: Don't get why they're nerfing bramble :I I main fiora, and it hurts her pretty bad sure, and I'm glad as hell that they have her her movement speed back, but I didn't mind bramble, even I gotta admit it's a nice item, no clue why they're nerfing it.
Bramble vest was the difference IMO from fiora being bearable in lane vs outright owning it for tanks at least. As you pointed out as well, it hurt her but It didn't stop her from destroying anyone later at some point. So now the time between Fiora being manageable to unstoppable will be shortened with this nerf. Which for me means now I have to waste my ban (as opposed to banning as I please) on her because I don't want a game where one champion can 1v5 with two items. RIP top lane
: That Magic School Bus reboot sure is looking great
damn it I was actually hoping for a reboot. that show was the shit. I am displeased....
Rioter Comments
Jackom1 (EUW)
: "What's your elo? I bet you're silver"
lul unranked is worse than silver
: Akalis sustain is bonkers and she makes it so you don't have any. Darius can build {{item:3800}} J4 can just go{{item:2033}}, besides his mana costs aren't even heavy if he's not spamming. Not to mention Garen loses nearly any trade into a shield, which j4 has on very low mana costs. And j4's passive auto will be up every time your Q is. Also, Garen has a very low base armor stat which can be abused until he actually stacks his W (takes 120 farm).
He can't rush that right away (against garen at least) without losing out on a huge power spike and his passive starts to fall off mid to late game that it's just a real bad idea. Akali sustain is meh without gunblade and certainly worse than yours. If she ever throws her fan at you pre 6 you just hover near her and Q at her when it wears off. She will lose that trade without it. Oh I know J4 can take courrupting potion(pretty sure most do) and needs because of crappy his mana is. Otherwise he would take d shield which is way better that garen mainly takes. If wants to continuously lose trades against a manaless self regen champion that fine with me if doesn't use his abilities.
: akali, camille, and darius all on average destroy him in lane and like I said outscale hence better winrates in the matchup. You won't be able to stay out of range of akalis poke unless you straight up give up your lane, by the time your passive is up she can poke you again. Your base stats aren't enough to stop somebody who spikes faster than you and outscales you. That isn't a meme about Darius, he has stolen the spotlight as the best juggernaut top lane a long time ago. Btw In combat sustain is always better than out of combat, and yours isn't even considered good until lvl 11. He does much more damage off of the same build as you, and his ult always does true damage and can get off more than 1 in a teamfight. He is literally a better Garen. You can't ignore Camilles damage later on, when she scales so well off ad and that second Q does 100 percent true damage at level 16 btw. She will be the one making you run, but she has superior mobility, and can ult you as well. You're right about the tanks not being able to 1v1 him, but lets face it late game you're not splitting you're with your team unless you build garen to split and the average garen doesn't. Old {{item:3512}} made heim somewhat tolerable, but he will eventually push up against it due to it's nerfed range and take it for free. If you try to fight back he can just drop Ult turret and zhonyas. This lane isn't winnable unless he is stupid, or you get jungle help. You are more useful than him later tho. J4 is better early than garen but gets outscaled damage wise, but he can carry that lead to the mid and late and carry in teamfights.
Garen's passive is really more of luxury early on vs Akali since pre 6 she isn't even stronger than him. He can just straight up Q and E her then back off and win the trade. I think a lot of people make the mistake of rushing Cleaver vs Akali as Garen when you should be rushing MR (SV) and then BC. Your still going to hurt, but now she cant poke you of lane and while she remains a squishy assassin who needs to build damage. He WAS the best juggernaut a long time ago. But his nerfs have made his pretty bad against anyone that knows how to play against him unless he hard counters you (which he doesn't vs Garen). Plus Garen's buffs didn't help the situation either (he still beat him before but now its easier). His in combat sustain doesn't mean shit if never lands his Q. Your never going to be to land a raw Q as long as Garen has his Q available. But Garen can just get outside of your Q range, Q and E away. The only way to keep him near is too use W early to slow him down to keep him near while silenced (which hinders your stacking speed as you want to aa w to get your stacks faster) but Garen can also W to reduce the slow duration and strength. Its a skill match early on but it becomes Garen favored the longer the game goes on. His winrate is even lower than Garen's in all ELO except diamond. Darius is a meme. Its basically the same thing with Camille because her Q2 isn't percent health true damage. But at least she can run away if she still has her E. Also I think Garen's silence can mess up the window to use Q2. Heimerdinger is just a case of how long before I'm tanky enough to ignore his turrets and just run at him and kill/chunk him. J4 is not better than Garen early on. Their damage is comparable except J4 suffers from mana issues and has no in built sustain.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Rhaast is pretty much there to contrast kayn. If they had made rhaast such a serious character,then the conversations with him and kayn would have been monotone. (heck in general Rhaast becomes more serious once kayn is dead,which might mean that his deadpan attitude was just an act to get Kayn to drop his guard) That being said,I think that Eve might be a bit sassy,but I doubt that she'll be a comedic character.
