: Hm, I feel as if I should report that, but since it's against a champion like vlad, I'll let it go.
That's not a bug, actually. Untargetable isn't the same as damage immune; you can't be hit by new things, but damage over time effects continue to tick, and certain effects (tethers, most notably) will continue to affect him. The same is true for abilities like Tahm Kench's Consume or Fizz's Nimble//Trickster.
Rioter Comments
: wait.... who are the other two?
Rek'Sai, with the Tremorsense and all, and ... Lissandra, I guess?
: > [{quoted}](name=Chaoswlkr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AjclmLay,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-14T20:00:55.363+0000) > > The mage update and following patches did wonders for mage itemization in terms of trade offs and varying build paths. Build {{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}}{{item:3116}} every single game with the option of {{item:3001}} {{item:3027}} with the option of {{item:3040}} on like 2 mages
I mean, Shoes/Mana Item/Staff/Deathcap have been the basic core of most builds for forever. Morellonomicon has mostly replaced Athene's Unholy Grail on midlaners, (since the mana reset passive is just too good to pass up) but aside from that not too much has really changed. With the Rylai's nerf, I'm actually seeing more Liandry's Torment than Rylai's, unless it's someone like Brand or Azir who can get a really high uptime on the slow.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zetio Kendo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AkHeZsAu,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-03-08T19:02:31.415+0000) > > My opinion is that he's definitely better now than before . before he could've used his passive everytime he fights someone now u must land 4 spells on enemies to have his passive up for 5 sec after those 5 sec he is completely useless.
Dealing or taking damage resets that four second timer. It's like Darius' passive; it could theoretically be denied and waited out but in reality that almost never happens.
: At least change the passive to where it triggers your rebirth at any point versus within those 5 seconds of the massive fuckin drain on blood well Edit 1: the changes are ok, but you have like 4 seconds to get your revive in, during which time people have literally just walked away or run, then come back to kill when its empty
Taking or dealing damage from champions resets the timer on the blood well. If the enemy team is so good at disengaging that once you've dived in and stacked up your passive, they can stay out of your autoattack range and dodge all of your Q's and E's for four seconds, they probably deserve to deny your revive. Especially because almost all forms of CC (all except Veigar, Elise, Janna, Lulu, Fiddle, Trundle) also deal damage (and so reset the CD) It's like Darius' passive. Once you've stacked it, it could theoretically be denied, but in reality it just lasts until either you or the enemies die, since it's so easy to reset.
: **Morgana Feedback** Issues: - Her Q and her E are very strong - Her passive, her W and her R are very weak Explanations + Solutions: - Buff her passive W and R maybe at the cost of Q and E. Abilities - Passive - Soul Siphon - The spell vamp is borderline unnoticeable, she has the worst sustain in the game amongst champions who have innate sustain in their kit, her total damage healed on the scoreboard at the end of a game is absolutely laughable. Quite frankly, she could use a different passive entirely, and if the life leech fantasy appeals to you, move the sustain to her W or R while also significantly Increasing the values against champions. - W - Tormented soil - The skill is borderline useless on its own, and only useful when used in conjunction with her Q and sometimes her R, maybe re-balance the damage so it deals more guaranteed damage on the first tick, or the first time it ticks a target, or add something to it so it's bit more menacing on its own. - possible spellvamp being moved from her current passive - R - Soul Shackles - Arguably one of the worst ultimate in the game, not because it is bad perse, it does okay damage and has some utility, but because it is borderline unusable in the first place. The delay between the 2 ticks of damage is too long and Morgana doesn't have the tools to survive for the whole duration. It is so much weaker than all the similar R, Galio, Kennen, Fiddlestick, Zyra, Orianna, Cassiopeia etc are much better, Morgana R can be interrupted, the chain can be broken, can be escaped, she can be killed and the damage is delayed. The only way to use it realistically is to cast it in conjunction with Zhonya's Hourglass at which point people can still walk away from you. When was the last time you caught more than one person with the stun on the second tick? It just never happens. - Lots of areas that could use work, some ideas: decrease the delay between the 2 ticks; increase the slow; add spellvamp / healing over time (akin to Swain R); add damage over time. Final thoughts - Alternatively, I think Morgana gameplay could use an overhaul, her character has a lot of potential, the Black Angel / Vengeful Spirit / Succubus persona is a rich and popular thematic, and Morgana doesn't quite deliver this fantasy. - For example, R should be a death sentence, you only have a couple seconds to escape death itself, with a small music similar to Jhin R, and if you don't manage to escape your death, you are "judged" similar to Garen R Demacian Justice followed by some big debuff/effect/damage/something cool.
