: For a map to look at [click here](http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/srmapexperience/). [Common ward spots map](https://www.google.com.au/search?q=vision+in+the+jungle+League+of+Legends+ward+maps&es_sm=119&biw=1258&bih=683&tbm=isch&imgil=45-8Y5aW11IfOM%253A%253BXrf3nz9iV_fAvM%253Bhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.reddit.com%25252Fr%25252Fsummonerschool%25252Fcomments%25252F33i3dl%25252Fthe_strategy_of_ward_locations%25252F&source=iu&pf=m&fir=45-8Y5aW11IfOM%253A%252CXrf3nz9iV_fAvM%252C_&usg=__Cji1se2EyjZtbvDg8yAQAWMh36A%3D&ved=0CCwQyjdqFQoTCO3Yh4CImsgCFcwflAodAvcJwg&ei=JF8JVu22G8y_0ASC7qeQDA#imgrc=PS31kpSi4MK93M%3A&usg=__Cji1se2EyjZtbvDg8yAQAWMh36A%3D). Vision is incredibly important in League. If you are the support then it is your job to protect your ADC and that includes protecting them against Rengars that might jump out of brushes. The team who wards more commonly, efficiently and effectively are usually the ones who win because you can't see opponents in the jungle unless you ward within it. There might be an ambush waiting there for your whole team and you wouldn't know. Junglers that are coming to gank will be spotted. Objectives in the jungle and river (dragon, Baron, blue buffs) might be being taken and you could steal it, etc. Over time you will notice patterns in how the junglers and generally, everyone else walks around the Rift and you can use that to your advantage when it comes to vision control. If you you buy a {{item:2043}} (last forever until killed) at the start of the match and place it in the brushes that no one in the enemy usually walks into, it will last really long. These brush spots are: •The brushes in between the mid lane outer turret tower and the blue buff (for both sides of the map). No one walks through there early, the jungler is too busy trying to clear so he wants the quickest and most efficient path and that's not the right way. •The two single patch of circular brushes in the rivers are also good pink ward spots. Its coverage is really wide. •The tri-brush between bot lane outer turret (blue side) and dragon and the tri-brush between top lane (red side) outer turret and Baron Nashor are good spots to ward depending on which side of the map you are in. The blue team usually has easy control over the tri-brush near bot lane so the blue team should pink ward it. For the red team to reach that spot they would need to overextend, it's more unsafe for the red team to contest vision. ____ After buying a {{item:2049}} you should sell the {{item:3340}} that you bought at the start of the match and buy a {{item:3341}} to destroy any wards that the enemy might have. {{item:3341}} is also useful for Teemo shrooms and Shaco boxes and those are always good to take down.
This is really helpful! Thank you!!
Amici (NA)
: ill help you if you want. I could spectate your games tell you what your doing wrong and what your building wrong etc add me on kitten0(my smurf) if you want my help. Im on that account more often lately. Im a gold adc main but i know the other roles pretty well and i know support as well as adc. Bot lane should know both roles equally well
: forget everything you learned so far, Every champion can fill every role, the only difference is some will have easier time then others in those so called roles.
Would people get mad at you?
: I can talk you through any champions you're interested in. Like explain their play style, what items they buy and stuff like that. Or if you want to play bots I could do that. I don't play PvP until the weekends.
: Newbie looking for teacher
Thanks for all the comments guys (: I'll be sure to add everyone and stuff after school today.
: I would like to say I could teach you some few things but I myself play certain roles mostly and can't even play well due to a few difficulties lately. You could try asking my friend and League teacher UltimateGargoyle. I'm sure he'd be fine with helping a new player out.
Is there a way to contact him?
: I could recommend a few things although I am not the best at the game just a low silver anyway. Jungle could be a bit challenging without the proper runes but there are a few champions that do decent in the jungle even without runes some that come to mind for me are {{champion:19}} {{champion:20}} and {{champion:11}} do to some piece of their kit giving decent sustain or atk speed. You could in theory jungle with anyone with enough practice but I would try to get runes before you go to crazy with that. As for support you have a couple options on what type of playstyle you want to do do you want to be a tank and soak the damage for your adc maybe {{champion:201}} or {{champion:89}} could fill those roles. Do you want to have decent disengage or have a decent heal or shield so your adc can stay in lane a little longer maybe {{champion:40}} or {{champion:16}} could work for you. And finally you could try to either poke the enemy adc out of lane or burst them down so your adc does not have to do all the damage maybe someone like {{champion:1}} or {{champion:76}} could work for you. Also in theory if a champion has something in their kit that allows them to keep an adc safe they can go support, I usually run {{champion:111}} bot do to his large amount of cc and tankiness. As with any role or position its down to preference so what I would recommend you do is try a champion out and see if they can fill this position if they do a decent job and you like how they play considering maining them. This game is partly trial and error if you fail you can always try again and see if you can do better. Hope this help.
This is really helpful, I took a screenshot, thank you.
: Hm I'm pretty busy these days, but feel free to add me. I'm always willing to help new players. :)
: If you want to learn anything about the game or have any questions, I'm always Down to help new players. willing to teach you anything as long as you are nice ^.^ Username on league is same it is on here
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