oh she is definitely sassy if anything based on her lore we got a while ago. I think you can get a pretty idea of her character based on that. Sorry to disappoint what appears to be a lot of people (not me I like it). She may or not have a funny side but she isn't the type to take things seriously either unless the situation demands it like when Takeda was asking for a display of skill that she took offense too.
: Tanks outscale garen straight up {{champion:98}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} don't have to win lane, they roam better, have better teamfight, and shen and poppy win early too unless they mess up. {{champion:84}} will never let you use your passive and does outscale you HARD. {{champion:122}} is a better version of you at every point in the game, you just don't get kited as hard. {{champion:164}} outscales. {{champion:74}} has to be a monkey to let any immobile melee beat him in lane. {{champion:59}} has a better early, and like tanks has better teamfight and utility. Wukong is the only one that you would actually beat in a 1v1, because all you have to do is stack armor. However, he will eventually be strong enough to nuke the back line if the frontline doesn't peel. Nobody plays aatrox ;)
Unless they only itemize for you, garen beats all the people on this list. Yes a lot of these champions bring more to the table in a teamfight, but we are talking about 1v1 scenarios which Garen does beat all these champions at some point of the game without having to specifically itemize into them. The only one that I'm not too sure of would be Mundo but considering he was changed to be a AP counter I doubt that's even true anymore in this case. {{champion:3}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:59}} can be fought and bullied at 1+ for the whole game. They lack the dps, sustain, and mana to not only be win trades against you but to keep up with them. {{champion:98}} is more of a skill match with a kit that soft counters you. He can match your damage early and his shields makes it hard to wear him down. But you do outscale him as his damage starts falling off mid to late game. Your cool downs eventually become low enough that if tries to W your Q you just E him instead and hit him after. Your E armor shred with BC will beat him. {{champion:84}} cant stop your sustain as long you remain out of her point and click range. Your sustain beats hers plus you can just rush mr and beat her down with your base damages if she ever tries to all in since she cant. {{champion:122}} that meme is dead. He may have been a better version of you some time ago but not anymore. He gets kited harder and is worse in 1v1 against without a lead. Make short trades with Darius while avoiding long ones. Unlike your sustain, his requires hitting his Q to gain back his health and he uses mana. Which will become issue as he tries to keep up in trades with you. {{champion:164}} is pretty garbage as it is currently. She can hurt early on but is really dependent on her Q2 for that. Eventually can just ignore her damage and just force her to run or die to your all in. {{champion:74}} depending on how good he is you have a shot of killing him the laning phase because of your passive. If not well you still get tanky enough to ignore his damage later as you all in him. Just rush MR and/or {{item:3512}} I don't consider myself a garen main either
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8gFgrgF4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-22T14:28:16.863+0000) > > Or we could remove the spire concept on Skarner and give him a full rework since he's kinda generic. Skarner needs some band-aids, and these are easy to apply. I don't want to wait 2 years before he's played again.
yah I like this, he still needs a rework of some kind but this is a band aid he needs in the mean time.
: My biggest wish for season 8: a less impactful early game
Really just weaker jungle impact earlier is what I care for. Junglers just have to much influence over the macro game early on (the meta ones) that its never theoretically can I lane against my opponent but can I avoid or handle a 1v2. If the answer is no then your forced to play so much more passive because of how the situation can turn into a 1v2 in a moments notice.
agEdri (NA)
: Yeah his jungle isn't great, he needs duskblade and the jungle delays it too long. Better off just surviving in lane, and I say surviving because it feels like 80% of the champ roster counters him. Hell {{item:3047}} or {{item:1031}} counters him.
feelsbadman I like the champion (a lot of sick skins) but he just sucks so much in the meta. One thing I learned about him though is that he is a really hidden counter pick to gnar. I had one game vs wukong as Gnar and thought it was gonna be a cake cause (cause its wukong lul) and holy crap his damage against mini gnar is insane during the laning phase. He just forced me off the wave or chunk me if I got near at level 2+. His damage was more than enough even with his crappy mana. As of now that is the only time I would ever pick Wukong top.