Kayle and Morgana are on the rework watchlist as an item.
: Why do some abilities finish the cast after champion death and some not? Why did Riot decide so?
There's a difference between cast time and delayed effect. Xerath can move during his W, but it's still a cast time; if he dies before it's done, the spell doesn't work. Ekko's Q (and other boomerang abilities like Sivir or Talon) have a delay, but the cast time is complete as soon as they toss the ability out, so their death doesn't stop it. Draven's is a boomerang, but I would guess that it's related to the reactivation portion; some portion of the code may require that he be alive for it to return.
: How game Devs seem to balance
There was a whole red post about this awhile ago. Basically, if a champion is too strong and you nerf what makes them strong, you just have a blah champion. They're never awful, but they're also never really great. This is the state that Taric was in for a long time; he was balanced in terms of win rate and all, but everything about his kit was so flat that nothing he did felt or looked impactful. He had no clear weaknesses, but also no great strengths. The basic idea here is that instead of removing strengths, champions should be balanced by creating weaknesses. The Darius changes from the most recent patch (handle damage on Q reduced to 35% from 50%) mean that if he can hit his outside Q, he's about as strong as he was before, but if you can play around it either by moving out or in, he's weaker. Even pure number changes can do this. For example, the Katarina nerfs lowered the ratios on her E, making her damage pattern more reliant on chaining together multiple daggers. This rewards people for playing around daggers while not removing Katarina's key strength. I'm not saying that the game is in a state of perfect balance, or that this approach is always right. (Kalista and Azir are a prime examples of the dangers of this approach). But this is the general philosophy that the balance team looks to use.
: Queue times are not because there are not enough players, there are tons of people playing League. Queue times are trying to find rarely played roles. If the total number of people currently playing summoner's rift goes down from say 300k logged in at one time in one region to 200k. It doesn't change the % of those people playing support/adc. Also more people will play support/adc when Riot fixes the meta.
lol a smaller matchmaking pool would absolutely affect queue times. Sure, the size of the player pool is unrelated to the proportions of roles (unless all top laners love Bilgewater or whatever), but that's not the only factor at play. The goal of matchmaking is to assemble a group of ten players with comparable MMRs from the pool in the quickest time possible. As the options available to the system decrease (tighter MMR bounds, more role selection, fewer players in the pool), queue times go up. If you loosen them, queue times go down. Queue times in Diamond, for example, are much much longer than in Silver. The ratio of roles requested presumably remains more or less the same, but because the pool of people in Diamond is so much smaller than the one in Silver, queue times are longer and sometimes matchmaking is looser. Introducing a bunch of new queues more or less turns League from Silver to Diamond; the pool of people looking for any one thing gets smaller, so the system struggles harder to match people in a timely manner. I'm not trying to say that new maps (maybe as rotating game modes?) aren't a good idea, but that they would take some serious thought on queue health.
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Rivuo (NA)
: I have no problem with auto-fill. I have a problem with its shitty method.
