: Dev Blog: Updates and Splash Art
{{champion:34}} dreaming the dream
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Mistbard (NA)
: Are you ready?
i am pleased you approved of it. i would be even more pleased if you considered the offer :D {{item:3751}}
Mistbard (NA)
: Are you ready?
i just used those for examples sake :) my favorite role to play is AP cait support/mid. Although it's always fun to experiment and mess around! i just want people to mess around with :) www.ultimate-bravery.com is a great example of what i am looking for lol
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: Who wants to make a 5s team?
Heya! im looking for a team to play with, my schedule is a little funky (currently working 3 jobs, leaving one of them) but i should be able to be on around 4-9 PM Central time. hoping to get some games in to get that ward reward! (and of course, climb!) IGN: VentureVin MAin lanes: Mid>sup>adc>jungle> bad top {{champion:34}}
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: Looking for a top, Supp, and ADC for a ranked team
Age: 20 Current Rank: S4 Role wanted: Support/ADC Main 3 champs as Support: Nami, Bard, Leona, {{champion:34}} Main 3 champs as ADC: Quinn, Ashe, jinx Personal strengths: warding, experience, teamwork Weaknesses to improve: need to ping more often, protect myself as well as others. Fav item: Locket of the Iron Solari {{item:3190}}
: LF Sup,Mid,Top for tmr
IGN: VentureVin Role desired: Mid or Support best three champs for Mid: Anivia, Cass, Veigar Support: Nami, Leona, Bard, Anivia as long as my schedule allows me, i play every evening, and the occasional afternoon. often till midnight or 1AM.
Arie (NA)
: Share Your Best URF Moments
My favorite moment: watching a katarina fall to my net and traps as AP cait. seriously the most fun i had on urf :) {{champion:51}} {{item:3285}}
people just don't want to manage their mana. like cmon just learn to last hit with her and stop using your abilities to farm. so easy to out trade your opponent/poke with ult + e, save q for when the enemy tries to dive you or you go all in. Anivia is super strong.{{champion:34}}
: Stuttering and movement breaking with standard casted abilities.
I believe it has something to do with right clicking while casting abilities. I noticed that when I right click to move that it cancels the ability and "stutters" as seen above, especially when right clicking rapidly.
Ponts (NA)
: I've been playing a lot of Varus. I know what you're thinking..."You can't play a marksman on U.R.F. Ponts, you're crazy!" Build him like an AD mage and toss out those arrows for days! After a Black Cleaver and rank 3 in Q you can just watch those arrows chunk ppl for 30% of their life....every 1.8 sec! :)
AP Cait was my favorite champ to play. :) it was hilarious to see people die with a net to the face. (especially a katarina) Most fun i have had in a long long time. {{item:3285}}
: Ultimate skin for Anivia ?
I would much rather see an update to her classic skin and splash art than see an ultimate skin. her legendary is good enough for now i feel.
Semide (EUW)
: Ludens
You can still buy Ludens! you just have to save up the 2200 gold to skip the rod :)
Mistbard (NA)
: Luden's Echo on Twisted Treeline
Update you can buy it, just gotta save up the 2250 gold to skip the rod
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: Looking for friendly people to play in a 5s team with :)
looking for a team! name is VentureVin, my best lanes are mid/sup. fav supports: Nami, Sona, Leona. best mid laners: Anivia, Veigar, {{champion:112}}
: Bronze 1 (Placed) going to gold or plat this season (Silver Last Season)
ign: VentureVin was in silver II last season, got placed in bronze II this season lol. main support and mid, can do anything but top lane message me if interested!
: > [{quoted}](name=VentureVin,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=p8mxmiNB,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2015-02-25T21:16:34.999+0000) > > Quick Question: Say you were adc and someone picks this weird, non-conventional support, with the full intention of doing the best they can and trying to win. Would you report that AP cait support or no? is trying new (whacky) things acceptable? Some stuff isn't bad and works. Like AP Nasus support is actually ok. Spirit fire does a crap ton of dmg, instantly procs all Spell theif charges, shreds armor so that trades are great, and Wither is like a mini-exhaust on enemy ADC when they go all in or trade. Even stuff like support Ashe can work if they build ADC items. Building crap like AP Cait, where there is very little use for AP, is just trolling and trying to see if you can actually win a game with such a horrible build. Which is fine in normals, but not fair to people in ranked. If you are going to go unconventional in the support role, at least do a build within the scope of the champion. Nasus, for instance, has AP scaling, and decent peel. If you are going to support cait, at least get stuff like brutalizers and various other things to make her relevant.
It's just so fun to hurt people with the net and traps lol Oh don't worry i never do crazy stuff in ranked, only team builder or normal blinds. if they are crazy enough to accept me in team builder, then hey i try my best lol. I never thought of Nasus support... thanks for the idea!
MigYalle (NA)
: Looking for duo partner in Bronze! (I am Jungle main. Message me for EXTRA details)
will happily play with you if our time schedules match. im on most evenings! shoot me a friend request and we can talk VentureVin
: Im pretty new to LoL
shoot me a request, i will accept when i get on later tonight VentureVin
Offended (NA)
: How to Deal with Trolls & "Idiot Players"
Quick Question: Say you were adc and someone picks this weird, non-conventional support, with the full intention of doing the best they can and trying to win. Would you report that AP cait support or no? is trying new (whacky) things acceptable?
Dolche93 (NA)
: Serious team looking for dedicated support player.
what the heck why not haha IGN:VentureVin Age:20 Role: Support Top 3 champions: Nami>Leona>Maokai Season 4 rank: Silver2 Season 5 rank: Bronze 2 (bad intro games) Strengths: can be aggressive if need be, willing to try new things Weaknesses: suck at top lane. need to work on teamwork and syncing with the adc Do you have any prior ranked 5's experience? some, not a lot. have my own team but fellow members are never on. Would you have any issues with the schedule? School could become a problem, classes scheduled till 7 Central time, though usually get out early.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I will give this a shot :)


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