: Because reporting players is difficult process that is never used by players to spite another. I find there is just more evidence that these are forced changes/attempts by riot than by the community. The community/culture never (as far as I'm aware) actively combated or cared about toxicity before and after it received that label. Those who did care were the minority compared to those didn't and by those who just accepted it as an aspect of the game.
You basically just gave everyone a free pass to report someone for almost anything with your first statement. Singed support? reported for trolling. Feeding (intentional or not) reported. Banning my pick intent? reported. Those are just some of the tamers reasons. You report justifiably report anyone if you deem that person the reason your upset. Flaming isn't even a unique trait to league. Its certainly meaner than the stuff you would find other competitive environments (thanks to the internet) but it does exist outside of league and in other online and real world games. Your right people shouldn't be treated like garbage. But those who do play like garbage are.
: > [{quoted}](name=MistakenKing,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gXKV4RIW,comment-id=001c0001000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-20T23:56:09.785+0000) > > Is it changing because of the rules and polices being place or because our culture naturally gravitated towards it. I think it's the former. I disagree. > I never said going full hate mode was acceptable either. Good. > Personally I think riots definition of toxicity is much lower than the majority of the player base though. That's impossible, they only punish players who are reported, which means that at least one person in the player's match thought their behavior was wrong.
Because reporting players is difficult process that is never used by players to spite another. I find there is just more evidence that these are forced changes/attempts by riot than by the community. The community/culture never (as far as I'm aware) actively combated or cared about toxicity before and after it received that label. Those who did care were the minority compared to those didn't and by those who just accepted it as an aspect of the game.
agEdri (NA)
: Well you dont really play Wukong to outscale and 1v1 the top lane. You play Wu to survive lane and delete the back line. That's something Garen can't really do well. Garen also has a considerably worse roam than Wukong. If we both TP bot post 6, Garen may scare some people, but Wu is going to kill somebody almost guaranteed.
Well no one was asking how they compare in a group situation. A lot of the champions that I listed surpass Garen team wise but get shit on in 1v1 which is most people were implying. Wukong does outscale most champions (with the one of the best late game scalings) but just cant do it consistently if at all because of how easy it is to shit on him during the laning phase. Unless you go jungle Wukong, that's also extreme garbage and probably even worse than his top lane.
: Pool Party Ahri and Pool Party D.Va by Sakimichan
: Wukong definitly lose against Garen if they have same skill level.... but other pick definiltly don't lose against him.
I have dumpstered all these champions as garen before. They all lose at some point of the game vs Garen in a 1v1. They will not out scale 1v1 wise.
: Culture in NA is changing. Get with the times, dude. It's not even Riot's crusade. It was proven with the tribunal that players in NA overall tend to disapprove of toxic behavior. That was at least a few years ago already. So don't act like it's 'normal' to be a toxic bonobo, that isn't the norm, and the majority of people here do not approve of it. Being able to communicate effectively with a teammate despite personal issues is a sign of maturity, not weakness.
Is it changing because of the rules and polices being place or because our culture naturally gravitated towards it. I think it's the former. I never said going full hate mode was acceptable either. Personally I think riots definition of toxicity is much lower than the majority of the player base though.
: In general, in a team setting, it is detrimental to piss off the people you need cooperation from. Being polite garners more respect and ensures better cooperation. Therefore it is better to be polite. Different cultures function differently. Perhaps in Korea they look past the rage and focus on cooperation regardless of behavior. Here in NA it isn't like that. If you don't like how things are done here then move to Korea. Otherwise be ready to accept the consequences for such behavior.
Maybe you should leave then if you don't like my way. Our culture was much more similar to Korea before Rito began their crusade against "toxicity". The culture and ways of this community is being forcibly changed by Rito. The community itself wasn't naturally doing the changing. If anything you the amount of effort on riots part to stop "toxicity" is an indication on how much people don't want to change but how they are actively going against the nature of the community in general.