This makes sense if you look at it in this direction, but not if you look at it the other way. As far as I can tell, the matchmaking system doesn't evaluate your team as a group. Basically the way that it works is that you get placed in a bucket labelled 'ADC'. If there are enough people with similar MMR to you to form a team with you as ADC, the system puts you together into champion select. If not, the bucket gets bigger: the system now also considers compositions where you're top. If it still can't find a game, it defaults to autofill and just tries to find you any game it can. The issue is that the number of people queuing for each position varies minute to minute. If a bunch of similar-MMR ADCs all queued up at the same time, the system would have trouble finding games for all of them. The ones who don't find games quickly will have their secondary roles considered, so if someone enters the queue later, you can get these screwy results where two people both get their secondary positions. Once the system widens its parameters to allow your secondary (or fill) role, it doesn't seem to distinguish between them. Doing this kind of calculation in queue creates more problems than it solves, so the best solution would be a 'check' after it assembles a group. Basically, given that these five (or ten) players form at least one valid game, is there a better arrangement? That said, running that kind of 'check' might be computationally prohibitive, especially if there are multiple possible outcomes (is three primary, one secondary, and one autofill better or worse than two primary, three secondary?)
Liofa (NA)
: Riot has never addressed damage creep and they never will cause what are they going to say? yeah we damage creeped the game through the roof and even though it's stupid as fuck, that's how we want you to play the game cause it's our fantasy for players to have this agency.
They've talked about it indirectly. They're working on some kind of changes to mastery tree that should hit later in the year: "Lessons learned from [testing] that we plan to make use of include things like the importance of finding effects beyond damage and sustain when making appreciable masteries (e.g. vision or other utility)" It's definitely something that they're aware of and are working on.
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: I don't know why people are up in arms about Ziggs and Malzahar bot lane
Wouldn't it be {{champion:1}}thing {{champion:63}} new?
: yea. the problem isn't the selective pool or "aram accounts", it's just noobs who don't know what they're doing. giving them champs they've never seen in their life is just gonna make things worse. imo, aram comps should be picked by an algorithm, instead of simply being pure random. so high winrate champs will get "balanced" with a low winrate champ on the same team. or alternatively, champs are split into 5 different tiers, and the team gets 1 from each tier. rerolls will have to factor these in as well. this should help prevent the full poke team with insane range that can beat up your all-melee team in 10mins.
That makes it very polarizing, though. Like 'Ok someone else on your team got Sona have fun playing Evelynn for 20 minutes'. If you've guaranteed that only one or two people on a team are going to have fun at a time, nobody will play the mode. Determining these tiers would also be almost impossible. Just working out which champions ARE too strong or too weak takes an entire live gameplay team. Trying to sort them into brackets would be a logistical nightmare, especially given the high levels of variance present with ARAM's wacky team comps. Champions that steamroll some comps can be shut down completely by others. I think ARAM is fine as it is: a fast-paced, high-variance, teamfight-based version of League of Legends. Occasionally you get comp stomped, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.
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Liofa (NA)
: If Riot is so intent on "class" updates why the hell don't "class" specific items exist
They've been working on it for awhile, actually, tweaking classes of champion so that certain stats are more attractive on them. For example, Juggernauts tend to have features that make health more attractive: Garen and Shyvana's free flat armor and MR, Darius' and Skarner's percent health heal and shield, and so on. Tanks, on the other hand, are incentivized towards armor and magic resist. Poppy and Malphite's percent bonuses and Sion's free health are both examples of this. There are a whole bunch of recent changes to increase 'stat binding': the shift to mana regen for supports and flat mana for midlaners, the introduction of heal/shield power items, and the switch from armor penetration to lethality.
Astôlfo (NA)
: The 918247th time has to be the charm, right?
I believe SmashGizmo said something about trying out a travel time at some point. The tweet has apparently been deleted, but it's quoted here. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/12/red-post-collection-dev-blog-on.html#4
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: "Detects camouflaged units".
> [{quoted}](name=Sona Ping,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fn0HegfU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-19T07:50:03.076+0000) > > "Detects camouflaged units". You don't need Elixir to detect Camouflaged units. The radius in which they become visible is larger than Oracle's.
Rioter Comments
: Why is lee sin a turret
There are certain abilities that 'reveal' champions. Caitlyn's W and ult, Lulu's E, Nidalee's passive, TF's ult, and so on. They continue to work unchanged from before the stealth update. 'Can't be revealed except by turrets' just means that being near people won't reveal you like it does for Camouflage.
