive away the casual players. Riot used to balance around the competitive meta, and they still do to some extent. If a character is "the best choice" for a role according to the pros they nerf that character to force newcomers into the meta because who wants to watch the same 10 champions duke it out year after year at worlds? It's not as bad today as it was the in past though, there are still champions that go unnerfed despite the lower ranked players claiming their OP (Blitz in Silver down for example) but in higher ELOs you don't even hear that character get mentioned, and there are still champs that dominate the higher ELOs, but nine times out of ten those champs have incredibly high skill ceilings that you're required to be at to make them viable at that level of play. TL;DR You can't balance a game for everyone, there will always be "something wrong". No game in history has ever made a "perfect roster" so we can't expect Riot to do so while also keeping the game in a constant state of evolution.
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: Perm Banned for Absolutely Nothing
Have you tried petitioning Riot about it? My cousin had something similar happen, but his was more his own fault. He called someone r%%%%%ed a few too many times and got perma banned for "Inappropriate language". He petitioned Riot asking if he could get his account unbanned because it was only 3 games where he'd said in years of play and they were like "Sure, just don't do it again."

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