: I actually once was a Top laner! I played Riven since my friend introduced me to her and I came out loving her :) But lately, the top lane meta changed drastically and I couldn't find myself being able to adjust to the cancers now in top so I changed for Support roles. (Proud Janna and Soraka main now) Why I left that horrible lane you ask? I once played in the season where top lane was what you call an "island". Many junglers declared it useless. They were more focused on mid, bot and objectives like dragons and that was fine by me. It just meant occasional ganks here and there. But now, you get 2v1'd 2-3 minutes in. And if that wasn't bad enough, they will actually camp. SO I left since I know staying there will only result in me being more toxic. (Left as in started playing support not rage quitting.) Also! The things that are being played. Dear god, save me And you might be saying, "You were a Riven main, don't talk about cancer in top lane." I know, you are too ignorant and salty to realize that you feeding Riven and making her powerful does not mean she is "OP". It means you fed. You made your bed, now sleep in it. Tanks I had no problems with. In fact I relatively like tanks. They provided a fun fight due to their defenses. Fiora. I love and hate it. It all ends up on who is more experienced and smarter with their champion. Yasuo. Love it too. Super fun. SUPER. All the dashing and skill spamming. All up to skills in my opinion. B-BUT BUT BUT! When you bring a Vayne, or a QUINN, or ANY ADC with the ability to deny any form of gap closer -cough- -cough- Quinn. With the ability to have empowered autos (Ironic I know) or three-hit passive is where it's not ok. >:( Top lane has became a mess. No me gusta :( {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
I'm the guy who does double buffs and camp then runs top lane which I imagine is the norm but I'm not sure. Since I can definitely get there before they hit 3 with my main jg pool. I either gank right then or do scuttle if the wave isn't in a good position for me to do solid damage. Jungle OP
Arkayed (NA)
: Can you name 3 champs that Garen can actually get this "free win" from? Cause I definitely can't.
{{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:62}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryuumoku no koke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7F14iyqJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-20T17:57:56.889+0000) > > U pick one of worst pick in the game XD u don't pick Garen to tp bot to begin... his tp is all but gamebreaker. > > > But yeah, if u bot is trash its over most of time unless u can snowball... but going against any tank is like a no lane, u won't kill him, but he won't either. Nah Garen isn't bad - He's a free lane win against the majority of tops that aren't named quinn or darius.
LUL garen shits on Darius, its a skill match up but it is Garen favored.
: Alright. I respect the desire to be able to speak your mind, but I still think that doing so while raging is detrimental to teamwork and winning. It is much more effective to tell a teammate something they can do and how it will help them win. It is much less effective to call them bad and stupid after every mistake. Which case do you think is more likely to get the player to play better?
Oh I agree that offering advise is likely to more helpful than insulting a player but I just prefer the uncut words of players over those of people forcing themselves to be nice. (be nice if that's who you are but don't force yourself to be it). On the other hand toxicity or the lack of it doesn't even affect the overall skill of players significantly IMO. I just look at korea whose player base is overall better than everyone else yet they are more toxic than any other region. I would like for someone to explain why the most toxic region is overall better consistently over multiple seasons than everyone else (in pro scene and ranked) when the regions who are less toxic should be smashing them.
: Then why do you idolize him and behavior like his?
because he is a just fuck you to riot's attempts to force people to be nice to each other. I don't agree with the running it down mid aspect of his but I do share and agree with his willingness to say what he wants as he wants without having to restrict himself.
: I also can't follow this despite supporting the initial thread. First it's way harder to solo carry against diamond players. Whatever others may tell you diamond players are not the monkeys reddit wants you to believe there is a reason basically everyone plays duo q if he wants to get to master/challenger. The other truth is that diamond indeed is full of boosted players, autofill and the regular tilt that makes it so impossible to consistently solo carry through it. But even plat players shit on silver left and right. What i noticed tho is that gold is the most enjoyable place to play in. When i duo with a gold friend of mine i legit have so much fun in this elo. People are okay at the game listen way more to advice or follow someone (me) making the calls. It only gets bad when some boosted plat who is now playing in gold 4 mmr is in your game.
: You need better role models.
well he cant be my role model when I'm older than him...
: Is it just me or do minions hate meele champs?
It's because your playing Fiora, your minions would aggro you if friendly fire was possible.
: Tyler 1 discussion open to all opinions (please don't ban or take down post)
A great hero was lost from league, may his legend never die. I can probably thank riot's former poster boy (ex?) riot lyte for using his great ideals for the crusade against "toxicity" that helped lead to this. Rest in peace
: "You should get better deals when Your Shop reopens"
I'm pretty sure Rito is hell bent on selling me that pirate Swain skin since it has poped up multiple time on my shop. That isn't going to happen though since I already have tyrant Swain aka his best skin.