: Elementalist Lux Release?
The patch that she's on should go to live in two weeks (typically Wednesday night/Thursday morning). She should be enabled the Thursday of that week; sometimes, if there are two sets of skins or something they do one per week, but I can't see it being pushed back.
: If olaf is a juggernaut
In terms of pro play, it's more dependent on the meta than anything else. Since ranged supports like Zyra, Karma, and Nami dominate the bot lane and top lane carries like Kennen, Rumble and Jayce have made a comeback, Olaf is usually one of the only tanks on the team, alongside maybe a Gnar or a Braum. In that context, the damage just isn't worth it on him if he's the only front liner. There's a good deal of wiggle room in the subclasses; Olaf, Shyvana, and Mordekaiser are all juggernauts, but they build very differently and perform very different functions. Olaf isn't picked as a diver; he's chosen as a champion that's hard to pick off and harder to ignore. The best way for him to do that is to get as tanky as possible and just let his backline do the work.
: Why Zyra isn't a mid/flex pick?
All of her skills are really good at creating a 'don't mess with me zone'. This makes her good as an aggressive support, since she can scare your opponents off of CS and threaten divers. The reason that she's not typically played mid is that she doesn't have any really good ways to get opponents INTO her zones; her root and ult are both very slow and unreliable, even with Rylai's on plants. tl;dr She's good as a support because your opponents have to stay out of her zones, meaning that your ADC can hammer away on your enemies. As a midlaner, if your enemies stay out of your zones you can't really contribute; you're doing the same job as support Zyra but using up a third of your team's farm instead of having a FQC.
: Zilean: Ideas on a better Passive and E...
There was a Rioter who said at one point they were considering making his W his new passive. While it's up, he could cast his basic spells while they're on cooldown, putting the passive on the spell's remaining cooldown.
Rhaltzz (NA)
: Twitch rework thoughts
Generally, champions don't get reworked just because they haven't gotten a rework in awhile. They get reworked because their kits are out of date (Warwick), toxic (Poppy, Yorick), thematically inappropriate (Sion, Skarner, Mordekaiser), or just plain ineffective (Galio).
Mimy (NA)
: I just got done playing yi.. he seemed fine.. what was wrong?
> [{quoted}](name=Onastacia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WYaaX4pJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-27T19:44:36.713+0000) > > I just got done playing yi.. he seemed fine.. what was wrong? Initially, his Q reset the patience on jungle camps, making them reset. The fix to that created another bug where he could sometimes be hit by damage or CC while in alpha strike.
: Yet {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} can hold him down longer than {{champion:89}}'s Q could. I admit, Mundo may not be the best example but I know other champs / supports can hold people like him down longer.
Against a high-tenacity diver, Zyra's root lasts about half a second at max rank, which is less than a quarter of the time it takes her ult to kick in. Morgana can pull off between 1 and 1.5 seconds of root (depending on build and champion), which again is less than half of the time for the ult to activate. Leona is not alone in struggling to deal with diving fighters and assassins: if she didn't, what would be the point of divers and assassins?
BIackfox (NA)
: Everyone is copying tank yasuo.
Diana was never originally intended to be an assassin; she was always aimed as a diving fighter, like Vi or Pantheon. In the past, she's typically built one-shot levels of AP, but she's always had an eye towards sustained damage. Nashor's Tooth has been core for ages, and the other items she likes/has liked (Rylai's, Abyssal Scepter, Rod of Ages, Protobelt, Zhonyas) do make her quite tanky overall, combined with her shield.
: Someone please attempt to explain why this is okay
If you're having trouble with Zac, hitting him with any form of displacement while he's in his jump (Thresh's Flay, most famously, but anything will work) will stop him where he stands and he won't apply any CC. Get good enough at that and he won't be able to do anything against you.
: But Zhonyas isn't just untargetable, it's invulnerable as well. Vlad or Fizz still take damage from damage over time abilities while untargetable, but that doesn't happen with Zhonyas.
Sintama (NA)
: Nocturne can fear during Zhonyas, and after Zhonyas ends, the fear stays.
It's a tether, which can't be broken by untargetability. The same thing happens with Karma's W or Morgana's ult. The secondary damage of those abilities will be negated (since Zhonyas does make you damage immune, unlike Playful Trickster or Sanguine Pool), but the tether won't break and the CC will be applied as normal.
ColdBlood (OCE)
: Many champions not competitively viable for years, almost completley ignored
Many champions aren't viable at the competitive level for reasons that go beyond their balance. Katarina, for example, is designed to exploit mistakes in communication and CC use, while Fiddlesticks capitalizes on failures of vision. While this is fine for the rest of us, these are mistakes that pro players only rarely make: nothing short of an obscenely large buff could make these champions viable.
40glass (EUNE)
: What if Corki's missiles could critically strike?
That's a cool idea, but it doesn't really address Corki's the core issue: pen items. Corki has always dealt a good bit of magic damage, and this was focused on with his rework; this means that he spikes really hard in the mid game when tanks can't effectively itemize against him (since they only have one or two items) and he finishes his triforce. The issue comes in the late game, when tanks have significant amounts of armor or MR; both major pen items (a Last Whisper upgrade or Void Staff) are pretty inefficient on him, which means that half of his damage goes out the window.
: What is this Ekko true damage? (PIC)
It could have been an Elixir of Sorcery, but don't take the death recap at face value; it's notoriously buggy. (I've been told that a Leona did 1800 true damage to me with Vi ult before. There was neither a Vi nor a Leona in the game.)
Yma S (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterHealYoGirl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6816bE1k,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-28T03:27:20.704+0000) > > {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:5}} > These champions all have point-and-click or immediate-AoE hard CC which can lock Yasuo down. Of these, only Twisted Fate's gold card, Lulu's polymorph, and Annie's Q are stopped by the wind wall. > > If you move into softer counters, these champions > {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:18}} > can all either disengage from him effectively (Janna, Tristana, Gragas) or force him into a bad situation (Cho'Gath, Kennen, Poppy). > > Is Yasuo overtuned and obnoxious right now? Totally. But it's not as though he's a ghost who's impossible to lock down. k and how many of those are viable Galio? Garen? Fiddle? Lolok And I never talked about hard counters, I'm talking about gameplay counters. How can someone with skillshots deal with yasuo without being forced to hard counterpick kneejerk reaction the moment they see a yasuo? The concept of hard countering heroes from the picks is flawed as well, even if there are hard matchups, skill and gameplay should trump everything else. As it stands, it takes an extremely competent Xerath or Brand to land anything on an average yasuo as fed as PA gets, I can still buy a ghost scepter and deal with her burst patterns, forcing her to play differently, and giving me a defensive advantage. There is nothing remotely close to that kind of mechanical counterplay in league of legends
Just because the champions you like struggle against him doesn't mean that he's impossible to deal with. Xerath and Brand struggle to deal with him, since their only forms of CC are slow-moving minion-blocked skillshots. Getting all hissy about losing to Yasuo in that matchup is like being surprised when Alistar keeps diving you as Soraka: it's what he does. I don't play DotA, but from what I can tell, Ghost Scepter isn't 'mechanical counterplay', it's just a button you can press to prevent her from doing her job. It's more like Yasuo's wind wall than anything else, really.
Yma S (NA)
: Yasuo's balance is similar to Genji in OW
{{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:5}} These champions all have point-and-click or immediate-AoE hard CC which can lock Yasuo down. Of these, only Twisted Fate's gold card, Lulu's polymorph, and Annie's Q are stopped by the wind wall. If you move into softer counters, these champions {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:18}} can all either disengage from him effectively (Janna, Tristana, Gragas) or force him into a bad situation (Cho'Gath, Kennen, Poppy). Is Yasuo overtuned and obnoxious right now? Totally. But it's not as though he's a ghost who's impossible to lock down.
Piotyr (NA)
: I am playing him in low elo ranked, its not working out really, I need more mobility or something.