: > [{quoted}](name=MistakenKing,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=vJG30O1A,comment-id=0007000200010000,timestamp=2017-09-17T20:42:59.184+0000) > > nope its completely (at least riot has said it is) unrelated everything else and someone already pointed out the Maokai thing (I forgot) Interesting. I thought that the Championship, Conqueror, and Victorious skins were all tied for some reason. Good to know. Thank you!
I actually have no idea how Championship skins work. Pretty sure that's whatever riot wants to give it too considering Zed got the last one and he certainly wasn't shaping the meta or anything of the sorts in pro, high elo, or low elo.
: That's a possibility. I think when writing this until near the end rabadons had pretty low AP and a massively buffed passive, so the NLR+amp tome was the most AP I could put in the build path. I wanted to put emphasis on the fact its meant to be picked up as a 6th item, so the build change you proposed would be irrelevant, but if you wanted to pick it up mid-game I suppose it would be possible.
I mean just so the overall combine cost isn't as high and not having to sit on amp tome instead of a blasting wand if you already have the rod. That's very relevant if you want this as a 5th or 6th item since your sitting on a lot of gold that has no value until spent.
: > [{quoted}](name=MistakenKing,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=vJG30O1A,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2017-09-17T07:46:24.393+0000) > > {{champion:114}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:61}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}}{{champion:69}} are my bets Karma just got her Conqueror skin. Fairly certain that counts toward deciding on this sort of thing, right? Or am I wrong? Also, Maokai got Victorious Maokai this previous season.
nope its completely (at least riot has said it is) unrelated everything else and someone already pointed out the Maokai thing (I forgot)
: My (long) list of ideas for an AP itemization update
I read through it but it was honestly too much information for me to say how this would effect game health. I will say that this would basically open the gate for a larger roster of mages to be threats on the same level of ADC's late game then the current ones like {{champion:69}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}}
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: I love how OP managed to make Rabadon's even more shitty than it already is.
why not have it build out of {{item:1026}} and{{item:1058}} instead?
: > [{quoted}](name=MistakenKing,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=vJG30O1A,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2017-09-17T07:46:24.393+0000) > > {{champion:114}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:61}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}}{{champion:69}} are my bets Maokai got the victorious skin last year he definitely won't be getting one this year.
lul yah I forgot, I was just going through and picking out what I thought would get it, same reason why I didn't put Janna on here.
: Most likely a mage, considering they haven't made one specifically for mid lane yet. {{champion:25}} was given the victorious skin for her prevalence as a support during season 4. My money's on {{champion:69}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:91}} or {{champion:112}} . I'd like to add {{champion:134}} or {{champion:163}} to the list, but Syndra got 2 skins this year relatively close together and I believe a Rioter said they won't make a Victorious skin for a champ that only one skin after Victorious {{champion:60}} was released. So that rules out Taliyah. Would still like to see her one for Taliyah though. Also, I guess you could add {{champion:42}} and {{champion:236}} to the list since they were popular mid-laners throughout the season. However, since we got Victorious {{champion:15}} so recently I doubt we get two marksmen so close together.
they do it by what they believe to most relevant champion of pro play during the season. The role of the previous champion to get it wont have any impact on the decision of the following one.
Abibyama (EUW)
: Possible candidates {{champion:164}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:3}} (how the fuck would that work?) {{champion:69}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:154}} **BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY** {{item:3504}}
{{champion:114}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:61}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}}{{champion:69}} are my bets
: > [{quoted}](name=i cant move wtf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wwXIqfP6,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-09-15T22:34:06.922+0000) > > I think there is but it's lame I have to utilize tools outside of the game to compete with people who already do this. sadly this is the reality in every competitive game because the devs don't want to go the extra mile for their players
I believe riot has stated why they haven't does before (not 100% sure) but their reasoning is along the lines on why we cant see the enemy team's ranked boarder in champion screen. That players would judge and play around players who they perceive as weak or liabilities based on their boarder. If they added this to champ select, dodge rates would increase simply because high elo players would rather take -3 then risk playing with a wild card. Which I'm all for btw. I rather dodge than play with a risky unstable player based on their data. If the risk of losing was to appeared to high.
: Ranked favors people who research their teammates before a match begins and dodge accordingly
I made a post on tips to climbing to gold after I got there this season. I put a tip similar to this in there. Dodge if your team comp looks awful vs the enemy. My personal rule of thumb was to dodge Vayne and Yasuo games. Don't be afraid to dodge to avoid what is likely a loss and waste of time. I op.gg in champion loading screen but I'm too lazy to check in champ select otherwise I would do it then.