Varus is a very immobile champion, but Youmuu's Ghostblade really helps his poke on squishies and can help him reposition and kite.
Piotyr (NA)
: Varus pointers?
It depends on where you're playing him. It looks like you're playing crit Varus; this is a pretty standard build for that. I would swap out Shiv for RFC, since Varus isn't exactly hurting for waveclear and his autoattack range is fairly low. If you're going mid Varus, you want to drop the crit and go more for armor pen; the build looks more like {{item:3042}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3085}} you can also go for a hybrid; {{item:3042}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3094}} which replaces boots with the percent speed from your Zeal items and Youmuu's active. If you're feeling spicy, you can also go for AP Varus, which uses the extremely high AP values on his W and ult to cheese your way to victory. AP Varus builds more or less like Kayle, switching out Rylai's for Runaan's.
Schafy (NA)
: Aurelion Sol
He's a champion whose ability to participate in a teamfight is affected by CC? What is this madness? Think about the other option: his stars aren't affected by CC. Crowd controlling him is now essentially pointless, since it doesn't change his damage output.
: What it feels like everytime the opposing team locks in a soraka in champ select during my promo .
Based on your match history, you appear to main Wukong support. Soraka seems like a counter matchup for Wukong: her silence disrupts your EQW harass combo, and her sustain means that you can't whittle her low enough for an all-in. If you're looking for counters to Soraka, Leona, Blitzcrank, and Sona all work well.
Choten (NA)
: These buffs and nerfs are getting too drastic
I understand where you're coming from, but a lot of these complaints are pretty out of left field, to be honest. Orianna's watered-down Corki passive adds to her mid-game disruptiveness? Giving Veigar what eventually adds up to an Amplifying Tome by the time a nexus explodes is going to break him in half?
: IM SO DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
200 CS isn't great for a 43 minute game. Neither is 5 assists. There are more factors in getting an S than kills and deaths, and you must have underperformed on those.
: How to counter Dragon Guy as Ahri?
If you just try to poke him with max range Q's and E's, that means hanging out in his star range, which is a surefire way to lose a trade. People who are good against Aurelion Sol are those with the range to stay away (Lux, Ziggs) or those with the mobility to stick themselves right up his butt and stay there (Zed, LeBlanc). Ahri can't really outrange him, but with her ult she can definitely stick inside his star range. Also worth noting is that if you charm him while he's using his W (Celestial Expansion), not only does it make the stars go away for as long as he's charmed, it puts the W on cooldown meaning that his damage is gutted for a few seconds after, as well.
: Bots, Bots Everywhere (and seemingly nothing being done about them)
They are punished, it just takes awhile. The volume of bots about equals the rate at which they can be removed.
: Hey Riot, define a second in your own terms - just like you did in the game
Do you have a specific ability you're talking about? Most DoT abilities proc every half-second (Malzahar, Morgana, Dr. Mundo, Karthus) with a few pushing it up to every second (Amumu, Shyvana, Sunfire Cape). Garen is a complicated case, since Judgement's tick rate increases with his level.
: Why Do I Get Random Wins Toward My Series
You get bonuses based on how previous series have gone. I don't remember the exact system, but it's related to that.
Pikmints (NA)
: Which hybrid champs could easily get Hextech Gunblade and why don't they now?
Some champions that you didn't note do buy it; (Kayle, most notably, and Kog'Maw). The basic issue is that even with champions that can build either AP or AD with more or less equal effectiveness (Kog'Maw, Ezreal, Shaco, Corki, etc) the AP and AD builds tend to have very different goals. AD Shaco is a crit-based assassin, for example, while AP Shaco is a pressure and zoning champion. AP Ezreal is a mobile burst threat, while AD Ezreal is a kite-based ADC. This means that throwing some bonus AP into an AD Ezreal build (for example) isn't super effective; it doesn't HURT but the extra damage you get on your skills is minimal when compared to other items like Deathcap or Bloodthirster (esp. since his Q applies lifesteal). Gunblade is still usable, obviously, but only on the ones who can really build either AP or AD equally well and who play the same no matter how they build.
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