: Lol she's more interesting than cho or maokai though Make illaoi pro viable I'd watch the hell out of that
I like new Cho and Maokai though. New Cho definitely takes more skill after the changes (I'm not counting the stone plate interaction though because that is dumb) and Maokai at least is better skill wise. By how much more is questionable though. Illaoi is never going to see pro play in her current state though.
: Zhonya's Paradox - a more expensive version of 5.21's Zhonya's Hourglass
Is there any reason to compare it vs an older version of itself? Its an upgrade that is available to teams only with Ornn. Essentially more power available to your team that is inaccessible to the enemy. That's how I think of it at least and why I don't really see the reason to compare it like that.
: Because Darius can swat Fiora pretty easily in lane. Playing around Darius' Decimate, as Fiora, is some of the most tilt-worthy stuff in the game and this matchup will make you question the meaning of life. Riot talks about skill-expression a lot these days but, in the case of juggernauts, champs like him usually have a mindlessly-easy trade tool for dealing with melee champs. Fiora could still potentially win it if the player was super-skilled but you'd probably have to get really creative with your build.....because if Darius bought something like Death Dance first or had enough armor from lv.1 onward he could dumpster Fiora when she tries to trade.
well we did say it was an even match up early on. 6+ is fiora favored though. Mainly because you simply out dps him and your W can negate his finishing blow unlike your ultimate. He dies if he uses his ultimate or dies because you used yours and he cant kill you fast enough without his.
Ungrím (EUW)
: So much this,I dont understand why RIOT and ppl think that she is tank buster. Tanks do better against her actually because they can try to survive and CC/tank for their team. And other fighters not only suffer against her reasonably(ha-ha) strong early game but cant do anything in the game after because she,for some reason,outscales every other bruiser on a side lane.Just because all melee carries pretty much relegated to splitpush only now its gonna be nightmare again to play.At least when {{champion:114}} wasnt autowin at sidelane(but she was picked in pro scene anyway so) we got to see champs like {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:48}} in action and pro games.
she is a tank buster and I think that was part of the goal when they made her, but this bitch went beyond that. She is an everything buster not just tanks.
: Yes and who builds bramble vest? Oh yeah, tanks. And who doesn't build it? Oh yeah other carry tops. Fiora is pure cancer to every non tank toplane. A jayce, camille, irelia, darius won't be more useful than her, they can#t splitpush against her, they always play against the clock and all while fiora is strong enough to bully and beat them in the early game despite her ridiculous scaling. Reverting fiora back just means she can continue to outtrade you with no chance of retalition since she can just run away. If she does manage to have the upper hand she presses R and runs you down. That massive MS buff for pressing R is the biggest bullshit ever and bramble vest won't stop it. It's kinda funny that the champs fiora is supposed to counter (tanks) are better against her than other bruisers.
seriously bramble vest is a good option into her but it wasn't like you autowin just for building it against her. She can still kill you but it just meant you have a realistic shot at killing her or at least not be straight up afraid to be near her. She still outscales every side laner and bramble vest/thorn mail didn't change that aspect about her. All it really did was slow down her ascension to god mode and make her team fighting somewhat worse.
: It is an even matchup more than anything And of course Fiora completely wins this after a few items.
It's even early on but it become fiora favor 6+ that continues to grow easier for her.
: {{champion:122}} shall RISE AGAIN just to stomp her back to the ground
what? Darius gets stomped by Fiora. (unfortunately)
: the reason for her buffs are super obvious, kinda sad you see how shes getting a skin, skin + bad champ = 0 moneys
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: I'm the guy who uses 5-6 stamina pots on FE Heroes on end to beat a damn Grand Hero Battle. Time has become an illusion to my slowly degenerating mind.
{{champion:26}} = MELLEDONEUS Confirmed?
: Season 7 Ending... How to Climb to Gold Easily!
I feel like anyone that follows your advise though would end up shitting on your Sona. No point in damage if your going to get CC to death. The closest thing to a main in support for me is Taric since that's who I usually play when autofilled. Let my team embrace their inner monkey and just go ape shit without dying. Pretty good on him as well (support role just isn't my cup of tea though). You go that damage build and I'm just gonna E you as me or my adc, ignite and kill you.
: before the nerfs he was broken as fuck idk wat u r on about
he was alright in solo que because no one was coordinated enough (except flex queue?) to make use of his highly situational ultimate unlike pro play.
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